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    Arechihana Rika

    "Everything in the world is my enemy."

    Full Name, Arechihana Rika
    Age, Eleven
    Sex, Female
    Height, Five-Foot One
    Village, Sunagakure no Sato
    Rank, Advanced Genin
    Division, Suna - Recruit
    Clan, Arechihana
    Character type, Two-Tailed Jinchuuriki

    Physical Description:
    Rika has been blessed with striking features, genetics marking her as different among her pasty peers. Unlike the ethereal beauty of the air headed ‘it’ girls, Rika's beauty isn't pronounced. She might be striking, but she doesn't draw attention to her features. She doesn't announce it by showing up clad in practically nothing and a full face of makeup. In fact, she is prettiest without makeup, for she is of a rarer kind, the kind whose beauty is natural, and anything artificial that is added, just detracts from it. Cold, yet dynamic black eyes more so rest upon any sight rather than staring at it. Her long back hair, with a sun strained highlight or two, here and there, rest asymmetrically starting at her shoulders and trimmed longer in the back.

    As is customary of the Spartoi class of genin, Rika can generally be found sporting her uniform, though warped and altered to fit her own style of dress as well as to emblazzen it with the Arechihana Family Crest. The image is super imposed over the Spartoi symbol on the back of her crimson cape, though its hardly ever seen as she tends to keep the cape tied around her waist to prevent it impeding her fighting or training. She tends to keep her uniform shirts and pants, pressed and fitted - a tad too small to give her the fit she's actually looking for.
    One of the eternal “popular kids”, Rika is charismatic, strong willed, dominant and lively. She is a leader, never a follower, carving her own path through the world. Or at least, that is how she should be. How she was. That was before her life took a wrong turning and the spark that previously propelled her to the top of the tree was buried under trauma and sadness. It’s still there, make no mistake about that; sometimes a glimmer of it shows through his grim facade, more often than it used to and many of those qualities manifest themselves in other ways these days, but most people would be hard pressed to find the young girl they thought they knew. Always very independent and strong willed, Rika still holds to that, carrying on through life regardless of others, regardless of whether she is being supported in the decisions she makes. Who could say how much of her personality has been shaped by Cao Cao, but many have come to know her moods as capricious and fairly on and off.

    Carefreeness, going hand-in-hand with insensitivity and, at times, disregard. Oh, she rarely means to insult - but then again, she rarely doesn't mean to insult, either. That filter that would have made her a socially acceptable creature seems never to have developed, and along with that filter, she's lacking the ability to give a damn. She mocks, because that's what she does - all in good fun, yes? No? Maybe not to you, maybe not to anyone who isn't Rika-shaped and Rika-based, but she suffers from just enough self-involvement not to care what anyone thinks. She worships at the altar of unceremonious thought, and as far as she's concerned, that's where the world belongs: on their knees, crawling through dirt, drawing stick-figures in obscene positions in the sand and not caring that when they finally get back up, they'll be filthier than they've ever been. Ego is the foulest word she knows and the best word she knows, because it supplies him with a readily available excuse whenever a problem occurs: Your ego can't handle it. Surely, it can't be her fault that she prodded your insecurities, insulted your beliefs, indulged in the politically incorrect and ended up making an enemy for it?

    No, she'll say; your ego's to blame. ignoramus.

    "It's like she's got a mental block that disables her from being reasonable. She's fully aware of it, too. It's not like she doesn't realize that she's being an impossible twat; she'll just keep arguing to see the look on your face when you realize that she's taking the piss."

    - Hiryo Obama, Academy Student.
    The complexities of her generation are only a stone-toss away, piquing the interests of the suffering-inclined with its opportunities for disillusioned youth - she could wrap herself in a shawl of disinterested displacement and write poetic lines about her alienation, if it pleased her, and excuse her behavior with a quirked-brow asserting of rebellion against a stifling society. But no, not ever, not never; Rika doesn't try to be mysterious. Rika doesn't try to be exceptional, she's never wanted to draw awed attention to herself and be seen, at heart, as one of the Misunderstood. She displays, however, every symptom of her era, and does so readily, without abandon, freely, and without a backdrop of suffering or need for escape. She doesn't use foul words or devilish looks to shock - she uses them because they now come naturally to her as a form of expression. She doesn't sneak sake to forget or indulge in despairing self-destruction: destructive habits? Without a doubt - because she can, because it's near, because she has the opportunity to drink and gamble and have fun doing it. She'll try everything once - maybe twice, maybe thrice - and fully anticipates that there will come the day when she no longer has the opportunity. But for now, she's part of the generation that's not yet had to grow up and face facts, as people would say. As of yet, she's not lost her prerogative to have as many indecent bones as she pleases.

