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Eikyou Shinn - Rain Jounin

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  • Eikyou Shinn - Rain Jounin

    Name: Eikyou Shinn
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'10

    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Rain/Amegakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: None/Retired Special Forces

    Physical Description
    Shinn, upon first impressions, obviously does not practice any form of hand to hand Taijutsu regularly. His biceps are not bulging, his stomach does not house a six pack(though it is flat), and most of all, his buns are not "of steel". His skin tone is pale, frighteningly pale, as if he's dying on the inside.

    His eyes are hazel, and hold a passive. If a man's eyes are the windows to his soul, Shinn's eyes are a portal to pandemonium. His hair is black and cut cleanly at an inch or two about shoulderline (and is usually kept so, unless it's grown out and he's too lazy to get it trimmed and it grows out). Outside of battle, Shinn's face often lacks expression, though now he's adopted a certain 'life' to himself and does smile, though sadly.

    In terms of markings on his body, Shinn's birthmark is a blotch on his right rib cage that, with imagination, could almost pass for a skull, and small scar on his right forearm that bears resemblance to a bone. His hands are fairly callused from having accidentally cut or pricked himself while working with kunai, while there are already signs of wrinkles upon his forehead, for having furrowed his brow so many times in furious concentration.


    Shinn doesn't care much for what he wears these days, as long as it feels comfortable. He has no set uniform or attire beyond the "casual" style. These generally include black, semi-loose pants are worn over his legs, just enough so that the leggings of the pants sway and flap slightly in the wind - bandages wrap the bottom so they don't drag on the ground. Over his body is a light beige long sleeve shirt with a oak brown trim, hanging down to his thighs. On top of everything is a sweeping grey cloak. The hood is usually left pulled up, while the front is wrapped shut. There are a few buttons and straps here and there, which Shinn likes to have them dangle loosely. To 'top' it all off, Eikyou Shinn wears black Shinobi sandals.

    His Yin and Yang umbrellas are stored in a 'sheath' strapped to his back, going down from his right shoulder to his left hip. Two masks are in his possession, though they remain stowed away in a case underneath his bed.

    Shinn's forehead protector is wrapped firmly around his forehead. The cloth is black, to match with the rest of his dress, while the plate is intentionally unpolished (so that it doesn't reflect any light to give away his position). On missions, however, he forgoes the headband.

    Shinn, for the majority of his life, was a coldblooded killer. Desensitized to violence and with an unheard of propensity to bloodshed, he was one of Rain's greatest weapons, armed with techniques of unheralded power. With a soul as black as night, enemy Military soldiers would quake in their boots just upon seeing his mask as he approached them from afar, eliminating them from the face of the earth. The Youkai were his family, his everything. Then he became a conflicted warrior upon his induction to the glorious Kouken. His duty was no longer to kill, but to become a saviour for Amegakure. A hero. But the expectations upon his shoulders mounted and he broke, unable to keep up with what was required of him.

    Now, Shinn is a solitary individual who simply wants to be left alone - not because he's angry or depressed, but because he doesn't want to be used or be seen as a weapon anymore. His days of ruthless killings are over, and he'd much rather settle down to a quiet of a life as possible. Somewhat gruff and rough around the edges, Shinn is full of regrets and things he wishes he never did - and that is the burden that keeps him going from day to day, the hope that he can somehow gain forgiveness for what he's done.

    Nindo: I want to be my own person, not a soulless tool of Amegakure, not an instrument of death. Just someone who can be left in his own peace.

