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    Yakshiro Kaori
    Bro, it's just a little lightning.

    Originally posted by A Concerned Friend
    Has anyone seen Kaori? He's been missing two weeks. Yakshiro Kaori is 20 years old and six feet and five inches tall with hazel eyes and blond hair. He's a Jounin from Iwagakure and currently works in the YAMA Division as a First Degree Bear Cavalry.

    Appearance: Stupid beautiful. The epitome of "Bless your heart," he is equal parts stunning and pitiful. He has vibrant golden hair that sticks up messily because he spends a half hour each day prepping it. He has wide hazel eyes that look often but don't usually see. He has strong features: a strong squared and angular jaw, defined cheekbones, and strong brows. He has full lips just large enough for most people to think about what it would feel like to kiss, and also just large enough to imagine how it would be to punch him.

    He is fit as hell. He prides himself on his body, preferring to work out with the bros to get mad jacked. He likes being strong, taking it as a sign that he's a cool guy. His only goal is to stay ripped and look good for the honies.

    Personality: Kaori doesn't mean to be hard-headed, but god, sometimes thinking it through is so hard when you can just punch it out. He's a team player and loyal friend, the first to defend someone with an insult (even if said insult is generic or lacking). He's naturally popular with people, and though he may not be the most intelligent, his natural attractiveness serves him many favors. He has a string of women wanting him and usually leaves a trail of whole hearts. Not broken. Most realize his depth of character is up to the ankles.

    Very much an example of "what you see is what you get," Kaori wears his heart on his sleeve, enjoys pushing people forward to reach their best, and hitting on hot chicks. Women. He means women. Chicks is insensitive, even if they're hot as hell. On missions he is exactly the same, and if it weren't for his steadfast loyalty and extremely remarkable abilities, he would probably still be a genin.

    Kaori loves getting absolutely thrashed with booze, finding some hot fillies with the boys, playing fuuma shuriken golf and working out with his bros. He doesn't handle being alone well and prefers to hang out with one to twenty other guys so they can be a pack on the hunt for some new strange. If he didn't have such a heart of gold and an innate kindness he would be absolutely disgusting. He just doesn't know better.

    Clothing: He wears whatever is stylish, relying on general fashion trends. He wears shorts often, usually with hems a few inches above his knee because a "strong guy can wear short shorts," according to a commercial he saw once. He likes wearing lidded hats to keep the sun out, but will sometimes turn it around so it doesn't block the shade and make it hard to see. He wears button down shirts with rolled up sleeves but leaves the first many buttons unbuttoned to allow his chest to breathe. He likes wearing necklaces, usually gold or silver, but is known to unironically wear a beaded shell necklace or two he got on a vacation with the boys to Mist.

    He sometimes wears his tabi out on the street but prefers to wear Geta style sandals, sometimes with socks to keep his feet warm. While his style is known to change, the shorts and unbuttoned dress shirt are pretty standard.


    +1 Power, +1 Control, +2 Intelligence
    -3 Strength, -1 Stamina

    Once per thread, the Sentinel may block against a technique one stage higher than indicated by their defensive technique. This does not boost Stage Six techniques to be able to block Stage Seven.

    Nindo: Bench press a little bit more every day, you know?


    Control: 1 +1 + 20 + 1[AP] +2[T] = 25
    Power: 1 +1 + 20 + 1[AP] = 23
    Reserves: 1 + 20 + 1[AP] = 22

    Strength: 1 - 3 + 15 +7[T] = 20 [+10]
    Speed: 1 + 13 = 14 [+10]
    Stamina: 1 -1 + 22 = 22 [+25]

    Intelligence: 1 +2 + 10 + 3 AP = 16
    Tactics: 1 + 15 + 1[AP] = 17
    Willpower: 1 + 15 +2[T] = 18