    "Oh, you should see her when something needs to be done. You won't get a harder worker than Rika. She's got her quirks, I know, but she's a dependable girl, really; underneath all the edge, she's responsible. But she doesn't unsheathe it for just anyone."

    Misaka Arechihana, strongly biased mother
    She remembers it vividly, the day her heart broke for the very first time. Sweetheart, her mother said with all the maternal affection she could produce, one day, you'll understand why he did what he did and is never come back. He was a soldier and he sacrificed himself…for us. And if you don't control yourself, it will have been for nothing. No, she objected, no! He left us alone to be outcasts. Everyone hates ... me. But it was true, and she knew it even then. if she was not careful, her recklessness, her impulsiveness, her insouciance would all combine and create a mess of a woman who would, as her father feared - the son of the former Jindaikaze of the Arechihana Clan - destroy every good thing in her life. She always wanted to impress her elders, though; prove the others wrong. What little self-control she has stems from this: she has an intense need to make her mother and father proud. Even if he died a decade ago. And so she is intent on nurturing this idea that if she proves herself successful that no one could say she was a failure. This burning need has formed into someone who cleans up messes when it's needed, strives to never fail a mission, does the dirty work, does what no one else can understand how she does, reports to his superiors like a well-oiled and loyal machine. Ah if only they knew the real her. In her attempt to be less of a failure to his dead wishes, she manages to change everything about herself when he needs to. She's still the little girl who lost his daddy's love at such a tender age (on the inside); her changes haven't been and never will be in the places that can't be seen - but she's made herself very useful, and in a sense, perhaps acquired a touch of dependability.

    Nindo: “Muhhfuckers never loved us.”

    Cursed Seal x Ocotillo
    A common method of sealing bijuu, the revered cursed seal is thought to be the most secure of all forms of containment for the beasts of lore. These seals not only ensure that a bijuu cannot, without a seal being purposely reconfigured, easily gain complete control over its host. The bijuu is so contained that if the user would gain 10 drive, they gain 5 drive instead. It takes dire circumstances for a bijuu's chakra to be realized in great quantities, but through an exchange of trust the host can 'loosen the barrier' for up to two posts, adding 25 drive. After these two posts, drive drops 50 and the host will suffer from great deal of exhaustion.
    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Chakra
    Tertiary: Mental
    Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina, +1 Power, +1 Control, +1 Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -3 to Intelligence, -1 Willpower, -2 Tactics

    Point Legend
    1 - Base
    1 - Archetype
    1 - Account Points
    1 - Thread Points

    Strength: 1 [+1] +4AP +1TP = 7 [12] [Level 2]
    Speed: 1 [+1] +8 +1AP +1TP = 12 [27] [Level 3]
    Stamina: 0 [+1] +6 +2AP = 9 [15] [Level 2]


    Intelligence: 1 [-3] +3 +11AP = 12
    Tactics: 1 [-2] +1 +2AP +2TP = 4
    Willpower: 0 [-1] +2 +3AP= 4


    Power: 1 [+1] +5 +3AP +3TP = 13
    Control: 1 [+1] +6 +2AP +4TP = 14
    Reserves: 0 [+1] +5 +2AP +3TP = 11

    Fuuin Shiki: Six Barrels of the Wicked Soul Seal

    Jiton: Magnet Release Style
    Stage One: Magnet Release: Weight in Gold ://: 3 Power, 2 Willpower
    Stage Two: Magnet Release: Magnetic Sand ://: 5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves
    Stage Two: Magnet Release: Magnetic Levitation ://: Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4
    Stage Three: Magnet Release: Gold Rush ://: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    Stage Three: Magnet Release: Nerves of Steel ://: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
    Stage Three: Magnet Release: Imperial Blade ://: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    Stage Four: Magnet Release: CaoCao Carcass ://: 12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Intelligence

