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    Achievement Unlocked! AP Limit Breaker
    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    Tell us about Getsuei Gen, we hear you two are pretty close.A-Aniki?Hyousetsu EchizenAniki, huh?Aniki.Now that is truly fascinating. The cheerfulness of the voice juxtaposed the dynamic change in attitude of the room. you describe your Aniki, eh? And please, be as honest as you can.
    Getsuei Gen

    Age: 11
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5 feet, 1 inches

    Shinobi Rank: Genin
    Division: -Unassigned-
    Naval Ship: The Gallant Steam
    Clan/Bloodline: Getsuei

    Country/Village: Mizu no Kuni / Kirigakure no Sato

    Nindo; Way of the Ninja:
    "The last guy standing writes history; the first guy makes it."

    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    Back to the most basic of basics of attributes: how is he physically?Hm.Are you saying the difference between anatomy and physicality is a thin of a line as genius is to insanity?strengthHoutei GunkoUm..y..yes, sir.Who?giEchizen-kun?No, no! Not at all!???Contagious eh? How so?What is it? Really now? right solution


    Myrmidon + Getsuei Clan Specialist
    Special: The character can double his Strength stat for one post. This does not include taijutsu bonuses.
    Description: A special breed of soldier, the Myrmidons are the jack of all trades in the shinobi military. Trained, and fully capable of outfighting anyone they can't out blast, and then outblasting the few people they can't outfight the Myrmidons fill the middle ground between pure taijutsu specialist and ninjutsu user.
    Stat Merits: +3 Reserves, +1 Stamina, +1 Power
    Stat Flaws: -2 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control, -1 Strength


    Physical - PrimaryChakra - SecondaryMental - TertiaryJutsus/Techniques
    Lunar Ninjutsu
    Stage I: Tsukitaba (Mooncoil)
    Stage I: Giji Tsuki (False Moon)
    Stage II: Tsukimyaku (Moon Pulse)

    Boomerang Ninjutsu
    Stage I: Ricochet
    Stage I: Long Shot

    Kadou-Ken (Vortex Fist)
    Stage I: +4 Strength, +5 Speed

    Global Ninjutsu
    Stage I: Kakuremino no Jutsu (Magic Cloak Of Invisibility Technique)
    Stage I: Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
    Stage I: Yoso no Te (Element Hand)


    Shinobi Kit : 0
    Limb Armour [Forearms] : 1
    Boomerang : 1
    Breathing Apparatus : 1
    Weapon Points Remaining: 5/8


    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    Beginning - Part I

    Are you proud to be a member of the Getsuei Clan?

    Totally. We've got one of the longest histories out there, and even when we were just a small clan, we were still a force to be reckoned with.

    Ah, the words of man of action. Would you therefore class yourself as a firm believer in the Getsuei code of conduct?

    You mean appeasing the gods by day and rocking the earth by night?

    Actually, more the pursuit of peace and tranquility.


    And your father, Chiyoda Shinonome?

    Non-issue, man. Next?

    Why do you say that?

    Your story...interesting. Very well, young one, we shall continue. Although this uncharacteristic disrespect for the 'unenlightened old-timers' in your clan should be reviewed. Do you perhaps have a problem with authority?

    So what would you have them do?

    I think that if we can ditch the snail pace crawl and stop simply existing, then maybe we can live, ya know? Pick up some steam and go for it!

    And how would you achieve that?

    ...I dunno... That's why Rukusudo-sama's the brains of the operation! Hehe...

    You are certainly a very passionate and driven individual. Your focus in this sense might be a tad hazy, but you seem to have the determination to get things done. However, I am going to have to return to the matter of your father. The transition from student to Genin requires more than just good grades. In becoming a shinobi of the Water Country, you become a representative of our people. We need clear heads and cool temperaments to quench the fires of chaos, and at the moment I'm seeing a good deal of unfinished business. And we were not blind to the bullying, even when it extended beyond the classroom and into the clan itself. They considered you...

    Did you know he was a master swordsman?

    And a master tool.

    Gen-chan! Language.

    But not yours?

    Can you blame me?

