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  • Aburame Taizen - ANBU

    Name: Aburame Taizen
    Formal name of 'Aburame Shitaizen'
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'10

    Character Type: Shinobi
    Country/Village: Fire/Konoha
    Rank: Jounin
    Division: ANBU - Kuma

    Physical Description: While Aburame Taizen would seem to have the build for a proper Taijutsu specialist, his frame is actually lighter and weedier than one initially expects. Still, the man's body is one that is evidently approaching its prime, lean in form with enough definition to actually see the curves of the muscles over his limbs. With an occupation that requires a certain level of adroitness and agility, his body moves with the consistency of molten steel: flowing with a steady confidence. No scars adorn his heavily tanned skin, save for a slight burn mark on his left cheek where the bone is most easily felt. The only other mark is the tattoo engraved upon his left arm.

    Never described as Konoha's most handsome bachelor (or handsome anything, for that matter), he has at least managed to inherit a decent set of genes for his looks. Soft eyes stare out from behind heavy lids, a gentle hazel in colour coupled with the gleam of a man with an insatiable hunger for something more. His hair, the colour somewhere between dark brown and ashen, is often cropped short and style plainly. Everything is preserved at a certain standard of cleanliness in look; for Taizen, it's imperative that someone of his rank maintain a respectful appearance.

    And of course, as people always wonder, the holes carved into his body for the kikai to use as passages are...well, a secret. He doesn't like to divulge their location, but two parallel columns of eight holes (four per) right down the middle of his back are the only ones he'll show. Thankfully enough there aren't any of the craters dug into his face or somewhere obvious.

    Clothing: When has Taizen ever been spotted out of uniform? It has become routine for the man to slip every piece of equipment on snugly at precisely 6:30 in the morning every normal day in Konoha before performing his early rounds. Depending on the day's events, he wears one of two sets of clothing. The first is the typical "mysterious" outfit worn by many other Aburame clan members; as the staple clan dress for males, Taizen keeps everything in order down a T, running a lint brush over the articles every night to make certain that they remain as sharp as ever. Standard black-fabric, baggy pants designed for the Shinobi line of work wrap around his legs with the cuffs wrapped tightly in bandages to reduce as much drag as possible. His black shirt runs the high collar synonymous with many of the Aburame, covering up to his nose and dually serving as a slight protector against dust in the air. An olive green (or alabaster beige) hooded robe goes over all of it with a neat pair of shades for his eyes.

    On specific assignment, though, he logically garbs himself in the standard issue outfit for all ANBU which includes such generic equipment as body plates, black cloaks, and so on. His mask, like all others, is shaped in the fashion of the division he belongs to: the Bear. Everything is always fully stocked, ranging from the universal equipment pouch nearly all Shinobi use to the smaller leg holster attached to the bearer's thigh.

    Personality: Aburame Taizen is, in nature, one of the kindest souls in Konoha, but many do not know it due to natural human aversion to insects. Because of this, he generally tends to make acquaintances rather than close friends, but remains as polite as ever to all. A truly altruistic individual, Taizen often goes out of his way to assist others if they seek it, the only usual exceptions being if he were on strict assignment.

    He holds those who would serve only themselves in utmost disdain, viewing greed and selfishness to be anathema to his existence. While others would claim that he should abhor criminals and traitors most of all, Taizen insists the root reason they became criminals and traitors to begin with could be reduced down to either greed or selfishness. All those who resist the command of the queen are a detriment to the hive as a whole and must be extinguished.

    Taizen is a man who radiates confidence and assuredness; those around him can't help but feel safe when he is about. Perhaps it is because of the mask he wears or the way his low, steady voice resonates within their souls, but everything about the man exudes a nature of tranquility and control. Logical and never one to hastily rush to conclusions, he will always attempt to rationalize a situation before deciding upon a course of action. Better to wait a little while longer and catch the right man rather than foolishly imprison the first person who looks guilty, as he says.

    Having to constantly take care of the kikai as if they were his own children, Taizen matured quickly and learned the lessons of responsibility. Rarely will he avoid owning up to his mistakes. Educated in the threefold paths of the ANBU (valour, benevolence, and wisdom), he developed the passion and zeal for Konoha and for the country of Fire, to do whatever is in his power to protect and further their goals. 'To protect', however, is something he cherishes specially in his heart, as any true Kuma of the ANBU would. When it comes to the safety of civilians and villagers, Taizen is downright serious and finds flippant joking on the matter distasteful.

    To put it simply: he has his hands for fighting, his feet for running, and his heart...his heart for others.

