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  • [Mist Chuunin] Matsumoto Kori

    The Bastard of Hyonosen: Matsumoto Kori

    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'10"

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Kirigakure formerly Yukigakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Division: Medic

    Physical Description:
    Kori is striking.

    She stands near six feet tall allowing her to tower over most women and stand shoulder to shoulder with most men. Flawless milky white skin covers both sharp shoulders and fills out the curves that serve as immediate attention grabbers. She has both sharp amber eyes and soft auburn hair, a button nose complimenting full pink lips. Her hands are dainty, fingers long and fingernails constantly manicured and well maintained. Kori is someone who enjoys looking nice and clearly takes care of herself by maintaining both a healthy exercise regiment and diet.

    Built for strength, her body betrays a heartiness in her wide hips, thick thighs and rock hard calves. Snow Country is built for stronger folks and it is clear that Kori is a child of the frost through and through. There's a toughness and harshness that carries through her posture. She is a bully, prone to glowering and posting up on those weaker than her--but just like any other bully there is a sensitivity hiding beneath those usually angry amber eyes. Kori looks about as unapproachable as could be...

    And yet when she laughs, she does have a way of bringing even her harshest of critics to her heel. Something she understands and tries to pull as often as she can.

    Kori's is a woman who prefers elegance overall.

    Her main choice of clothing is a large billowing black silken robe designed to help weather the cold of her homeland. The robe is primarily black but it does have many golden circles on the brim leading up it as well as the names and titles of previous generations of Hyonosen swordsmen written in Kanji. This robe while worn loosely on Kori's frame and tied simply with a gold sash around her waist is more than just for protection from the cold. Hidden from the world and plain sight, the robe contains many pockets and containers, capable of holding both her shinobi and medical tools from plain sight (though a pat down would likely still reveal them). Most prominent of the robe is the large symbol of Yukigakure, emblazoned on the back in the colors and style of the Mist Navy emblem. Both an ode to her homeland and a statement to her comrades--Kori has not forgotten who she is.

    Kori is someone who lacks a basic modesty and prides ease of movement and style over people's reaction to whatever she may wear. A hot blooded ninja from Yuki her style outside of missions or in social situations reflect that liveliness. Kori is someone who appreciates fun, she loves to dance and fight and drink and eat and to look classy while doing it. Because of that she keeps her outfits simple, if not wearing her trademark robe she can usually be found wearing simple black bikini tops and her medic's coat along with a very worn and very comfortable pair of black yoga pants. The simplicity is usually thrown out of the window when on social calls enjoying wearing various dresses and jewelry including both ears, her tongue, nose and belly-button. She very rarely wears all of them at the same time. She's someone who beyond elegance stresses practicality. Make a little look like a lot and live by a few simple fashion rules...

    High heels if in the office, steel-toed boots if out in the field.

    A large, intimidating ancient sword always strapped to her back.

    Kori is shameless.

    A shameless warrior, loving both blood and victory and willing to push through any obstacle to get either. Kori is a confident and powerful person, eager to show both of those things to anyone willing to give her the time of day. Vivacious and flirtatious, courageous and cunning, she is a woman of fierce of appetites and an even fiercer tongue. She is not the most courteous of people, cursing and prone to vulgar declarations. On the surface she appears to be your typical hedonist and she often plays up a slightly air-headed persona for her own benefits. She is very much aware of how others perceive her and she plays up to both their negative perceptions and her own insecurities sometimes to take advantage of others. Do not take acknowledging her insecurities as being insecure, far from it Kori is just a routine and compulsive liar who believes in the power of image. She never would let something as inconvenient as the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Underneath her crude manners, baseless flirtations and general sassy demeanor lies someone who holds a deep care and concern for life. She talks a big game about killing her enemies and she fights with all her soul, but she also is just as inclined to heal a wounded opponent as she would her allies. Kori holds a respect for battle and a thirst for life that few can compete with. She yearns to experience everything the world has to offer and does not tie her down to any thing or any one in particular. No doubt this is a two-folded situation and a result of both her lack of a solid home in her upbringing and a lack of a home in her adulthood.

    For her new home in Mist Country she holds more feelings of gratefulness to the people and respect than understanding, but both gratitude and respect buy more loyalty than comprehension. Among her own people in Snow Kori was exiled by her family, within Mist she is beloved for her understanding the steel and her ability to put her life on the line for those of her allies. Kori is someone who holds onto a desire to succeed and be accepted, whose disorderly personality is only truly successful while working under the confines of military rule. She is a shinobi for life and the life of a nukenin holds no promise for her. Because of that it is unsurprising that she finds her loyalty shifting and her acceptance into Mist life happening quickly. For her there was no option.