    Primary Archetype:
    Elemental Specialist (Water)
    Special: One free low level technique of the element.
    Primary: Chakra
    Secondary: Own Choice (Mental)
    Tertiary: Own Choice (Physical)
    Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength

    Secondary Archetype:
    Human Battery
    Stat Merit: +2 to Reserves, +1 to Power
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower


    Power: 1 + 3(HB/ES) + 19(Pool) + 3(AP) +9(Thread) = 35
    Control: 1 + 27(Pool) + 3(AP) +2(Thread) = 33
    Reserves: 1 + 3(HB) + 14(Pool) + 3(AP) + 10(Thread) = 31

    Intelligence: 1 + 14(Pool) +7(Threads) + 3(AP) +1(Thread)= 26
    Tactics: 1 - 2(ES) + 15(Pool) + 6(Thread)= 20
    Willpower: 1 - 1(HB) + 21(Pool) +4 (Thread) = 25

    Physical (Tertiary)
    Strength: 1 - 2(HB/ES) + 12(Pool) + 4 (Thread)= 15 (+11 Aiaigasa)
    Speed: 1 - 1(HB) + 16(Pool) +1(Thread)= 17 (+16 Aiaigasa)
    Stamina: 1 + 12(Pool) = 13 (+7 Aiaigasa)

    Jutsu and Techniques

    Global Ninjutsu & SF Swaps
    Stage One
    Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Switch] (Academy 1)

    Stage Two
    Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu [Tree/Wall Walking] (Academy 2)

    Stage Three
    Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu no Jutsu (Hidden Explosion Technique) [EOE 1]

    Stage Four
    Tessayose no Jutsu (Iron Chain Calling Technique) [EOE 2]

    Stage Five
    Hunter Shunshin [EOE 3]
    Replacing: Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)
    Rasengan (Spiral Sphere) [Thread]

    Stage Six
    Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) [Jutsu Point]

    Stage Seven
    Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding Shadow Clone Technique) [Engiversary]

    Global Genjutsuand Swaps
    Stage One
    Fukushi no Jutsu [Double Vision] (Academy 3)

    Stage Two
    Mesai no Jutsu [Camouflage] (Academy 4)

    Stage Three
    Atama Kusari No Jutsu [Chained Mind] (Freebie 1)
    Genjutsu Kai [Release] (Thread)

    Stage Four
    Shroud of Darkness
    Replacing: Nemuri (Sleep)
    Requirements:Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

    Stage Five
    Replacing: Genmu no Henshuubyou (Visions of Paranoia)
    Requirements: Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15

    Kuro Suiton and Swaps
    Stage One
    Oil Walking (Freebie 2)

    Stage Two
    Acid Edge (Freebie 3)

    Stage Three
    Kuro Suiton: Kokuu no Jutsu (Freebie 4)

    Stage Four
    Acid Spout (Freebie 5)

    Stage Five
    Superior Oil Clone (Freebie 6)

    Stage Six
    Napalm Rain (Freebie 7)
    Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

    Napalm Shunshin
    Replacing: Eagle's Wings
    Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15,

    Replacing: Open Slot
    Requirements: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17

    Stage Seven
    Napalm Dragon Typhoon (Earned via Thread)

    Shirou Suiton
    Stage One
    Water Creation (Archetype)

    Stage Two
    Water Sight (Freebie 8)

    Stage Three
    Mud Wall (Freebie 9)

    Stage Four
    Driving Rain (Freebie 10)

    Stage Five
    Pressure Spear (Freebie 11)
    Geyser (Thread)

    Stage Six
    Suijinheki (Thread)

    Stage Seven
    Rain of Nightmares (Thread)

    Aiaigasa (Under One Umbrella)
    Stage Four (Freebies 12/13/14/Thread)

    Rain Pebbles (1)
    Kunai (2)
    Yin Umbrella (8)
    Yang Umbrella (3)
    Arm Guards - 3

    Weapon Points Remaining: 3
    Weapon Points Gained: 0

    Evanescent like the scent of decay
    I was fading from the race...

    I was born in Sector Two of Amegakure, into a world of poverty, into a life of solitude. My father was a Chuunin of Hidden Rain, while my mother was without occupation. Since my old man was usually out on simple missions or being yelled at for bumbling those said missions, he was never around that much, which explains why we lived in Sector Two. I don't think I'll ever get rid of the smell of burning oil and smoke from my nose.

