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Iamaroto Sai- Echoes of Silence Senshi

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  • Iamaroto Sai- Echoes of Silence Senshi

    Name: Iamaroto Sai
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’9

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Sound Nomad
    Rank: Senshi
    Division: None

    Physical Description: Sai has always been one to take care of his physical appearance to others. His black hair was always cut short so that it couldn’t even be combed back. On the back of both of his arms are tattoos. On his left arm, there is one that said ‘Always one’, while on his right arm there is one that said ‘One time too many.’ His body style fits into the more slim style but wasn’t too slim to where it would seem like he could snap at the flick of a wrist while his height was nothing to brag about, but on the other hand was nothing to sneeze at either. His eyes, or at least the spheres that were implanted in his eye sockets, were pitch black with a faint grey spiral starting from the center. The smoothness of his skin reveals the fact that there weren’t bulging muscles all over the man’s body, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t in shape and couldn’t hold his own. The sole blemish that appeared on Sai’s body was on the left side of his neck. There sat the common eighth note branded onto his skin like all other oto-nins.

    Clothing: A simple black cloth shirt covered his torso where the sleeves met with the harmonic glove that covered his left forearm while his right hand was covered by a plain black glove. Meanwhile black shorts covered his legs and met the steel shin guards right below the knee. Sai wore black sandals which covered his feet loosely. Over his forehead was a simple grey headband that covered up his left eye. In the middle of the headband was a sewed in symbol of a Sound nin, which was purple. There was a small pack that was tied to his left bicep which held his mission items. Sometimes he could be seen with the headband down over both of his eyes, if he feels that he doesn’t want to show off the orbs that rest in his head.

    Personality: Sai is a simple person and very humble. Usually he keeps to himself but around others, he has no problem in letting himself be known. Sai is normally seen as a strong willed individual and is tough to trust others. Though with a little bit of work, one won’t find it to be a hard task to get him to trust them. Sai also likes the simple things in life, not afraid to rest and listen to the sounds of nature. He is one to never get too excited about anything, just likes to keep it simple. Sai is also not one to shy away from helping another and will strive to help out anyone he could in any way possible.

    While in battle, Sai is unforgiving and unwavering. He will never leave a fight under his own power unless it was a winning battle. This has its ups and downs, but in the long run, it has lead and will lead to many more victories for him in the future.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Short and simple.”: Just a simple saying for a simple man. He never feels that there is anything to get overexcited about anything.

    Primary Archetype: Cavalier
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, gain a point in either stamina or control
    Stat Merit: +2 Speed, +1 Power
    Stat Flaw: -2 Intelligence, -1 Reserves

    Secondary Archetype: .
    Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Control, -1 to Power, -1 to Strength

    Statistics Cavalier Quicksilver Pool Tai

    Physical 60

    Strength: 1-1+17 + 8(Thread) +8(AP)=33+21
    Speed: 1+2+2+25 + 7(Thread)=37+28
    Stamina: 1+1+18+5(Thread)+12(AP)=37+21

    Chakra 50

    Power: 1+1-1+16 +3(Thread)=20
    Control: 1+1-1+17 +2(Thread)=20
    Reserves: 1-1+17 =17

    Mental 40

    Intelligence: 1-2+13+6(Thread) +6(AP)=24
    Tactics: 1+15+1(Thread)+9(AP) =26
    Willpower: 1+12+6(Thread) +6(AP)=25

    Jutsus and Techniques

    Echoes of Silence [+28 Speed, +21 Strength, +14 Stamina]
    Stage One ]Speed 5, Stamina 3]
    ||Midnight Hymn I|| [Tactics 2, Willpower 2]
    Stage Two [Speed 8, Stamina 6, Tactics 6]
    ||Midnight Hymn II|| [Tactics 4, Willpower 4]
    Stage Three [Speed 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8]
    ||Midnight Hymn III| [Tactics 7, Willpower 7, Intelligence 6]
    Stage Four [Speed 15, Stamina 15, Strength 13, Tactics 14]
    ||Midnight Hymn IV|| [Tactics 10, Willpower 10, Intelligence 8]
    Stage Five [Speed 20, Stamina 20, Strength 16, Tactics 16]
    ||Midnight Hymn V|| [Tactics 15, Willpower 15, Intelligence 13]
    Stage Six [Speed 25, Stamina 25, Strength 25, Tactics 20, Intelligence 16]
    ||Midnight Concerto I|| [Tactics 19, Willpower 19, Intelligence 18]
    Stage Seven [Speed 37, Stamina 37, Strength 25, Tactics 24, Intelligence 20]
    ||Midnight Concerto II|| [Tactics 26, Willpower 25, Intelligence 24]