    Snow was dead and Kori would not go with it.

    Which, I suppose, brings us to the final point. Kori holds an unshakable faith in herself and her will to survive. It is that faith that has pulled her through unthinkable situations and allowed her to escape the fall of Snow with her life. She is someone whose steadfast courage and unquestioned belief in her own stubborn soul allows her to accomplish things much beyond her station.

    The greatest gift the fall of Yuki has given the young Chuunin.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": All I'm trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle given to me.

    Primary Archetype:
    Blade Dancer
    Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can temporarily gains access to his trained sword style’s next stage “benefits”. This only includes stage bonuses and regular techniques. This special only lasts for one post.
    Primary: Physical
    Secondary: Chakra
    Tertiary: Mental
    Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Tactics
    Stat Flaw: -1 to Willpower, -1 to Reserves, -1 to Power

    Secondary Archetype:
    Offensive Healer
    Stat Merit: +1 to Intelligence, +1 to Reserves, +1 to Speed
    Stat Flaw: -2 to Willpower, -1 to Power


    Physical - Primary

    Strength: 1 + 1 [BD] + 11 = 13 [+12 Desperate Measure Fist]
    Speed: 1 + 1 [BD] + 1 [OH] + 10= 13 [+12 Dance of the Mourning Sun]
    Stamina: 1 + 9 = 10 [+15 Dance of the Mourning Sun]

    Mental - Tertiary

    Intelligence: 1 + 1 [OH] + 6 = 8
    Tactics: 1 + 1 [BD] + 6= 8
    Willpower: 1 - 1 [BD] - 2 [OH] + 12 = 10

    Chakra - Secondary

    Power: 1 - 1 [BD] - 1 [OH] + 10 = 9
    Control: 1 + 8= 9
    Reserves: 1 + 1 [OH] - 1 [BD] + 9 = 10


    Jutsu and Techniques:
    Stage One
    [F1] Ward Against Cold: 3 Willpower, 3 Control
    Stage Two
    [F2] Frigid Veil: 6 Willpower, 5 Intelligence, 5 Power
    Stage Three
    [F3] Hidden Spear: 9 Reserves, 9 Power, 7 Willpower

    Medical Ninjutsu
    Stage One
    [F4] Medical Training: Control 2, Willpower 2
    Stage Two
    [F5] Poison Removal: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
    Stage Three
    [F6] Medicine Creation: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8

    Dance of the Mourning Sun
    [F7] Stage One: Strength 5, Speed 3
    [F8] Stage Two: Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6
    [F9] Stage Three: Strength 11, Speed 9, Willpower 8

    Desperate Measure Fist
    [F10] Stage One: Strength 4, Speed 4
    [F11] Stage Two: Strength 8, Speed 6, Tactics 6
    [F12] Stage Three: Strength 12, Speed 8, Tactics 8


    Yukigakure Robe (Shinobi Kit: 0, Hidden: 1)- 1
    See Clothing for Description
    Ice (Large Blade: 4, Translucent: 2, Repair: 1) - 7
    The ancestral blade of the Hyonosen family is a long great sword which looks similar to the traditional katana aside from it's sheer length. Including it's hilt the blade is an easy 6 feet in length and possessing of two distinct and unique feature. The sword resembles a large icicle and is completely translucent barring the hilt which is made of a sterling silver with baby blue sting hanging from it. The string is a ceremonial and personal choice of the wielder, capable of both changing often or not at all. Baby blue, the current color, is representative of rebirth. Ice represents and adapts the personality of it's user, developing an ability to repair damage it withstands between battle. It is even rumored that the stronger the leader of the Hyonosen becomes, the more abilities the weapon develops as well. Ice is a living breathing memoir of ancient Snow.
    Item Points Remaining: 0


    The Hyonosen were not the most powerful, most skilled or the most wealthy of families within the great city of Yukigakure. But they may have been the oldest. Generation upon generation upon generation of hearty, blonde-haired amber eyed swordsmen. The most prominent and skilled wielding the great sword known as Ice. For many generations before the founding of Yukigakure and many after the Hyonosen were constant, though in the waning days of the empire the family had come across tough days. Tragedy had struck down all the male heirs and bad business deals had left the family fortune (meager as it was) completely gone.

