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'Kamen' Sound Senshi

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  • 'Kamen' Sound Senshi

    "The Enigma"


    [no she's not dead, credit to PurpleGlow on DA]


    Name: 'Kamen'
    Age: ?
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'6"

    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Sound Nomads
    Rank: Senshi


    Physical Description: A featureless mask. The term is used quite often to describe one whose face is void of any and all emotion. One whose life story has left an emotionless shell of a human being, devoid of existence in the mortal plane and left to wander, aimlessly, through life, experiencing no joy, no anger, no sorrow. However, such a description is quite literally, the only way to describe this particular Sound Senshi. A mask.

    A single mask adorns her face, one that has never come off. Made of ivory, gleaming white save when covered in blood, the mask obscuring her visage is the only 'face' of her's that any will ever see. A fact which has given rise to her name 'Kamen', as much like the qualities of her face, none save those in seats of power know her past, her present, her future. All they know is the shinobi so aptly named 'Kamen', and the deadly illusions she weaves.

    While her face can be described only by her mask, her body can be summed up nearly the same way. Much like a porcelain doll, her skin is pale, almost as bleached as the ivory mask that sits upon her face from the overall rejection of the outdoors, her only departure from her tent being when beckoned forth by the governing body of the nomad society. The soft, delicate skin is littered with numerous [mostly self-inflicted] scars, remnants of hours and hours of twisted, warped pleasure.

    Clothing: Contrasting with the bleached mask upon her face, Kamen's attire is instead a jet black. The long, silk dress flows down from its lacy, low cut top down to her feet, obscuring the rest of her pale body completely. Black gloves of the same material adorn her arms, beginning from shortly below her shoulders and stretching down to cover her delicate fingers, covering up numerous, almost countless, scars adorning her arms as they run down the length of her wrists and hands. Her feet, though unseen by the flowing garb covering the rest of her body, is covered by simple black boots, heels out of the question as her nomadic lifestyle in no way allows for such a luxury.

    Personality: The way the masked kunoichi speaks can almost be compared to a shy child. Her sentences are fragmented, containing the bare minimum for you to understand what she desires, what she craves. However, unlike a small child, these cravings are usually for mutilations of the flesh and the spilling of blood. Pain is her pleasure, blood her water, Kamen's innermost thoughts are of nothing more than twisted thoughts of sadism and masochism. She would enjoy nothing more than to see fountains of blood pouring down from a body, whether that be her hapless victim's or her own. She yearns to have the soft blade of a knife pressed up against her flesh, slowly making its incisions as it cut neatly into her skin, but at the same time craves to dig a blade into her victims as well. She enjoys watching people scream in agony at the terrifying illusions she weaves, while at the same time relishes in her own mental instability. In other words, 'Kamen' is sick.

    Any form of compassion is lost on the girl, as the notion of helping another escape pain is all but foreign to her. In fact, the only way she could ever possibly accomplish a feat of such selfless nature was if she was able to take the pain herself, sending a wave of near orgasmic pleasure resonating throughout her body at the expense of denying the one she was 'saving' the sensation she experienced; a sensation most would much rather avoid. Emotions are all but non existent to her as well, all but pleasure and rage have escaped her afflicted mind. Tears never leave her masked eyes, her lips never tremble behind the ivory. 'Kamen' indeed is a hollow shell, an immoral pleasure seeker if you will, but even then an even more twisted, perverted variation of the timeless character scorned by society.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Pain..blood...more? Please..?"

    Primary Archetype:
    Masochistic Trickster
    Archetypes: Genjutsu Specialist – Daredevil
    Combo Special: Upon entering a thread, the Masochistic Trickster chooses one Genjutsu. After someone hits the user, the one Genjutsu is activated on them, as damaging the user was the trigger. After three posts, the ability recharges. The user can pick a different jutsu if he wants.

    Primary: Mental
    Secondary: Chakra
    Tertiary: Physical

    Stat Merit: +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence, +2 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina, -2 to Tactics, -1 to Intelligence

    Masochistic Trickster - MT
    Madoiken - M
    Pool - Pool

    Physical - Tertiary [40/40]
    Strength: 1 -2[MT] +14[Pool] =13
    Speed: 1 +15[Pool] =16 +9[Madoiken]
    Stamina: 1 +2[MT] -1[MT] +1[AP] +11[Pool] =14

    Mental - Primary [60/60]
    Intelligence: 1 +1[MT] -1[MT] +21[Pool] +1(thread) =23
    Tactics: 1 -2[MT] +20[Pool] +3(thread)=22
    Willpower: 1 +3[MT] +19[Pool] =23