    Kyokugi-Ken [+21 Strength, +21 Speed, +21 Stamina]
    Stage One [Strength 4 Speed 4]
    Stage Two [Stamina 7 Strength 7 Willpower 6]
    Stage Three [Speed 10 Stamina 10 Willpower 8]
    Stage Four [Strength 14 Speed 14 Stamina 15 Willpower 14]
    Stage Five [Strength 19 Speed 19 Stamina 18 Willpower 16]
    Stage Six [Strength 25 Speed 25 Stamina 25 Willpower 20 Tactics 16 ]
    Stage Seven [Strength 33 Speed 33 Stamina 33 Willpower 24 Tactics 20]
    ||The End||

    Hoshou no Buki [+9 Strength]
    Stage One [Power 4, Control 4]
    Stage Two [Power 8, Control 6, Stamina 6]
    Stage Three [Power 12, Control 8, Stamina 8]
    Stage Four [Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Stamina 14]

    Sound Ninjutsu
    ||Stage One||
    ||Stage Two||
    Kaze Senbon no Jutsu
    ||Stage Three||
    Kaze no Sen
    ||Stage Four||
    Kaze no Yari
    ||Stage Five||
    Kaze no Ransu

    Global Ninjutsu
    ||Stage One||
    Henge No Jutsu
    ||Stage Two||
    Kinobori no Jutsu/Kabenobori no Jutsu

    Cloud Ninjutsu
    ||Stage One||
    Dengeki Bushin

    Kishu no Mokushi (Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
    ||Stage One||
    Oujou: Iji
    ||Stage Two||
    Oujou: Zenpyou
    ||Stage Three||
    Oujou: Ikatsui Kibun


    Nodachi - 4
    Shin Guard-1
    Arm Cannons - 2
    Harmonics Glove - 3
    Shinobi Kit

    Weapon Points Remaining:10

    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

    Biography: There’s not much that Sai remembers about his childhood. What he does know is that his father is now a hunter. The young boy is about 7 years old at this time and is traveling with the pack. Their destination is unknown to the young boy but he knew he couldn’t ask. They weren’t always traveling people and Iamaroto Keiser, Sai’s father, wasn’t always a hunter. The older man was once a scientist in the great city of Otogakure. And the person not mentioned thus far in the story happens to be Iamaroto Kaen. This was Sai’s mother, a great shinobi that proudly wore the hitai-ite of the Sound Village. Those were the good days for Sai though he has no knowledge of them.

    All of that changed at the age of three. There are few that have a memory of what had actually happened, but those that do have the memory will never forget this gruesome day. Those that do remember also don’t like talking about the day. All that is told of that day to Sai is that after that day, they were forced to become nomads. His father made it out alive, however Kaen didn’t share the same fate. There were often times when the pack had stopped for the night that Sai would travel with Keiser to hunt for the packs food for that night and this night was no different. Or so that’s what all believed until a man leaped out of the bushes attempting attack Sai and his father. But the older Iamaroto was able to fight the man off and backed his and his son’s way back to the camp.

    That day was Sai’s first exposure to the people the call shinobi. The elder told his son that at the age of 10, Sai would have his chance as well. That chance was at the age of 10 when Sai began training as a shinobi under the Hiyoutori of the pack. Most of the training was on the field battle, but at times where the pack was able to rest, there happened to be a little more book work involved. But what excited Sai the most is when one of the elders of the pack who had been watching the training of the new group of shinobi had approached the boy. The man spoke quietly, not wanting anyone to over hear what he had to say. “I’ve been watching you Sai.. You have the most potential of any in your ‘class’. What do you say to becoming a disciple of the Echoes of Silence.”

    Sai wasn’t quite sure what exactly it meant to become a disciple, but he did follow around the old man for some time, hoping that he would soon learn what the man meant. There wasn’t a disciple in the pack that Sai had traveled in, but the elders of the pack knew just what to tell the boy. But they didn’t want to tell the boy too much, so all that was said to him was that he would have to give up his sight to receive a greater sense of hearing. Because of this new opportunity unveiled to him, Sai began to do his training with a blindfold over his eyes to see if he could compensate for the loss of sight that followed. What he found out was that when he relied more on his other senses, the lack of seeing wasn’t too hard. When the time came for him to decide, Sai found no problem in agreeing. He just had one request and that was the style of the implanted orbs that replaced his eyes. The black of the orbs symbolized the simplicity in his family while the grey swirls was a way for him to stand out while still remaining simple.

