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Youkai: Meinaka Ishuro [Sennin]

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  • Youkai: Meinaka Ishuro [Sennin]

    Name: Meinaka Ishuro
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'10"

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Amegakure
    Rank: Sennin
    Division: Youkai

    Physical Description: Ishuro is the product of a lifetime of strife and single-minded commitment. Having spent his whole 26 years underground, Ishuro is pale from overdose of fluorescent light. His skin is smooth and visually perfect. Upon inspection, however, it is littered with scars, thin and white that blend into the rest of him. While his shoulders are naturally about average width, Ishuro's form has been filled out considerably by muscle, making him bigger and bulkier than it looks like he really should be. Both of Ishuro's narrow eyes are a ruddy brown and convey a sense of heartlessness. Above either eye are thin, brown eyebrows. Ishuro's face is long, but healthily fleshed. His hair is cut short and wisps out away from him in little curls. Ishuro's hair is a middle tone of brown with natural red highlights, but streaks of the highlight color have been enhanced to be a dark crimson.

    Clothing: The base of Ishuro's typical mission outfit is a black, formfitting, sleeveless undershirt which conforms to his body comfortably. Over the shirt is a coat made of modified canvas, which lends the jacket sturdiness. The coat is a blackened red, the color of dried blood which often decorates the surface during a mission. Extending to just below Ishuro's waist, the coat is often left open down to about the middle of its wearer's chest. The collar of the coat is high, sticking straight up and obscuring Ishuro's chin when closed. Ishuro's pants are made of the same material as his jacket, but are completely black. The pants are baggy and loose to a fashionable extent, as Ishuro refuses to sacrifice combat capability to look good. His shoes are similar to the common shinobi sandal, besides the fact that they are completely closed (showing no skin at all) and are black rather than the traditional navy. Ishuro usually wears black gloves with metal plates over the back of the hand which bear Amegakure's symbol. His actual headband has been modified into a collar which he wears around his neck. Kunai and other such small items are either stored in internal pockets of the coat or on small pouches attached a belt run through Ishuro's pants.

    Personality: Vicious. Sadistic. Bitchy. Ishuro is many things to many people, having experienced a great deal in his life as a shinobi. He has a reputation as a borderline psychopath, with a jarring capacity for apathy, violence, and casual malice. Ishuro takes a certain amount of pleasure in his work that toes the line of acceptability, even for a member of the Youkai. Within the village, Ishuro is known as a bully, a jerk, and a hedonist, overindulging whenever he wants to while fully expecting others to crumple and submit to him. He uses his power and authority as a bludgeon among his peers and as a finely honed razor against his enemies.

    The truth is that Ishuro is stunted. Having quickly ascended the ranks, and with a generally repellant and difficult personality, Ishuro has become stuck somewhere between child and adult. He's aggressive, short-tempered, and petty, but respects strength, skill, and intelligence while being willing to shoulder responsibility for the whole village. Ishuro has acute feelings of alienation and isolation, yet his attempts to reach out to others come off as forced and awkward. In many respects, Ishuro is a manchild, any hope of normalcy ruined by exceptional talent and a series of bad decisions.

    Nindo: "I'll have you fall for me."
    Clan/Bloodline: None
    Archetypes: Blade Dancer/Cavalier
    +1 to Strength, +3 to Speed, +1 to Tactics
    -2 Intelligence, -2 to Reserves, -1 to Willpower

    - Strength: 1+1+18+5+15=40 [+35 Fierce God Fist]
    - Speed: 1+3+26+10=40 [+35 Sleeping Blue Dragon]
    - Stamina: 1+16+3+20= 40 [+28 Fierce God Fist]
    - Intelligence: 1-2+17+1+7+1+3=30
    - Tactics: 1+1+14+2+8+4=30
    - Willpower: 1-1+19+3+7+1+3=33
    - Power: 1+12+3+4+9=29
    - Control: 1+14+3+3+9=30
    - Reserves: 1-2+14+4+9=26

    Archetype Pool AP/Anniversary Thread GMAP Promotion

    Jutsus and Techniques
    Global Genjutsu
    [Stage 1] - Double Vision
    [Stage 2] - Camouflage
    [Stage 3] - Genjutsu Kai
    [Stage 4] - Inflict Emotion
    [Stage 5] - Internal Spawn
    [Stage 6] - Insane Wavelength [Gensou no Udai]