    Every day was the same. wake up, mess around with a few friends, wander the canals to look for shiny things, come home and eater the few meager morsels of food we could afford, lounge around, then sleep. Of course, it was during the 'lounging' time that I would experiment with things, even at such a young age. I would try and piece together imaginary weapons from the junk I'd find in the canals and around the sector. It was when I was putting together said 'playthings' that I would have the most fun, for then I'd get to hunt spiders and rats to test out my weapons (foreshadowing, perhaps?) At first I was afraid that I would get lost within the sewers, but I always left myself a trail back to Sector Two, so I eventually became comfortable with it.

    I took a sick sort of pleasure in finding live animals to torture and kill. I'd find and catch rats, skin them, and watch them convulse and twitch as they'd die. I'd introduce insects of different colonies and species to each other just to watch them tear themselves apart in a vicious war. After a while, however, I grew bored.

    I was about seven years old when it happened. I was playing around with one of my few peers inside the sewers. A simple game of Hide and Seek; I was the one to hide, and he was the seeker. Although I was so young, it hit me. I could 'play around' with another human being, something infinitely greater than a poor animal. And so I did. I found him bumbling aimlessly through the dank tunnels, and watched as he tried to look inside crevices and behind boxes. I began to pick at him, throwing rocks and garbage, while giggling and whispering horrible things (horrible at that age, I suppose). I began to throw sharper, more jagged rocks that would cut into his skin, and soon after that, he started to scream and flee wildly, with tears streaming down his face.

    It was weird, but I liked it.

    When in despair, my darkest days
    Ran amok and forged her face

    It wasn't even a question; when I turned nine I entered the Academy in Sector Three. I didn't dream of becoming a lightning-fast Taijutsu fighter, a mind-shattering Genjutsu torturer, or a fearsome Ninjutsu specialist. I just wanted to become a passable ninja so that my mother wouldn't have to worry about me so much.

    Ah, and then I discovered what you could really do with Ninjutsu. There were so many applications! You could strike from any which direction, and all it required was a simple sequence of hand seals. Of course, I was horrible at making those signs. It'd take me three or four tries before I managed to carry out with the jutsu. It was hard going, those days, but I slowly got the hang of it. Once every so often, I'd 'play around' with somebody my age. It wasn't so frequent that it drew any attention, but happened enough so that my dark hunger was sated. The new twist that gave me a new level of enjoyment was that my targets were now also being trained in the Shinobi arts. They would be equally, if not more, skilled than I was. The games became much more interesting and enjoyable. I would simply watch as they entered the canals, wait for twenty minutes, then go in after them and hunt. I'd follow their trails and ignorant signs of passing, then throw them into chaos.

    As I grew older, the problem became more severe. I started doing this more and more often. It eventually became an issue where Shinobi were assigned a mission to capture the culprit, and unfortunately, I was caught. Punished and screamed at, I was deterred from continuing in my "extracurricular" activities again. Or so I had said. I simply continued on with terrorizing the canals in my childlike manner, always making sure that I had a rock-solid alibi for when I was accused (and I was accused rather often). However, despite my attempts, I was caught yet again, and punished yet again.

    From the fairest of handmaidens...

    Genin to Chuunin, Chuunin to...well, Chuunin. I had finally stopped menacing the sewer labyrinth, for real this time around. The reason? I was made into a hunter-nin, so now I could put my twisted talents to actual use in helping Amegakure. They realized the potential I had in hunting, and in scare tactics, so I assume the logical conclusion they came to when dealing with me was to make use of my abilities and assign me as a hunter. I had been a Chuunin for about 5 years, and was roughly 21 at this time. Was I ashamed to be a 21 year old Chuunin? Not really. I was about on par with the rest of the Genin I had graduated with in Amegakure's Academy. Of course, there were the typical prodigies that had already ranked up to Jounin, but I wasn't one of those brainiacs or powerhouses. I didn't mind in the slightest, because I knew that for all of the show they had on the outside, they were scared of something on the inside. I knew I was capable of boring through their defenses to exploit and become the manifestation of what they feared most.