    Now as a Kitaeru, while Sai wasn’t out working to help out the tribe, he trained to make the best of the situation he was in without his sight. It truly was harder than just using the blindfold and it frustrated him at times. But at those times, he worked even harder to make the most of it and overcome it with the use of his other senses. He also used his speed to his advantage, training in as much Taijutsu as he could. By this time, the young Kitaeru was able to mold chakra just enough to use the Midnight Hymn and a few simple jutsus that help in getting him closer to his opponent. Throughout his time as a Kitaeru, he noticed members, older, more experienced shinobi leave and not come back. The young boy knew something was going on, but no one would tell him anything. But soon the tribe grew smaller and smaller until they were forced to move on once more. But this time as they moved one, the stayed moving. Further and further away they traveled and not a word was said to Sai.

    Sai spent a lot of time as a Kitaeru, still trying to get used to the loss of his sight, but finally at the age of 15, he had his chance to become a Hiyoutori, a rank that he proudly carries and represents. Sai’s Hiyoutori sensei, Oriega Kanago confronted him when the sensei felt that he was ready. Of course, not wanting to let anyone down and be the best he could be, Sai accepted the challenge and met the Hiyoutori in the near by woods. Kanago started off the battle with quick moves that left Sai on the defense. But for a spit second, he found an opening to use against the older and exposed it with his speed. Sai’s strikes landed at points around the body quickly and efficiently. Soon Kanago was reeling and Sai finished off the fight with a quick thrust to the throat, and then a kick to the temple, causing the older to fall in a heap. It was now clear that Sai was worthy of the rank of Hiyoutori and was promoted to such, and at this point Sai was told what was going on during his childhood and found out that the Sound was losing power to the other shinobi counties. After hearing this news, the newly promoted Hiyoutori knew what his goal in life was. It was at this point that he wanted to help Sound regain its former glory.

    Though because of the new rank, he feels that all Sound nins are equal and whenever confronted by a Kitaeru, he does whatever he could to help out the younger one. The one thing he had always done in his parent’s footsteps was that he remained simple. Nothing he ever did or wore was extravagant by any means, though at his level in his Echoes of Silence training, he had found that he had become more of a picky eater. No longer could he eat whatever he wanted but was limited by what he had a taste for at the moment. Often he visits his parents to check in with them and to help them out with financial matters with the money he receives from the jobs he now receives. This act upon many others keeps him humble, or at least in his mind he remains humble. The way he feels, the only thing that would upset his parents would be if he was to forget his upbringing and become arrogant.

    Now Sai was involved in the traveling of the pack in a more defender like role. There had been occasions where he was part of a defense that spurred away attacking shinobi. Once instance was when two unmarked shinobi attempted to attack and destroy the pack. The young Hiyoutori, along with two senshi countered the attack to bring it away from the rest of the nomadic group. The woods proved to be a challenge for Sai‘s current level of his echoes training, but he was with the confrontation none the less. His Taijutsu abilities and the speed he had for his age were incredible and he was able to get into the attacking shinobi‘s bodies. His blows didn‘t kill the men but did enough damage so the senshi could finish the two off easily.

    But Sai‘s main priorities was security of the group while they had a camp set up. It was a boring job most of the time and the boy found himself wondering why exactly he was picked to do it. But soon thought of the Sound and how he wanted them to become a shinobi nation, one of the greats. This thought alone helped Sai push through the tougher and more boring times. The times also provided the Hiyoutori with time to train on his Taijutsu and improve on his midnight hymn further. After a while, Sai was able to detect incoming projectiles including senbon needles and provide an adequate dodge of said weapons.

    After months of doing these things, Sai was finally invited on a raid with his mentor while he was a Kitaeru. Kanago had made it to the rank of a Senshi and was charged with putting a team together and raiding a caravan. Sai accepted the offer without hesitation and commenced in getting himself ready for the raid. Finally it was time for the raid and the group of nomads charged in. What they weren‘t expecting was a group of shinobi to be protecting the caravan. Next thing that they knew, there was a multitude of projectiles hurled in their direction. Sai had ducked behind a tree and was thinking of what he could do next. Soon he jumped from behind the tree and charged in, using his training in the echoes to fight his way through the group. And alone he was able to defeat the group of three shinobi and was able to lead the charge on the remaining members of the caravan. After said raid, Sai was seen as able to receive the rank of Senshi and was granted the title.