    Global Ninjutsu and Sand Forgotten Arts
    [Stage 1] - Kawarimi
    [Stage 1] - Desert Poison: One [Open Slot]
    [Stage 2] - Wall Walking
    [Stage 2] - Desert Poison: Two [Open Slot]
    [Stage 3] - Desert Poison: Three [Open Slot]
    [Stage 4] - Shunshin
    [Stage 4] - Desert Poison: Four [Open Slot]
    [Stage 5] - Desert Poison: Five [Open Slot]
    [Stage 6] - Desert Poison: Six [Open Slot]

    Kuro Suiton
    [Stage 1] - Acid Spit
    [Stage 2] - Acid Edge
    [Stage 3] - Greater Oil Clone
    [Stage 4] - Acid Spout
    [Stage 4] - Acid Cloud

    Sleeping Blue Dragon
    [Stage 4] - Four Point Thrust
    [Stage 5] - Back Cut
    [Stage 6] - Four Direction Cut
    [Stage 7] - Hyper Cutting
    [Stage 7] - Bonuses: +35 Speed, +28 Strength

    Those Lacking Opacity
    [Stage 1] - Cast Off
    [Stage 2] - All Seeing Eye
    [Stage 3] - Shadow Drop
    [Stage 4] - No Sound
    [Stage 4] - Spirit Diminish
    [Stage 5] - Unseen Step
    [Stage 6] - Hiding With Camouflage

    The Fierce God Fist
    [Stage 7] - Bonuses: +35 Strength, +28 Stamina
    [Stage 4] - Clothesline [Fierce God's Strong Legs]

    The Celestial Gates
    [Stage 1] - Kai-Mon
    [Stage 2] - Kyu-Mon
    [Stage 3] - Sei-Mon
    [Stage 4] - Sho-Mon
    [Stage 5] - To-Mon
    [Stage 6] - Kei-Mon
    [Stage 7] - Kyo-Mon
    [Stage 8] - Shi-Mon

    Shinigami no Nemuri (Hidden Large Blade in a paper parasol) - 4
    Antidotes - 3
    Weapon Points Remaining: 1
    Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

    One night, as I was slaughtering those fools who call themselves soldiers, I realized that one of them was hiding from me. Amid the maimed bodies which littered the floor, there was one man still breathing besides myself. Silently, I turned my head just enough to see him, backed into a corner and slumped against the ground. He was terrified, eyes dilated like a scared animal. When he saw me looking at him, his feet started shuffling against the blood-slicked floor, trying to back away. I must admit, it made me happy.

    With a single motion, I flicked the last bit of blood off the Shinigami no Nemuri before carefully sliding it back into the disguised sheath which I held in my right hand. The small click it made filled the silent room and caused the man to jump as if it were an explosion. Smiling, I turned my whole body towards him and walked slowly, savoring the various looks of horror which played across my plaything's face.

    When I arrived two steps before him, I stopped. He had started stuttering something, obviously attempting to speak. On one hand, I could kill him instantly and let it be over with. On the otherwas weird, but I was definitely better than all of them. When I graduated, I was put with a jounin sensei and a second genin.

    The genin was rather afraid of me, for she found me creepy as well as weird. Not caring about her insignificant opinions in the least, the time I spent with her was mostly spent ignoring her. The jounin, being a jounin, wasn't put off by me in the least, and that fact made him the first person I ever respected. During the genin years, I began to practice Sleeping Blue Dragon Iaijutsu, but not with a concealed weapon.

    As a genin, I was forced to run various ridiculously boring missions along with mildly pleasurable ones involving killing soldiers. On such missions, it was difficult to control my blood lust, and I had to concentrate to not cut up either of my teammates. My combat ability was incredible for a genin, however, and I was soon promoted to chuunin by request of my sensei.

    Being a chuunin was slightly better than being a genin. The teams I ran missions with were usually different, allowing me to try to dissect the personality of a different person each time. I completely stopped running any missions which didn't have a chance of bloodshed, and my mission log become decorated with completed slaughter after completed slaughter. A slowly expanding skill set was multiplying the ways to torture and kill (though I only let myself torture when not in the presence of teammates).