    Clan/Bloodline: Aburame.

    Nindo: Together, we shall all be the branches that anchor the leaves of Konoha to the tree, every last one of us.

    Primary Archetype: ANBU Kuma (Bear)
    Special: One free ANBU Jutsu.
    Primary: Any (Chakra)
    Secondary: Any (Physical)
    Tertiary: Any (Mental)
    Stat Merit: +1 Speed, +1 Power, +1 Willpower
    Stat Flaw: -1 Speed, -1 Power, -1 Willpower

    Secondary Archetype: Aburame Clan Specialist
    Stats Merit: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower
    Stats Flaw: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina


    Chakra – Primary (60)
    Power: 1 + 1(ANBU) - 1(ANBU) + 21 + 3(AP) = 25
    Control: 1 + 19 + 3 (Thread) + 3(AP) = 26
    Reserves: 1 - 1(AS) + 20 + 3(AP) + 3(Thread)= 26

    Physical – Secondary (50)
    Strength: 1 - 1(AS) + 15 = 15 (+6 BKSR)
    Speed: 1 + 1(ANBU) - 1(ANBU) + 17 + 5(Thread) = 23 (+25 BKSR)
    Stamina: 1 - 1(AS) + 18 = 18 (+6 BKSR)

    Mental – Tertiary (40)
    Intelligence: 1 + 14 + 2(AP) = 17
    Tactics: 1 + 2(AS) + 12 + 3(AP) + 4(Thread)= 22
    Willpower: 1 + 1 (ANBU) + 1(AS) - 1(ANBU) + 14 + 2(Thread) = 18


    Hi no Youran (Cradle of Fire - ANBU Seal)

    -Decreases max lists by 1, does not count towards freebies.

    Bouseki Koutetsu Senpuu-Ryu
    Stage Four
    [F1 – F4]
    Stage Five [T]
    Accumulated Bonuses: +25 Speed, +6 Strength, +6 Stamina
    Regular Techniques
    -Nibai Kiru (Double Cut)
    -Gyakujou: Go (Frenzy: Five)
    -Senpuu Benkai (Whirlwind Defense - Stage Three)
    -Gyakujou: Juu (Frenzy: Ten)
    -Meimei-ken: Ichi (Invisible Blade: One)
    -Gyakujou: Nijuu (Frenzy: Twenty)
    -Senpuu Benkai (Whirlwind Defense - Stage Four)
    -Senpuu Benkai (Whirlwind Defense - Stage Five)
    -Gyakujou: Sanjyuu (Frenzy: Thirty)
    -Meimei-ken: Ni (Invisible Blade: Two)

    Global Ninjutsu & ANBU Swaps & Kikai Swaps
    Stage One
    Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) [A1]
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage Two
    Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) [A2]
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

    Stage Three
    Suimen Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Water Walking) [A3]
    Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

    Stage Four
    Shunshin no Jutsu (Instantaneous Body Technique) [A4]
    Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
    Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Freeze Technique) [ARCHETYPE SPECIAL]
    Replacing: Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris)
    Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10
    Kikai Senkouki (Destruction Drill) [F5]
    Replacing: Kisousei Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

    Stage Five
    Reiteki Enishi (Spiritual Link) [F6]
    Replacing: Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)
    Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
    Itsushika Ugoki no Jutsu (Unnoticed Movement) [F7]
    Replacing: Bakuretsu Ninpou Kawara Shuriken (Exploding Roof Tile Shuriken Technique)
    Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14
    Special Requirements: Hitoku no Jutsu and Onkyou Hitoku no Jutsu

    Stage Six
    Housou Tsuka (Hive Mound) [F8]
    Replacing: Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)
    Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15 [Admin Approval]
    Jishinha (Seismic Wave) [GMAP]
    Replacing: Shoushagan no Jutsu (Vanishing Facial Copy Technique)
    Requirements: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

    Leaf Ninjutsu
    Stage One
    Mokuton: Zenchi (Wood Element: A Preface) [Thread]
    Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

    Stage Two
    Mokuton: Mokuhen no Jutsu (Wood Element: Splinter Technique) [GMAP]
    Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

    Stage Three
    Mokuton: Takken (Wood Element: An Insight) [Thread]
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6; Mokuton: Zenchi

    Leaf Genjutsu & ANBU Swaps
    Stage One
    Etainoshirenai no Oto (Sounding the Unfamiliar) [F9]
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage Two
    Dokuji no Kaori (Scent of Peculiar) [F10]
    Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

