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    //// Yasuhiro Isamu with his cat, Grapefruit. \\\\

    Name: Yasuhiro Isamu
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'6"

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Kaze no Kuni // Sunagakure
    Rank: Genin
    Division: SUNA - Recruit

    Physical Description/Clothing:
    Sharp edges shape the young face of Boy Courage. His small brow, wrinkle free though it may be, seems pulled taut in worry. His small almond eyes have the harsh edge of sandpaper to them, in both color and speckling. Clear of blemishes, his cheekbones are smooth lines that dip into a dagger edge at his chin.

    Isamu has unruly hair, with color that matches the flaxen grains of sand of his home country. His skin is smooth and tanned with the rich sun of Sunagakure. Slimmed with a ninjutsu specialist’s frail body, many fail to see the start of a career in Ganjou Taiki. Up until the modern day, he had been the sort of guy to blend into the surrounding non-shinobi in Sunagakure, unassuming with his apparent lack of strength and a posture that dipped forward, caving in on himself as he often did. He wore no flak jacket, tied no hitai-ate around his head. Lately, he has strived to keep his head up along with his spirits in an attempt to force himself to take his responsibilities seriously.

    His t-shirts have been replaced with a slim shirt that fits his torso rather snug, but is made of a light, breathable material for the hot day-time weather of sand. It is long sleeved and light tan in color, just a few shades lighter than his hair, but still a sandy tone. The sleeves end in a simple cuff that covers his wrist, but widen at the forearm to allow him more freedom of movement. It all serves to hide his arm guards, which run all the way up his arm in an earthy shade of brown. This shirt is preceded by a pair of sandy pants, the same shade as his shirt, and these are tucked into clean, sleek shin guards, which in turn tuck into his shinobi issue boots. When traveling, his cloak hooks to his shirt by means of a ring on each shoulder, though he often leaves the hood down.

    He seems ill-prepared to some, but Isamu has learned to live simply, with just a pouch of kunai and a sparse collection of explosive notes which he keeps on his belt, at his lower back, to avoid hampering his movements.

    One year ago, most would have left Isamu at the end of a line-up for picking teams. He was a fidgety young thing, whose cowardice was his greatest enemy. Not much has changed in that regard, but now, Isamu puts a concerted effort towards being less nervous. His paralyzing fear that any choice of his could end up with his life getting worse was debilitating. It saw him through an election, and a time of national fear. But in that time, things have changed.

    He isn't afraid, now, of forming a flat palm and smacking his opponent aside. Or at least, he likes to believe he isn't. He has begun to learn that running away is not a solution, simply a second problem. His current training as a recruit in SUNA has taught him that being around others is an essential part of his growth. Where he once would have holed himself up in his room, he now takes the time to go out and run laps or spar with his fellow recruits. He was always a personable kid, with lots of energy, but without his training, that energy had no direction, save a nervous one. But he's beginning to figure his way around that.

    Girls, on the other hand, are a whole other story.


    Glass Specialist
    [+ Hari Seisakusho]
    Chakra - Primary
    Physical - Secondary
    Mental - Tertiary
    +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
    -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength


    Statistics Legend
    1 - Archetype
    1 - Base Stat
    1 - Thread Point
    1 - AP
    1 - GMAP
    1 - Total Stat


    Strength: 1 - 1 + 4 +4 + 1 = 9
    Speed: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 [+15 Ganjou Taiki] 18
    Stamina: 1 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 = 11 [+12 Ganjou Taiki] 23


    Intelligence: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5
    Tactics: 1 - 2 + 3 = 2
    Willpower: 1 + 1 = 2


    Power: 1 + 2 + 2 +2 = 7
    Control: 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 8
    Reserves: 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 = 6


    Repertoire of Techniques:
    Ganjou Taiki [1F + 1TP + 3AP]
    Stage One
    +5 Speed, +4 Stamina
    - - Stamina 4, Strength 4
    Stage Two
    +5 Speed, +4 Stamina
    - - Stamina 7, Strength 7, Control 6
    Kashirajishou: Kasoku
    Nijitekishou: Kizu
    Stage Three
    +5 Speed, +4 Stamina
    - - Stamina 11, Strength 9, Control 8