    It was when I was about 24 that something big happened. I was above ground in a triad with two other Chuunin, and we accidentally stumbled onto a Rain Country National Army encampment. Things were bound to escalate, and fast. Problem was, there were a lot of them, and three of us. About fifty freaking soldiers versus one average and two green Chuunin. Ten or so ran for it to raise an alarm while the other forty stayed back, intrigued. The fight was vicious. I fought with a feral nature, using my Ninjutsu to tear my enemies apart...but we were losing. One of my teammates had already died, while the other was horribly maimed. I was soaked in blood and revelling in the death happening around me, yet at the same time I was, I admit it, scared. Scared that I would die there. Then suddenly the warcries of the enemy became screams of agony. Music to my ears. A figure in dark robes and a terrifying mask arrived, killing off the entire encampment effortlessly, long hair flowing in the wind. By her slim build and graceful movement - no, flight - it must have been a woman. What a deadly combination, beauty and lethality. Then she disappeared as suddenly she appeared, to finish off those soldiers who had gone to send up the alert.

    Only two minutes had passed before shrieks of terror rang through the air.

    To a slick perverted wraith.

    Twenty-five rolled around, and I was a Jounin. I had surpassed my late father (he finally managed to get himself killed). My skills had increased, as now I was considered an elite hunter. Using water and acid (a strange combination, I know, but effective nonetheless), every single one of my targets did not escape. My kill count was up to about forty seven at that time. I was sent on a mission, a hunt. There was a C-Rank missing-nin fleeing capture by hiding in the canals. It seemed sort of lame, to be sending an elite hunter to find a low ranking criminal, but I did what I was told to do. The traitor in question wasn't listed as dangerous enough to warrant veterans to go pick him off, but was good enough to give a couple of new Jounin a challenge.

    It was a few weeks into the hunt that we finally found the man. Driven to the brink of insanity by the twisting and turning pathways of the sewers, he attacked us in a frenzy. It should have been an effortless, clean victory for us. Unfortunately, errors do occur. This guy was at least B-rank, maybe even A-rank. What made him so deadly, however, was that he had nothing to lose. He battled with an animalistic ferocity, ripping us apart so quickly and savagely that I thought 'Surely, this is the end.' Thankfully, it wasn't. For the second time in my life, the Youkai, the very same from before, came to the rescue. My other two teammates had perished, so it was myself and the Demon against the deranged fugitive. No, I lie. It was the only the Demon, because I was half dead. The Youkai did things I'd never seen before, and yet in the end, I was the cause of her death. I was afraid of dying, so I began to cry out shamelessly. I yelled out for the gods to save me, and in doing so, I distracted the Demon for a split second. She must have averted her eyes to see the cause of the annoying din, and in that one moment (which lasted an eternity in my teary eyes as I watched her fall), a kunai lodged itself in her throat.

    Death has arrived.

    Once I recovered, I continued the hunt. I killed the target without remorse, letting the fear build up inside his mind as everywhere he turned he would run into me. I let the process run for several days, where he would scramble around in the tunnels, I would strike him for a few moments, and then let him go. I made sure he paid for his crimes. When I returned, my soul at peace for finishing the job the Youkai had started, I found out my mother had passed. I couldn't have cared any less, because death was now just
    another routine part of my life.

    Sometime after I turned twenty-six, I was inducted into the Youkai to replace the one who had, if you will, saved my life. I was good at killing, hell, better than most were. Good enough to be recognized as a Youkai, anyway, and I was glad I was picked up by the Demons of Rain. It only gave me more opportunities to kill. The only problem was that as a new Youkai, my targets were none too tough. Sure, for the average Shinobi it probably would have been a hard assassination, but for one as versed in the ways of death-dealing such as I, it was hardly anything. My first enticing battle was actually against another Youkai. I suppose it's been heard of and done before, Youkai vs Youkai. The punk (who was actually one year my senior) ticked me off frequently enough, talking about his "superior tactics" and "battle ability" that it got on my bad side. So I figured, "What the hell," and approached him, agreeing to take it to the canals and settle the matter in the only way we know how: a blood match. I'll admit, it was one hell of a fight, and I'll admit, the bugger was strong. I didn't walk away from that scene unscathed. To be honest, I was dripping with blood, some of it mine, most of it his. I actually didn't expect somebody else to be as strong as I was, but now I knew, and so I respect the other Youkai enough not to attack them.