    [1] Deny Harm! [2 control, 2 Intelligence]
    [2] Seal Technique: Deny Entry! [5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves]
    [3] Hex Seal Technique: Deny Space! [8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves]
    [4] Deny All! [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower ]
    [5] Seal Technique: Deny Spirit! [17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower]
    [6] Seal Technique: Ban! [21 Control, 20 Power, 19 Reserves, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence]
    [1] Shards of Light [2 control, 2 Intelligence]
    [2] Starburst [5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves]
    [3] Speed of Light [8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves]
    [4] Wave of Light [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower]
    [1] Stage One [3 Stamina, 5 Strength]
    [2] Stage Two [6 Stamina, 8 Strength, 6 Tactics]
    [3] Stage Three [10 Stamina, 10 Strength, 8 Tactics]
    [4] Stage Four [16 Stamina, 15 Strength, 12 Speed, 14 Tactics]
    [5] Stage Five [22 Stamina, 20 Strength, 14 Speed, 14 Tactics, 2 Intelligence]
    [1] Activate Jewel: Yellow [Control 2, Intellligence 2]
    [2] Jolt [Control 7, Power 7, Tactics 6]
    [2] Bulwark [Jewel Explosion] [Control 6, Power 6, Tactics 4]
    [3] Lightning Attraction [Control 10, Power 10, Willpower 8]
    [4] Underground Arc [Power 15, Reserves 13, Tactics 14]
    [5] Empowered Veins [Tactics 17, Intelligence 16, Willpower 16, Control 15]
    [5] Electric Emanation [Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Tactics 16]
    [5] Reinforce [River Shards] [Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Tactics 15]
    [6] Raging Storm [Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Intelligence 16, Willpower 15]


    [Golden Topaz]
    Forged in the fires of expert Konkaji blacksmiths, Topaz is a gilded tower shield of incredible proportions, nearly six feet high. The shield rests in another dimension, bursting from its sealed stasis in a brilliant glow of gold from Kaori's sternum placed yellow stone force jewel.
    Tower Shield [4] + Implanted [1] + Repair [1] + Recall [2] = 8
    Shinobi Kit [0]

    My Autobrorography:
    Once upon a time there was a ninja and his name was awesome. Not that his name was awesome, like actually awesome, but it was literally awesome. Super cool. That way, it's a cool name. That's what I mean. The guy's name was Kaori. I know you're thinking "hey, that's my name," and you're right. That's my name. I'm awesome.

    I was born by my mom. She was pretty hot to most shinobi but not me because that's weird. My dad is mad buff and a ninja. He worked out a lot but he's retired which is stupid lame but he's getting old and can't keep rocking out and looking sick so now he sits around and does woodworking jobs and sometimes teaches self-defense so that's cool, I guess. I have a younger sister and she's hecka rad for being such a chick. She likes all the girly shit but she studies that procedure fist or whatever so she's strong as hell and kinda scary so don't get her mad, you feel?

    --Genin Exbrosition--

    So I went to the academy and at home was taught by my dad to be a ninja and my mom, too. But not a ninja. She was a Miko. Straight up fancy dress in front of a shrine and the whole thing. She quit when my dad banged her and she had me and they got married. She kept trying to get me to hear the Kami and I'd be like, "mom, for real, I don't hear nothing and this is so messed up. Hearing voices and shit." I was wrong, though. But I'll get to that.

    In the academy I started forming my pack. That's what I call my bro squad. The first one was this guy who always acted like the top of the class so I wanted to be his friend because he was cool and smart. And he was the guy who was really friendly to me, Sudao, so I was like... this is the tiddies.

    Sudao would say nice things to me and always try to pump me up. Like, "well, obviously, you're the smartest in our class," or "you figured that out all by yourself?" And I'd be like, yeah, bro! It felt good to have a guy have my back like that. That's why I like teams, because they build you up, they're your spotters, they make sure too much weight doesn't fall on your neck and recapitalize you all headless. I considered him my closest friend. Sometimes he would get so deep in thought that he'd forget I was there and not answer my questions. I'd ask him when his party was and he'd forget to answer. I missed a lot of his parties that way, but that's just Sudao. He's a good ninja but he must have really a bad attention to detail.

