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Hyousetsu Kanji - Mist Jounin

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  • Hyousetsu Kanji - Mist Jounin

    Name: Hyousetsu Kanji
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’ 8

    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Water Country/Kirigakure
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: Medic

    Physical Description:
    He is a Hyousetsu. This single word easily encompasses most, if not all of his physical traits but one; his eyes. Light dominates the azure optics, of translucent tundra perfect in its arctic beauty. Though piercing, they hold no intimidation towards their target, but with a gentle sincerity of depth lost in the lazuline clarity. Thick lashes veil the steady gaze and slender brows born of an artist’s hand frame low and elegant to the deep-set eyes. His hair is of a darker hue, smoky sapphire gleaming an elusive blue in the light of day. Soft and light, the dark tresses refuse to fall flat, instead displaying in unruly spikes across his eyes and jaw.

    As most of his bloodline, Kanji exhibits a more feminine appearance than the normal male. His facial structure is smooth, with subtle cheekbones, a sharper jawline and smaller chin than the average male. He does possess an Adam’s apple, though hardly apparent, and finds little trouble with little and slow-growing facial hair he may have.

    His body too follows the general characteristics of the clan. With pale skin and long agile fingers, he has numerous times in his youth been mistaken for the opposite gender. He has a strong frame but one hardly evident beneath clothing. It’s a lithe figure, one which suggests little evidence of toned muscles latent beneath. In action, however, the façade is lifted to reveal a form well-trained in reflexes and power. One need only see the scars upon his body and calluses of his hands to realize the training endured and danger triumphed with this deceptive physique.

    What is the use of fancy attire, of long scarves and appealing tassels, of unnecessary buckles and leather straps when they can so easily be turned into an advantage for the enemy? Kanji often ponders over this question as he watches his fellow shinobi pass by. Won’t it be safer, not to mention cheaper and more practical if they wear something more… normal? That’s what he’s worn all his days of a shinobi and nothing has gone wrong.

    Being a Hyousetsu means there is rarely a need for more than two layers of clothing. A normal shirt provides the first layer, followed by a simple trench coat made of cotton or wool, long pants and normal sandals. His rapier is strapped to left hip on the belt, the weapons pouch to his left hip and his hitai-ate round his neck with the metal plate facing forward. He wears no accessories, enjoys earthen colors and, unlike many of his colleagues, would not be caught dead wearing the same garments for two days in a row. Out of battle and he’s most likely wearing something more traditional. Most days consists of wooden sandals, loose pants and two layers of robes; one as the undergarment and the outer coat.


    The Hyousetsu
    He is a perfect specimen of the Hyousetsu mindset; soft-spoken, civil, respectful to both allies and enemies alike and holding himself with the smooth composure that is the trademark of his clan. The man holds high pride in his lineage and holds the decision of the council and his clansmen to high esteem. The same goes for his family; the bond of kinship is not something to be trifled with. He cherishes them dearly and loves nothing more than to bask in the warmth of his bustling household.

    Being the second-born means caring for small band of younger siblings and cousins. One needs to read the subtle signs of another, whether by body or speech, in order to placid and reason with the target, especially when it’s a sulking six year old child on the verge of a tantrum. After years of practice born of necessity, Kanji had developed an unconscious empathy towards others and adjust himself accordingly. While initially a mindful and tiring process, it has over time intergraded with his personality. Posture, facial expression, vocal tone, sentence structure and wording all alter seamlessly to fit both the atmosphere and people so they are to feel at ease.

    The Acquaintance
    He’s an amiable person, quietly humble despite his bloodline and a reliable one to seek out when one has trouble, any type of trouble. The man is known for his ability to process problems in a logical and orderly manner, without bias or personal interjections, hence the reason he’s often the one forced to listen to his friend’s various woes. He rather not makes decisions for the problems; the possibility of his advice being the cause of altering another’s life scares the man. Instead he rather sit and remain mute, nodding agreeably and soothing their worries till they calm before advising a good night’s sleep and re-think the situation in the morning.

    Know him for a mere day and one will realize Kanji is an optimistic fellow. Not only that, but it appears the man’s mindset is stuck to that of a child’s emotional maturity. The jounin is extrovert; the notion of keeping one’s feelings private is wasted on this one. Even after this many years, Kanji still stands by his firm belief that age is no reason to suppress one’s sentiments from being revealed to others or even themselves. Emotions are there for a reason; to remind people of their humanity. Ignoring it will do nothing else but result in a living corpse without the ability to respond to anything but instinct. So don’t be surprised if one finds the twenty-four year old sulking over some childish loss.

