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Ninsen Anzu - [Sound Senshi]

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  • Ninsen Anzu - [Sound Senshi]

    "The Eternal"
    Ninsen Anzu

    Credit to Tuuli for her amazing artwork

    Name: Ninsen Anzu
    Age: 30
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'6"

    Country/Village: New Sound
    Rank: Senshi
    Division: None

    Physical Description: The Naosu hidden behind her eye has kept Anzu constantly looking younger than she actually is. While in actuality she is thirty, her body displays the young features of those ten years younger, her thin physique only adding on to the image. Cuts and bruises are never apparent on her body, the larvae within her quickly patching up such minor wounds and as such leaves her skin perfect and smooth, never to show a single scar other than the one that adorns her chest, a reminder of the day her home was destroyed right in front of her eyes. Though her body may seem frail, Anzu's strength is quite a surprise from the figure of this senshi. Her body is built lithe, her muscles only needed to force the crack of her whip, relying instead on quickness and agility than pure brutish strength.

    Her face is beautiful unlike most of the harsh faces encountered in the nomad camp, where grime and dirt is commonplace. Anzu's skill in the medical field necessitates her cleanliness, and as such she is constantly found looking fresh and clean daily, her cape and clothes absorbing most of the dirt for her. The long blonde hair that rests upon her head is often tied back, her red eyes peering from behind the bangs that fall in front of her face. On the reverse side of her head, at the base of her neck, the tattoo that adorns all within the nomads can be found, the crudely carved eighth note only faintly visible, the scar tissue barely formed due to the constant regnerative ability provided by the special organ within her.

    Clothing: Anzu's clothing differs slightly than that of most of the other shinobi's within the Sound nomads. Underneath the standard gray traveler's cloak she is adorned with mostly crimson, the most notable of these articles being the long cape that covers her back. The rest of her body is covered by a white tunic, and on top of that body plates, to add protection to her body, as though she realizes she is immune to injuries that would normally prove fatal to most, the idea of having a sharp strip of metal stabbed through her was never very appealing. Her right arm is also covered in a gauntlet as well as another piece of armor that guards her upper arm and shoulder, though on her left arm this piece of armor is left off in order to allow her more flexibility with which to command her whip.

    Personality: Through repeated instructions on the method of which to live her life prior to the destruction of her village, Anzu has adapted perfectly to fit into the role of an average, face-in-the-crowd, member of the Sound Nomads. Her moods are never excessive, her words never too brash, she lives in secrecy, never drawing any extra amount of attention to her or her ability. Her words lack motivation, her actions seem meaningless, her emotions exist, but they all seem to be dulled through years of the Naga's "special teachings". Her passions consist of relatively nothing, sadism or pleasure do not exist within her, only the desire to assist the Council in any way possible. Not one life is more important in her eyes than those who protected her secret from the prying minds of the common rabble, those sitting upon the thrones of the Gokangungi, the Five Senses.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "They defended my secret without question, and I shall do the same for them. For the Gokangungi I live, for them I die."

    Clan/Bloodline: Ninsen Bloodline of Sound

    Primary Archetype: Ninsen Bloodline Specialist
    Special: This is only allowed to be a primary archetype, it allows the user to swap medical skills within the bloodline technique tree and also gain the naosu bloodline technique at stage one.
    Description: The Ninsen do not have any particular skills beside their exceptional regeneration, so they combine their knowledge with various skills borrowed from the Medical Shinobis, and throw in some Ninjutsu.

    Primary: Chakra
    Secondary: Mental or Physical
    Tertiary: Physical or Mental

    Stats merit: +1 power +1 control +1 reserve
    Stats flaws: -1 speed, -1 stamina,-1 willpower

    Secondary Archetype: Offensive Healer
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can use two Academy jutsu on Stage One of the Medical List.
    Primary: Physical or Mental
    Secondary: Mental or Physical
    Tertiary: Chakra
    Stat Merit: +1 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves, +1 to Speed
    Stat Flaw: -2 to Willpower, -1 to Power

    Ninsen = [N]
    Offensive Healer = [OH]
    Overseer = [Ov]

    Physical [Secondary]

    Strength: 1 +18[Pool] = 19 +25[Ov]
    Speed: 1 -1[N] +1[OH] +16[Pool] + 1[AP] = 18
    Stamina: 1 -1[N] +16[Pool] + 3[TP] = 19 +20[Ov]

    Mental [Tertiary]

    Intelligence: 1 +1[OH] +13[Pool] +2[TP] = 17
    Tactics: 1 +9[Pool] +4[TP] = 14
    Willpower: 1 -1[N] -2[OH] +18[Pool] = 16