    Masami was in my squad. She was a Kiyama and was the exact same age as the Kiyama boy in the Academy I befriended. I realized she was that guy, the same person, but she must have been dressing like a boy and using disguises because of her family or something. I didn't get it, I figured she started being a girl in public because she could. We never discussed it because it was never something to talk about. Sometimes people would make comments about her and call her by her nickname she had when she looked like a boy. I don't know. Sudao, like, figured out that the boy from the academy was actually growing titties and he was like, annoyed at me when I tried to talk to him but he told me I wouldn't understand which was weird because I'm really smart and understand lots of stuff.

    We graduated and I kept my Miko training a secret from my friends which is hard because Sudao was my best friend and Masami is best friend wifey, feel? They wouldn't understand my taking in the zen Miko kind of life. I was communicating with the Kami on a basic level which was crazy. They'd whisper things like, "Follow that lady, she is danger," and I'd be like, "Um, no? She's not even hot?" Sometimes the voices would even be distinct enough that I understood them, but it required me to sit in prayer and folding my hands like some damn sheeple people sitting all pretty and that shit is my idea of hell. Mom started having my sister and I learn rituals, probably to help us focus but jokes on her because I'm too aware at all times. Rituals were hard which was actually kind of cool because it was a good way to release all my stress. Nothing like placing down an ofuda seal after a sick workout.

    Sudao was my best friend but he didn't like to hang out, and he kept forgetting to tell me about his parties. And I know I was invited but I think it's important to always be invited cause crashing a party even if you know you're gold is still a big Bro No. So I'd miss out. Every time, too, which sucks because it would have been a lit party. I'd invite Sudao to hang out and he'd say things like "I have to train," or "maybe tomorrow." And the. He'd forget to respond and so I'd sit around waiting to hear from him. Never did.

    That all changed the best day of my life. I had sent a letter on behalf of me and Sudao and even wrote it in pen to make it look professional. I sent it to the Academy dictator (that's a joke).
    Dear Academy Proffesor President in Charge Person,

    My name is yakshiro kaori and I have a friend named Aoyama Sudao and he's my best friend and also he's one of the best ninja in the class and I think we'd be good on a team together especially cuz we never get to hang out. I'd be super glad if you put us together. I know I'd be a good partner with him and also if you put in a hot girl I'd be okay with that but mostly Sudao please.

    Kaori, the boy wonder!!
    He almost crapped his pants with excitement when he saw me and Masami chilling there waiting for him! He was so stoked, all asking like, "is this for real. This can't be happening." And I was like yeah, dude, it's us and we're friggin teammates, bro!

    Hiroko was our Sensei and she was fit as hell so it was mad cool having a babe teacher. She taught us to work together and even though Masami was all about distance and Sudao was being all quiet and ignoring me for some reason, we were so good. The perfect team, really. I was totally chuffed that the academy head dude approved our team because from like day one we were wiping everything up. Masami's weirdly similar brother from her bloodline would be running around, working with us even though he was like... I actually don't know how it works. He was super chill, though.

    Chuunin Bromotion

    Chuunin exams rolled around and we were so ready to get mad thrashed on soldier pills and destroy some teams. The first challenge went off with a hitch since we did our usual strategy. Sudao would yell at me for being reckless and I'd be like it's not reckless, that's a strategy. I'm charging in. That's the strategy. Sudao would be all "damn it, Kaori," and try to bounce around with his toothpick sword and Masami would be hiding in the shadows darting people with arrows and leaving traps. And I would be the distraction. I punched a dude straight in the face and got a scroll and we were ready.

    Fast forward and it was the battles. First up was me and some sand-nin. He shot some sand at me and I walked through it, trudging through it before grabbing him and smashing him into the ground. I felt bad because he seemed cool, but I had to show Sudao that we could all pass and be a chuunin squad, too. If we all passed, nothing would have to change and we could stay friends.

