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  • Kiyama Toshio - MORI

    Name: Kiyama Toshio
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height:Country/Village: Tsuchi no Kuni/Iwagakure
    Rank: Jounin

    Physical Description: Toshio is a True Son of Kiyama through and through, a lineage that immediately becomes clear when compared to anyone else with the bloodline. He is of average height with somewhat broad, sloped shoulders. His body is not remarkable by shinobi standards; his muscles are strong and flesh out a rather masculine build, but he could never be considered 'cut'. Toshio's hair is dark, a little bit more so than his brothers', and shaggy, often swept around by the mountain winds of Earth Country. His eyes are deep brown and bear a dull luster. Toshio's face is worn from the stresses of shinobi life and the constant burden of his own bloodline, defined primarily by lines around his eyes and an angular jaw line. The man is in perpetual need of a shave. He moves slowly and his voice is a warm tenor, smooth like honey.

    Clothing: When working at one of the MORI offices, Toshio is usually seen dressed in a simple button-up shirt and slacks, covered by a long white coat. He dresses as a stereotypical scientist, his pockets full of masks, gloves, and goggles to protect him from whatever he's working on that day. Outside of his research, Toshio dresses casually; his yukata have seen better days, now faded from once bold reds, blues, and greens. He wears two layers, first a close-fitting white robe followed by an outer coat to shield him from the wind and cold. Toshio's feet sit on thin sandals, unless he must wear shinobi shoes out of necessity. On missions, his various shinobi tools are spread through pockets sewn inside his clothing or held around his waist on a cord.

    Personality: Toshio is the perfect temperament for a medic nin. He can keep calm and is detail-oriented, traits often associated with his clan, but his sense of ego is quite a bit lower than other Kiyama. Though Toshio can handle being a leader, it is not a position that he cherishes and he happily works alone or parallel to others. Toshio is not a serious man and enjoys a bit of fun, though his sense of humor is pretty poor. He is an intellectual and loves to learn new things, a curiosity that can lead him into trouble as it easily overrides his caution. Toshio is an avid reader, not only of books but also of comics, serials, and all manner of printed press. He is a bit socially oblivious and has an unfortunate habit of using his love of fiction to try to make sense of the real world.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":Stand back, it's time for science."

    Clan/Bloodline: Kiyama/Mind of the Monarch

    Primary Archetype: Kiyama Monarch
    Special: This archetype may only be taken as a primary. It is required to have the Mind of the Monarch and provides stage one of the bloodline for free.
    Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -2 Strength, -1 Tactics

    Secondary Archetype: Healer
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower



    Physical - Secondary

    Strength: Speed: Stamina: 1 + 15= 16 [+12 Forbidden Sloth]

    Mental - Tertiary

    Intelligence: 1 + 2 He + 12 + 2 = 17
    Tactics: Willpower:Chakra - Primary

    Power: 1 + 1 Ki + 20 + 7 + 1 = 30
    Control: 1 + 1 Ki + 20 = 22
    Reserves: 1 + 1 He + 20 = 22


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Medical NinjutsuGlobal GenjutsuGlobal NinjutsuInventory: Weapon Points Remaining: 0


    Biography: My name is Kiyama Toshio, the Third True Son of Kiyama Takeshi, the First True Son of Kiyama Hideaki.

    I won't recite any more if it, it's really not important to anyone outside the family. My two older brothers are Jun, eight years older, and Kazuhiro, three years older. I'm the last of the line; dad said that once he had three, he thought taking care of any more might kill him. It wasn't really a joke, but he laughed after he said it anyway. Even though dad wasn't married, we lived in one of the biggest apartments on the clan compound and sometimes even that felt cramped. But we were happy and I was never alone.

    Most of the men in our line had been shinobi and dad was no exception. He was a jounin, pretty much retired by the time I was born. Instead of going out on missions, he stayed in the village and taught at the academy and sometimes oversaw special training. As my brothers started to filter into the academy, I started spending a lot of time at home, alone. I spent most of my days in one of the old gardens, reading all of Grandpa Hideaki's old books with my subject or playing with some of the other Kiyama kids.

