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  • [Stone Jounin] Miyagi Kanji

    Name: Miyagi Kanji
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6’ 3”
    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Tsuchi no Kuni / Iwagakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: YAMA / Bear Cavalier 1st Degree


    A statue among men in appearance; Kanji is intimidating at the very least and terrifying at the very most this is in appearances along. This man stands at a frightening six foot three inches, and seems to be carved out of pure marble. Kanji sports a pearly white complexion that can only be obtained by the purely albino human beings.

    His muscles are tightly woven together to form a truly blessed individual of the physical archetype of a priest no less. He is tall and thin, definitely one not to be mistaken for those thugs who make up the lower echelons of the YAMA division. This was by divine design as it houses a truly magnificent being gifted with chakra coils wound so tightly that the potential for power of a godly level can be obtained with time, practice, and faith.

    His face is gifted with large seemingly all seeing grey eyes that seem to pierce and see into ones’ very soul. His hair is bleach blonde by design, golden only just enough to see the holy power invested upon him at birth, it is short and often looks like it has been blown permanently back due to the sheer power he contains within his very soul.

    He only has one truly devastating flaw about his body, and that is a deep scar above his right eyebrow, but in the way it helps him if only a little to show that he could in fact be in all three forms of his creator.

    This warrior priest dresses plainly, setting an example to all his shinobi and non-shinobi brothers and sisters that one does not need material possessions to be happy. Well, at least expensive possessions that is. His pants a fairly lose, and made of a black jean fabric held up by a simple black belt.

    Kanji wears black shirt that has a white skull and cross bones plastered on his chest, signifying that he is not just a priest, but a reaper as well. To top it off, Kanji has a black jacket that has a large white cross on the back with white borders along the collar, sleeves, and bottom trail.


    A noted Theologian, this jounin is seemingly the expert on any and all religious affairs that has happened within Earth Country. He has spent his entire lifetime either as a one to offer guidance through troubled times to his fellow Nin, or protecting them from some sort of enemy. Kanji is known to preach his own doctrine of principles to anyone and everyone willing to listen and tends to follow what he preaches to a T. He is the protector of the weak, innocent, and righteous, or what his definition of righteousness. This definition of course is who ever follows the Lord Tsuchikage and are loyal citizens to that of Iwagakure.

    Kanji is not a kind man for the most part, at least to fellow shinobi. He has a track record for pointing out imperfections in styles and strategies that make most think he is just a dick. His particular fighting style is rather ruthless, bloody, and painful. He takes pleasure in eradicating the ones who are not deemed righteous in his mind, like he is doing the world a favor for this act of gruesome violence.

    This jounin prefers to keep to himself for the most part, dealing only with his comrades in a mission setting or on very slim occasion hanging out with a close tight knit group of friends who are in the single digits. He does not drink, finding alcohol slows the body down and his inner divine power (his term for his chakra system).

    Kanji is ambitious. He ultimately wants to be the Tsuchikage’s right hand man, and theoretical general of the shinobi army. He is willing to do anything to get to this. Kanji considers himself the Angel of Stone, and will defend it until the very bloody end, and work to improve it until that time as well.

    Other interesting notes about Kanji, is he speaks uniquely due to his upbringing. He cannot really use the ‘w’ sound in words; it sounds more like the ‘v’ sound. (IE; sweet = sveet)

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "I vill commit your body to the ground; earth to earth. ashes to ashes. dust to dust."

    Force of Nature
    Archetypes: Elemental Specialist – Human Battery
    Combo Special: Once per thread, the Force of Nature is able to generate an elemental explosion from the tenketsu in his body by releasing an impressive amount of Chakra and instantly converting it at once. The explosion packs no force in and of itself, but simply deals elemental damage in a diameter of 10 feet.
    Description: Forces of Nature are Shinobi who devotes every last ounce of Chakra in their coils to manifesting the power of their chosen elements. They are completely attuned to it, focusing the majority of their studies upon its study. These Shinobi, quickly coined as Forces of Nature, understand that the elements don't serve them, but they serve the elements and are simple the mortal medium for its expression.