    Bijuu Arts:
    Bijuu Senses
    Bijuu Shift
    Bijuu Claws
    Arechihana Taijutsu: Hyakunen no Hana (5)(2 AP)
    Stage Three - Adept | Speed 12, Stamina 8, Control 8
    Stage Bonuses | +15 Speed, +6 Stamina, +6 Strength

    This stage is a sheer improvement on everything in the style so far. The user is now capable of shooting twice the number of needles as in the previous stages (about three dozen at this point) divided in any number of directing gestures as they may wish in one post; for example, one gesture may cause up to the entire that may be launched to go, or it may cause as few as half a dozen to be sent through the air. This offers the Hyakunen no Hana adept a number of options not previously available.

    In addition, the overall strategy of using the style has opened up in new ways both inside and outside of combat. With the addition of the special technique ‘Hari no Ana’ to their arsenal, the adept can make use of their needles to do reconnaissance and surveillance. In addition, taking lessons from the different varieties of cactus and different animals within the desert, they have learned to further the basic ‘Nakkuru’ technique into the ‘Anaguma no Tsume’ technique, making them even more fearsome in close quarters than before.

    Regular Techs |

    Stage One: Knuckles
    Stage Two: Break the Rock
    Stage Two: Claws of the Badger

    Special Techs |

    Stage One: To Pry I
    Stage One: Splinter
    Stage Two: Rising Nail
    Stage Two: Spectre of the Sands
    Stage Three: The Eye of the Needle
    Grass Taijutsu: Kinokozaku-Fu
    Stage Three
    Stat Requirements: Ten Control, Ten Power, Eight Speed
    Total Bonuses: +12 Speed

    Not much at all has changed between the style in the previous stage and the style in this stage. At this point, they are usually too busy working on improvements in many areas to see any noteworthy improvements in a single aspect. If anything, they will begin to experiment more with the infusion of their dance into the fighting, using more and more break dancing techniques as attacks. Kicks are more frequent, as are aerial maneuvers like front-flips and back-flips—both of which tend to lead directly into some form of a kick.

    Psychedelic Manipulation

    As the practitioner continues their improvements of the shinobi arts, their handle on the spore manipulation follows in turn. The gas now retains its effectiveness as far as two feet away from the user’s body. Upon being inhaled by an opponent, they will now experience three separate feelings. Again, the first is dizziness and the second is that of their body undulating; however, the third is entirely new. They will find themselves experiencing the world as if it was a teeter-totter, shifting from one side to the other. It can make many advanced movements extremely difficult to perform, most of the time leaving them with only the basics. The lengths of the three effects are:

    Dizziness: Length of Exposure + One Posts After Exposure
    Undulation: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
    Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure
    Wind Release
    Stage One: Wind Clone ://: Control 2, Intelligence 4
    Stage Two: Gale Surge ://: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
    Sand Release
    Stage One: Sand Conversion ://: Power 4, Control 4
    Stage One: Sand Clone ://: Power 2, Willpower 2
    Stage Two: Sand Tracking ://: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
    Stage Three: Bursting Sand Armor ://: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
    Stage Three: Sand Sphere ://: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6

    - Shinobi Kit (0)
    - Gourd (0)
    - Wakazashi (2)
    - Extending (2)
    - Implanted (1)
    - Debilitating Poison (3)

    Initial Weapon Points: 8
    Weapon Points Purchased: 0
    Weapon Points Used: 8
    Remaining Weapon Points: 0


    Originally posted by Bureaucracy of the Sand - Spartoi Interview

    Evening Miss Rika... Sorry to have made you wait so long. You must be exhausted from your last match today...

    I'm fine.

    Would you like to talk about what happened? To be honest, we believed it might have gone on for longer than it did.

    I don't care about that match. I don't care about the title. It's his now.

    Hmm. Did you consider it... challenging? To fight your cousin, Sasori-kun, I mean.

