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    Rivers Run Deep
    Arashi Enari Kei

    Name: Arashi Kei
    Alias: Enari Kei
    Age: 19
    Height 6 feet, 3 inches
    Country: Rain, Amegakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Type: Shinobi
    Clan: Enari, Bloodline Bloodhounds of Rain

    Appearance: He has deep auburn hair and isn't proud of it. He is the tallest of his family, and one of the tallest of the village and isn't proud of it. He has gray eyes that are too bright for his face and he isn't proud of that, either. He is fully framed with muscle and while not completely muscular and toned, he appears healthy and fit. His dark copper hair falls in a large clump over his right side of his face while the rest seems to do whatever it wants, regardless of product and hats. He has a small, white scar on his neck under his left ear which runs down three inches. On the blade of his right hand is the clan symbol tattooed neatly. He got it the day after his name was recorded in the book. Ask him about it. It's his favorite subject.

    Clothing: His standard attire is basic non-shinobi attire, meaning casual slacks and a lightweight shirt with a jacket. When venturing above ground he wears a face mask that obscures the lower half of his head, a black flak jacket and tailored black trousers. He prefers loafers but usually wears tabi with grip to avoid slipping in the damp tunnels of Rain. Around his accommodations he rarely wears shoes, preferring to allow his feet to breathe. Though he has an extensive collection of trinkets and baubles, he doesn't wear accessories, thinking it's pointless. He doesn't feel the need to dress up, he already views himself as attractive enough.

    Personality: He is confident. Growing up believing he was a lackluster non-shinobi left Kei with some self esteem problems that thankfully were resolved. He is now a proud member of the Enari clan, even going so far to change his legal name, which the Warden, his father, didn't approve of. Because it is so rare to have more than one Enari in a direct familial tie, and even rarer is instances of parent-children ties, Kei has developed a reverence to the clan and a desire to bring glory to Rain and the Enari. He is also conceited but doesn't know it, and thinks everybody finds themselves as attractive as he does. He makes comments and assumes people know his intentions, so he can come off as subversive or shady, when he really means something else entirely. When frustrated, he has a tendency to get silent, and when provoked, he is quick to escalate. He also calms down quickly, which is a problem because he assumes others are over any personal issues far before they are.
    Archetype: Ghost Hound
    Merits: +2 Control, +1 Intelligence
    Flaws: -2 Strength, -1 Reserve

    Strength: 1 -2 + 17 = 16 [+8]
    Speed: 1 +21 = 22 [+20]
    Stamina: 1 +12 = 13 [+8]

    Power: 1 +20 = 21
    Control: 1 +2 +19 +3[T] +1[M]= 26
    Reserves: 1 -1 +21 = 21

    Intelligence: 1 +1 +15 = 17
    Tactics: 1 +14 = 15
    Willpower: 1 +11 = 12

    [1] Stage One [Control 2, Tactics 2]
    [2] Stage Two [Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4]
    [3] Stage Three [Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6]
    [4] Stage Four [Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12]
    [5] Stage Five [Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15]
    [6] Stage Six [Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15]

    [1] Proxy [Control 2, Tactics 2]
    [2] Decipher [Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4]
    [2] Motion [Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4]
    [3] Fuse [Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6]
    [4] Relocate [Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Control 12]
    [4] Multi-Trail [Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12]
    [5] Shield [Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14]
    [6] Morph [Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15]

    Higi no Kagemusha
    [1] Stage One [Speed 3, Stamina 3]
    [2] Stage Two [Speed 9, Stamina 5, Tactics 6]
    [3] Stage Three [Speed 11, Stamina 9, Tactics 8]
    [4] Stage Four [Speed 18, Stamina 15, Strength 10, Tactics 14]
    [4] Special Technique: Anchor

    [1] Razor Wire
    [0] Standard Shinobi Kit
    [7/8] Points Remaining

    It was a dark and stormy night. Dark because the lights were out and stormy because the hollow tubes reverberated with slush water and clanking echoes. Underground life was something Kei's mother had become accustomed to. She was an above ground woman, living in a city of nobles and politicians. When her chakra made an unpleasant announcement she was ushered underground to train, to become a noble ninja. That's what her family said. It was mostly out of misguided fear and shame.

    Emiko fell in love, or at least thought she did, when she met Arashi-san. He was an accountant's understudy and she had the opportunity to return home. They met, and the rest is history. They went underground together, Emiko as a shinobi and her husband serving as a sensory guard for one of the entrances to the underground village.

    When Kei was born, there was no doubt he would be a ninja. There was every doubt that he would inherit his father's sense. The Reisouhou didn't manifest evenly and very often skipped several generations, sometimes showing up once in an entire familial branch. Kei knew he wouldn't be an Enari, but he found solace that he could make his family proud in another way, by being a "noble ninja." He would train and return to his mother's birthplace to serve and protect the wealthy families.

    Kei had always known his father as the Warden. Late nights at the table were spent with his mother lamenting another mission into the complex sewers to fight another rat problem or petty thug. His father would sit there with papers, charting genealogy and drawing lines between pictures, obsessing over every detail. An Enari hadn't been born in his family for generations, and he was related through his grandmother's younger step-sister. He was trying to find an equation, any bloodline principle that would help him isolate who had the gift.