    Glass Ninjutsu [1A + 4F + 0TP]
    Stage One
    Hari Seisakusho
    - - Power 2, Willpower 2
    Katsu Kagamiita
    - - Control 3, Intelligence 2
    Hari Kuuchuukassou
    - - Reserves 3, Intelligence 3
    Yousei Hokori
    - - Power 3, Tactics 2
    Stage Two
    Hari Kawarimi
    - - Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

    Sand Genjutsu [2F + 1TP]
    Stage One
    - - 3 Intelligence, 2 Reserves
    Stage Two
    - - 5 Reserves, 4 Power, 4 Control
    Nigemizu Fukumen
    - - 6 Reserves, 5 Power, 5 Intelligence

    Inventory [8/8]
    All Purpose Light Cloak - 1
    Standard Shinobi Plate Armor - 3
    Body Armor + Hidden Modifier
    Arm & Shin Guards - 2
    Limb Armor x 2
    Needle Launcher - 2
    Small Ballistics + Hidden Modifier

    Shinobi Kit
    Explosive Tags


    Originally posted by Bravery
    My Name is Isamu.

    It is supposed to imply bravery. I don’t know how to fill those shoes. They just won’t fit my feet. There is nothing I can do about it. I am not brave. I hide and do what I can to keep myself away from danger.

    And yet, I am strong. I am a strong being, and I cannot be stopped by anyone other than myself. I am my biggest obstacle. With that knowledge, one would usually become a very incredible warrior. One could pass all boundaries. Except, I cannot. As an obstacle, I am huge. I cannot overcome myself, despite how hard I try. Every urge to run, I succumb to it. I have done so since I was a little boy. In tag, I would be the best at staying away. I wouldn't be tagged. I would run.

    I would escape.
    Isamu ran from home on the night of his seventh birthday, when no one would be there to comfort him, or hand him a gift. His mother and father rarely accepted his presence, but he knew a friend that he had met on the street many times before that knew him better than anyone else. His name was Honsuke, and he was 11 years old. He had run from a father with breath of alcohol and a beer-chilled hand that only knew a punch, and never a handshake.

    Honsuke had found a way to live, and had opened himself up to Isamu, but not without letting his own influences be pressed upon the malleable mind of severe youth. What Honsuke had become too old to pursue had turned into the dream for Isamu. He was a perfect age to start training. Talking to Isamu about the Shinobi career every night, Isamu’s mind gave in, and restraints failed to appear.

    Isamu returned home for one day to find his mother passed out and his father grumbling in a drunken stupor next to her. He didn’t completely understand the gruesome scene that lay in front of him. He merely brought a sheet of paper to his father, and somehow placed a pen in his uncontrollable hand. With some steadying, the name appeared on the paper, signing him off to never return home.

    Originally posted by Gutter Rat
    “How could you leave me, buddy! We were supposed to be great!”

    “They said that I have to live with them, since my current living quarters do not suffice for my life. I’m just not allowed to sleep here. Maybe I can visit?”

    “Don’t bother. Get the hell out of here. You were gonna run away eventually, you useless shit.”

    It seemed that, as Honsuke realized it would not be him to learn the arts, Isamu found himself alone and with the bare minimum living space in his life.

    However, at the Academy, he had much more. He had a disciplined schedule. He was watched like a hawk sought its prey, and he couldn’t run without being found in a day. They set his time to wake up, they cut his power out when time was up. They even made him document his days.

    After a year, Isamu learned the harshness of the training, how grueling the shinobi years would proceed to become. He tried running for a while. His teachers knew his potential to become something in his generation, and they sent one man, a chuunin to find him. It wasn’t hard. In fact, it was easier than delivering a package across the Hidden Village. He was found in one hour and he returned, only to learn of yet another commitment.

    Originally posted by The Couch
    “Why do you think you run, Isamu?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Do you consider it running? Or is it just heading to a new place?”

    “I don’t know. What do you think?”

    “I think you don’t like the commitment and the discipline that your life requires.”
    Maybe the psychologist was right. Maybe he wasn’t. All Isamu knew was that he spent the rest of his 4 years in the academy going to the same man, every day. Holidays were never excluded. It was necessary in order to assure his teachers that he wouldn’t fail in his career path. A dead weight who ran from a mission could kill his whole team.

