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[Sound Kitaeru] Zatsuyou Yasui Field Agent

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  • [Sound Kitaeru] Zatsuyou Yasui Field Agent

    A project of corruption and a catalyst for destruction, his unsound mind compliments his heart of darkness.

    Name: Zatsuyou Yasui
    Age: 13
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'0''
    Village: Otogakure no Sato [Information]
    Rank: Kitaeru Field Agent

    Physical Description:

    Yasui’s raven hair naturally stands tall on his head as much alike the Oto no Kaijin, while the bangs coming off of his hair line drape over the black cloth with the metallic insignia for Otogakure on it casting a shadow over it. Although blessed with a competent gene pool his looks can be described as nasty and dirty with the way his face is usually in a scowl. His eyes are like marbles of onyx which hold all of his pain inside of them and his tongue serpent-like with the sly responses he has come to give. Though his body is not much different than the average kid his age his stance can separate him from a crowd of imposters.

    He’s the one standing there like he’s at attention, not bothered by the fact that he’s alone. His fists usually gripped tight as a way to feel the pain coursing from his wounds and a plain black shirt with a loose neck that he uses to conceal his mouth from time to time. Sometimes he even looks like he’s talking to himself from the way he’s almost too still and just staring. His pants are always above his waist and buckled securely on his body with two identical holsters strapped around his legs. Should he stand up and let his arms down to his side his fingertips would brush the top of the holster where he’s conveniently able to quickly pull a weapon out of the black cases.

    Though his build might seem muscular he is not one of much physical power. While he’s capable of holding his own the style in which he fights doesn’t present him with overbearing strength or speed—just enough competence to know how to move his body. And while his attire may vary the colors do not. He sticks to dark colors that can be masked at night and doesn’t like a lot of objects on him that can reflect light. On his feet are all black high-tops with shell toes that make a light pitter as he runs, and out of the short sleeves of his shirt bandages cover his arms to the knuckle. The only exposed parts of Yasui are his face and his fingers, while everything else he keeps concealed.


    However, his arms aren’t the only thing in which he keeps under a veil. There is the history of his father that he tells no one of as well as information in which only few alive can attest to. He is a true shinobi—even when interrogated for information he would never tell. There was too much anguish and mental torture for him to crack so easily. And while a mere Kitaeru and novice at best, his lack of control over his powers is opposed by his steel will. He is the type of person that sets their mind to something and is obstructed by nothing else until their goal has been achieved.

    He is haunted by nightmares when he closes his eyes and then is forced to relive the reality of it all when he opens them. Yasui is nowhere near fearless. The thought of dying rings in his subconscious like bells that remind him why he’s fighting every day. And when things get hard and others cry tears he doesn’t, for he is too drained emotionally to cry about things that he doesn’t care for. He sees himself as a warrior against a thousand-man army, but the only opposing force is his own darkness. Yet he is too submerged in it to realize.

    Though he carries the symbol of the resurrected village on his forehead he has no basis in which to trust or believe wholeheartedly in it. Confusion sets in him and distorts him like a blurred image. He can pretend to be loyal but should the gain prove advantageous enough he would take it without a second thought. His morals are to live long and prosper in whatever way, just to live to see the day where he could finally know what it’s like to have justice. His path is set before him in a series of broken roads and dangerous obstacles that he has set his mind on traversing past.

    Yasui doesn’t think about girls and he doesn’t think about games. He thinks about pain and pleasure to the point where he confuses them … he thinks about his past. The past forges his future.

    Archetypes: Ninjutsu Specialist – Quicksilver
    Combo Special: Yasui can use two low level (Stage 3 and below) offensive Ninjutsu techniques in one post twice per thread.
    Description: Believers in speed and powerful Ninjutsu, Rapidfires are known in battle to be hard and fast. Using Ninjutsu after Ninjutsu, they can quickly dominate a battle, never giving their opponents any time to counterattack. Though the rapid use of techniques might physically drain them, for them a fight is usually over shortly after it's begun.

    Eerie Ears
    The user has a strange talent for hearing. They are capable of remembering sounds almost perfectly, and are capable of filtering out the ones that matter from those that don’t. In a crowded room they could focus their ears and eavesdrop on a whispered conversation, or listen for the footsteps of a stalker that they know is there. They must actively focus to make this work, and so it is rarely useful if they are caught by surprise.