    Primary Archetype:
    Elemental Specialist
    Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength

    Secondary Archetype:
    Human Battery
    Stat Merit: +2 to Reserves, +1 to Power
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower




    Power: 24
    1 + {3} + 20
    Control: 23
    1 + 22
    Reserves: 23
    1 + {3} + 18 + 1(TP)


    Intelligence: 17
    1 + 16
    Tactics: 16
    1 – {2} + 17
    Willpower: 17
    1 – {1} + 17


    Strength: 15 (+8 = 23)
    1 – {2} + 16
    Speed: 15 (+14 = 29)
    1 - {1} + 13 + 2(TP)
    Stamina: 12
    1 + 11


    Jutsus and Techniques:
    [Stage 1]
    Doton: Tsuchi Gunjikou (Power 2, Tactics 3)
    Doton: Daichi Idou (Power 3, Willpower 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
    [Stage 3]
    Doton: Jihibiki Ishiki (Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Reserves 8)
    Hell's Gate (Power 10, Control 10, Intelligence 8, Replacing Dust Replacement)
    [Stage 4]
    Doton: Iwa Rokkakuchuheki (Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14)
    [Stage 5]
    Doton: Shindoryuudan (Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14)
    [Stage 6]
    Doton: Yami Numa (Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15)

    [Stage 1]
    Metal Clone (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Heavy Metal: Iron (Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6)
    [Stage 3]
    Metal: Pitfall (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)
    [Stage 4]
    Metal: Bolt (Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10)
    [Stage 5]
    Metal: Shelter (Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15)
    [Stage 6]
    Metal: Hail (Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15)

    [Stage 1]
    [Stage 2]
    [Stage 3]
    12 Speed, 8 Strength, 8 Reserves
    +14 Speed, +8 Strength, +0 Stamina

    [Stage 1]
    Kawarimi (Power 2, Tactics 2)
    [Stage 2]
    Kinobori (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)


    Insulated Clothing (2)
    Rubber-Soled Sandals (1)
    Sensitive Contacts (2)
    Communication Unit (1)
    Breathing Apparatus (2)
    Throat-Stabber (3)

    Weapon Points Remaining: 9



    "I commit my Mind, Body, and Soul to the Earth. Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust."

    The Gospel is Humanity’s written history of one particular version of a single deity that presides over earth in a governing manner. Each story within the Gospel is the story of a single individual who’s importance is grand in the scheme of things, and not only in consideration of human beings as a whole but to their works within their own domains.

    This is the story of Miyagi Kanji, whose innate divine power was explosive, and how he took this gift from his deity and fashioned it in a way to preserve and protect the citizens of Tsuchi no Kuni, and serve divine justice to those against his great country and village.

    This story begins in the humble metropolis of Jondori with a man, Miyagi Kai. This man had a son, who went off to Iwagakure to become a great shinobi. The son married and his wife gave birth to the true hero of this tale, Kanji. Both wife and husband were shinobi, and had to leave their son in the care of Kai who was deeply religious and had certain views upon the lifestyle of his descendents, but as they were committing themselves truly to a cause he could not stay angry with them and only insure that their heir would be in the right hands.

    Kai started young with Kanji, as soon as he was in the elders’ hands; bed time stories that were enlaced with epics that spanned the genres of storytelling. The child was like a sponge, soaking it up with wide eyes and open ears. This was how life continued for the two until one faithful day.

    Kanji met his best friend, Yamakazi Jirou. Kai had taken him in much like Kanji had been earlier, and the two seemed to get along very well. The two formed a brotherhood that only strengthened when the boy was old enough to express his want, his passion to become a shinobi like his parents. He asked his brother to join him, and also help back him up in his confession to his grandfather who had not taken it too well at first.

    It took them a month to prepare for the trip, and Kai had even agreed to guide them to Iwagakure since both were still very young. It was in Iwagakure that the grandfather was forced to drop the two off with Kanji’s parents while they attend the Academy.

    Kanji’s mother and father though were not exactly pleased with how their son –even at a young age- became such a preacher of their elder generations’ philosophy. The mother in particular had banned her son from being that way within the walls of their house, even though every night Kanji practiced the same routine of prayer and reading from his own copy of the gospel after doing his homework from the Academy.

    He knew that Jirou was drifting even further, though the young boy was ambitious enough to try and keep his brother within the ranks of the gospel to keep up the training, the other was clearly enjoying the actual Academy learning far more.

    Kanji was not bad with his shinobi studies, it was obvious to his teachers that the Miyagi boy was innately talented with chakra and control, plus the affinity towards Doton practices. It was through these methods that Kanji was able to get barely passing grades in most things but excelled with ease when it was ninjutsu related.