    Stage Three
    Hitoku no Jutsu (Concealment Technique) [F11]
    Replacing: Minagiru no Kage (Shadow Swell)
    Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    Genjutsu Kai (Release) [AP]
    Replacing: Boufuu no Jumon (Spell of the Gale)
    Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8

    Stage Four
    Onkyou Hitoku no Jutsu (Sound Concealment) [F12]
    Replacing: Kagemazeru (Shadowmeld)
    Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
    Mokuton: Tokekomu (Wood Element: To Melt Into)
    Requirements: Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10u

    Aburame Clan List
    Stage One [F13]
    Stage Two [F14]
    -Carapace I [GMAP]
    Stage Three [AP1]
    Stage Four [AP2]
    -Caparace II [GMAP]
    Stage Five [AP3]
    Stage Six [Thread]
    Requirements: Reserves 26, Power 25, Control 24, Tactics 18, Willpower 18
    Summon: Banzatsuia [Thread]
    -Detector [Thread]

    -Shuriken (2)
    -Front Body Plate (2)
    -Back Body Plate (2)
    -Arm Guards (3)
    -Bandages (1)
    -Explosive Tags (4)
    -Flash Bangs (3)
    -Smoke Grenades (3)

    WP Remaining: 0
    Additional WP Gained: 0

    Life, amazing isn’t it? It comes in so many different shapes and sizes: two legs, four legs, eight eyes, two fins, fangs, scales, hair, fur…There’s no end to the possibilities, are there? No, this world contains within it an infinite amount of opportunity for life to reveal itself in its many forms. We, the famed Aburame of Konoha, are a testament to such a fact. It is through our bodies the full capacity for life is displayed; our symbiotic relationship with the kikai have become one that transcends all else. It is a shame none else can join in the true harmony we have discovered.

    I had the dream again, father.


    A young boy and his father were seated beneath the thick boughs of an oak on a dawning morn, the rays of light piercing the darkness of the horizon and scattering the shadows. Even though it was still gloomy under the haze and chill of dawn, the two were oddly wearing sunglasses over their eyes. The father fell backwards, landing softly with a gentle thump upon the lush grass common throughout the country. Dandelion seeds were sent flying through the air, given the hope and chance to find higher ground and flourish. The son drew in his legs to an O-shape so the bottoms of his sandals touched with his hands resting idly upon the pliable blades. Slowly raising his right hand, he snatched out quickly, attempting to catch one of the airborne dandelion seeds. Failing to do so, he grunted childishly and extended his index finger instead. A single kikai buzzed its way lazily through the air in a loop-de-loop to alight upon his digit.

    “I see you’ve been working on communicating with the kikai.”


    “That’s good you’re working hard at improving, son. How are your studies at the Academy?”


    The silence hooked to the end of his murmurs told too obvious a tale. The father sat up and positioned himself so he was sitting in front of his child. Ever-so-respectfully he took the kikai bug from his son’s finger onto his own palm. The insect wandered about on the open surface, its feelers identifying who the hand belonged to before buzzing contentedly and nuzzling down onto the skin. A breeze picked up, making the grass its obedient slaves in bowing as the leaves rustled and applauded its arrival. Cupping his hands together to shield the tiny critter, Aburame Shishido held it back towards his son to take.

    “Learn all you can in the Academy, Shitaizen. One day you’ll need the skills you picked up there. Don’t forget to make friends, too. Your mother will be quite displeased if you graduate without a few human companions; then she’ll get on my case about it, too.”

    I know, I know, it’s just hard when everyone else just sees me as the bug kid. Who wants to make friends with someone like me when there are other Nara and Hyuuga around?

    Shishido smiled dismissively and ruffled his son’s hair playfully as the young Aburame peered down into his hands at the insect.

    And yet despite the multitude of life forms we have on this planet, we are all so limited and contained to only repeat. Take the dandelion, for example. The seeds in the ground sprout and give birth to a beautiful plant, the white bulb so perfectly round and delicate. A child then comes and eradicates it, the roots torn from the safety of the soil; this dandelion is now dead. However, the hope for rebirth emerges when the child blows the seeds into the wind – and thus the cycle restarts. We are doomed to forever walk in this circular path of life, never to deviate and step beyond to start anew. Humankind is incapable of ever progressing beyond his own boundaries. Every seven to eighty years we die, and then inevitably…reset.

    “The Chuunin Selection Exams?”

    “I don’t know…

    Aburame Shitaizen sat at the barren table, his legs folded up underneath him as his parents stood facing him. His mother held that “motherly” stance, her hands on her hips and head cocked to once side as his father crossed his arms and stroked his beard thoughtfully. The past few years had changed their son in leaps and bounds; no longer was he the innocent child who ran around swarms of kikai pretending to be one of them. He’d grown a deeper understanding of the relationship between their clan and the destruction bugs and was much more introverted for it – colder, perhaps.