    And so, they ran through test runs of working with a team. He quickly learned how to control his urges to run. He learned how far he had to run. He learned how to hide when he had to, so long as he could stay around his allies for when they needed him.

    When they started him with hand-contact fighting, he would run as soon as the battle got heated. He was starting to understand the basics, but he couldn’t complete the whole learning process until he learned to stay throughout a whole spar.

    In order to find the solution to his problem, they introduced range to his techniques, and he quickly found himself adept with the whole concept of firing arrows from afar in order to maintain his fighting.

    ~ ~ ~

    Where the Academy left time, he found himself alone. He didn’t know why he couldn’t bring himself to socialize, but he just couldn’t spare more than a few sentences for the sake of being polite. However, when someone tried to learn what really made him tick, he would shut down. He didn’t, and he still doesn’t, want someone to learn his inner being. He doesn’t want to be at someone else’s mercy.

    Even now, as he finally graduated proudly from his crowd of classmates, he didn’t let them know too much. He was in control of his own destiny in the end. When he got to vote for the new Kazekage, he let no one know his thoughts. He didn’t open his mouth at any rally.

    He kept himself inside.

    Originally posted by A Thief, Caught
    I had one of the strangest days today. I ran into Keikoku, that puppeteer girl from the Academy. I had forgotten about her. Or maybe I had just pretended to forget about her. We just fought, about candy no less, but then we talked some more and... I guess I like her. It's weird to get to know people after the fact. I would have figured we'd be friends in the academy, but maybe we were all too young. Maybe I didn't want any friends.

    But even stranger, I was headed home and some girl, her name's Yukari, but she goes by Caroline, ran by me, got me all caught up in her chase. But she was the one getting chased, and before I knew it, we were running down the streets like hoodlums, trying to escape an angry vendor. Criminals, would you believe it? But I never had so much fun.
    Creeping out of the country of Sand was a threat. The priesthood of Suna no Soushoku threatened much of the good remaining in Sand. Isamu was nothing but a bystander in the village as the concentrated assualt team entered their secret temple. He was not one of the brave heroes to come marching back. For he had never marched away.

    Originally posted by Sun Too Bright
    Weird few months. Had it not been for Yukari, it probably would have been a very bad few months. I didn't do anything with those victors of Suna no Soushoku, whatever they were. At least the kidnappings stopped. All I know is that when our shinobi came back, they had some serious celebrating to do, and Yukari got drunk with the lot of them, somehow.

    I didn't really think she could be a friend, nor did I really think she could be drunk. But we had a weird night together. We... well we saved a cat, first off. And I kept him for some reason. Yukari named him Grapefruit. Or maybe I did. He really likes grapefruit, for some reason, so the name's stuck. But I don't know how I feel about Yukari. She's... well I think she means something to me, but I don't know. I didn't really do a good job telling her that....

    But worse than that, someone had the nerve to assign me a sensei. I mean, sure I still gotta learn. But seriously? Tsuriau Hoseki-sensei is mind-blowingly insane! He threw an apple core at my head before anything else, and then... well he made me fight with my hands which even I am still weirded out about. But he sure showed me that I need to get better.

    He's got some weird genjutsu up his sleeve. The Tsuriau secret technique, I still don't gotta clue about him. But that thing is weird, creepy. I felt like I was gonna die. And then I felt like I did. And well, that was yesterday, and I got back from the clinic just now! I don't know what he did. But he sure got me to thinkin' about life and all that.
    Isamu didn't enjoy the short time he spent with Hoseki-sensei. Given the name of "Little Mouse" or "Idiot" most of the time, the boy faced many troubles with his own confidence. With Hoseki's forceful training, the sort that really didn't go easy on him, Isamu found it hard to grow. He felt weak, barely able to raise a fist, only able to skate away from his teacher with glass ninjutsu. Isamu dreaded the time, and even tried to get himself reassigned, tried to get himself assigned to a new division. KAZE was great, but the offices pushed Isamu to reconsider trying to join KAZE. He did poorly on the examination, and failed to show enough promise. The failure was a blow to the boy, even as a division head encouraged him to reapply after receiving some Investigative field work.