    Not a single fond memory?

    Do you?


    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    Break - Part II

    It wasn't just me any more.

    Yosh. I mean...the change started with me. I figured that no true hero would let himself become the villain so easily (unless it was a test to win out over evil) so I forced myself to act differently because I wanted to stay on the right path no matter what. Then I got why 'growing up' was so important in the first place - for getting stronger. When you get control of your life, you can be strong like a boss, yo! Then KAPOW! You're taking down the bad guys left, right and centre because they've lost the power. You've got it. Fight the power!!

    Hm, quite. Now could you please pick up your chair and sit down?

    No worries, chief.

    Um, so, yeah. Then I entered the Academy and I had to move on for a whole other reason. I knew straight off the bat that there was gonna be trouble. No one comes along with a story like mine only to fit in with the sheep. That's classic Chapter One action right there, dude! Ya know, there were a lot of kids who decided to rile me up any chance they got; a lot of practical jokers. And it wasn't like I could turn to my dad for advice. I had to go out and find the answers on my own and man, it was tough. And ya know what? I really do think I outgrew the bullies somewhere during those first few years. One day, maybe a Tuesday, I realised that as cruel as they were, it was most likely ignorance, jealousy or fear at the helm, making me mysterious, cooler than them or just plain scary. Hehe...

    The confidence that came from that was unreal and it's never left me since. Of course, only I knew this, so they still acted on their threats, and confidence isn't the same thing as fearlessness. I mean, I wasn't suddenly kunai-proof or anything - I just had to be brave, no matter how bad things looked.

    What did you learn from the experience?

    That you've gotta have faith in yourself, even if the world seems ready to swallow you up. Especially then, because if you can't do it then who or what can you ever really believe in?

    Most astute. And how did your friends react to this change in nature?

    I'm not gonna lie. All throughout this I was pretty much a wolf-pack of one. True story. After it, though... Yata!! People noticed. It wasn't like I craved the attention but I did enjoy it. Still, I wasn't changing for them.


    No. As hard as that might be to believe, it was never about pleasing others or getting them to accept me. I was doing it for the me I wanted to be, and the people I now call 'friends' could see that.

    Still, there is one guy left alive whose opinion I care about.

    Hyousetsu Echizen?

    Yep. My lil' bro. He was the next reason I changed.

    At the beginning I barely knew Echizen but I soon saw how the other kids treated him and it was like going back in time to watch that other me - except this one was mysterious, cool AND had the potential to be scary. One day I realised: Yo, can't stand by and just watch any more. So I beat the crap out of a couple'a hosers who tried too hard to get a reaction out of him. Ya know, as the hero, it's my job to protect those who can't do it themselves. But I knew it was stupid to try and fight all his battles for him. It wasn't like he couldn't stand up for himself...he just wouldn't. I had to break him of that. Make him think. Make him believe.

    From your earlier description of the young Hyousetsu, it appears that there is still much to teach. Nevertheless, the rate of his development has been quite noteworthy.

    Word? I can't take all the credit myself, ya know, but that means a lot coming from you guys!

    Modest and gracious. Well, this isn't the wild child we were expecting.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I guess they didn't tell ya I was unpredictable too.

    Clearly. That is, unless we are simply asking the wrong questions. I digress. Your friendship with Hyousetsu Echizen is of import, but we have spoken of him much already and I would far rather hear about the other whose opinion you cared about (the one no longer living). If I am correct, this would be the younger brother of...
    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    ...the great Houtei Yasaki, no? Now there was a man who could have reached the pinnacle of excellence, undeniably one of the finest young shinobi in recent years that we, myself included, have had the pleasure of training. It was a real tragedy, the day his light was extinguished, and as for the kid brother he left behind...

    Shatter - Part III


    I beg your pardon?

    Houtei Gunko.