    A plus to winning the battle, besides being alive, was the elation. I had killed a Youkai, proving my excellence and strength.

    I'm now twenty-nine years of age, and a master of death. I both evade it and hand it out as I choose. Self-proclaimed Shinigami? Of course not. Not yet. But I do not lie when I say that the people I want dead do eventually end up dying. Slowly, and in fear. Nothing scares people more than what they do not understand, especially if what they do not understand is killing them. Life is both fickle and fleeting, even more so if I happen to be on the hunt. I am a demon of Hidden Rain. Angels shall fall and the heavens will quake as I tear my victims asunder.
    Other Info:
    Shinn hates ramen because everybody else loves it.
    Ever since he joined the Youkai, he's started to use the word 'hell' a lot.

    Thread Log
    10/18/06 - Pass Go, Collect Mr. Moneybags: 3 Points [+2 INT, +1 WILL]
    10/25/06 - Have at thee! Thy fear arises!: 3 points [+3 Reserves]
    10/26/06 - Misdirection!? Decieve the Military!: 3 points [+1 Reserves, +1 Tactics, Purchased "Napalm Dragon Typhoon" from the Kuro Suiton tree]
    ?/?/? - Exorcism . . . ? 3 points, +2 willpower and Kai
    11/21/06 - General Interrogation: 3 points [+1 WILL, +1 STR, Purchased "Shroud of Darkness" Global Gen Swap]
    The Game Begins 4 points, Napalm Sunshin, +1 Power, +2 Strength
    ?/?/? - Weapons? All Mine 3 points, +1 Control, +1 Speed, swap:eruption
    ?/?/? - A Little Research...: 4 points, +3 tactics, swap: Oblivion
    ?/?/? - The Search for Oil: 4 points, +2 tactics, + 1 reserves, Suijinheki
    ?/?/? - AP Used: Rain of Nightmares, Stage Four Aiaigasa
    3/12/07 - EoE award added.
    ?/?/? - *Revival of Malice: +1 Control, +2 Power
    ?/?/? - Pre-Op and Scrubbing In: +2 Reserves
    ?/?/? - AP Used: +1 Control
    11/13/07 - Description fields updated and picture added, also cleaned up the thread log and added in "?/?/?" where dates were not listed by original thread raters.
    12/15/07 - Edited swaps according to new rules.
    01/25/08 - Updated for entrance into Kouken.
    04/09/08 - The True Lords of Ame no Kuni: +2 Reserves, +1 Power
    12/14/08 - Swapped out Mist Clone for Water Sight due to list edits.
    1/25/09 - Personality update.
    6/30/09 - The Old and the New +3 Power, 3 AP on Intelligence
    12/6/10 - Demons and Dolls +1 Power, +2 Intelligence
    3/31/11 - Engiversary : Rasengan
    7/25/14 - Brain Tryst +1 Intelligence, +1 Strength, Rasengan

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    Control: 1 + 1 (NS) + 26(Pool) + 2(AP) = 30

    What is NS?

    Other than that, everything looks fine.

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      Beh, that's what I get for playing around with archetypes a few hours before I post up the character. Thanks for the catch, sushyi. Fixed up.


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        Oh, okay.

        I know shirou will somehow end up shooting me in the ass for this, because she'll probably find something I'll never find, but eh.

        .5 Approved.

        Sushy's Jounin Ladies --
        The Dead, The Bitch, The Alchemist, The Lady, The Haunted
        SR, Hensou, Roots, Navy, ???

        Her Tools & Her Abilities

        AP LEFT TO GIVE AWAY: 64


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          I'm only human, Sushyi.

          Turn off emoticons in your first post to get rid of those 's and I'll approve.


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            Rain GM approval for Youkai


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              Stupid sunglasses smilies D: Disabled, anyway.


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                Hmmm nice. I shall APPROVE as well. If I count correctly that's 3.5 Approvals now. And all your equipment appears to be in the information section already so I see no reason to not MOVE this while I'm at it.