    The Medic
    Focused and meticulous, Kanji takes his duty as a healer with the utmost importance. To him it is far from a rank or job, but the embodiment of his view of life. A life is, in the end, a life. Strip away name, identity, allegiance and heritage and everyone becomes the same; born of a mother and father, with family, friends, dreams and beliefs. No matter who it is, may they be enemy or ally; if someone dies their passing will almost definitely cause sadness. He is not god, nor is he so presumptuous to consider himself with the power to dictate another’s existence. Instead of causing such pain to others, he strives to minimize its presence. Anyone can kill; simply give them a weapon and a good reason. Not everyone can save.

    Like all other situation in Kanji’s life, the man takes medical situations with the same collected poise and logical analyze as he does with all problems. The patient always prioritizes before his own welfare and their safety before his. To lose a medic in a battle is a hard loss but not grievous. To lose an offensive power from the team, however, will almost definitely the defeat and possible annihilation of the whole squad.

    The Enemy
    When he does fight the man does not seek to kill but to win. Whether the enemy succumbs to exhaustion or another’s attack he cares not, so long as his team emerges victorious. If there is a necessity to exterminate all opposition, he rather take the supporting role and aid his comrades than attack the enemy. Of course life is rarely idealistic. He has slain many, as all shinobi would, but views it with high distaste and often results in a gloomy mood for the day.

    Nindo; “Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment when one’s scoop of ice-cream falls from the cone.”

    Clan/Bloodline: Hyousetsu

    Primary Archetype: Hyousetsu Clan Specialist
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, you gain one free jutsu from the Hyousetsu clan list
    Primary: Chakra
    Secondary: Mental
    Tertiary: Physical
    Stat Merit: +2 Power, +1 Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -2 Strength, -1 Tactics

    Secondary Archetype: Healer
    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Speed, -1 to Willpower


    Physical – Tertiary

    Strength: 1 - 2 - 1 + 16 = 14 + 10(Fenshingu) = 24 Level Four
    Speed: 1 - 1 + 13 + 2 [thread] = 15 + 11(Fenshingu) = 26 Level Four
    Stamina: 1 + 11 + 1 [thread] = 13 + 6(Fenshingu) = 19 Level Three

    Mental – Secondary

    Intelligence: 1 + 2 + 15 = 18
    Tactics: 1 – 1 + 18 = 18
    Willpower: 1 - 1 + 1 + 17 = 18

    Chakra – Primary

    Power: 1 + 2 + 20 = 23
    Control: 1 + 20 + 2 [thread] = 23
    Reserve: 1 + 1 + 20 = 22

    Jutsu and Technique:

    Fenshingu Sword Style

    Stage 3 – [thread]
    Accumulated Bonuses: +11 Speed, +10 Strength, +6 Stamina

    Hyousetsu Clan Bloodline

    Stage Six
    Requirements: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Tactics 15, Intelligence 17

    Name: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation) - Archetype Freebie
    Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

    Advanced Demonic Reflecting Ice Body - Freebie 7
    Requirements: Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Willpower 8

    Hyou Bunshin no Jutsu (Ice Clone Technique) – Freebie 8
    Requirements: Control 12, Tactics 10, Willpower 9, Reserves 12

    Kyokuteion (Extremely Low Temperature)
    Requirements: Tactics 18, Intelligence 17, Willpower 17, Power 14

    Hijutsu Tsurara no Mori (Secret Technique: Forest of Icicles) - AP
    Requirements: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 18, Tactics 17, Intelligence 17

    Medical Jutsu

    Stage 1:
    Shindan (Diagnosis) –Freebie 9
    Requirements: Control 2, Willpower 2

    Stage 2:
    Jokyo Dokubutsu (Poison Removal) – Freebie 10
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Power 5

    Stage 3:
    Chiyute No Jutsu: Karui (Healing Hands Technique: Minor) – Freebie 11
    Requirements: Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6

    Stage 4:
    Chiyute no Jutsu (Healing Hands Technique) – Freebie 12
    Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Control 12

    Stage 5:
    Chakra Enjintou (Chakra Scalpel) – Freebie 13
    Requirements: Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Willpower 16

    Stage 6:
    Chiyute No Jutsu: Ichidanto (Healing Hands Technique: Major) – Freebie 14
    Requirements: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15; Chiyute no Jutsu

    Global Ninjutsu

    Stage 1:

    Henge No Jutsu (Transformation Technique) - Academy 1
    Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

    Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) – Academy 2
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage 2:
    Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree/Wall Walking Technique) - Academy 3
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

    Stage 3:
    Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) - Academy 4
    Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

    Stage 4:
    Kooru Kihan (Frozen Shackles) - AP
    Replacing: Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris)
    Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

