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    Kiyama Hien

    Nindo:” Iwagakure is the greatest shinobi village in the world! At least you’ll think it is after I’m done with you.”

    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'7"
    Country/Village: Tsuchi no Kuni/Iwagakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Division: IWA –Culture Specialist
    Clan: Kiyama

    Hien is handsome. It’s as simple as that. Sepia brown locks end around his ears with a look that is both messy yet calculated. His skin is a light olive color and he’s just passed the acne stage, so it has few imperfections. As far as his looks go, Hien’s face is full of angles. With a pointed, strong chin, a bold straight nose and thin, angular dark pupiled eyes. He’s built like a sprinter, with sinewy arms and chest and large, powerful leg muscles. He’s average in height, but he doesn’t let that stop him from confronting even the biggest of opponents. His most outstanding feature is the bright yellow jewel implanted into his right palm. It sticks out defiantly for most to see and definitely leaves an impression during a handshake.

    Hien doesn’t pay much attention to his clothes. He sticks to breathable fabrics like cotton and his shirts are usually kimono tops of varying colors. His pants are usually a dark color, tucked into dark bandages wrapped around his shins. He wears durable, close toed boots as well as the standard thigh pouch of shinobi tools. One constant is the ornate shoulder brace he wears on his right shoulder, as well as a thin gold ring on his left middle finger.

    The twins barely ever want to match their King, preferably wearing anything that sits in the closet. Their sense of style can best be described as “off”. Looks wise they are Hien’s exact copy, except for the amber coloration of their pupils, signifying the energetic avatars inside.

    Self-centered, egotistical and pompous are just some of the words used to describe Hien. A life full of pampering and coddling has given this chuunin an attitude that he is superior to almost everyone he meets. Of course this isn’t true, but he believes it to be. You’ll usually see a smug look on his face, unimpressed with what he sees. There are two sides to this coin though, because Hien is a culture specialist; a specific position that requires a silver tongue, and if silver is the standard, then Hien’s is golden. A smooth talker through and through, HIen is known for being able to talk himself out of almost any situation. So the pompous, “I’m better than you and I know it” attitude, is seldom seen by those who aren’t close to him, and very few people are. Plus he has Matsu and Batsu, so who needs friends?

    Because of his complex bloodline, Hien has the luxury of having two perfect subordinates plugged into his mind and psyche. For most of his years, his subjects were easy to control. But now that’s changed a bit. Because of the yellow jewel’s influence, those ordinary, monotone subjects that most Kiyama are used to have given way to…..

    The Twins
    The members of the psychiatric team in charge of examining the jewel users’ avatars are perplexed by the representation of Hien’s Force Jewel. He doesn’t have one avatar, but two. The closest guess that the evaluators have to an explanation of this phenomenon is that Hien subconsciously broke up the original avatar of the jewel into two different entities, and subsequently implanted these avatars into his subjects. The names No.1 and No.2 gave way to Matsu and Batsu. They are the representation of the yellow jewel, thus they are high spirited and rebellious. This is very different to what any Kiyama clansmen is used to. Subjects are supposed to be silent and reserved, their only purpose to serve, but Hien’s are different now. Now they seem to each have a mind of their own. Sure they do what he tells them to most of the time, but they’ve been known to act out on their own; it’s in their nature.

    Archetype, Stats, and Techniques
    Kiyama Monarch
    Free Stage of the Bloodline
    Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -1 Tactics, -2 Strength
    Chakra -Primary
    Power: 1+1+10+2(GM)=14
    Reserves: 1+10=11

    Physical -Secondary
    Speed: 1+11+2(TP)=14+[14](+1 SRS) (+1 ES),
    Strength: 1-2+9=8+[8] (+4 SRS)
    Stamina: 1+7=8(+4 ES)

    Mental -Tertiary
    Tactics: 1-1+12=12
    Intelligence: 1+6+1(AP)=8
    Willpower: 1+1+6=8
    Bloodline: Kunshu no Kokoro (1 Creation Point)
    Stage One: N/A
    Stage Two: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

    Ganseki Shaolin: Stone Fist (3 Creation Points)
    Stage 3
    Speed 12, Strength 8, Reserves