    After a few years, protecting other chuunin from myself was becoming a chore. As such, when the chance presented itself, I made perhaps the most gruesome choice of my entire life. My currently assigned teammate was much weaker than myself and had most likely only been chosen for the mission because of my strength and experience. Knowing that his death would be quite believable if I said we got separated, I began to plan. After eliminating all legitimate targets for the mission, I killed the chuunin in a flash of steel and blamed it on the soldiers. Amegakure still doesn't know what truly happened.

    When I'd accumulated enough completed missions, I was promoted again to jounin rank. That was when I had the Shinigami no Nemuri constructed. The deadly beauty became my constant companion, the weapon that no one suspected. With the sword in hand, I resumed taking missions. My life must have been watched, for the shadowy Youkai contacted me roughly a year after being a jounin.

    They offered me my current position, essentially unlocking riskier, and thus more enjoyable, missions. The transition to becoming a Youkai was almost unnoticeable. I occasionally partnered with another Youkai, but I'd lost nothing (having had little to begin with). While in Amegakure, of course, I am forced to wear the traditional garb of a Youkai, but I see no reason for them to care what I wear on the outside. After all, there's never been anyone alive to report about me.

    I realized that I was laughing loudly, and my mind refocused on where I actually was. The people of the city had all decided to keep their distance: I'd apparently been laughing to myself for awhile. I ceased the noise, and then coughed once into the back of my left hand. When I reached the edge of the city, I walked casually into the darkness beyond.

    Other Info
    -Due to living underground his whole life, Ishuro doesn't fare well with sunshine, leading to constant use of the umbrella function of his weapon when outside in daylight. Conversely, Ishuro is rather found of rain and snow is a cause for elation
    -Though he has killed a rain nin, the cover-up was flawless. He has, of course, been questioned about the mission in question, but has never been accused of being the cause of death.
    -Ishuro is left-dominant. He is left-handed, left eye dominant, left foot dominant, and so on.