    Sudao and Masami were next up and it was rough. He killed her brother, like, actually destroyed his body. Her body. I was shouting from the rafters, "What are you doing? Stop! That's, like, killing her." And he still didn't listen. Like always. Always not listening to me. Masami looked like she was being killed, too, doubled over and screaming. I felt sick. I couldn't look.

    Sudao showed me a different side of him that day. I felt like I didn't even know my own bro. And Masami impressed me, even with all the pain of having her body destroyed, she still tried to fight. It was courageous. I was like, "damn."

    When me and Sudao got matched up, I was excited but Sudao must have still been mad about the Masami fight because he immediately atarted attacking. No talk. I blocked his first attack. And second. Every single one after that. He was fast and smart, but I had years of Miko training and a big shield. And he still didn't give up easily. Before I could punch him out, I think he sensed my hesitation. I didn't want to. He saved me from the final blow, which only showed me that even then, deep down. He really cared. He ran out after I won and I was trying to congratulate him and he ignored me. I caught up with him because I could probably fight two more matches and still be good, and cut him off.

    He looked at me like I was covered in shit, said nothing and walked off.

    We were promoted but I already felt like I lost that day. I lost my friend. Even on the mine mission when we rescued a bunch of trapped people. Even with all the thanks and compliments and praise, Sudao seemed like he was expecting more. I didn't even feel good about it. But doing such a clutch job on the mission was why I got stripped and placed down to get my jewel.

    The Lightning Bronado

    Finally, we get to me! Okay, I got this. Im'ma tell the next part, got it?


    I got it. I woke up and there was like this guy screaming in my ear to get up and it was so loud and annoying. And then there was pain, my chest felt like it was getting stabbed. I looked down and there it was, a yellow stone sitting right underneath my clavicle, like a bad necklace. I don't know why it was yellow, and I guess some people think the stone chooses. I just know that I don't know what I was expecting, but this kid in my head was like my new best friend. Besides Masami and Sudao of course.

    But it was nice to have a friend. Ever since the chuunin exam Sudao was so focused on getting good. He stopped talking to me. It was hard. I mean, I'm tough but it still sucks when your bro stops acting like your bro. And Masami and I didn't get along as well without Sudao there, he was like he missing piece to make it work. I felt bad that I couldn't be a better friend and I thought I could help her by just sort of slipping out of reach. I think about it now and know that's the wrong move but at the time I thought I was helping her move on.

    Me and Kazu (Kazuisho, my gem) started climbing the ranks in the infantry, serving as Stone's first and best line of defense. We were the first responders to the Quake That Shook the Country. I remember pulling bodies from houses, finding crumpled bodies in the streets under rubble. One body was halfway in the earth, swallowed on a fault line. We were issued away and next thing I heard it was like the city never existed, swallowed up in a big Doton. The new monument served to unite us, but I didn't even know we needed uniting. Kazu and I kept showing how good we were and I guess they liked that I was still all about Stone, so they tagged me for promotion and said I was going to lead a platoon of me. I mean, I had worked my butt off for a while and deserved it, so I was glad. Over the last few months, in an official capacity my title changed to the Yellow Army Bear Cavalry First Degree. When the new system went up it was sweet. I had enough money to open up a craft brewery and my sister started working for it with my dad. The Bear a cavalry become my new squad. I was the muscle and bones of Stone and Hachidaime personally congratulated me and a few other squad leaders who were being promoted. Felt good.

    Generally, over the past few years, I've avoided international incidents like the war with Cloud, instead tasked with defending our borders. I had a squad of dudes with me at all times and we rolled through various cities showing off Iwagakure's might, helping out villages, embodying the Stone Shinobi life. While I was a fan of the Shichidaime, I accepted the shifting of leadership. Whoever is in charge of Stone has got me back, and I got theirs. The country is beautiful and the village is its defender. So I will work for whoever wants to keep this place as awesome as possible. Hachidaime asked me what I wanted and I told him for Stone to be the best. I was crushing it, really making some sick gains in my career.