    So, maybe that was part of why I didn't like the academy. With other Kiyama, subjects barely get noticed, but once I was with all those other kids, that was all that got attention. My second, silent self sitting next to me, not even taking notes. Why bother, right? Anything I learn, my other bodies know, there's no point in wasting that kind of energy. I tried to ignore the stares and the whispers and told myself being alone was fine.

    My grades as a shinobi were nothing spectacular, worse than both my brothers at my age. Once, the teachers called dad in to talk about it. They said something about me being better off a non-shinobi school, knowing that I had a head for books but not for chakra. He came home furious, but not at me. Dad was at the teachers, I think, and definitely at himself, though I've never found out why. We had a heart to heart that night with me on his knee and him telling me that I was the only one who could make the decision.

    I toughed it out. I signed up for extra training and stayed late after school everyday. At home, I would stand in the garden and practicing forms and molding chakra while my subject held scrolls open for me and read them aloud. My brothers would come home and tease me, but Jun would correct my stance and Kazuhiro would provide examples. After a few months of remedial work, I was ahead of the curve and ended up graduating with honors.

    Being a genin was a nice break from the academy. My sensei was a little eccentric and the only other student on the team was a girl named Mitsuya. The truth is that we were both told we were good candidates to become medics and we accepted the invitation, starting training early in our genin careers. As such, we didn't leave the village much except on small jobs and errands. A lot of our time was spent in hospitals, learning about medicine by working with patients. There was a lot of reading involved, but I didn't have any trouble with that.

    I didn't finish the Chuunin Exams until I was seventeen. The first two years I was eligible, I didn't even go. In the gap, I became a pretty competent medic and dabbled in a bunch of other things, but I avoided the exams as a means to stay out of combat. In those few years, I experienced the first death of a subject and gone through the Ritual of New Body twice; I wanted to do whatever I could to stay out of the ritual room. And I did some growing up, too, with some awkward false starts to romance and everything. It was all pretty horrible, but at least when I got promoted, the family was there to celebrate and take me out to dinner.

    My normal service continued for a little while, going out with teams to give them support. But when the Mukeisatsu struck, we were blindsided. Jun and I were out of the village when it happened...our dad and Kazuhiro were two of the Kiyama who were murdered that night. There was a lot of panic in the compound after that, and grief and anger. After the funerals, Jun and I were different. He started leaving for long periods of time and I shut myself up in the apartment.

    I almost retired after that. I suddenly understood why dad had done it, to try to stay with us all as long as he could. A few people I'd met through missions and hospital work came by to pay their respects, and Mitsuya showed up with food in her arms and tears in her eyes. I wallowed for a few weeks and then put on my coat and went back to work. I wasn't the only one who had suffered for the Mukeisatsu and the Stone hospitals were full of patients who needed help.

    Since then, I've rededicated myself to my work. I did what I could to honor their memories and the family name. I started teaching genin with their introductory medical classes and signed up to instruct academy classes. Through my subjects, I could teach a few history classes while I taught ninjutsu theory myself. There was no glory in teaching, but when I went home, the older Kiyama would ask how it was, curious to hear about something so unfamiliar.

    That's what I did up until just after the Jondori Incident. I was dispatched to help tend to the survivors, and once I returned home it was only a little before the Tsuchikage tore down the old administration. I was promoted for long-term service and offered a position with IWA, which I almost took. I tried to talk to Jun about it, but he said I'd be wasting my potential doing nothing but teaching all day. My experience as a medic was more than enough to enter MORI, where I was quickly assigned to research. The experiments are interesting, so I don't really regret the decision. Sometimes, IWA calls me in for special lectures anyway.

    What happens next, that still needs to be discovered.

    Other Info:
    -Toshio is actually all the members of the semi-popular doujin circle Class-Tsuki, credited under a number of pen names.
    -He is a current grandmaster of the Ninja Info Trading Card Game and regular wins Earth Country tournaments.
    -Toshio is allergic to strawberries, but loves the way they taste.

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    [12/20/12] - First Chapter - Epidemic and Exposition - +2 Int, Divine Right: Knight Errant.
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