    “You’ve only been a Genin for two years with that team of yours. How many C rank missions have you completed since then?”

    “Oh, come now, I think the boy is up to it.”

    “Shush, Shishido, he’s not ready yet.”

    ”Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but that’s something he’ll have to find out on his own.”

    “The Chuunin Exams are hardly the time or place for self discovery! He hasn’t yet learned to properly respect the kikai, first of all!”

    “Oh, just because he accidentally squashed one with his finger doesn’t mean—”

    “Shishido, you know it wasn’t an…”

    As his parents carried on their whispered argument, Shitaizen bowed his head and rose to his feet, letting the blood rush back into his numb toes. Readjusting his sunglasses, he walked out of the room unnoticed. He hadn’t yet learned to properly respect the kikai? What was there to respect about them beyond the services they rendered? There were millions of kikai in existence, their numbers constantly shored by the queen laying the eggs for the future generation of critters. Nobody would miss a single one, and in the end…they were only bugs, right? They followed the cycle of life just like anything else – they were born, they served the Aburame, and they died and were replaced by the next kikai.

    The quiet Genin approached the massive kikai mound at the heart of their clan grounds. The air was thick with the sound of buzzing, and as if sensing the child’s dark intent, they began to pour out of the colony structure and form a giant cluster. Unimpressed by the insectoid show, Shitaizen moved forwards, lazily swatting through the air. Several kikai were knocked to the ground in a clump; looking down upon them, his foot hovered an inch above the helpless, dazed kikai.

    They’re only bugs.


    The kikai broke formation and began to swarm back into the hive. The group about to be crushed by the Aburame’s sandal recovered and escaped, leaving him irked as he turned to speak to his approaching father. Apparently the man had not seen what the insects had been all excited about, assuming them to have come out under his son’s beckonings.

    Yes, father?

    Shishido finally caught up, placing both hands on his son’s shoulders.

    “I managed to convince your mother to allow you to participate in the Chuunin Selection Exams. Are you still up to the challenge?”

    The kikai buzzed discontentedly within Shitaizen’s body.

    Yes, father.

    Perhaps the only thing that can remedy the misunderstanding on life is the greeting of death. It’s only when someone close to you perishes, so close you realize it could have been you that died that you begin to doubt your own beliefs and wonder: Is this it? Will I just be reborn in the next cycle or is it over when I die? It is because of death you begin to cherish life, the knowledge that perhaps humanity is not stuck within a perpetual cycle but it can be cut short and stopped altogether by an outside factor. This is the critical stage to understanding that life is worth protecting, any life, all life, that each being deserves its own right to exist.

    “It wasn’t your fault he died, Shitaizen.”

    “I told you he wasn’t ready for this kind of event.”

    “Can we discuss this sometime later, dear?”


    “You did what you could, son, and that’s all anyone can ask for.”

    Shitaizen was seated on a wooden bench before his two crouched parents, his chin low and hands limp at his sides. The flecks of blood on his clothing had long since dried but remained ever defiant in fading, memories of the team mate who no longer lived. The survival assessment of the exam had not been any more difficult than the ones previous, and the same number of Genin had perished within its time span. When the children had needed them the most, the insects would not obey Shitaizen and remained holed up under his skin. One of the three had fallen, the ultimate retribution for his mistreatment of the kikai.

    He won’t come back, will he?

    “…No, son, he won’t.”

    Later that day – and for the rest of the week – the young Aburame could be seen meticulously tending to the kikai mound. Setting down several plates each filled with different substances generic insects tended to enjoy (sugar water, honey, and so on), it was at this point Shitaizen began his true relationship with the bugs. He was fifteen years late, but it was better late than never.

    The queen is the absolute center of the entire colony. The workers and soldiers all labour tirelessly to ensure the betterment of the queen for only she can procreate within the family. The queen becomes synonymous with survival for the hive because without her, life ends for the entire species. Isolating this specific analogy and extrapolating, it is evident that Konoha is the queen. The Hokage works as any other soldier, and with our legion of arms and legs we stride as one to protect the queen. Each of us is not a singular hand or foot; we are but infinitesimal parts of the entire hand, of the entire foot that paves the path to the future. Yet there are those within the hivemind who toil and suffer greater amounts than the rest; such individuals are anomalies amongst the automatons and are often required to be broken down and fall into line. However, for Konoha these individuals are a necessity in the queen’s protection. How very, very perplexing.