    Yes, Gunko. At the very least, he was a fine physical specimen and a testament to the benefits of our training regimes. Sadly, there was little chance for him to be another Yasaki. Nevertheless, following your early encounters with him we noticed the improving trend in your teacher's feedback. I dare say the three of you made a good match at the time, and it was fortunate that you learned early on how to cope with loss and exist in the absence of a guiding figure. Death can arrive swiftly and unexpectedly in our line of work and, as an Academy student, your lives have been sheltered to an extent. Dealing with situations like these at such an age is certainly not a requisite for our assessment, but it reveals much.

    Don't belittle his life to the purpose of a training exercise. Just don't. Please. Don't pretend you knew him either, what he stood for, or what he was capable of. He was family. He was our inspiration, our compass, our anchor.

    Nothing could have prepared me for losing Senpai. And it was so out of the blue - just a normal mission gone bad. Like it was for him.

    It's not right.

    He was more of a father than Shinonome could ever hope to be and more of a brother than his had been to him! He didn't chase glory; what he did was chase a shadow that grew with each passing of the moon. Everyone only sees Yasaki the prodigy, and never Gunko, who worked himself into the ground just to come close to doing his brother proud. And to become a legend for the sake of the people who had lost a shinobi they could rely upon! For people like you!

    There it is! There's that spark! As you wish Master Getsuei. I shall refrain from goading you in the future, although it really is quite fascinating to watch how well-spoken you become when you get serious. Please, have a seat, continue. Relax. Perhaps you can tell me more about the time the three of you spent together so that I might better understand the real Gunko?

    Alright. Well...that's more like it. Thanks.

    We met, as all good teams do, by chance, or fate. Echizen and I were on clean-up detail as punishment for one of our more spectacular parkour trips through the Village. I guess we kinda had it coming after the stunt we pulled. Punnage intended. Hah! All we knew of Gunko-senpai at the time was what we saw and our teacher's words of warning that morning - that he was a Seagull War veteran but, by the looks of things, a bit of a wet blanket. We know now that he had this super modesty and a habit of wearing clothes that smothered his sheer awesomeness. He was really quiet too and seemed to have a lot on his mind besides acting as supervisor.

    Yeah....we got bored in no time at all. Like there was even a chance we'd spend the day scrubbing the deck like we were supposed to! Besides, I've got this thing about being penned in and caged up...

    Anyway, the two of us decided to test the limits of our punishment with a little tricking competition. As ya do. I started with an inside somersault tuck off a gunwale, then Echizen did the same thing but with a backflip - I remember because it's, well, that day's important, ya know? But dude, dude, dude, dude (!!), it was Gunko-senpai who took the cake by ditching his mop and thrashing the pair of us with a handstand off the top rail, somersaulting twice down to the main deck to land on his hands! This straight-laced grump took the wind right out of our sails and then had the cheek to just stand up, poker-faced, and tell us to get back to work! What a.....d'ah...what a dude. Respect.

    So he was more of a free spirit than we might have given him credit for.

    Word. And one heck of a fighter. The guy was built like a battleship and the way he used those muscles... I mean, maaaan, the second time we saw him was only briefly during a tour of the Naval Base but he was out doing sword forms on the quad. He was in the zone. Nah, he was beyond the zone. I dunno if Echnizen's ever managed to find that kind of focus, but I haven't! Not yet, at least. There was just so much driving him to be better that everything else pretty much fell away. Like totally fell away.

    You seek to follow his lead, then?

    The thing is, he- He passed on without ever having made his dream reality. Maybe in his final moments he came close? Maybe he even made it happen? We'll never know for sure. The last time we hung out was before he left for the mission. We were chillaxin' after a run, the three of us, and he was telling Echizen some stories about the Legendary Swordsmen. Senpai's birthday was only a month away. He would have been twenty, same age as Yasaki, so it was his deadline but, well, he still thought he was pretty far off. I mean, what if he got there and somehow beat the deadline but no one was around to realise what had happened? Where's the justice in that?! But Senpai was our hero. The world just needed to see it the same way.

    And that's where we come in.


    Damn right. After Senpai's death, Echizen and I decided to live through his way of the ninja, one way or another, and finish what he started.

    Legends are stories;
    They are stories that ended.
    I am no legend.