    Mist Genjutsu

    Stage 1:
    Kani Hokou (Crab Walk) - AP
    Requirments: Intelligence 3, Reserves 2

    Shuriken – 2
    Explosive Tags – 4
    Bandages – 1
    Anti-drug – 3
    Fuyu Tsubame – 10

    Weapons Points Remaining: 0
    Additional Weapons Points Gained: 0


    The childhood…
    …Was, like nearly all those of his bloodline, filled with joy and content. The oldest of three siblings and third of his generation, the boy’s earlier years were full of laughter and warmth that was his family. With a grand total of seventeen living in the giant three-story of a house, he had all the attention, discipline, love and teachings needed to a child, any child. To spend clouded afternoons scampering through the property in a game of tag with his cousins and siblings and raining nights mesmerized by stories of heroes and monsters told by his grandparents; even now Kanji considered his younger years perfect.

    Neither his parents nor any of the older generation were shinobi, as per the rule laid upon the clan twenty odd years ago. There were a select few who defied the rule and dared their lives as shinobi, but none under this roof. Peace was something rare for the clan and once in their grasp, something they was unwilling to relinquish. His family was content to remain invisible from society’s eye and live as normal civilians. Kanji, however, was different.

    The boy was not the brash or unreasonable type. He understood the reason for their secrecy, but like the select minority who had re-entered the military, he too believed that the old prejudgment had passed. And while he loved both his heritage and family dearly, he wished to show both that a new ear had arrived in Kirikagure. If they never venture out from the past, how would they see that the future had already come to pass? It was with this argument he brought forward to the clan’s council. After many hours of deliberation by the trio of elders, Kanji was given the permission to enter the Academy. There were two conditions; he must register under a fake family name and that he was not to learn the jutsu of his bloodline lest he might accidentally reveal the secret. To the two rules Kanji happily accepted, and at the age of nine, took his first step into the Academy.

    The first kill…
    …Was not a display of skill or valor, but an awkward affair of blood and bruises. The genin had little time to react when the attacker dove at his back from the rooftops. He barely managed to turn and tried to dodge but tripped on a jutting root, causing him to collide head-long into his startled attacker. The pair tumbled onto the ground and laid motionless. When the team sensei disposed of his own enemy and rushed over seconds later, he was terrified to find blood upon the boy. That soon changed to relief as the genin sat up, dazed but apparently uninjured save for a hard knock to the head. The blood was not his, but of the corpse’s; a kunai was embedded in his chest.

    It was then that Kanji took a step back and reviewed his choice of profession. Had he not fallen the one in the morgue could very likely have been him and not his assailant. He still remembered the shocked look of fear and agony overwhelming his enemy’s face as the blade pierced into his body. There was something wrong with it all, horribly so. He was just a normal person with family and friends who decided to make a living by selling the only thing he had; his life. He was not evil and his only fault in life was to choose to become a mercenary and attack Kanji. In the end, the one he killed was just like himself and his team-mates, but of the opposing side.

    Up till that point the Hyousetsu hadn’t considered his future. He was adept with chakra control and hand-seals but put little thought into his specialization. After that incident, however, the boy knew exactly what he wanted; to be a medic. Let someone else take the glory and honor of ending another’s life; he didn’t need such fodder for the ego, content to find his own fulfillment in the knowledge of preserving a life in the world than quenching it. There were plenty who desired to defend and strengthen this country with their power and he would be the one to keep them alive.

    A childish notion? Perhaps, but one well in accordance to his bloodline’s fears. They were once objects of destruction, but if he was to show way an alternative path then it was possible the views of both the Hyousetsu and that of Kirikagure could change. And besides, he was only thirteen at the time; most children had the tendency to be optimistic. They just don’t usually maintain it even after their twenty-fourth birthday.

    His choice paid off. Not only did his team pass the preliminary of their first chuunin exam with much less injuries than their competitors, but he was able to remain in better condition than his opponents during the later duels. He lost in the end and didn’t attain the promotion, but his team was alive and one of them with a new rank. He was happy, and upon his return to the next exam, finally managed to pass.

    The bloodline…
    …Was not revealed until some years later. When the clan voted for their existence to be known to the public, he was among the first to rush to the information department and correct his information to “Hyousetsu Kanji”. The chuunin rejoiced; with the secrecy unneeded, he was now able to learn and use his bloodline without fear. It took some time but the result was worthwhile. With the new-found knowledge, Kanji returned to the battlefield with a greater confidence. He continued his job as support to the offensive members, but now able to aid them in attack as well as defense. This, along with his innate composure, saw the Hyousetsu become a versatile member in any situation.