    - Strength: 1 - [3] + 4 = 2
    - Speed: 1 + [2] + 2 = 5 (+5)
    - Stamina: 1 + [1] + 1 = 3 (+4)

    - Intelligence: 1 + 1 + 2 = 4
    - Tactics: 1 - [1] + 4 = 4
    - Willpower: 1 + 3 = 4

    - Power: 1 + [1] + 3 + 1 = 6
    - Control: 1 + 4 = 5
    - Reserves: 1 + 3 + 2 = 6

    - Flawed Fist
    Stage 1 (Speed 5, Stamina 3)

    - Sound Ninjutsu
    Myaku - Pulse (s1)
    Zankyou - Echo (s1)
    Kaze Senbon - Wind Needles (s2)

    - Smoke Ninjutsu
    Yorunotobari - Veil of Darkness (s1)
    Kemuri Yoatsu - Smoke Pressurization (s1)

    Weapons/Miscellaneous Items
    - Bandages (1)
    - Blow Gun (3)
    - Gas Grenades (3)
    - Exploding Tags (4)
    - Kunai / Shuriken (4)
    - Arm Cannons (5)

    An Unsound Mind

    The Zatsuyou were a family of powerful Sound shinobi who had been sought after for assassination missions once they began their nomadic lifestyle. The family split into different groups with each family consisting of parents and their offspring. Some thought to be traitors as they deserted Otogakure and its laws, while others remained faithful with their uniquely gifted abilities a prevalent factor in each family’s survival.

    Seven years into the lifestyle of contract killing, Zatsuyou Jun-cho made a name for himself in his trade. His prowess refined itself into overbearing power, as he fashioned the infamous Zankuuha arm cannons—the very machines that were said to cut through the air itself. He would kill whoever he was assigned to kill, no less. Though Jun-cho never lived past the age of thirty two he made a name for himself with the devastating power he brought to the battlefield. His hands alone were capable of fending off hordes, armies. And because of his seemingly vast resource of power his feats were thought to be limitless.

    As he began to obtain a name for himself throughout the world his bounty increased. The opposition wanting a way to get rid of the man who could kill you before you got a chance to get close to him, they turned to a devious group of misfits who ranged of ninja from all over the globe. Though it cost a pretty penny to assign someone so powerful on a hit, it was a sacrifice they would have to make if they wanted a future business.

    Jun-cho grew humble in his later years and found a woman who captured his interest. He found that it was for her he lived and gave up the life to be with her—literally cutting the Zankuuha cannons from his arms to rid himself of the burden that came with the power. It was a symbol of devotion and apart of his promise to his lover. Unfortunately, not too long after debilitating himself did the hired mercenaries show up to his house. With his weakness he was easily torn limb from limb. The mercenaries intended on stripping the fallen warrior of his wife and the power that he cherished most, but neither could be found. They departed, leaving his pregnant lover to return to a scene of anguish.

    Intended Zatsuyou Neina, filled with hatred and sorrow over her loss of husband and father, left everything behind and began to start life anew. While on the run from the mercenaries who killed her husband she found a band of wandering ninjas whose sound laws diversified them from the rest and impressed her. With their docile nature and understanding that she was a pregnant woman who had nowhere left to turn they took her in, not knowing her relation to Zatsuyou Jun-cho, who the public referred to as a psychopath.

    With the pains of motherhood Yasui was born, resembling his father’s features to a degree. While Neina maintained a persona of knowledge and passion within the nomad’s eyes she felt differently under closed doors. She spoke to Yasui every night about the trials that they have to go through without his father. She kept the cannons safe and secluded from everyone. If word were to get out about her involvement with Jun-cho and the technology within her possession she would no doubt be killed by someone out to get them.

    As Yasui grew older and learned to process things he realized just what his life had been outlined to be. From his mother’s descriptions of his father and how he approached thoughts about him he saw the man as a warrior. His reality confused him. He grew up thinking that he had to be a warrior and that power was everything. If he could gain enough power there would be no limits on his abilities. His mother would love him and wouldn’t be suffering like she used to be. But he realized that by on his own he couldn’t achieve that power. He needed help getting there…

    Around the age of nine Neina finally brought Yasui in after some work around the camp and decided to show him the very thing that made his father what he was. The Zankuuha arm cannons had been his only trump card, for he wasn’t a spectacular ninja. However his weaponry made him damn near elusive. The moment he saw the barrels of the cannons and how sleek they were he thought about the pain it would take to put them in and take them out. In the crossing of thoughts a voice spoke out to him, as if from the cannons themselves.


