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Fukuyama Masato - Stone M-nin

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  • Fukuyama Masato - Stone M-nin

    Fukuyama Masato + Tensai-Heika

    Age: 29
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'9

    Country/Village: Iwagakure
    Rank: Jounin Missing Nin
    Division: -----

    The Man: Masato looks fairly normal. He's about average height, perhaps a little bit under, and is more wiry than ripped. Of course, his muscles are still defined and evident from rigorous training, but he has no need for burly bulk when his strength comes from exact chakra control. Masato's hair is dark brown and wavy, tangled and messy like he just got out of bed. His eyes are bright, crystalline blue and constantly too intense, as though Masato is always trying to bore holes through people with his sight alone. He's fair skinned, but not pale, and is covered in little lines where black blood runs through his veins, making them dark under his skin. These veins are most obvious over his chest and close to his heart, where the top of his Force Jewel juts out of his flesh, and he typically covers the veins on his hands and face with a layer of concealer. Masato seems perpetually down and carries himself with a solemn weariness.

    Masato's day to day clothing is fairly simple. He dresses almost business-like, distancing himself from the trappings of his former shinobi lifestyle. Dark slacks match a suit jacket over whatever crumpled button-up shirt he has to decided to wear that day. Masato looks like a haggard salary-man, sometimes even wearing a tie loose at his neck. He wears a long coat with deep pockets to keep his supplies in, ready and waiting.

    The Monster: Compared to most, Masato's jewel avatar is more tangible, at least to him. Much of the time, Masato is able to see the avatar, Tensai, around him. The avatar is handsome in a cruel way, all cold angles and lines, looking jagged and sharp next to Masato's tired, soft edges. Tensai seems to have had the color drained out of him, leaving him dull and pale with ashy blond hair and a constant frame of stubble around his jaw. Against the vibrant backdrop of the real world, Tensai is desaturated and washed out. He is both taller and broader than Masato himself and has a heavy voice like liquid lead. Tensai dresses however he wants, because he is a creature of pure thought.

    Personality:need Masato, and this very simple fact has warped their dynamic into a cycle of destruction.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Even though I'm not cool, or strong, or just, or beautiful, or cute, or pretty, I want to beat the cool, strong, just, beautiful, cute, and pretty people."

    Clan/Bloodline: None

    Combo Archetype: Angra Mainyu
    Special - The user may take Medical Ninjutsu, but may only Greater/Disease Containment and Kinjutsu. He treats these jutsu as if they were swaps and may place them in Global Ninjutsu or Force Jewels as though they were non-elemental. These jutsu originate from the user's Force Jewel rather than from true medical training.

    Primary Archetype: Myrmidon
    +2 Stamina, +1 Reserves / -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control

    Secondary Archetype: Offensive Healer
    +1 Intelligence, +1 Reserves, +1 Speed
    -2 Willpower, -1 Power


    Physical - Primary

    Strength: 1 + 21 = 22 [+15 Precision Fist]
    Speed: 1 + 1 [OH] + 20 = 22 [+25 Drunken Fist]
    Stamina: 1 + 2 [MY] + 19 = 22 [+5 Drunken Fist]

    Mental - Tertiary

    Intelligence: 1 + 1 [OH] - 1 [MY] + 13 = 14
    Tactics:Willpower:Chakra - Secondary

    Power:1 - 1 [OH] + 16 + 3 [AP] + 2 [TP] = 21
    Control:Reserves: 1 + 1 [MY] + 16 = 18

    Jutsu and Techniques

    Stone Force Jewels + Medical Kinjutsu + Black Jewel SwapsSeido Kobushi - Precision Fist + SwapsGlobal Ninjutsu + Medical KinjutsuDoton - Earth ReleaseInventoryWeapon Points Remaining: 0
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


    Other Info: Like all jewel avatars, Tensai is a hallucination, not a bunshin.

    Originally posted by Bingo Book
    Name: Fukuyama Masato
    Rank: Jounin
    Missing-nin Rank: B
    Shinobi Village: Iwagakure
    Last Location: Iron Country, City of Kings
    Additional Notes: Highly toxic, highly contagious, medics recommended. Unpredictable. Delusional.
    Reward: 4,000,000 ryou alive or 1,000,000 ryou dead
    Lost Time:
    03/01/10 - The Chase- xxx
    06/24/10 - A Creepy Caper: Part One - xxx
    06/20/17 - 13 AP (6/6 Jutsu, 7/24 Stats) spent
    06/25/17 - Dollhouse - +2 Control
    08/13/17 - Escapism - Mamotou - +2 Power, Earth Dragon Blast

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    The real bump.


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      Doton seems to be labeled Global Gen, otherwise, stats and jutsu check out.

      Half-Approved love the bio, this man are danger


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        I can half this.
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            Well, I'm terrified o.x

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              Half approval. Nindo is weak tho.
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                I don't like it and I am terrified. Moving.
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