    Mission Log
    [09/24/06] - A Rainy Day Ambush +1 Willpower, +1 Stamina, [Four Point Thrust]
    [10/17/06] - Pass Go, Collect Mr. Moneybags +2 Stamina, [Back Cut]
    [12/26/06] - Wraith's Revenge: Venom's Birth +1 Stamina, +2 Strength, [Acid Cloud]
    [02/05/07] - Wraith's Revenge: Venom's First Strike +2 Strength, [Smoke Sight]
    [02/16/07] - Wraith's Revenge: Venom's Hunt Part A +1 Strength, +1 Tactics, [No Sound]
    [02/19/07] - Revival of Malice +3 Stamina
    [02/20/07] - Wraith's Revenge: Venom's Hunt Part C +2 Tactics, [Stage 6 SBD]
    [02/24/07] - Wraith's Revenge: Blood is Thicker Than Water +3 tactics
    [00/00/07] - AP +10 Speed, +5 Strength
    [03/25/07] - Typical, Another Cold Evening in Ame +3 Stamina
    [04/18/07] - An Atypical Morning in Ame +2 Stamina, +2 Tactics
    [00/00/07] - AP [Stage 7 SBD], [Four Direction Cut], [Hyper Cutting]
    [07/11/07] - Hand to Sword Contact +1 Stamina, [Shadow Sight]
    [08/02/07] - Wraith's Revenge: Venom of the Hydra
    [00/00/00] - AP +3 Stamina, and +3 Willpower, [Stage 3 FGF]
    [02/03/08] - Wraith's Revenge: The Beginning +1 Strength, +1 Willpower, [Stage 4 FGF]
    [02/08/08] - The Last Affair
    [02/29/08] - Back in Town
    [03/17/08] - A Day in the Life
    [04/28/08] - Rest for the Wicked
    [06/04/08] - Team Nine - Character, Setting, Exposition +2 Strength, [Stage 5 FGF]
    [07/09/08] - Team Nine - Pass Nagare, Collect Merchants +2 Strength, [Stage 6 FGF]
    [07/15/08] - Team Nine - Though We May Not Survive It +2 Strength, [Stage 7 FGF]
    [08/00/08] - GMAP +1 Intelligence, [Teacher's Pets], [Kai-mon]
    [08/00/08] - AP +2 Power
    [08/00/08] - GMAP [Kyu-Mon], [Sei-Mon]
    [09/13/08] - Team Nine - Through Tears and Steam +2 Stamina, [Sho-Mon]
    [09/05/08] - Team Nine - A New Teammate +1 Stamina, +1 Strength, [Kyo-Mon]
    [10/21/08] - Team Nine - Fear Through the Eyes of Madness +2 Stamina, [Kei-Mon]
    [11/16/08] - Team Nine - Don't Run, Don't Fear +2 Stamina, [To-Mon]
    [12/18/08] - Team Nine - The Curry of Life +2 Strength, [Shadow Drop]
    [01/00/09] - GMAP [Self Silence], [Sound and Spirit Diminish]
    [02/27/09] - AP +2 Intelligence, +1 Control
    [02/27/09] - Team Nine - Bondin' Time +1 Intelligence, +1 Control, [Insane Wavelength]
    [07/30/09] - Team Nine - The Challenge +2 Reserves, [Chameleon]
    [10/31/09] - Team Nine - Master and Apprentice +3 Intelligence
    [10/31/09] - GMAP +1 Willpower AP+1 Intelligence, +2 Tactics, +1 Power, +2 Control
    [04/17/10] - Roots in the Rain +3 Intelligence and GMAP [Clothesline]
    [05/31/11] - Team Nine - Samsara +3 Willpower and GMAP [The Art of Walking on Air]
    [??/??/??] - Ishuro Kills the World
    [05/07/12] - Global Ninjutsu Revamp - Walking on Air and Teacher's Pets dropped for +2 Power
    [06/14/12] - Ishuro and the Bed Bugs +2 Willpower, [Desert Poison: One]
    [06/17/12] - Civil Discourse +2 Power, [Desert Poison: Two]
    [07/24/12] - The Nature of Gods +2 Control, [Desert Poison: Three]
    [03/01/14] - TLO Edits
    [03/07/14] - Global Ninjutsu Revamp - Waterwalking replaced with Desert Poison: Five.
    [04/08/14] - I Scream Social +2 Reserves, [Desert Poison: Six]

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    Originally posted by ShineShedinja
    Physical - Primary

    Strength: 1 + 1 (BD) + 17 = 19 [+16 Sleeping Blue Dragon]
    Speed: 1 + 1 (BD) + 2 (Ca) + 27 = 30 [+25 Sleeping Blue Dragon]
    Stamina: 1 +15 = 16
    You have one more pool point to spend in physical (15 + 17 + 27 = 59). And for speed, 1 + 1 + 2 + 27 = 31, not 30.

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      Thank you, Chiru. Move that extra point of speed into strength and put the left over point into stamina.


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        Rain GM approval (this doesn't count as one of your 3 approvals, just an acceptance into the spec ops)


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          Rain GM approval (looks like me and Tigre posted at the same time =p)

          Well built character and Tigre assures me you're a good RPer. It's unfortunate you haven't picked up any of the Iaijutsu's special techniques but I'm sure stuff like that will come in time :3
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            Thank you both for the Youkai approval. And I do plan to pick up those special techniques...but I wanted that tentacle genjutsu. It fits him so perfectly, right?

            Anyway, seeing as my Hensou is out of the registry (again), I need this to please be moved so it can start acruing approvals.


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              Can't find a thing wrong.

              So, is this your first approval that "counts"?


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                Well, the other ones were from when this was in Unfinished and just stated that it was alright to get into Youkai. So, apparently, yes. XD

                And welcome back, Shirou!


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                  Everything looks good. Half'd.


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                    >:0 If Shirou says its ok then it is! Yosh! half-approval for you.
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                      Originally posted by CannonBall
                      Rain GM approval (looks like me and Tigre posted at the same time =p)
                      *jabs* you posted 30 minutes after him! XD

                      .5 Approved. Though I don't know if it matters anymore, with all these Rain GM approvals flopping around...

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