    It was 15 years ago, in the shadow of all this chaos that the last living child of the previous clan leader inherited the family manor and debts. Hyonosen Hiruna had been exiled and left in scandal five years previously--she had run off with a Coal Country samurai named Matsumoto Musashi. Hiruna and her uncle Hideo agreed to marry and attempt to rekindle the Hyonosen flame, that union was purely political, but both did their duty and they produced one son--a small and studious boy named Hyonosen Hiroshi. There was one wrinkle in the plan, an unfortunate remnant of Hiruna's adolescent rebellion and dalliance with the charming samurai...

    A small red haired girl by the name of Matsumoto Kori, who quickly became known in Yukigakre as The Bastard of Hyonosen. The main character of this particular tale.

    Kori herself was a creature all unto herself. Half little girl and half wolf. She was tall and skinny, plain faced and often dirty. Too much of coal had wiped on her and within the strict class system of Yuki she stood out exactly like a lump of coal on snow. She was shuffled off over to the academy quickly, a burden and inconvenience to both her mother and her uncle. An unwanted spare to her cousin/half-brother. Kori had grown up poor in Coal but beloved by her mother and accepted by her father, a samurai with admirable bushido. She had left with her mother to claim her mother's blood right and she was too young to realize such a dream would not include her. Her mother kept her close and would hug and comfort Kori when necessary but she was not accepted as Hyonosen.

    She joined the academy but was explicitly forbidden from practicing the Hyonosen style of Hariken Kenjutsu. She was regulated to being a medic, more so out of her uncle's influence than any personal skill in the practice. Kori hated being a doctor and still struggles with her medical profession to this day. She does not like the stereotypes of medic-nin nor does she particularly feel comfortable with the idea it was forced upon her. Still, she did take unto the practice and within her time in the academy and shortly after her run of the mill middle of the road graduation she was quite an accomplished nurse as a Genin in Yuki hospital.

    The goal may have been to shape her into a dainty healer, but it was a goal that was doomed for failure. Kori felt slighted by her family and resentful of her position and station. She fought with other Genin, often. She drank, she smoked and by the time she was seventeen years old she was a full blown disappointment as a ninja. She had failed the Chuunin Exams 7 times, she had teammates move on and was now a full blown sub for most squads or a gopher within the hospital itself. A wash out. A failure in potential. An old Genin. Kori was a case study in bad choices but underneath all the acting out and underachieving there lied an ambition and dream. The same dream that took the lump of coal to Yukigakure in the first place.

    The Hyonosen Hariken Kenjutsu.

    The steel would be her birth right.

    And her brother would be the one who gave it to her.

    An interesting sub-plot had developed in this tale of woe. Hyonosen Hiroshi, Kori's half-brother, six years her junior had made his way through the shinobi academy. Hiroshi was very much a sickly sort of person, small and stunted with hair so blonde it looked like brittle ice and eyes so blue they appeared to be white. What Hiroshi lacked in vitality he made up in virtue and patience. He was constantly a source of guidance and pride for Kori and they both relied on each other. Hiroshi was proving to be too frail for the Hariken, but he trained with his medic half-sister often and spent many hours with her after training sessions with Hideo went south. What Hiroshi lacked in skill in swordplay he made up for in his charisma, intelligence and valor. He was very skilled in the use of Ice Ninjutsu and by the age of 13 he had already gained the respect of the prestigious Eagle Summons. He was 6 years younger than Kori but he was still her hero.

    Slowly but surely Kori learned swordplay and adapted it to her own style. Recognition was still a dream and her career as a shinobi of Snow remained stagnant.

    Kori was growing into an adult, more importantly she was growing up to be an adult without any roots or identity. A meeting with a representative of the Yukisen himself gave her two options a few months after her 18th birthday--gain a promotion by the time she was 20 years old or quit being a ninja all together. She spent a few months being despondent in the village hospital and trying her best to train and failing miserably. It was at her villages behest and her mother's suggestion that she took some time off to gain some focus. Her mother suggested Coal Country. Snow had never been a welcoming home for Kori and she was eager to return to the land of her childhood where things were simpler.

    It was a pity that no answers lied in Coal Country, only more questions.

    The home where her mother and father had raised her for her first five years was no longer a home when her mother had forsaken it and dragged her off to Snow to claim her inheritance. The only thing that remained was her grandmother, a crotchety old woman with more rude words than stories or wisdom. Kori's plan was to stay there for a week or so and then begin the trek back to Yuki. It was a few days later that she received notice from her brother now promoted to Chuunin. It was not a letter containing good news but rather an omen for things to come and a warning from her level headed and diligent younger brother.