    Yes. And no. It helped that it was him. Cao Cao knows how I feel about him. There's always two fights going on: there's the guy I'm fighting, and one with CaoCao. I can't win both. I gotta lose one. Just how it works.

    So... are you saying you purposely lost to Sasori?

    ... No. I wouldn't say that at all. If I could have beaten Sasori before turning into... it... then I'd have done it. But he knew I would rather lose to him than the bijuu and he took advantage of that fact.

    Hmm... Sounds like he really understands you.. You two must be closer than ---

    No. We aren't... He's just my cousin. We're not friends. We can't be...not anymore. Besides, if I'd have killed him they'd have killed me

    .... I don't think so, Rika. We wouldn't have let that happen to any of our students. Sure, there were lots more Jounin on reserve during your bouts, but you must understand how much the village admires you for your sacrifices, Miss Rika.

    No one knows anything about me, what I've sacrificed, and whats been 'sacrificed' for me.

    I like to think that I know you, Miss Rika. And surely Sasori. And what about Hiryo? You used to spend a lot of time with him...


    I've only just finished speaking with Hiryo, actually. He, Sasori, you - the three of you wouldn't imagine how much you all have in common. You must think you're alone, Miss Rika but I promise you, you aren't.

    << A long pause >>

    Miss Rik--

    That's not true. There is no one like me. Not even my family. In fact, I don't think they ever expected me to be like them.

    Do you mean because you host... Cao Cao the Nibi?

    I'll never be one of them. I'll never meet Mother... or Father. And without meeting them, I can't be wed, I can't have their blessings to marry, join in our most spiritual holidays... All these things I can't ever hope for because...

    I did receive a letter from your clan's Jindaikaze. I was sorry to hear the lot of it. But you should know that we can all be your family as well, especially your fellow classmates.

    I don't thin--

    Hiryo is going through a troubling time now. His whole, well, his clan, they've all been died. And Sasori, I'm sure you know he struggles with his identity because of Hatori Taka. Can't you see... you all had your heritage, what it means to be a part of something, to belong, taken away from you. You are more alike than you are different.


    Let's switch the topic to your progress. I like that you focus hard on your studies. In fact, you've surpassed my hopes for you. In your written examination, you detailed the three distinctly different taijutsu's I thought you would. When you'd said you'd heard about this breakdancing style, I did a little research. Did you know that this was a prominent taijutsu of the Grass Country? Can you write down who teaches this class?

    I'm not sure, why do you need his name? He's just our dance instructor, he's not a bad person. He traveled everywhere to learn to dance. He's amazing and he trusted me to let me come!

    Nothing's going to happen, Rika. We just need to verify his papers if he isn't a Wind Country citizen, or detail how much for taijutsu he knows.

    It's a dance! He doesn't teach the chakra parts. You...have to learn that yourself. I'll give you the scrolls just please... I don't get to dance anywhere else. Lots of people like his class. Kinokozaku-Fu is really popular, sensei.

    *Pulls paper back but not completely*

    Honestly, I didn't know you liked dance so much. What other kinds of dance?

    Well, I've never gotten to do it, but I like practicing the Arechihana Shrine Maiden dances we perform during our New Year festival.

    With the fans and kimono?! You look so happy talking about it. Perhaps it's your calling.

    No! It's... not. I'ma soldier. I'm supposed to fight for Sunagakure, and die for it. That's all someone like me can offer.

    Miss Rika, I don't think you understand just how special you are to the village. You represent an amazing sacrifice, and people appreciate and respect that.

    Respecting a monster and liking it are really different things, sensei. Whatever they say, I know they look at me and see...him. Even I do.

    That's unkind, Rika! You are my student, and have never looked at you that way.


    Um... You use a blade now? I didn't see it when you fought Aikiko or Sasori.

    It's a secret. It's not something I should have used against the others, especially Aikiko. I get she's talented but she couldn't fight me.

    She is a bright girl. I admit I expected as much from Hakuryu Miki's daughter. Oh, in fact, she was the very Miko who aided in the configuration of the Nibi's seal---

    yeah I know...

    Does...that bother you, Rika?