    It rang like a door bell or a gong, and he looked questioningly at it. Neina was unaffected by the voice which lead him to think that it was all in his head. But if so, why was it in his head? Was it some sort of sign? That night he couldn’t sleep. He decided he would be a warrior like his father, and so he trained in ways befitting of a ninja. Working on the fundamentals of course, his teachers would attest that he was very talented and grasped onto concepts with a firm grip. It was easy to say that the boy stood out from the rest. But he was neither the strongest nor fastest.

    Years followed and word of the boy traveled among the nomads. It just so happened the band of thieves had become nomadic themselves but affiliated with other criminals. Word of the name Zatsuyou passed through their camp and they recognized it, and began to spy on Yasui. After tracking him in public they followed him back to his tent and rejoiced when Neina showed her face. She had managed to escape them for some time, but not long enough. They stayed hidden beneath the shadows until the perfect day approached where they could strike without interference from the band of Sound nomads.

    Just so happens that the day arose when the camp was at its weakest—the day the nomads struck each other. Yasui lead his mother away from the camp hoping to get away from the corruption within and ended up taking them both right into the hands of the ex-mercenaries. They had been trapped. Neina was impaled instantaneously by a large spear-like arrow shot from a man and his crossbow. In a panic Yasui grabbed his mother’s satchel which had fallen off of her and made his escape into the catacombs of the Naga, but not without his fair share of cuts and bruises from the daring run.

    His mind became distorted with the idea that his reality was a hellish nightmare. It was like war—he felt like a warrior. But at the cost of his mother’s life? Even the establishment of the village didn’t do much to praise his spirits as whatever humble attitude he had grown faded behind a façade of revenge. But he wasn’t bent on killing them… he was bent on getting justice for the crimes committed against his family. It didn't matter what punishment they faced as long as they paid for their sins.

    Yasui started showing his face around the new village after grieving for weeks. He learned to accept the fact that he was now alone forever, though the village looked towards each other as brothers. There wasn’t anybody who he built a connection with that he trusted talking to. The news about his mother’s death left him with sympathizers and people who were willing to help watch over him, but it wasn’t the same.

    He searched his mother’s satchel for mementos one evening and beheld his mother’s diary which had a drawing of a serpent on the front of it, some of her favorite scarves, and the locked box containing the Zankuuha arm cannons. It took him weeks before he mustered up the courage to break the lock and implant the machines into his arms, but a deep depression and a lot of novocain to deaden the nerves was all the courage he needed to make the incisions with a searing hot scalpel. Unable to do perform the operation on both of his arms by himself he confided in a girl who he knew to be efficient with suturing in his class to do the sewing on his right arm after he had managed to sloppily sew his left.

    The operation left him in pain for weeks in which he had the girl make excuses for him in order to stay home. She would come by and nurse on him, however she feared for his safety, knowing he was capable of anything due to the anger from losing his mother. She just wanted to be there for him. He was nursed out of debilitation within months. The only drawback to the hasty surgery is that he suffered temporary pains from his arms when the wound was being touched or a considerable amount of chakra was charged through his arms/hands. He kept his entire arms bandaged down to his knuckles, and would appear no other way. No one could know about what he had done other than those he allowed. And if they did then that meant he was no longer safe...

    With his newly gained power, although he had no idea how to even use the cannons, it seemed to give him a higher purpose to fulfill. Where he at once strived for power he had now obtained it, without the practice and training to use it. To get enough power to where he would no longer be vulnerable he was going to use the cannons to make himself a warrior. Granted the rank of Kitaeru within following months and his transition into being a teenager, Yasui’s air of secrecy was vile. His morals twisted and his aim malicious, he worked on getting stronger no matter what it took. In respects to his parents he searched for divination through conquering, power through secrecy, and refinement through subtlety.

    Other Info:
    • Two GMAP and one AP used at registration.

    Roads Traveled:
    07/13/10 - Black Bird: +1 Power, +1 Reserves
    03/22/11 - Engiversary 7.0 Thread Point: +1 Reserves
    04/16/11 - Eerie Ears

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