    Routon (5 Creation Points)
    --Stage One
    -Wax Sculptor
    Control 2, Intelligence 2
    --Stage Two
    - Wax Torrent
    Tactics 5, Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
    -Wax Resistance
    Tactics 6, Intelligence 5, Power5
    --Stage Three
    -Wax Adept
    Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6
    -Wax Cannon
    Tactics 8, Willpower 8, Intelligence 6

    Stone Force Jewel (3 Creation Points+ 1AP)
    --Stage One
    -Activate Jewel
    Control 2, Intelligence 2
    --Stage Two
    Control 7, Power 7, Tactics 6
    --Stage Three
    -Lightning Attraction
    Control 10, Power 10, Willpower 8
    --Stage Four
    - Stream of Shards
    Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Tactics 12

    Kunai [2]
    Exploding Tags [4]
    Doton: Chakra Hand Blades [5]

    Comm. Unit [1]

    WP Remaining: 8

    Hien is the first and only True Son of Kiyama Hiei, second True Son of Kiyama Hiroki. Hiei was a renowned metal ninjutsu specialist and was a great asset to Iwagakure during his time. When he settled down, he chose to wed a pretty, subservient woman. They had four children, two boys and two daughters, but the family’s most prized child was Hien. Born in the way only a True Son can, he was obviously different from his siblings. You would think that this wasn’t the case in the view of his parents, but you would be wrong. The True Son was treated differently from day one and effectively he was given any and everything, while his siblings had to suffer harsher treatment.

    Being a bloodline recipient and the son of a prominent shinobi, Hien was destined to become one as well. By the time he entered the academy, his first subject was with him. This person was his direct subordinate and a big boost to his ego. Other Kiyama children shied away from the attention that their subjects got them in class, yet Hien relished it. His subject was also a leg up because he could use him in battle and training. He excelled at close range warfare and his chakra prowess was well developed, but he didn’t work well with others, and he was held back a full year because of his sheer stubbornness to cooperate.

    After graduating, Hien was placed into a full three man team, with his subject being the fourth member. His sensei saw it as a welcome addition and that the learning curve would be steeper with his presence. The Kiyama genin immediately dubbed himself the leader, but was met with fierce opposition from the members of his team; specifically their Doton specialist. The No. 2 genin in their class, he figured he should be the leader, but he was also smart and had great leadership qualities; so rightfully he should be leader.

    Recognizing the problem that was forming within, the team sensei nipped it in the bud and made their “lowly” medic the team leader, saying she was not only the best genin among them but also the most level-headed. This gave Hien his first taste of humble pie, not only was he denied what he truly wanted, but told he was probably the THIRD best genin on their team. But it was for the best anyway, their medic was a great leader and she always made the best decisions in their missions. As a unit, they did well and even became good friends as well as teammates.

    It was during this time when disaster struck. It was out of nowhere, a man who he had trusted and known fairly well, killed his own brothers. At first, Hien found that none of his direct family was killed, but when he ran into his father's room, he saw his "mother" hunched over him, covered in blood. In horror, Hien ran, angry, furious and tremendously heartbroken, Hien ran until he couldn't anymore. This was the first time he cried, accompanied by his subject who could not console him, because he didn't know how.

    Hien changed that day, he buried himself in his teammates and only found solace in accomplishing all the goals he had when his father was still alive. His team was successful to boot, finishing mission after mission. They didn’t try their hand at the chuunin exams until they were ALL ready and that’s exactly what they did. So when they did journey to Konohogakure, they all passed the various, grueling tests that thousands of ninja had been through before them.

    Needless to say the whole team was promoted to chuunin. To commemorate the occasion, Hien created his second subject. When he was back in action, Team Hien was put on patrol duty, immediately seeing the increased number of patrolmen as a benefit. Taking this job very seriously, Hien impressed his superiors and was approached with an opportunity. When asked if he wanted to wield the power of a Force jewel, Hien jumped at the chance and underwent the preliminary tests with a wide smile.

    That was until the implanting ceremony. Led into the chamber by the jounin team conducting the ceremony, No. 1 and 2 went to the far end of the chamber and both sat down in meditative positions. Laying in the middle of the circle, naked, Hien was as ready as he would ever be. When asked if he was ready he nodded his head and then it began. All he could remember of the ceremony itself was the excruciating heat that pulsated through him as the ritual went on. He was unconscious for the part when the jewel finally embedded itself in his right palm, glowing a bright fluorescent yellow.