    Kanji was assigned to Team 12, with Jirou and a girl named Matsumoto Maoko. He liked the sensei from the get go, even though the man seemed to be too carefree almost, too friendly. It was too suspicious that he had no friends or family to speak of. Kanji hated those leisure outings for many years.

    The other two seemed to enjoy it, but Kanji never wanted to stray far from his studies. He always felt like he was lacking. He was never enough for his deity; that he was never accomplishing what he needed to move forward. He clung to Jirou for help in everything shinobi, because he got it. Kanji was only good with the gospel, he was barely shinobi material past his innate chakra ability. Maoko was foreign to him, dealing with females was foreign with him. So instead of actually talking with her like she was a normal human being, he ignored her and pretended she did not exist., but she soon became so hard to ignore that he was forced to speak with her. It turned out that Maoko was pretty intelligent, really caring, and super loyal.

    Those first few years were like the Academy on repeat. He split his time between the gospel training and his team becoming utterly loyal to them, especially to Maoko. The young Miyagi thought it was wise to take her home and introduce her to his grandfather and his first passion and destiny in life; the religious path. It turned out to be the right move as the girl seemed to find even more comfort in the diety teachings, and Kanji was able to form a bond with her in teaching it. She, in turn, helped the slowly disintegrating bond between him and Jirou. The brother had been breaking away from his religious training steadily since the Academy even though Kanji tried desperately to keep Jirou involved. He had lacked the social skills at that time, and their bond did not seem to be strong enough. Maoko changed that, and between the three of them they became a literal demonstration of his religious heroes.

    It was through this bond that their team grew into something that Kanji liked to refer to as the Trifecta; The Mind (Jirou), the Soul (Maoko), and the Body (Kanji). With the help of a slight guiding hand from a sensei the team that once stumbled through menial missions, became more. Instead of stumbling blindly, they were striding through with no little amount of confidence behind it.

    As Kanji was becoming confident of himself and his abilities, Team 12 was becoming noticed for taking more difficult missions than most genin teams. There was one particular mission that involved a famous merchant who had fallen from grace. He was gambling, fallen victim to the deadly sin of greed, and needed to be corrected in his path of life. The correction in his life path came from the fact that he fell into debt, so much so that his home was destroyed and his family being held ransom. It was at that point, that the man called in reinforcements, which happened to turn into Team 12.

    They carefully planned out a mission that involved using the man as bait going in to pay his debt, which he did not have from then on the genin team would go in and take down whoever was inside. As usual, saving the civilians was the most important in this job. Kanji was hell bent in giving the man a second chance at redemption, it was the least he deserved for being the way he was.

    Some plans were too good to be true though, call it karma, that Kanji was feeling good about it going in. After the fact, Kanji would admit to the fact that he was far too full of himself to do that. Going in was fine, but as the combat was initated by both Kanji and Jirou as a brute force tactic, people were hurt. People who were not suppose to be hurt. Maoko who had been there to back up and help the injured, had to get into it with her genjutsu to stop who Kanji missed with his traps and ninjutsu techniques.

    In the end, Maoko managed to get them out. Kanji managed by a strike from divine intervention to finish off the remainder of the few with the extensive help from Jirou. They barely made it out of that mission with their lives and it being successful for the most part.

    It was far more than the stone administration asked of the genin team though, they had been expecting to have to send in reinforcements of the chuunin form at that last moment, but instead Team 12 managed it. For their efforts, and proving their endurance and skill – Kanji, Maoko, and Jirou all received promotions for their efforts.

    As a chuunin, Kanji was separated for the first time in a decade from Jirou. Those first couple missions he was sent back to his quivering academy student form full of phrases and verses from his religion but nothing else. It was altering, and those first few missions with different ninja were truly altering. So much so that he needed to return to his grandfather for guidance and reassurance. He had requested a week off, and during that time he traveled back to Jondori to be with Kai.

    Upon coming back he was greeted with a mission with shinobi who were so like him in self-confidence, that he finally saw how useless it was and took the helm of leadership himself. He put to use the skill set that he was given and the skill sets of the others who seemed to have gotten chuuninhood out of just the exams and nothing else. It was the first of many missions to come that Kanji realized how much religion was actually needed to guide the stone ninja in their futures – that they needed a firm hand that extended past the firmness of the Tsuchikage even. It was at that point that he realized what his path was.