    The time was hard, but even more difficult was the Jailbreak. He, like the rest of the village, had been tormented by the criminals let loose. The only difference was, Isamu failed to fulfill his duties in protecting the village. He was his own greatest enemy. Cowardice struck him in full force, and was left rather shaken when one criminal had placed an explosive note on his chest, only, in the end, to be a faulty decoy used to trick the criminals. The week following, while Sunagakure finished weeding out the serious criminals still remaining, trying to hide, Isamu had been harassed, chased down streets by vicious hoodlums, and generally frightened by the state of the village. Just as before, he sucked himself inside his home, spending time with his cat, and only leaving to get what he needed to for survival. He would be called in to do little side jobs for residents in the city, walking dogs, carrying heavy bushels across the village, but when he finished, he retired to his home, afraid to serve on the field.

    But this fear manifested in a different way. He came to fear that things would stay the same.

    Originally posted by The Hurricane's Eye
    I shouldn't have visited them. I wasn't really going there for both of them. I just wanted to see my mother, see if she was well. It was a stupid thing to do. It didn't really help things, visiting them. It just reminded me how much of an asshole Jin was. Is. But my mother can find her way out somehow, if she really wanted. She looked at me and tried to get me to leave. She pretended I wasn't myself. She didn't swing the door open and hug me like I thought she would.

    I would have died that night, were it not for Ienari Tomoko. If there was anyone you would want to pick you up after you had fallen, it'd be her. She was one of those bright lights in the night, you know. The ones that don't really know how bright they can get. I think I left her feeling angry. But I don't blame her. I was useless, stupid, and weak.

    But Tomoko was strong, even when she told me Yukari had died. She walked me to the clinic even when I walked away from her. She had even offered to take me home instead of the clinic. She left me alone when I wanted to be. She was really strong.

    But I don't think I want to be alone anymore. That's why I joined SUNA.

    I want to be brave.
    Isamu did not win his spar to enter SUNA. He gave it his all, but what that meant was that he danced around his opponent, refusing to place a firm palm on him. He showed his aptitude for avoiding trouble, but failed to display his proud capacity for stopping such trouble. He was not brave, but he was fierce. These facts are not for his eyes, but his acceptance into the division is conditional, at best. He must prove that he can serve his country as much as he seems to want to off the field.

    Who knows? He might just end up courageous by the end of it.

    Writing Example:
    Taken From The Hurricane's Eye

    Isamu didn't have a chance to feel that electric fire that Tomoko had. He had forgotten how, moments before, he had thought she was ready to mug him and take him for all he had. The simple offer of help had caused the boy to shed all worries he may have had. Perhaps it was how desperately he needed help, but as the girl knelt close, Isamu realized how strange it all was. How help really didn't come his way like this very often.

    Looking skeptically at the girl, Isamu nearly missed the count of three, and rushed to rise with the medic. He let out a sharp moan as his back exploded in pain. He felt the railing that had smashed into his back an hour or so ago. He also felt the elbow around Tomoko's shoulders in a way he had never expected to.

    Still, the girl spoke, not quite like a friend, but like a lovely nurse, who would likely strap Isamu to a bed before letting him move, if she thought it was a bad idea. Forceful in a way Isamu could respect. Nothing like his father.

    "Oh, I can bear it all." His words came through clenched teeth as they began to walk down the streets of his parents' neighborhood. The outer hub was such a strange and wildly diverse place. Walking the perimeter of Sunagakure, one could find glee just a few blocks from sorrow, and with what had been happening recently, glee was beginning to be harder to find.

    Isamu limped his way along, slowly finding that his left leg was better off than his right. He knew how close they were to a medical outlet, as he had spent a night there working off his old sensei's viciously powerful genjutsu. But Isamu knew, even more, that he didn't want to cause his family more trouble than he already had. Simply getting away from them would be enough to go on with his life. Wouldn't it?

    He stopped moving for a moment, and so caused his companion to slow with the burden of his halted weight. Perhaps she would think he was going to suggest they get real treatment. Isamu looked at her with that knowing stare. "Would you mind switchin' sides? My other leg's less gimpy." It sounded like an excuse, and in a way it was. He wanted more time to figure out the right decision, but he didn't have it.