    Chakra - Secondary [50/50]
    Power: 1 +18[Pool] =19
    Control: 1 +17[Pool] =18
    Reserves: 1 +15[Pool] =16

    Jutsus and Techniques

    Global Genjutsu -[Freebies 1-10]
    Stage 1
    Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique)
    Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

    Stage 2
    Magen: Narakumi No Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Vision of Hell Technique)
    Requirements: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

    Kamen Gyoushi [Stare of the Mask]
    Replacing: Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu (Sly Fellow Mind Skill)
    Requirements: Control 6, Power 6, Willpower 4

    Stage 3
    Genjutsu Kai
    Replacing: [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8

    Ikamono Chikara no Chakra (Fake Chakra Power)
    Requirement: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Power 7

    Stage 4
    Kitsunetsuki (Spiritual Possession)
    Requirement: Willpower 15, Intelligence 15, Tactics 13, Control 14

    Soudai Jomaku - [Grand Unveiling]
    Replacing: Nemuri (Sleep)
    Requirement: Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

    Stage 5
    Naisenranki no Jutsu (Internal Spawn Technique)
    Requirements: Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Control 15

    Enmaku no Jutsu (Smokescreen Technique)
    Requirements: Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Power 14

    Stage 6
    Gensou no Udai (World of Illusion)
    Requirements: Willpower 21, Intelligence 20, Tactics 19, Control 17, Power 15

    Hyoukai Nikutai no Jutsu (Melting Flesh Skill)
    Requirements: Willpower 23, Intelligence 23, Tactics 22, Power 16, Reserves 15

    Madoiken - [Freebies 11-16]
    Stages 1-3
    Stat Requirements: 10 willpower, 10 intelligence, 8 speed
    Cumulative Bonuses: +9 Speed

    Kishu no Mokushi [Freebies 17-18]
    Stage 1
    Oujou: Iji (Death: Memories)
    Requirements: Power 3, Control 3

    Stage 2
    Oujou: Zenpyou (Death: Omen)
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 5, Intelligence 5

    Shinobi Kit - 0

    Kamens Mask - 7
    Helmet - 1
    Breathing Apparatus - 1
    Launcher (Poison delivery system) - 0
    Hallucinogenic Poison - 2
    Debilitating Poison - 3

    Weapon Points Remaining: 1
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

    "You know? Pain...lots of...pain.."

    The story of the masked kunoichi known throughout the camp as 'Kamen' is as obscured as her face. None know of her origins, of her history, of why she came to be as she is today; a twisted, sick mockery of a fragile, little girl. To search through her path would be to wade through immense, seemingly unending pools of blood, blood Kamen has spilt, blood from her foes, and from herself.

    Though nobody knows her true age, if one knew her memories, those which are hidden beneath endless layers of pain, agony, and torture, one would find that the memories of the flames shooting up into the sky as her home burned all around her are still quite vivid. She can still remember the blood in the streets, pouring out of countless bodies as the merciless marauders sought to slaughter every living, breathing thing residing in what they called an 'accursed place'. Her mind can still paint pictures of the raging pillars of fire as they incinerated everything she had ever known down to cinders in naught but a second. Memories of faceless assailants coming after her, toying with her as she ran crying throughout the streets still resound within her mind, the screams of those around her driving her to near lunacy before they stop instantly, like a movie reel that has run out of film to process. From that point forward, she was no longer an innocent, cute little girl, she was 'Kamen', twisted abomination of Sound.

    She had been versed in the way of the shinobi before her home was razed, her village was burnt, and kitaeru training came naturally for the child, and perhaps whilst she was training, she may have seemed almost normal to her fellow nomads. But none took notice of her during the early stages of their nomadic trek, too many worried about themselves, too many voiced their own concerns and paid no heed to anybody else until one day, the cute, little girl whose face nobody can remember anymore came home with an ivory mask, never to reveal her face again.

    Nobody knew where she came from, some assumed she had been a shinobi gone rogue from another country to join the nomadic people of Sound, some guessed she was a spy, and that the mask was simply a cover for her covert operations. Those who guessed the latter were usually accused of treason in doubting the might of the Five Senses, a notion that shut them up completely. Whatever the case was, none knew how the one they labeled as 'Kamen' came to reside in the camp, all they knew was that on many a night, eerie laughter could be heard resonating from her tent. A laugh one would expect from a child, or some macabre doll. None had ever been foolish enough to attempt to inspect the source, until one night.

    She was just a kitaeru then, a little girl who could not have been more then eleven years old, but the mask obscured all reality about her, shrouding any identifiable features in darkness and mystery. But the laughter, that eerie, child-like laughter continued to haunt the minds of those residing near her until one day, curiosity gripped the mind of one, very unfortunate and very foolish, Takemura Daiki.

