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  • [Mist Genin] Kurusu Ringo

    Name: Kurusu Ringo
    Age: Eleven
    Sex: Female
    Height: Four feet and one inch

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Water Country/Kirigakure
    Rank: Genin
    Division: NA

    Physical Description:
    Ringo is an anchor, standing tall and proud even with her tiny frame. Toss her overboard; she will hold steady. When she moves, she snaps. Her voice crows out high-pitched and shrill, like a rooster, and from too large a mouth. Brown, wide eyes judge everything with an appropriate amount of contempt. Her tanned skin boasts not even a speck of grime. Framing her face is a bowl-cut of glossy black hair. Soft, rounded cheeks, a stubby nose, and a childlike body give an impression of a fragile toy. Yet woe be to one who judges her strength as such.

    Watch for obstacles! Mind the ceiling! Don't exceed your limits!

    Clan/Bloodline: NA

    Primary Archetype::
    Beast Master
    Primary: Any (Mental)
    Secondary: Any (Chakra)
    Tertiary: Any (Physical)
    Stat Merit: +2 to Speed, +1 to Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Intelligence, -1 to Tactics, -1 to Control

    Secondary Archetype: NA




    Intelligence: 1 -1(BM) +4(Pool) +4(TP) = 8
    Tactics: 1 -1(BM) +4(Pool) = 4
    Willpower: 1 +1(BM) +2(Pool) +1(TP) = 5


    Power: 1 +2(Pool) +2(TP) = 5
    Control: 1 -1(BM) +3(Pool) +1(TP) = 4
    Reserves: 1 +3(Pool) = 4


    Strength: 1 +3(Pool) +3(TP) = 7 +10 (WTW)
    Speed: 1 +2(BM) +1(Pool) +2(TP) +1(GMAP) = 7
    Stamina: 1 +2(Pool) = 3 +8(WTW)


    Jutsus and Techniques

    Beast Master Traits
    Novice Trainer - Genin
    Key Trait: Flying Beast
    Assigned Animal: Ichi Zwei

    Beast Trait: Pack Mule
    Assigned Animal: Ichi Zwei

    Beast Trait: [Open]

    Well-Timed Warrior
    Stage One
    Requirements: Strength 4, Speed 4
    Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina
    Special Technique: Pack Mule
    Special Technique: Quickdraw
    Stage Two
    Requirements: Strength 7, Speed 7, Intelligence 6
    Bonuses: +5 Strength, +4 Stamina

    Global Ninjutsu
    (1) Henge [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
    (1) Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique) [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]
    (2) Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique) [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]

    Hidden Mist Genjutsu
    (1) Bakuretsu Kunai [Willpower 3, Power 2]
    (1) Kani Hokou (Crab Walk) [Intelligence 3, Reserves 2]
    (2) Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) - Illusionary Version [Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4]

    Hidden Mist Ninjutsu + Swaps
    (1) Mizu no Waruasobi [Power 2, Tactics 2]
    (1) Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]
    (1) Mizu Tebukuro no Jutsu [Power 4, Control 4]
    (1) Watercolors [Open Slot: Intelligence 4, Willpower 4 ]
    (2) Mizutamari no Jutsu [Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4]

    0 - Shinobi Kit
    1 - Baton (Tonfa)
    1 - Leg Armor
    1 - Arm Armor
    2 - Shoge
    2 - Shortbow (Medium Ballistics)
    2 - Body Armor
    2 - Gas Mask [Helmet(1) + Breathing Apparatus(1)]
    2 - Tear Gas
    3 - Riot Shield

    Additional Item Points Gained: 6(TP) + 2(Pack Mule) = 8

    Item points remaining: 0

    Biography:Other Info:

    Thread Ratings:
    [08/16/2017] - The One Where They Learn About Bay Wildlife - +4 WP, Quickdraw, 1 AP (Pack Mule), Ichi: Henge
    [07/03/2018] - Driftwood - +2 WP, Anrokku, Ichi: +1 Intelligence
    [07/10/2018] - Excluminae - +1 Willpower, Kani Hokou (Crab Walk), Ichi: +1 Reserves
    [12/27/2018] - Water of the Wrath God - +1 Power, Suirou no Jutsu, Ichi: Anrokku
    [01/05/2019] - Chicken Soup and Hot Dogs - +1 Control, +1 Power, Ichi: +1 Power
    [02/28/2019] - Book of Cups - +1 Strength, Kinobori no Jutsu, Ichi: +1 Power
    [02/28/2019] - Three of a Hundred - Mizu Soujuu, Ichi: +1 Power, Yoso no Te
    [03/31/2019] - Too Many Peas in a Pod : +1 Intelligence, Mizutamari no Jutsu, Ichi: +1 Reserves
    [03/28/2019] - Our First Joint Venture - +2 Speed, Mizu Bunshin, Ichi: +1 Intelligence, Fukushi no Jutsu
    [04/01/2019] - In The Running: +2 Strength
    [04/01/2019] - Mist Ninjutsu Revamp/Awards: +1 GMAP Speed, -Mizu Soujuu, Mizu Tebukuro no Jutsu
    [04/01/2019] - GameonDesolve - +2 Intelligence, Watercolors, +Zwei: +1 Control, False Surroundings Technique