    Bother me? Hmm no, I just wish I could thank her in person. She really helped me out...

    Rika, you can't blame the priestess, or Aikiko for that matter. You all came together and saved this village. But I want to talk about your sword style still...that iaijutsu isn't an approved style on our class syllabus. I'm not sure if it's appropriate.

    Well I was learning it from a scroll but I've read it all and I know the academy wont teach me so don't worry. I can't learn anymore for now.

    Well, I don't approve, but very fitting of the Iron Flower Generation. Such pioneers. I hope you'll soon be able to impart some of that skill unto Etsuya. I noticed he's been sparring with you more.

    Etsuya?... Why did you mention him? Did he mention me in his interview... I mean, not that it matters. He's a stupid boy. He can't even punch. He won't learn a thing.

    Hmm. Maybe so. Hahaha. Boy, there are such high hopes for you all. Since... the attack. You were a... survivor, Miss Rika. I know you all were able to speak with some of a grief counselors after that. What did you talk about, if you feel comfortable sharing?

    Lotsa stuff. My health, it being okay to be sad and about something called survivor's guilt. I was near the academy that day. I should have died, I know, but I didn't. He healed me.

    You were lucky. That the nibi's healing chakra was enough to help you survive that much poison is incredible. Did it bring you two closer, perhaps?

    He didn't do it for me. He was only saving himself. And he never lets me live it down.

    Does he speak to you very often? Cao Cao the Nibi, I mean.

    He sleeps a lot. Only when I have to beg him for help... or he thinks that I can't handle the situation. I try not to let him open his gate...but i think he gets afraid when I'm in trouble


    ... Miss Rika? Are you okay?

    Nevermind. It's nothing.

    ...So you think he helps you out of fear for himself?

    He doesn't GET afraid...because he's never not afraid. He's a grade-A scaredy cat...


    you know its true...if I die, so do you...

    ...Rika...he's speaking to you now?



    O_O ... Sorry. Sorry, what were you saying?"

    No, what were you saying? Do you speak with the bijuu this often? I hadn't known your communication with him was this advanced. I'll have to note that and schedule an evaluation of your seal.

    He can't get out! He still has his chains, and the gate, too.

    He...has chains? There's a gate? But... he can still speak to you. Do you ever feel anything? Pain, perhaps?

    He does in that place he's at in my head at least...i don't know if its real or not. Sometimes it hurts, but only when things start to heat up and his chakra starts mixing with mine. It sort of...burns. And it makes me really tired. I don't really know..


    Not for long...I'm gonna get stronger! You won't be able to beat me forever. You'll see!


    Rika! If this gets worse, come to me, okay!? Don't ever think for a second you're alone in this!

    It won't. I'll just get better. I promise.
    [Mission Log:]
    1. [Spartoi] The Language of Flowers: +1 Speed, +1 Bijuu Experience Point
    2. Engiversary 2017 AP: 5 AP - +1 Control, +1 Power, +1 Speed, Stage Three Arechihana Taijutsu, Stage Three Kinokozaku-Fu
    3. Talking Greazy: +1 Strength, +1 tactics [AP], Arechihana Stage Three Special: The Eye of the Needle, 1 Bijuu XP. Forgetting Sokushi Stage One
    4. 4/28/2017: Magnetic Manipulation Reformat, Swaps Became Own List. AP: Weight in Gold, Levitation, Nerves and Imperial Blade
    5. [Spartoi] A Battle Between Frienemies +2 Power, +1 Bijuu XP
    6. 7/5/2017: +4 AP - 2 to Reserves, 4 to Intelligence
    7. Members Only +2 Control, +1 Bijuu XP
    8. Man vs. Herself +2 Reserves, +2 Bijuu XP, CaoCao Carcass [MotM]
    9. Journey of a Thousand Words +2 Control, 1 Bijuu XP
    10. A Noble's Game +1 Power, +1 Reserves [MotM], +1 Bijuu XP
    11. Engiversary & Donation 2019: +2 TP [Wind Clone, Gale Surge]

    [Other Stuff]
    • 26/26 Donation AP
    • 12 Advanced Points [Stm,Ctrl,Res]
    • 2/2 GMAP Spartoi
    • 1/1 AP Clan Spartoi
    • 2/2 Thread Points
    • 1/1 AP Limit Breaker
    • 1/2 Cross-Village List
    • 1/1 Tai Savant

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    Neither one of your archetypes have a +power or -reserves, you'll have to fix that and please for everyone else's benefit, link the clan somewhere on your sheet.
    Rain GM

    Items/Swaps/To Do List


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      done and done!