    Poor Daiki one night could not handle the constant giggling, the childish laughter emenating from the mysterious, masked girl's tent one night and blindly decided it was his duty to the nomadic people he called family to investigate the constant source of disturbingly elated noises. What he found when he entered the tent was utter madness. Perhaps with the way the sounds had been described, one would expect Daiki to have seen the masked child playing with some toys, or entertaining herself drawing, or something silly children do. But no, what Daiki found disturbed him so much, that his mind was never fully whole again. As he waded through the belongings of the girl, pushing aside cabinets full of bloodied garments that if he had only taken a moment to see would have probably saved his mind, he came across a sight that drained his face of all color completely. There, in what was once a pearly white bathtub sat the young girl, faced away from him, giggling madly as she made incision after incision into her pale body, the sharp blade of the knife staining the white of the bath a crimson red as it drew drop after drop of the child's sustenance. Unable to comprehend the sight, Daiki naturally took a single step backwards, crashing into a cupboard, the single mistake that cast upon him a punishment so severe that he has never been whole since.

    All at once, the laughter stopped. Daiki stared in horror as the pale hand placed the bloodstained blade on the dirt floor of her tent, and as sanity slowly pulled away from him, so too did Kamen's head turn slowly, ominously, until Daiki's gaze of sheer terror was met only with the blank, dead gaze of the ivory mask. He screamed, a noise that shook the entirety of the camp to its very foundation, as reason violently tore away from him, never to return. What terrors afflicted his mind we will never know, it has been noted that Kamen's illusions as a child were more potent than many conjured by adults in the nomad camp today. All that we do know is that even now, years later, Daiki still sits in his tent, uttering not a word, his face transfixed in that same gaze of terror that it held for all these years, all because of a little girl.

    The event shook the nomads to the core. Some considered her a danger to the nomadic society, crying out for retribution for the loss of their friend and his sanity, but the Gokangungi, ever wise, saw not an abomination of nature, but a warrior that could be tempered, molded into one of the most terrifyingly powerful weavers of illusion the nomadic camp had ever seen, save their Fugoshyou leader of course. As such, they stood by their laws; if the nomads truly desired to get rid of her, a duel would be necessary, a duel of honor. A fight against a mere child, a child who had permanently scarred the mind of an adult who had so carelessly wandered into her home. A child who had forced a man, in an instant, to descend into madness, never to see the precious light of sanity again.

    Nobody dared to take up that challenge.

    So even to this day, Kamen resides in her tent, answering to none but the Five Senses themselves, the only ones powerful enough to keep her terrifying powers in check. Her malicious illusions somehow twisted into potent weapons in the restoration and survival of Sound, turning an instrument of destruction into one of salvation, of hope, a feat only the omnipotent head of the nomads could ever hope to accomplish.

    And at night, when a still hush falls over the camp, that ominous laugh can still be heard, resonating from one tent that stands apart from the rest. A laugh that chills the body to the bone, a childish giggle, somehow perverted into something evil and malicious that seems to rise from the depths of madness itself.

    And that is the story, the horrifying past, of the one known only as 'Kamen'...I'd advise you to leave her tent before you suffer the same fate..

    Thread Log
    [04/10/09] - [Sound Arc] Reckoning: A Cacophony of Laughter
    [10/02/15] - New Sound Rising -The Peal of Politics +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics
    [06/07/17] - Temperamental Indulgence +2 Tactics, Hyoukai Nikutai no Jutsu (Melting Flesh Skill)

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    alright, this baby's ready to be moved, to replace Ishiburo Toku in my sig. If you want to NPC or junk him, go ahead.

    This bio was fun to write!


    'Kamen', Sound Senshi

    Thanks =]

    Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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      Reserves: 1 +14[Pool] =16
      That's 15. Thankfully, however, you also neglected to use one point in that pool so you can just chuck one more point in there.

      Technicals are all fine; however, it's up to White to see if he likes the mysterious aspect of this character.



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        Awesome Character! Love the bio! Makes me want to finish making that sound shinobi I've been planning on making for quite a while now <_<

        Tsk tsk... Poor Daiki,... anyway Super Awesome Half Approval


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          You know what I think about this. >.> (lol)

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            Half Approval.

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              Right so, I pretty much altered her jutsu alot.

              Took out Daidomyaku and its special techs, replaced with Mononoke-Ouji, added smokescreen jutsu under stage 5 gen, and added two jutsu from the four horseman list. Should still add up though, but I assume I need re-halfs and such.

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                Interesting set-up, still. Also, I believe everything's still good to go. Half.


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                  Re-Half Approval.

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                      Still an awesome character so, Half'd again


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                        Half Approved for 2.5 Enjoy them good sir.
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