    “You teenagers are a part of this flight because you have all been deemed worthy to receive this training in the name of Konoha herself. Throughout these next few years you will suffer, but take such sufferings as blessings, knowing that once the suffering ceases you will have surpassed all your limits in service for our nation.”

    An impressive-looking instructor paced the stage in front of a seated audience numbering around seven. The room was darkened, though several distinct patches in the gloom were perhaps a tad too opaque to be mere shadow. Shrink-wrapped packages were issued to each seated person, the parcels containing various items they would need to hold on to.

    “Some of you will drop out, unable to handle the duties required of you. Some of you will die before you you’re seventeen, as our work is the harshest line of work out there. However, some of you will become the best and brightest of our village. In that you can draw your strength. Now we’ll be calling you up one by one for formal paper registrations, and then the training will begin.”

    Picking up a wooden clipboard with the names organized alphabetically, the man looked at the list of Chuunin and started from the top.

    “Aburame Shitaizen.”

    Shitaizen rose from his seat, fully aware of the excited murmurs coming from the others.

    Could…could you just register me as ‘Taizen’? I don’t want people to think my name is ‘Shit Aizen’.

    “Begin your training,” had been his final words and from then on life had changed. No, life itself remained the same, unyielding to the very last moment. It was the motions of life that had radically altered to the styling of the ANBU. The duty of the workers had been increased, and it was only upon the receipt of this extra burden that the realization of what it truly meant to “serve the queen” signified. Notions once unheard of within the colony were drilled into the mind: benevolence, valour, and wisdom. Each had its own distinct traits and according to the ANBU, each served its purpose for the hive as a whole. They were initially strange concepts to digest…yet all the while they felt so familiar.
    “From henceforth you, Aburame Taizen, will be recognized as having completed your training. Upon this day, you are fully inducted into our organization, seen to be trustworthy and loyal to the highest extent to serve Konoha. As a member of the ANBU, do you swear to pledge your life beyond all else in service?”


    “And as a part of the Kuma division, do you swear to offer your strength and soul to protect those who are in need?”

    The kikai buzzed harmoniously within Taizen's body.


    “Then rise to your feet and don your mask, Aburame Taizen. As one of us may your works glorify the entity that is Konoha, and as an elder of your clan may your teachings benefit the Aburame as a whole.

    Welcome to the ANBU.”

    Life is limited, squandering its minutes and seconds and crawling closer to the moment of death. It is not caught in an infinite loop but rather runs as a delicate thread of yarn between the arms of sharpened shears, praying that it doesn’t get caught. It does not reset, it does not restart, when a life is lost it is lost for good, and the doors to opportunity that life held are closed off and locked. Life is complicated and intricate, too complex to try and foresee. It is troublesome and chaotic, never sure what will be thrown into its path in the upcoming moments. It is despairing and discouraging, knowing that tomorrow only holds more trials for you to conquer. It is hard, it is harsh, it is unfair, it is short lived…

    But it is worth the struggle to protect.
    Other Info: His internal clock is extremely, almost supernaturally precise. Most often times he can land within a ten minute range upon an offhand guess.

    Thread Log:
    12/09/07 - Added in a spiffy ANBU banner pictar thing, and filled in a tidbit about his mask to explain Katon usage.
    12/29/07 - Added in a picture.
    01/02/08 - Added Katon Yurika with AP.
    02/28/08 - Revamped to Aburame. Any AP that was spent previous has been duly discarded.
    03/20/08 - Used two GMAP to purchase Carapace I and Carapace II in the Aburame Clan list.
    07/05/08 - Removed ANBU banner to put in a Harvar pictar, spent one AP to buy Kai.
    08/11/08 - Hide and Seek : Mokuton: Zenchi, +2 Willpower
    08/11/08 - Used two GMAP to purchase Jishinha, Mokuhen
    08/11/08 - Used twelve AP to purchase +3 Power, +3 Control, +3 Reserves, +3 Tactics
    09/22/08 - Good Morning, Were-Bears : +3 Reserves
    01/10/09 - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner : +1 Control, +1 Speed, Stage Six Kikai Manipulation List
    02/6/09 - Meat : +1 Speed, Banzatsuia
    10/24/09 - Full Stop: +3 Speed, AP to buy S5 BKSR.
    08/22/10 - Rock Bottom: +2 Control, Detector
    09/20/10 - Bug Crisis: Mokuton: Takken
    04/19/14 - Carapace Rising +2 Tactics, Mokuton: Tokekomu
    04/23/14 - The Art of Entomology +2 Tactics

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