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        Okay, so you still have a +1 to Physical, and -1 to Mental since your archetypes give you +six to physical and -6 to mental. I really think for your Sand Ninjutsu you should really just list them out and which ones were bought with what.

        AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items


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          Stats check out amazingly enough. Good work.

          I'm paranoid I'm missing something since this is a fairly complex character but I'll Half Approve anyway and stick my neck out there.
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            Originally posted by SleepyNin View Post
            Okay, so you still have a +1 to Physical, and -1 to Mental since your archetypes give you +six to physical and -6 to mental. I really think for your Sand Ninjutsu you should really just list them out and which ones were bought with what.
            Went a little more specific on which ap bought which, and also added a point in speed and deducted one in tactics.


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              I asked if I could use the donation TP on Eiko. The donation TP Are intended for use on preexisting characters... The thread itself mentions (for immediate use) or some such...


              AP: 21


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                I wondered about them, but I mean, I don't have any preexisting characters and so Rika is the only one I could possibly use em for.


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                  Regardless, I don't think you can use (both of) the two TP toward jutsu, but that might assume that the two TP are awarded at the same time, like thread rewards. I'd think Merdle would have to weigh in either way.


                  AP: 21


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                    Originally posted by Seikon View Post
                    Regardless, I don't think you can use (both of) the two TP toward jutsu, but that might assume that the two TP are awarded at the same time, like thread rewards. I'd think Merdle would have to weigh in either way.
                    Hmm. Well, if its allowed I did rearrange the TPs so that they are for stats and not jutsu. I'll have only broken one of the rules in this scenario.


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                      Switched to the Cursed Seal archetype (+3 chakra, - 3 mental) instead of +3 physical, -3 mental.


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                        BUMP! for further review while I'm here.


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                          Soldier of Fortune—Arechihana Rika [Geisha]
                          Nomadic / Freedom of Movement / Military virtues

                          The biography clocks in at 1497.

                          The content of the first person narrative speaks volumes more about Rika than the personality section does, which is dope. I want you to be aware of this moving forward, as the curiosity and flow of your third person writing often strays from the focus of, well, what is actually going down. We’ve chatted on multiple occasions about your, uh…William Faulkner-esque punctuation, so don’t need to dive deeper into those waters.

                          Honestly…as OP as Rika is, she’s unique, and I actually felt better about her as a character after reading her biography. She is infused with layers, and that’s her strong suit. It’s her v Cao Cao, her v Arechihana, her v society and her v herself. Especially when it comes to the dynamic between her and Cao Cao, that should be explored more in the bio (you were getting somewhere at the end, but then sort of just made her pass out—nah, I need to hear more about the duality of it). Really, my problem isn’t with Rika as a character, there is a ton of key moments that stood out to me about her, which outweighed my primary problem with her. I actually discovered that I liked her a lot.

                          The main issue is the way Nevin is handled, but that’s an easy fix.

                          I told Seikon that the most off putting thing about Eiko is the way Nevin is handled. You did something similar, where you utilized a higher authority—one who is by far the most crucial instrument in the development of the whole class—in a manner that short changed everyone else. Like parts of Eiko’s bio, Nevin is dominating the conversation, whereas she moreso praises Rika rather than facilitating a safe space between them so Rika could expound upon, well…herself. Her insecurities, her goals as a shinobi, or discovering her own potential

                          And that’s word for word, what I said to Seikon, but swapped out names.