    Which is why I got to see Sudao and Masami again. They knew how awesome I'd been crushing it recently, so I was tasked with finding the Red Lieutenant. I never think about death, because I never lose. He really made me think otherwise. I don't know how we managed to survive against him, but we did so well merely surviving that all three of us were promoted to Jounin. Since then, it's been like old times. All those times I'd take Masami aside and try to boost her confidence, or those cold nights waking up to Sudao not looking like he wanted to hurt someone. Those inner smiles are why I keep fighting for my bros.

    Brohana means family. Family for life.

    His Workout Regiment [All His Sick Gains]:
    [06/11/17] [00] "The Birth of a Bro" +7 AP Stats, +2 AP Jutsu
    [08/05/17] [02] "ROCK and Load" +2 Willpower, +1 AP Deny - Ban!
    Our yellow giant spends a morning pondering Sudao's invitation.
    [08/12/17] [04] "ROCKabye" +2 Strength
    Kaori battles a dark spirit who's telling him some uncomfortable truths.
    [08/24/17] [05] "A Rude a ROCKoning" +2 Strength
    The Yakshiro siblings struggle to find the Shrine's dark influence.
    [08/24/17] [06] "ROCK, Stock, and Barrel" +2 Strength
    A rogue predator is putting hard times on people. Kaori's on the hunt.
    [09/04/17] [07] "AppROCKximation" +1 Strength, +1 AP Stage Five Reflect All Force
    There is civil unrest against Gem users. Our guy investigates.
    [04/02/18] [09] Party ROCKers +2 Control, Wave of Light
    Kaori heads over to Sudao’s party and things get heated.
    [11/26/18] [10] Taken for Granite

    ----- -----

    Kazuisho - A Yellow Jewel Avatar

    Name: Kazuisho, a Reincarnation of Raijin.
    Age: Eternal
    Type: Manifested Psychological Entity of Chakra
    Rank: Flawless

    Beauty: Kazuisho is an interesting looking supernatural diety. He manifested in Kaori as a lanky, very tall teenager with unkempt sandy hair hidden under a beanie and bright brown eyes. He appears to have a large smile, which can be unsettling because he's always smiling even when he's mad or confused. He wears shorts with long socks because he doesn't understand fashion and chose a large brown coat to wear over everything because it was the first article of clothing he saw someone wear when he first opened Kaori's eyes. Besides the flak jackets on the jounin performing the ceremony, of course.

    Brains: He's hot headed, impetuous, brash, and mercurial. He's also overtly optimistic and tempestuous. His moods are manic and extreme but always positive, even when sad. He is very selfish with items but quick to protect his friends and while he is somewhat incapable of judging situations and being tactful, he is extremely loyal and true. While he can come off as disrespectful and downright rude, he doesn't mean it. He doesn't have an ounce of vitriol in his gem psyche. He just cares about himself and his team.
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    With your weapon, I think the sealing tag should be the implanted modifier, but that's really for a mod to decide. You have a couple of misspellings, such as "Sudan" instead of "Sudao" and "me" instead of "men" but nothing to terrible.

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      "Kazuisho is an interesting looking supernatural dirty."

      Anyhow, I have good news and bad news.

      Bad News: You will need to have to put the implanted thing in there if you want to have the shield spring from your jewel like that, because it's effectively hidden inside your body.

      Good News: Repair only costs one point, not two! That means you have an extra weapon point, which you are free to spend in Implanted, if you like!
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        You wouldn't believe how many times I've edited that to say diety. I promise it's at least twice.

        I fixed my weapon. Now I'm a real crystal gem.
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          But who's Steven?

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            Stone Approved


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              Half Approved

              Just gotta wait on your swaps now
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