    Kei was ten when he went to the academy, and he was ten when he was discharged from the academy. Incapable of performing a single jutsu, he was deemed unable to control chakra and denied the ability to be a shinobi. His mother was only disappointed because he was, she only cared that Kei find purpose in his life. All she had sacrificed was so she could have a real family, a family she loved. Kei began taking advanced maths courses to broaden his abilities. If he were to be an accountant like his father, he would be the best. And so Kei studied principles of trigonometry, calculus, and all sorts of boring functions that his cooler shinobi friends despised. Living in a hidden village as a non-shinobi was only tough when his friends wanted to do something wild, otherwise, he was treated like an asthmatic friend. He could come along, he just wasn't allowed to do any fun stuff. Asthmatic Kei can go sit in a corner and wait, they would joke.

    School was of no interest to Kei. He excelled without intent and consistently scored in the top of the class. The plan for his life was simple, he would become an accountant and work with the population to keep infrastructure high. As his father always said, it costs money to make money.

    But at 15, Kei felt something strange. He passed by a man his age, a Maeda clan member of no consequence. The boy, pretty and confident looking, passed him without a glance. They bumped into each other and Kei braced himself on the man's forearm, apologizing sincerely. Kei forgot about that boy until two days later when he was passing through the market and he felt... something. An eerie presence like a thousand tiny pinpricks on his skin. His brain struggled to place the sense. It smelled like how red something seems when it's sunset, it sounded like the way lavender floated in the breeze and it looked like how mint jelly tastes. His skin gave up and finally his brain presented a picture in his mind, clear as a day without clouds. The Maeda boy.

    Within a minute he had entered a side shop and there he was, shopping.

    While many Enari weren't shinobi, to be a flunked out ninja and "sudden genius Enari" seemed improbable, yet Kei continued over the next month demonstrating his ability. Over and over he would attune his sense to a citizen and then follow their trail, with different Enari by his side to observe. The results were staggering, Kei's ability to focus on the "feel" of a river was exemplary. He had an innate understanding on the sense, which was the one thing that couldn't be taught.

    Kei ran headfirst into training. Day in and out he practiced his sense, focused and deliberate. It was this understanding of the feel of chakra that awakened his ability to mold his own, so as one of the oldest entries, Kei attempted to join the Academy. He was denied a second time at 16, instead taking several practical exams and speaking with several jounin, who promoted him to chuunin because of his understanding of his bloodline and extensive tactical knowledge. As a nonshinobi, he was well versed in math but his expertise was war command and world history. So in an unforeseen move, he was permitted the rank of "Trial Chuunin," and given limited scope operations so he could serve as a shinobi tutor, with focus on chakra sense. His ninjutsu wasn't amazing, but his control was remarkable. When working with shinobi, something clicked with his pupils, and they understand a little more what this intense blue power is that emanates from their cores. Within two months he was working with three dozen genin and academy students, lecturing them, instructing them on chakra. Kei would laugh after a break through, giving all the credit to his Enari blood, stating "It's easy to give you notes on your chakra when I can sense it on every pore."

    Kei proved to fervently seek the powers of the Enari, devoting himself to unlocking its secrets. This power revelation stirred in him a desire to flourish, to show the world and his land that he wasn't just an accountant's son or Noble's money manager, he was a trained young adult with ability. Years of being "ordinary" and "normal" had softened him, allowing a sense of complacency, but this new power... meant he was special. And he had to prove it.

    He had to be exceptional. He met with clan members, secluding himself to discuss the Bloodline. His friends grew distant, his family worried, and still Kei pursued. He needed to fully own his ability. To be the best, to prove that this was destiny. He began working solo shifts at the various guard stations, watching Rain nin enter in and out. It was numbing work but Kei worked diligently, never complaining, much to his family's surprise.

    Over the years he trained with wires, practicing the control of them to trap and bind. He was going to be a Hunter-Nin, he told his father. Being a guard and a shinobi tutor was nice, but it wasn't promotion worthy. It had no wow factor. It had no sparkle. He couldn't become a household name and bring honor to his ability with a pristine record of "watching the door."

    Late at night Kei sensed a disturbance. A man he had seen numerous times, a high ranking jounin, was leaving the sewers while Kei stood watch. The man had clearance and poise but Kei sensed something different. His river was unusually deep, and had a strong clarity to it, which was unusual. It also tasted different, dry. He immediately launched his wires, restraining the man. The fight that broke out resulted in severe injuries to Kei, but a trapped jounin. Interrogation proved the man was a disguised spy sent by Rain's forced aboveground to find the hidden village and plan a coup. The village secret was safe and Kei was commended on single-handedly restraining a ninja of superior skill.

    Kei was promoted at the age of 19 to jounin, proving to his family that some things are worth the wait. His goal now?

    Master his bloodline, destroy Rain's opponents, and become the strongest Hunter-Nin in Rain.
    Other Info
    Hates living underground and loves real sunlight.
    Skilled with physics and mental math, as he was raised by an accountant.
    Is knowledgeable about civilian life, having lived it.
    Purposefully skulks about at night to tempt criminals.
    Wants to marry a nonshinobi so they can be Warden.
    Will probably never marry.

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    It looks pretty good. Your character picture is broken and there were random off words throughout the bio almost as if you were expecting me to find something in them. But at times I have the memory of a goldfish so I forgot.

    I will stamp my Rain GM Approval on this.
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      Stats and everything work out too. Half'd down boots.
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        Halfed. Quick, someone find Riz and tell her someone finally made a character for the Enari lol . . .


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          Half-Approved, everything checks out.

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