    Now as a Senshi, Sai spends a lot of times with the other Senshi of the pack, going over battle plans and raid strategies. While not doing those things, he began to train on how to make liquid metal pour out of the pores of his body while training with his echoes more. He can now feel the air around him and sense what is going on. With these combined with the way he had progressed with his ninjutsu, Sai has become a force to be reckoned with and only strives to make Sound better so that he may one day have kids that have a place to call home.

    Thread Log:
    - 07/19/07 Disciple Meeting : +2 Strength
    - 03/28/08 Click: Silence Gives Sight : +1 Intelligence, +2 Willpower
    - 04/23/08 Burst: Echoed Thrice : +1 Strength, added Midnight Hymn V
    - 29/11/08 Faith: Reconstruction : +3 Intelligence
    - 23/11/2009 Sound Arc : Kyokuchoutanpa, Kaze no Ransu, +1 Intelligence, +1 Stamina
    - 30/03/10 AP : Stage 1-3 Kyokugi-Ken
    - 18/04/10 Relaxation For Once : + 2 Strength, Stage 4 Kyokugi-ken
    - 04/28/10 Project Cr63rus : Stage 5 Kyokugi-Ken, +1 Willpower, +1 Strength
    - 04/29/10 Non-Aggression : Raikou Bunshin, +2 Strength
    - 11/03/10 Good Intentions : Stage Six Echoes, +1 Stamina, + 3 (AP) Stamina, +1 Tactics, +3 (AP) Tactics
    - 03/21/11 Engiversary 7.0 Thread Point: Oujou: Iji (Death: Memories)
    - 06/05/11 Sacrifice: +2 Willpower, Oujou: Zenpyou
    - 12/30/11 A Sound Proposal
    - 06/25/12 The Struggle For Power: +1 Willpower, +1 Intelligence, Midnight Concerto I, 1 AP for WP
    - 05/25/13 A Home for the Homeless: +2 Stamina, Zankuuha
    - 03/21/14 Testing the Waters: +2 Speed, Zankuukyokuha
    - 04/10/14 Coincidences on the Run: +2 Speed
    - 04/14/14 Deeper Into the Test Hoshou no Buki 1, +1 Speed
    - 07/20/14 The Blind Claw Hoshou no Buki Stage Two, +1 Speed
    - 07/20/14 The Sound of Grass Hoshou no Buki Stage Three, +1 Speed
    - 09/17/14 M-nin United Hoshou no Buki Stage Four, +1 Stamina
    - 10/10/15 AP Rule Breaker Pump: 40 AP Spent (17 Physical, 18 Mental, 5 Jutsu)
    - 10/12/15 Reunion: Collision of Fates +3 Power
    - 05/23/17 The Unburied +2 Control, Oujou: Ikatsui Kibun
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    Your physical description confuses me. Are the tatoos still there, are they gone? It makes it seem like he doesn't have them anymore, and it took me 4 times to read over that sentence to understand the wording. It would be very helpful if you could please make it a bit clearer. Thanks.

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      edited slightly
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        Very good very good, Half-Approved.


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          Looks good (sorry for the long wait).

          THere are only two things I can really ask for change at the moment (non-technical).

          You need to adress the Fall of Sound.

          You need to have the Sound brand displayed on your flesh somewhere.

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            The wait is no big deal. .and I did attempt to concern myself with the two things you asked for. The second was no big deal.. however the first was a bit more difficult and I hope I addressed that as you were expecting.
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              Any technique in the Deus Ex Machina tree cannot be used as one of your Academy Jutsus.
              Only Global Ninjutsu / Genjutsu, and village Genjutsu / Ninjutsu.

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                thanks for the info sushy. that has been fixed.

                Edit: Also revamped the beginning of the bio more, along with changing the age.
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                    Sound GM Approval.

                    "The more I see of what you call civilization,
                    the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

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                    ||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
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                        Approved & Moved.

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                        The Dead, The Bitch, The Alchemist, The Lady, The Haunted
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                        AP LEFT TO GIVE AWAY: 64