    When he awoke and began getting dressed, he could feel and see the jewel in his palm, sore and red from the frsh impantation, but there was no avatar, no magic genie image in his head, or so he thought. He walked over to his subjects and thought, It didn’t work guys. No. 1 No.2 let’s go. The subjects looked at each other for a moment and began laughing hysterically. Immediately Hien became the most confused person in the world, NEVER had his subjects directly disobeyed him or laughed for that matter. “So you’re the guy huh? I thought he’d be taller Matsu.” Just then Hien looked at his subjects and saw the bright yellow coloring of their pupils. God, the avatar is in them!!Correct!!! Oh wise leader. Matsu and Batsu at your service; kind of.

    That was their first meeting in what can only be described as a tumultuous relationship between the King and his subjects. They listen most of the time, but rebel often enough to cause problems for the chuunin, who had asked for a division switch, from YAMA to IWA. He felt that his talents were better served in helping the look of Iwagakure. With most of the country practically despising them, he knew that was what his true calling was, to help change the face of Stone in the eyes of the people. No longer were they going to lose support to the PDC, a cheap imitation of what true protectors of the people were all about.

    Diving head first into his job as a culture specialist, Hien was in Daichi as the PDC parades trudged by, a direct slap in the face to shinobi everywhere. Matsu and Batsu spat in disgust as Hien was giving his own speech on one of the street corners, clamoring for support in the ongoing struggle between them and the PDC. He arrived back in Iwagakure just in time to hear the news of the invasion. Excited beyond words, HE stood in line patiently as Matsu and Batsu began hitting on girls. After registration for the assault, Hien went back to the Kiyama clan grounds to prepare for the war ahead.

    RP Example
    Today was the day, he had been waiting for. Lying still in bed, Hien envisioned the mayhem ahead. In a moment of peace and silence, he contemplated if today was the day that he would get his first kill. Just as these details swirled through his brain, he heard them, rumbling across the wooden floor of the hallway from their room to his. "Ahhh God." BOOM!! The panel to his room flew open, two mirror images of himself only clad in boxers storming his room. "Get uppp!!!!" yelled Matsu. "Today's the day man." Batsu was already rummaging through the closet, looking for the perfect clothes for such a stupendous occasion. "You two sure can get annoying sometimes." groaned Hien as he dug himself out of his covers. He approached the bathroom, but the two were in his way, shadow boxing against one another, preparing for the day ahead. Annoyed to the max Hien relented. "Both of you need to CHILL." With that last order, both subjects froze where they were then single filed next to the door. "Thank you."
    After getting dressed and prepared to head to Daichi, Hien headed over to his mother's abode. His family was still allowed on the Kiyama grounds even though their official link to the clan had been severed. Hien found in his father's absence that Mikio, the woman who his father had married, was becoming much more of a mother to him than she ever was before. As he headed over there he had Matsu and Batsu in tow, promised to be on their best behavior.

    Breakfast was already done and as he opened the door, the group was bombarded by children. "Matsu, Batsu!!!!" Hien's two younger sisters ran into his subjects arms and the four of them played at the front door. There was a smile on Mikio's face as the True Son made his way to her. "Good morning mother." "Good morning Hien. Matsu, Batsu, come in."

    The trio of seventeen year olds all sat down and grubbed at the kitchen table before bidding their family farewell. They walked to the rendevouz point before moving out, Hien in front with his two subjects in tow, playing hit and no hitbacks behind him.

    Mission/Thread Log
    Creation: 2 AP Used: 1 on Jutsu, 1 on Intelligence. 2 GMAP used: Both on Power.
    The Natsuki Job: +2 Speed

    Now Listening:Robert Glasper ft. Erykah Badu-Afro Blue

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    I was wondering how long it would take before someone made a Kiyama with a rebellious jewel. I guess this is my answer.

    Overall, I'm actually really impressed. It always warms my heart to see a new member who can show that they read through all the information relevant to their character.

    I'm going to give this Stone and Kiyama Approval with the hope that you follow through with the good start.


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