    "So you're a medic, huh? You're young though. When'dyou graduate?" Isamu wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her that he was also a genin. He figured the state he was in was embarrassing enough not to let her in on the fact that he also had no idea how to fight. She almost looked like she was his age. But maybe not. He hadn't been good at getting to know people, back in the days of the academy. That all seemed so far away now, what with real life was becoming outside of it. So much had happened, and so much more still would.

    For a passing moment, fear caused Isamu to wish he had been left back there. Perhaps life wouldn't have been so real.

    Other Info:
    - This is a revamp of this character, largely in the case of stats and jutsu, and in the development of character.

    AP Spent
    3/5 Jutsu
    1/33 Stats

    The Story Thus Far:
    ~ Sweet Tooth ~ 8/28/08
    - - Points Sacrificed - -
    ~ To Catch A Thief ~ 12/31/08
    - - Points Sacrificed - -
    ~ Grapefruit ~ 1/23/09
    - - Points Sacrificed - -
    ~ SunFlare ~ 4/21/10
    - - Points Sacrificed - -
    ~ The Hurricane's Eye ~ 12/24/13
    - - Points Sacrificed, Revamp Inspired - -
    ~ Revamp ~ 1/16/14
    - - New Archetype, New Stats, New Jutsu, Descriptions Expanded - -
    ~ Wind Power Density ~ 3/10/14
    - - +2 Strength, +1 GMAP on Strength - -
    ~ Windchimes Caught In A Gust ~ 3/22/14
    - - +1 Stamina, +1 GMAP on Stamina - -
    ~ To Become A Dragon ~ 8/6/14
    - - 4 AP: +1 Stamina, Stage Two Ganjou Taiki, Kashirajishou: Kasoku, Nijitekishou: Kizu - -
    ~ Ten Thousand Sorrows ~ 10/29/14
    - - +1 Reserves, +1 Intelligence - -
    ~ [Sand Arc: Phase II] Rewards ~ 11/12/14
    - - +1 Intelligence, Nigemizu Fukumen - -
    ~ [Sand Arc: Phase II] Elegy For Wayward Warriors ~ 11/24/14
    - - +2 Strength - -
    ~ Talkin' Greazy ~ 4/11/17
    - - +2 Stamina - -
    ~ A Noble's Game ~ 8/22/17
    - - +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Control [MoTM] - -
    ~ [Calamity] Meeting The High Oracles ~ 5/16/18
    - - +1 Control - -
    ~ GRIT: Mental Cosmic ~ 6/07/18
    - - +1 Stamina, Ganjou Taiki Stage Three - -
    ~ Skin in the Game ~ 2/04/19
    - - +2 Power - -

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    For your combined Physical/Clothing section: You spend three sentences describing what he looks like, then the rest of the two paragraphs describing his clothes. The whole thing is also just a little under 300 words. Personally, I'm not crazy about the descriptions or word quotas, but maybe could you include a bit more physical description? All I can visualize now is that he's thin, tan, and pointy. I didn't actually realize he was young until I got to the stats, though I mostly blame the image for that. (Actually, having read the whole sheet, I see that it's basically the same as the old one that got registered. If the descriptions were fine then, it's probably still fine now, so just ignore this if you want.)

    Stats and everything else seem to check out. I can Half provided the remake got/gets the go-ahead from Kana and all that jazz.
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      Much like Junge, sorta want to see a little more about his actual physical appearance

      But other than that, Half'd <3


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        Fleshed it out. Let me know what you think if you have the time. ;P

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          This is a really good character, but I feel like it's lacking a few things...

          First off, it talks about him failing his examination into KAZE, but nothing about SUNA even though he's in SUNA.

          I guess that's only one thing. Fix that up and I'll stop by again.
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            Added a paragraph to the end to explain his current SUNA predicament. Let me know if there seem to be any more empty holes to patch up. This is real helpful in making him into a nice complete package.

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              Looks good to me.

              Sand GM and half approval.
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                Much better flavor in the writing.

                Here's another half-approval. Welcome back to Sand.
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                  Half'd for you
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                    Did Sinn half this twice? o.o

                    Eh. Approved and moved!

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