                          Nevin is caring, but she’s a teacher, she wouldn’t have an outburst like that in front of a student (dammit, etc). Tone down her praise of Rika with phrases like—tremendously capable kunoichi/haven’t heard of an academy student/Genin as young as you with such a prowess in the areas of Taijutsu (she has). Your place without rival should sound more like You’re more respected for your sacrifice than you think. Or—what a blessing in disguise/we should have expected nothing less from you and he—especially, because, sure, yeah, that’s cool and all but people died.

                          Also, Nevin knows her skill set. Hiryo gets a pass solely because he’s the last of his clan.

                          Nevin’s language should be a bit more neutral, is what I’m saying; unbiased and motherly. The focus shouldn’t be how great said character is, but moreso a series of inquisitions used to unravel something deeper in the student. So, yeah, Rika should do more talking about herself, don’t have Nevin explain these things to her, Nevin is moreso a guide, slowly unraveling these answers with the right questions, is what I’m saying. Rika shined the most when she was speaking and telling her own story. You know?

                          I need more Rika.

                          On the technical side, I understand she has an AP breaker, but that doesn’t still mean your stats aren’t capped at a max 10 at creation. You’ll have to readjust that (and come on, all that AP and your tactics and willpower is at 2? Balance the girl out man, lmao). Also, the raccoon dog reincarnation reference in Cao Cao’s description gots to go, that implies that he was once Shukaku so—nah.

                          Do those things for me, and you’ll have my Sand Primary GM Approval. Didn’t expect this to happen, but, the community has also spoken. Arechihana Rika is the Soldier of Fortune.

                          Welcome to the Spartoi

                          Additional Roast Notes:
                          Lol female Sasuke
                          Whoa, eleven?
                          Lol, damn, pasty peers? Lmao
                          The most important aspect of this character will be the dynamic between Rika and Cao Cao
                          Jeez man, there are two more paragraphs to this personality section? Lord.
                          Lol, did Merdle write that quote for Hiryo or did you write that quote for Hiryo?
                          What business does an ELEVEN year old have drinking and gambling? It ain’t that deep
                          Nice quote from mom, why she got no name tho?
                          Lmao, the Drake Nindo tho?
                          Why did I even give out GMAP for Spartoi? Lmao.
                          Thank you for saying Rika lost to Sasori and that she didn’t purposely throw the match. Good.
                          OKAY, gon head with these questions. Handling Nevin like a teacher, let’s go—
                          —Oh, nevermind

                          Spartoi Mentions:
                          Hiryo*—WHAT is this Rika and Hiryo past dynamic? With ya’ll young. Asses. Damn! lmao
                          Sasori*—Oh? She hating on her cousin? Dayum


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                              Alright, Clan GM time, whooooo.

                              Okay, so. I know we have discussed this character a lot since Spartoi became a thing. Lots of things have already been discussed and cleared, so I won't bother rehashing all of it here. There are some things that I need to speak on, though.

                              First thing: being the daughter of the Jindaikaze. Some time ago, you asked me if it would be okay for Rika to be related to the Jindaikaze and I gave you the go ahead. However, there is a slight wrinkle with choosing for her to be the daughter of the previous Jindaikaze. The title/office of Jindaikaze is passed down from oldest clan member to oldest clan member. The current one is described in the clan info as "exceedingly old". Like, I'm talking about a dude exceeding his 90s. So, if the previous Jindaikaze would have been older, I am not really sure about him having conceived a child 11 years ago. Maybe go the grandfather or great grandfather route (similar to Sasori who is a great grandson of the current Jindaikaze).

                              I am not sure why the Arechihana would have scrolls detailing the Sokushi taijutsu style in any sort of clan library. It is not a style that particularly fits within the Arechihana's philosophy, does not really compliment Hyakunen no Hana (as it relies on a weapon other than those provided by Mother and Father), and seems to have no real philosophy of its own to have been worth study by members of the clan (I mean, the style description basically lays it out as a system only focused on efficient killing without any philosophy outside of efficiency in that act). I am not saying that you cannot take that style, of course, but that explaining it via finding the info in the clan's library is a little dubious to me.

                              So, I think I am kind of missing the justification for Rika knowing a Grass village secret. I mean, Grass GM can correct me, but the closest I see is that she likes dancing, so she just took up one of Grass's taijutsu styles. Who taught her? Why did they teach her?

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