    Leaf was amassing on the border, war was imminent. He advised Kori to not heed the call and stay behind in Coal until further notice. Her cute, sickly and serious younger brother. Far too kind to be a shinobi and far too compassionate to be the heir to the Hyonosen. Kori was not a coward, still is not, but she heeded her brother's warning and she took faith in the idea that he would be sending her a letter with more information when things settled down at home. She waited in Coal for word and soon she began hearing rumors.

    Rumors of her country's destruction.

    Of death and genocide.

    Of refugees and no safe place for children of Yuki.

    She still held onto the idea that Hiroshi would be coming back, any moment at any time with help or information.

    The Eagle summon Akikaze, a loyal friend of her brother Hiroshi came to her grandmother's shack in Coal Country carrying both her brother's heirlooms. An ancient silken robe designed to weather the tough elements of Snow country and most importantly of all the ancestral blade of her mother's family, the Hyonosen, the great sword Ice. Akikaze did not need to explain anymore, she knew her home was gone and she knew that she was all that remained of the Hyonosen. Steel and memories. A shadow on a pale face, a ghost within amber eyes.

    With the idea of coming home now firmly off the table the Genin reject of Yukigakure pondered her next move.

    Stricken by grief and a survivor's guilt for having avoided one war, Kori decided to head towards more war. Even within Coal they had gotten news from various survivor's and fleeing small folk, there was war in Seagull Country and it was coming to a close with the likely victor being Hidden Mist. Managing to obtain a small dingy, Kori began the travel to Seagull Country with the hope of allying herself with Hidden Mist and maybe seeking some sort of political asylum. Seagull was a land of war where a woman with no allegiance might as well have been the enemy. It was a chaotic time in a chaotic land and Kori stood out like a sore thumb and found herself being rejected by most Mist-Nin she found herself approaching or seeking refuge with.

    It was during one battle close to the end of the war where the young refugee found herself and her small dingy in the midst of a grand naval battle that ended with her dingy being destroyed and her being stranded on a small island between Seagull and Mist. But not alone. With an injured Jounin of Kirigakure, a Byako Shinji, a naval captain who was in desperate need for care. Kori was not a great medical ninja but she knew enough and she was able to produce medicines and patchwork medical tools on the island and slowly but surely nursed the Jounin back to health.

    In the midst of this they cultivated a friendship and she explained to him the fall of Snow and her own history--with some fabrications. The opportunity to live in Mist felt real and the opportunity to invent a home for herself, something that had never existed, felt tangible. She was no longer Matsumoto Kori, the Genin reject, but instead she was The Bastard of Hyonosen: Matsumoto Kori, survivor of Snow and heir to the Hariken Kenjutsu. A Chuunin. A promotion she had given herself, shortly after she turned 19 and keeping a promise to her old land of birth.

    After a few weeks of care both her and Shinji motioned back to Mist and it was with the Jounin's vouch of Kori's service that she was allowed to live in Mist under house arrest and observation. Records from Snow were impossible to come by and so for a few short months Kori lived with Shinji and then in a small apartment in Kirigakure, it was only recently that she was dragged to the office of the Mizukage and told to forsake her head band of Yuki and take on one of Mist. She swore another oath and welcomed herself to a new home. This one of her own choosing. For the first time in her life she would be judged on her own merits and bound by the limitations of her own skills and own decisions. In the shinobi world, second chances came few and far between and new homes even fewer. She now had a chance on both and an opportunity to build a new reputation for herself. One of power and competence instead of rejection and disappointment.

    It was the first time she felt happy since the news of her home's destruction came to her in Coal.

    The only bad thing? She still had to be a medic. Something about a village of swordsmen always needing bandages.

    Other Info:
    -Did received permission from GranspearX to make this character a Snow refugee.

    -Hariken Kenjutsu comes up a lot in this biography, it is a version of Dance of the Morning Sun that has special techniques incorporating Ice Ninjutsu along with taking advantage of their ancestral blade Ice. These techniques will be expanded and learned through RP in the form of special techniques and more add-on's to the sword itself.

    -Has forsaken her Snow citizenship, after engaging in observation and house arrest post -.70 on the timeline. It is only recently she has been accepted as a Chuunin in Mist and she has yet to take an actual mission as a true shinobi of Kirgakure. She has been living in the village for the last few months as a diplomatic guest.

    -Father is very likely alive, although she has not seen him for 14 years. The rest of her family, much like the entirety of Yuki, is presumed dead. Barring her grandmother in Coal.

    -Is a very poor swimmer and an even poorer dancer.

    -Very picky eater.

    -Inspired by Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, Sanosuke Sagara from Ruroni Kenshin, the countless other "Bitch Doctors" found on Engi and always and forever bad girl RiRi.

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