    Chakra [Primary]

    Power: 1 +1[N] -1[OH] +23[Pool]= 24
    Control: 1 +1[N] +19[Pool] +2[TP]= 23
    Reserves: 1 +1[N] +1[OH] + 18[Pool] = 21

    Jutsus and Techniques

    Global Ninjutsu
    Stage 1:
    Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage 2:
    Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique)
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

    Stage 3:
    Genjutsu Kai (replacing Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu No Jutsu)
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

    Sound Ninjutsu
    Stage 1:
    Myaku (Pulse)
    Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2

    Stage 2:
    Kaze Senbon no Jutsu (Wind Needles Technique)
    Requirements: Myaku, Control 5, Reserves 4, Power 4

    Stage 3:
    Zankuuha (Air Cutter)
    Requirements: Arm Cannons, Kaze Senbon, Control 8, Reserves 8, Power 6

    Dance of the Overseer [6/14]
    Stages 1-5
    Stat Requirements: Strength: 19; Stamina:19; Speed:18; Power:16

    Special Techs:
    Name: Rift
    Name: Rupture

    Medical Jutsu List [8/14] and Ninsen Swaps
    Stage 1:
    Naosu [Clan Freebie]
    Requirements: Power 3, Intelligence 2

    Igaku Kunren: Medical Training
    Requirements: Control 2, Willpower 2

    Stage 2:
    Minor Internal Healing
    Requirements: Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4
    Replacing: Keksuki Gyouko (Blood Coagulation)

    Pain Killer
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Power 5;
    Replacing: Jokyo Dokubutsu (Poison Removal)

    Stage 3:
    Chiyute no Jutsu – Healing Hands Technique
    Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6

    Feign Death
    Requirements: Intelligence 10, Willpower 10, Reserves 8
    Replacing: Open Slot

    Requirements: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8
    Replacement: Ondochousetsu (Temperature Control)

    Stage 4:
    Chakra Enjintou – Chakra Scalpel
    Requirements: Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

    Patching Wound
    Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Control 12
    Replacing: Souzou Dokubutsu – Poison Creation

    Organ Substitute
    Requirement: Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Power 10
    Replacement: Shibito Zoukiishoku - Corpse Organ Transplant

    Stage 5:
    Requirement: Patching Wound, Pain Killer
    Requirements: Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
    Replacing: Kinjutsu: Okina Byouki no Denpa – Forbidden Technique: Greater Disease Propagation

    Stage 6:
    Chiyute No Jutsu: Ichidanto (Healing Hands Technique: Major)
    Requirements: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15; Chiyute no Jutsu

    Shinobi Kit [0]
    Body Armor [2]
    Akuchi, Unique Whip [6]
    Anzu's Prosthetic [7]
    - Implanted [1]
    - Combined: Limb Armor [1]
    - Combined: Whip [2]
    - Combined: Arm Cannons [3]

    Weapon Points Remaining: 1
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 8

    Other Info:
    - Anzu's Naosu usually sits behind her right eye.
    - AP Usage: +1 Speed, 2 WP, Stage 5 Dance of the Overseer, Kaze Senbon, Zankuuha, Organ Repair Swap

    Thread Ratings:

    Prologue: Impermanence
    [02/03/09] - [Sound Arc] Reckoning: The Pains of Rebirth
    [30/09/15] - Engi Donation Drive +1 Intelligence, Detox
    [24/03/16] - [Sound] Dead Man Walking +3 Stamina
    [24/03/16] - AP Infusion 2 AP Used: +1 Speed, Dance of the Overseer Stage 5
    [11/04/17] - [Sound] Silence, At Last +1 Intelligence, +1 Control, Chiyute No Jutsu: Ichidanto
    [11/04/17] - Jutsu updated to reflect new Medical List

    Chapter I: Resurrección
    [18/06/17] - [Sound] Eternal Resurrection 6 WP, updated inventory
    [18/06/17] - 1 AP Used 2 WP
    [15/07/17] - [Solo] Athanasia - +1 Control, +1 Tactics
    [15/07/17] - AP Infusion - Kaze Senbon, Zankuuha, Organ Substitute
    [02/08/17] - [Solo] Las Puertas del Infierno - +2 Tactics, +1 Tactics [Motm]

    Chapter II: Journey into Eternity

    Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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    can this be moved to clan registry please? and change the name to Ninsen Anzu please?
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    Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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      I like this character very much. ninsen clan approval.

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        =o More Senshi! Half-Approved.

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