    It was his path to make the shinobi realize that they needed this, to become more united in their front and more than one set of hands to guide them in the path of righteousness. It was at this point that he realized his goal as a shinobi and as a man of religion co-existing as one.

    With this sudden realization, Kanji worked towards it with more zeal than he had ever shown. He had taken missions with all sorts of stone chuunin to realize the base of shinobi culture. He needed to know this to realize his own goal. During this time he had lost teammates, mourn their losses, met friends, realized more than he ever could on his own and opened up more than he ever could beforehand. He had even done more with Maoko and Jirou, who had realized his change in behavior, his bastardized attitude to things. It was for the better, even if some thought it was a move towards the worse due to his sometimes arrogant tones and overly pushy personality.

    He was becoming more and more a menace in the idea that he was a priest of a relatively unknown religion. It did not hinder his effectiveness in the use of Iwagakure, just more of a interesting defect that the administration looks past because their skill set is just that useful, or he was just that unimportant at that time.

    During this time though, Kanji met a new friend and ally that he began to trust more on the level of Maoko than anything else. He learned of the man through her in the first place, which was surprising since Kazumu was in fact in his own division. During those first few meetings, He understood why Maoko liked the man so much and as a sign of continuing faith, Kanji allowed the man to go meet his aging grandfather Kai. That seemed to be the reoccurring factor in all his trusted small group, that they all met, knew, and loved his grandfather Kai.

    It was not long after that actually that the life-altering event happened for Kanji. He was on a mission in the far reaches of the opposing end of Earth country when he realized the horror of what had occurred. Jondori was destroyed. His beloved grandfather was dead. He came as quickly as he could. Kanji raced to the former city as quickly as he could, only to find aftershocks and the near dead. Maoko was among them, she had lost two important people in her life at that point; her brother and Kai-san. Kanji lost his grandfather, and in the scheme of things it was really his father. The most guiding force in his life thus far was gone, even though Kanji knew he had gone to the afterlife that the gospel promised. Kanji could not go to him for guidance no more, at least in the physical form.

    Kanji dealt with his pain by pushing it down and trying to be strong for both Maoko who was dealing with not only Kai's loss, but her brothers' and Jirou who was dealing with it in his own way. Out of sense of duty and avoiding actually dealing with his grief, Kanji mechanically worked through the injured helping them be located to surrounding areas for medical attention, but it was not until a month later that he was able to hold a small ceremony for his grandfather with the attendance of his small group of friends and Kai’s followers. He vowed at that time to turn Stone Country into what Kai had always wanted, a country that followed one religion, the true religion, and to put the shinobi in charge of following this and spreading it to the world. Though as a chuunin he knew this did not hold the same level of power and voice he required to accomplish the goal, so the first step would be to get to the next level; Jounin-level.

    It was during those first appearances of non-Iwagakure shinobi jewel users that Kanji gained his jounin promotion. He had been assigned a mission involving catching a thief, and as they tracked down the man seemed to in charge of a larger operation involving the possibility robbing of the wealthiest of banks in Earth Country, Kanji was made leader of three inexperienced Chuunin.

    Between the three of them, Kanji was able to make the right decisions to make lead them to the rogue shinobi who was in possession of a green jewel which had been strategically placed in the middle of his shoulder blades. It was not until in the middle of an intense battle with this nin that Kanji discovered that, that yes this man was a part of this jewel plot that had been recently exposed; also that this man must be destroyed for simply having that without proper sanctions. After yet another arduous battle that nearly cost Kanji his left arm, the chuunin was able to erase the abomination from existence.

    It was not until after the fact that, Kanji realized that there was probably no theoretical chance of him and his team winning. He had not given up though, and with that he was awarded jouninhood and Bear Cavalry 1st degree as compensation for the fact that he just brought down such an immense foe; his comrades on that mission also received jouninhood for their acts of bravery for Iwagakure.

    With that having occurred, Kanji has taken yet another step forward in his path towards destiny.

    Other Info:
    The Old Gang:
    Yamakazi Jirou
    Matsumoto Maoko
    The Third Wheel:
    Hozumi Kazumu

    Character Creation:
    2GMAP - Used on Global Nin
    12/30/12 Burn It All Down: +1 Reserves, Hell's Gate
    01/04/13 Pelts and Poachers: +2 Speed, Metal: Hail

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