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Mukuro Koga [SUNA]

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  • Mukuro Koga [SUNA]

    Name: Mukuro Koga
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5' 7"

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Sunagakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Division: SUNA - Soldier

    Physical Description: Koga is a deceptively fit young man; never mind the fact that his clothes hang off him. His skin--a dark, tawny tan color--speaks of his experience and exposure to the outdoors, and every scar tells a story of his rather rough upbringing. When his hood isn't up and covering his entire face, sharp brown eyes practically glare back at their subject. His black hair is kept relatively short, and always seems to be in a bit of a mess; his features overall are sharp and angular, though his broad, flat nose and sunken knuckles suggest that he's been tried and tested more than once in a fight.

    Clothing: Koga knows enough about survival in the desert to know that exposed skin is always a bad idea. When he knows he's going to be in extreme conditions, he is typically dressed in a hooded. tan-colored cloak. Underneath, his clothing is usually much more lightweight, consisting of a simple pair of black pants and a sleeveless shirt. Alternatively, he is known to wear a khaki hoodie with a small attachment at the back of his neck for the large hood it comes with, rounding the look off with a pair of loose fitting black shorts and off-white sandals.

    Personality: Koga is the kind of young man most people simply don't like. There's very little he doesn't do in a measured manner, making him come off as unusually sure of himself. He's confident to the brink of narcissism, and he isn't at all afraid or shy about letting people know exactly how awesome he is--usually through reckless action than empty boasting. This makes him come off as highly self-absorbed, disturbingly arrogant, and dangerously impulsive.

    Despite his self-centered world view, Koga would never intentionally risk someone else's life when he could just as easily risk his own. While he often boasts that it 'makes him look more heroic', the truth of the matter is that he can't stand to see other people suffering; in his eyes, suffering is a much easier burden when it's his own that he has to carry. Even in a team setting, he's something of a loner--he'll never eschew working with others, but he often brags that his best work is done alone.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "To get to where I need to be, I'll go as far as I have to go.

    Clan/Bloodline: N/A

    Combo Archetype: Speed Artist [Taijutsu Specialist + Quicksilver]
    Combo Special: Once per thread, the user may perform one Taijutsu special technique twice in the same post. The technique must be Stage Three or lower.
    Total Merits: +3 SPD, +2 STA
    Total Flaws: -1 CTR, -2 RES, -2 PWR


    Physical (30)

    Strength [STR]: 1 + 10 = 11 (+9 Kaiki) :: 20
    Speed [SPD]: 1 + 3 + 10 + 1 (TH) + 1 (GMAP) = 16 (+12 Kaiki) :: 28
    Stamina [STA]: 1 + 2 + 10 + 3 (AP) = 16 (+4 Kaiki) :: 20

    Mental (27)

    Intelligence [INT]: 1 + 9 = 10
    Tactics [TAC]: 1 + 9 = 10
    Willpower [WIL]: 1 + 9 + 3 [TH] = 13

    Chakra (24)

    Power [PWR]: 1 - 2 + 9 = 8
    Control [CTR]: 1 - 1 + 8 = 8
    Reserves [RES]: 1 - 2 + 7 + 2 [TH] = 8


    Jutsus and Techniques:
    Kaiki + Swaps
    [F1-F3] Stage 3 (Req: STA 10, SPD 10, WIL 8)
    Stage Bonuses: +12 Speed, +9 Strength, +4 Stamina

    Special Techniques:
    [AP] Stage 3: Darting Sparrow

    Projectile Ninjutsu
    Stage 1
    [F4] Kage no Yadama (PWR 2, WIL 2)

    Stage 2
    [F5] Horisageru no Yadama (PWR 5, CTR 4, RES 4)

    Stage 3
    [F6] Ame no Yadama (PWR 8, CTR 8, RES 6)

    Sand Genjutsu

    Stage 1
    [F7] Hada no Kamereon (INT 3, RES 2)

    Stage 2
    [F8] Mougo Shibaku no Jutsu (RES 6, PWR 5, INT 5)

    Global Ninjutsu
    Stage 1
    [F9] Kawarimi no Jutsu (PWR 2, TAC 2)
    [F10] Henge no Jutsu (CTR 2, INT 2)

    Stage 2
    [F11] Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (PWR 5, CTR 4, RES 4)

    Stage 3
    [F12] Shukichi (INT 8, TAC 8, WIL 6)

    Those Lacking Opacity
    Stage 1
    [AP] Utsusemi no Jutsu (TAC 3, PWR 2)

    Stage 2
    [TH] Doujutsu: Senrigan (INT 5, TAC 4, WIL 4)
    [AP] Ensou (INT 6, TAC 6, CTR 4)
    [AP] Bukigakure no Jutsu (INT 6, TAC 6, CTR 4)

    Stage 3
    [AP] Kiseisaku no Jutsu (CTR 8, RES 6, PWR 8)


    [10] Kazekiri (Kodachi x2 + Elemental Weapon 2 + Recall + Tracer)

    Weapon Points Remaining: 10/20

    Trapped, no shield, no sword
    The unbeaten path's got my soul so sore
    Allured by the lust, something money can't cure
    The Devil wants me as is, but God, he wants more...