    That haiku was his nindo. It was what he believed...but he was wrong. He wasn't his brother; he didn't have to be put up on a pedestal, to die in action to become worthy of a legend. To us, man, he was already there.

    So while little Zenny and I are still alive to write it, his story hasn't ended. It's our story now, and it's only just beginning!
    Originally posted by Mist Academy - Genin Exam Interview

    Epilogue - Part IV

    Well, I must say that your resolve is astonishing, as is your optimism, but I would advise you to narrow your gaze in the immediate future. Your Academy match impressive but still very close. Perhaps even too close for you to presume too much at this point. I remember Gunko being something of a slacker when he was your age, and if you wish to achieve that kind of brilliance then you might just have to work even harder than your predecessor. Can you do that?

    Equally, the way you spoke of the Hyousetsu boy earlier displayed such high regard that I wonder whether you still consider yourself 'aniki'. You wouldn't want to be left behind by the third prodigy to grace your family tree, would you?

    Yeah, I didn't make the Number One Rookie slot and I'm a bit annoyed about that but I couldn't be happier for Echizen. And if the little dude does decide to overtake me at some point, I'll still be whatever he needs me to be - 'Aniki' now or just plain bro in the future. But who knows, yo? I've got my own plans too, and while the hero of the story might not be the most powerful, he will be the greatest.

    Hm...and that's another thing. This entire interview, you have been referring to yourself as the 'hero'. While it is indeed healthy to have a clear focus, there is a danger in the dream becoming a delusion...

    ...Fair enough. I understand the confusion. I don't look like one, do I? Ahhh, but it's always the unassuming guy from humble beginnings who makes it. I had to be a hero for my mum when Kagero left, straight from the pages of my manga, and it was then that I realised it was who I was meant to be all along. Captain Armadillo to the rescue! Huurahhh!!!

    ...but I'm still only half of the whole. Team GenZen for the win! You guys are gonna need ninjas like us, yo.

    And why is that?

    We're gonna make history.

    Chronicles of a Nosy Neighbour - Volume 17

    It's been just over a month now since Kiyomi's boy passed his Academy exams and I dare say I haven't had a good night's sleep since! Always with the hustle and bustle at odd hours and in such states! Now just what kinds of trouble do he and that Hyousetsu friend of his go looking for?! I'll admit that the time between being promoted to the rank of genin and actually forming a team can be one of great uncertainly but this is ridiculous! Oh, he's a boon to the clan when he needs to be...I'll give him that; so much energy that -his- chores seem to take -half- the time, but I don't approve of these late night returns and early starts.

    That one's too loud for his own good - he'll make a terrible ninja! Absolutely terrible... Why, there he goes! It's a good thing I woke early this morning, otherwise I'd have to -hear- this racket through the wall behind my bed. At least from here I can get a good look at this tomfoolery. What's this now? Bah! Close the door, boy. I doubt poor Kiyomi wishes the damp to invade her house! Go, begone!

    Oof! The sun hasn't yet risen...
    I shouldn't be up either...
    Where could he be going at this hour?

    Other Information
    • Hyousetsu Echizen.

    • Influences include:
      + Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny)
      + Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)
      + Snow (Final Fantasy XIII)
      + El Fuerte (Super Street Fighter IV)
      + Dan JD (Basquash)
      + Ren Hakuryuu (Magi)
      + Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)
      + Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
      + Shazam (DC Comics)
      + Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)
      + Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)

    Thread Ratings

    Pilot ~ One Small Step
    Intro: Commencement
    Outro: Changes

    Season I ~ The Journey
    Intro: Matataku Hoshi No Shita De / Twinkling Under the Stars
    Outro: Rakuen / Paradise

    Episode #00 | Overtime on The Gallant Steam
    Awards (AP): +4 Willpower, +3 Power, +2 Intelligence, +2 Strength, +2 Speed, +1 Control, +1 Tactics

    Episode #01 | Sore Mussels

    Episode #02 | Meeting the High Oracles
    Awards (GMAP): Kawarimi no Jutsu, Yoso no Te

    Episode #03 | Catch Up, Kid!
    Awards (AP/GMAP): +4 Speed, +2 Control

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