    He was twenty when they informed him of his promotion. Kanji was overjoyed to be named a jounin and so was his family. No longer a living weapon but recognized as an actual person might seem an odd reason to celebrate for the ordinary shinobi, but for him it was pure brilliance. He promised to try harder and become a Hyousetsu not known for their prowess in elimination of the enemy, but his ability to aid and protect his team.

    He was happy. Kirikagure appeared to have finally acknowledged the forgotten clan and harmony settled between the Hyousetsu and the rest of the village. There was no need to hide his lineage and he could display his bloodline skills with pride. His friends and fellow shinobi, after getting over the shock of his real identity, quickly re-accepted him, admittedly with a tad more respect than before. If only Time would take pity upon these mortals and freeze at the moments of their fleeting joy. But no one could command Time and the days of peace was soon shattered by a single word; war.

    The civil war…
    …remained hazy in Kanji’s mind. Like all those of his bloodline, the jounin retreated from the battlefield and remained with his family. He hated this, despised both himself and the war with a deep loathing previous unknown to the man. To think everything he had worked for until this point were all but meaningless, that the moment he, both as a resident of Kirigakure and a shinobi, was needed most was the time he must remain hidden. But despite all this Kanji agreed with the council’s decision. History does not move in a liner form but spirals continuously, with humanity doomed to repeat its mistakes from centuries past time and time again. It would be too easy for the Hyousetsu own past to be caught in the loop; there only need be one attack, one body fell, pierced by ice and the country would once again rise up against the bloodline. But he wasn't spiteful for he found a loophole.

    The hospital. Overfilled and overworked, the casualties of war overwhelmed the island's medical facilities.

    For the greater part of the war, whenever he could spare his time from his family, the man took to the village's over-crowded hospital and spend hours midst the wounded and dying. At first he strove to save everyone but even the most passionate of minds had their limit. Soon he learned to conserve his chakra, aiding only those who had a chance for recovery and easing the suffering of those without hope. By the end of the war he had lost count of the lives that had passed through his hands. Yet it was not in vain; many survived to return to their families and friends. The fruits of a near decade of dedication and work blossomed before him as his patients overcame death.

    With the announcement of Seagull’s defeat, Kanji could once again resume his old post. He had hoped that the civil war had not changed the country, but such was wistful thinking. With the ascending of the new Mizukage and her merciless tactics, aggression was no longer a choice but a rule. The need to win against an opponent no matter what division one was in soon found Kanji, for the first time in his life, learning the arts of swordsmanship. While there were numerous other styles which gave more strength and deadlier techniques, he found Fenshingu to be the most versatile. It didn’t require a study physique, which he lacked to a certain extent, nor arduous mentality and time to learn, let alone master. It was fast, effective, and most of all didn’t require both hands. He wasn’t very fluent with the style, but he enjoyed what he had learned so far. Only thing now was to put this knowledge to use in actual battle…

    Mission Log
    27 June - Overconfidence that knows no bounds - Added Stage 3 of Fencing Style, +1 Stamina
    27 June - Added Crab Walk with 1 AP
    13 Jan - Rebel Scum - +2 Speed, Kyokuteion (Extremely Low Temperature)
    19 Feb - Two's Company, Three's a Team - +2 Control, Stage 6 Hyousetsu Bloodline
    19 Feb - A Frozen Throne - No thread points
    8 June - AP to Frozen Shackle, Forest Icicles

    AP: 47

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    AP: 47


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      Riz, I'm so sorry! I totally forgot about this character <<

      My bad, though it's totally Approved.

      Good job, I really liked this guy ^^


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        Really well-written, Riz. Niice. Half-approved.


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            The bio is good work, but for one part. I realize the Hyousetsu all basically tried not to fight, but inevitably Mist is going to call on its soldiers to fight the war and this would've happened to the Hyousetsu as well. What exactly did Kanji do to resist this and what were the consequences? Also, if Kanji doesn't fight, then Mist will be slightly suspicious of him right from the outset, and you should reflect that in the biography.
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              Added in paragraph about his actions during the war. The Hyousetsu forbid participation in the warfare, but I'm assuming medics in hospitals would fulfill his part in supporting Mist without actually fighting?

              AP: 47


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                With the announcement of Seagull’s defeat, Kanji was once again free to work at his own devices.
                This is only true to a certain extent. Hopefully you latch yourself onto a team that was "assigned" to you via RP.

                Mist GM Approval.
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                  Don't worry, Whitey. I had thought that you were waiting for CNagy's application. Only bumped because I didn't want him accidentally junked. ^^

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                  AP: 47