    Koga never really knew his mother. He was, of course, aware of all the rumors and the things the men of Bouryoraku said about her, and the names they called her--'whore' being the most prevalent among them. But to a toddler, it was just a word. Context was lost when one didn't really understand what the words meant, and growing up in the company of thugs and murderers skewed what Koga came to view as normal. From the very begining, Mukuro Koga's moral compass was a little bit skewed.

    As for his real father, Koga could never really be sure of who he was. The fact was that, despite all the decadence and sin surrounding him, he had plenty of male role models in his life that looked out for him--none more than Mukuro Taraji. The all but orphaned Koga didn't mind telling people that Mukuro was his last name--he didn't know what it really was--and Taraji kept as close an eye on Koga as any career criminal and mercenary could.

    At six years old, Koga was a pretty well-known thief. No one knew his face, but he had a disturbing knack for getting into and out of places more or less unnoticed. There was very little that Koga couldn't get his tiny hands on, until he swiped the coinpurse of a rather powerful mafia lieutenant. Koga was pursued into a dark alley and, that night, he took his first life. It wasn't on purpose by any stretch of the imagination, and when Taraji found him, the young street rat was unconscious and very near death. To keep him alive, Taraji sent him to live with his sister, Amagi. He spent nearly two weeks in recovery, and even when Koga came to, he had little to no recollection of who he was or where he was originally from.

    Move like a wanted man with a bounty on his head
    Work alone, sleep alone, eat alone, daily bread
    Counting 'til my fingers red; how you gonna judge a man
    Walking in the shoes of a man with a broken leg?

    Almost immediately, Koga's natural talent was something to watch for. He wasn't some random kleptomaniac, of course, but his natural adeptness for thievery and subterfuge made him a little cocky, even if he had been nearly beaten to death by his last mark. Mukuro Amagi thought it would be best for him to work out that unresolved aggression as an Academy student. In many ways, it did exactly that. He quickly realized that he didn't have to be a good thief--he could be a GREAT thief. Working under the mantle of being a shinobi didn't really seem a negative trade-off, and while Koga wasn't at the top of his class, he was consistent and was always willing to improve--despite arrogantly claiming often that he didn't really NEED to, but that learning new things was him simply killing time.

    Flame on the trail headed for the powder keg
    Last place in the race I ain't never led
    Like I ain't never bled, time to get up out of bed
    Serving in the army of one, it's on again

    Six years as an Academy student, and the 12-year old Mukuro Koga had become a genin. Certainly not an exceptional one--Koga proved to be difficult to work with, both for other genin assigned to teams with him and his jounin sensei. A swordsman like Koga, he often clashed with his sensei in a very literal fashion; on their very first meeting, he and Koga went at it in an all-out swordfight and, naturally, Koga lost. Stubborn to a fault, Koga challenged him again. And again. And again. It was almost a ritual for the next six months until Koga simply stopped asking. He stopped saying much of anything to anyone, suddenly throwing himself into training on his own. His sensei, naturally, kept close watch over him, making note of his focus and drive.

    It wasn't the last time Koga would challenge his sensei to a fight, however. At least once a month, he would do so--and lose--but his improvement began to show. The swiftness of foot that had been so natural in his younger days became a serious weapon that he was finally beginning to harness. It still wasn't anywhere near what it would take to surpass his teacher, but that wasn't going to stop him from trying.

    I'm in a chess match, I'm in a death trap
    I'm tryna find out where the eggs in the nest at
    I'm one blood when the sky turns jet black
    No love in the world can correct that

    He was 16 when he saw his adopted father again. By this time, he had attended the chuunin exams held yearly in Konohagakure for the second year in a row, this time doing well enough that he was put into serious consideration for a promotion to chuunin. His return to Bouryoraku was to apprehend a number of bandits that had been terrorizing local villages--and Mukuro Taraji had been one of them. Koga ended up being forced to trade blows with his foster father, and he nearly lost one-on-one to the superior swordsman, flooded with memories of his long-forgotten childhood until his chuunin teammates stepped in to complete the arrest.

    Koga trained even harder after his poor performance. He wasn't entirely certain whether it was sentiment or weakness that was holding him back, so he worked to get rid of both. Refusing to be chained by his past drove him past his previous limitations, and during his first flight as a SUNA Recruit, he soared right through his examinations, more than earning his promotion as a chuunin. Still, this wasn't enough--not even close.

    I'm a snake in the garden of bones
    I'm a loner in a world of clones
    I'm the piece that don't belong,
    See, I roam where the the Reaper roams
    'Til they put my name on a stone...

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    Thanks for mapping out your stats so clean, I hate checking stats, but this was painless. Throwing my half approval here, straight forward character. Also, you forgot to add in the bio:

    Walk alone, I walk alone, you know I walk it alone
    I always been on my own, ever since the day I born
    So I don't mind walking alone

    I'm a fan of the song and a thorough fan of the band. Ya'dig.


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        I like the character and the bio. I'll give this a Sand GM Approval
        Rain GM

        Items/Swaps/To Do List


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          You love your Kaiki, Grans. Interesting character. Approved.
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            Moved back because two-point-five is not three. Oh Juu, you're so silly.

            Also moved back because technically no one realized that Bouryoraku existed until very recently. It was more hidden than Hidden Sand for hundreds of years. Daft had the city 'discovered' a little while before I went on board, so it would be pretty hard for him to go to the academy when his village was off the map and the answer to 'where do you come from?' Is a continuity error.
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              Well here is a third half for a full go <3


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                Approved after a few of my misconceptions were cleared up.
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