    Name: Zwei
    Species: Domestic jungle fowl (colloquially: chicken)
    Age: 9 months
    Height/Length: One and a half feet from shoulder to ground, two and a quarter feet from breast to tail. Three feet wingspan.
    Rank: Genin

    Physical Description: Zwei is a jet black rooster who stands a bit shorter than most of his brethren. As a chick he lost a leg trying to escape, but still managed to hold his own in Ringo's pecking order to grow to adulthood. After much training the bird can fly just like his predecessory, and he even possessed a prosthetic leg created by Ringo to enable him to serve as a soldier to his best ability. Zwei clucks in a manner suggesting cautious skepticism and seems to be hesitant to act in any way that would compromise his position.

    Personality: Like all of her beasts, Zwei only made it to maturity by following Ringo's strictest orders. At a very young age the chicken defied the coop and attempted an escape. After a hawk mangled his leg he managed to make it back, but only met a stern punishment from his Master as a result. After that day Zwei became a reserved, calculating bird that weighs what options are in front of him before acting. At least, as much as a creature with a brain the size of a walnut can manage, anyway. While Zwei never fell behind in maintaining a place in Ringo's chicken flock, he was never terribly popular with the others, and has no children to speak of.



    Intelligence: 1 +1(Pool) +2(TP) = 4
    Tactics: 1 +4(Pool) = 5
    Willpower: 1 +2(Pool) = 3


    Power: 1 +3(TP) = 4
    Control: 1 +4(Pool) +1 (TP) = 6
    Reserves: 1 +1(Pool) +2(TP)= 4


    Strength: 1 = 1 +4(VF)
    Speed: 1 +3(Flying Trait) +1(Pool) = 5 +5(VF)
    Stamina: 1 +2(Pool) = 3

    Vortex Fist
    Stage One
    Stat Requirements: Speed 5, Stamina 3
    Stat Bonuses: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Global Ninjutsu
    (1) Henge (Transformation Technique) [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
    (1) Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique) [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]
    (1)Yoso no Te (Element Hand) [Power 4, Control 4]

    Global Genjutsu
    (1) Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique) [Power 3, Willpower 2 ]
    (2) Magen: Kokuni Arazu No Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique) [Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4]


    Chicken Leg (8)
    A jangly, janky, jimmy-rigged mess of metal that resembles an interlocked set of bent forks and knifes, Zwei's replacement leg was hand crafted by Ringo to enable the bird to look respectable in front of esteemed company. The leg kinks out in three sharp talons (Small Weapon 1) that have a wonky internal mechanism allowing the bird to dispense poison (Debilitating Poison 3 + Coated 1). If things get really dire the leg can completely disassemble, exploding out into a net (Restraint 2). And sometimes, when his Master isn't looking, the bird can be spotted fishing with the roll of wire (Razor Wire 1) tucked away in the foot's heel.
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    A girl named Ringo. Wonky-looking stats. And an exactly 500 word bio, huh? That's how we gon' play? >.>

    That said, though the character sheet is brief there's technically nothing wrong with it. All the important points are touched on, and while the bio is incredibly short, it conveys enough for me to understand who Ringo is and actually enjoy the character. I was really hoping that you were going to take 'swarm' when I read she raised chickens but oh well.

    Currently a father of 14.
    I lol'ed.

    I'll go ahead and Half Approve and Mist GM Approve on this.

    Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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      This is great, but your stat section is confusing as hell until you get it. It looks clunky and unnecessarily different. But whatever. Half Approved.

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        Simple character with a nice c

        oncept! half approval
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          I'm so here for this. Half'd.
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          If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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            Half Approved

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              Unexceptional character graduating at 10?

              Unless Grans says otherwise, I'm going to have to say no on that.


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                I just took the youngest age I could find on currently existing Mist genin, which was 10.

                Here's the sheet.

                But I went ahead and changed it to 11 since it's not a big deal either way.
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                  Half approved, pending age is fine with whoever.



                  AP: 21