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    I don't give a damn about my family name.

    Given Name: Kugo
    - - - Family Name Gyousou
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'7"

    Country \\ Village: Hi no Kuni \\ Konohagakure
    Character Type \\ Rank: Shinobi \\ Genin
    Division: Omoi

    \\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

    The Emperor And His New Clothes:
    The boy with the sandy brown hair is the very spitting image of a young Hachidaime Hokage. Not many pictures exist of that age, but those that do would find Kugo's round face and pointed nose to be a stark likeness of his grandfather. His unruly hair is cut to end just above his eyebrows, and it is often shoved out of his face with a lithe hand to reveal low, uninterested eyelids. Nonchalant disdain is Kugo's most familiar look.

    Having begun to dawn upon the world of puberty, Kugo has begun growing in height and has lost much if not all of any apparent baby fat. Not especially slim, he can best be described as average. He clearly doesn't care immensely about his fighting prowess. He bears no scars on his body, and nothing about his muscles are particularly shapely. If anything it is hard to see with all of his loose garments.

    While the Gyousou family is rather well off, certainly not poor, and able to afford a nice life for Kugo and his three siblings, the boy doesn't spend his allowance on anything particularly special. Aside from his favorite red boots, most of his clothing can be best described as easy-chic. Hooded sweatshirts in muted autumnal colors, the occasional crewneck t-shirt or tank top, and trousers that seem to be better worn on a fisherman than a shinobi. Nothing about him is particularly gaudy, but he is never seen without one ever-important accessory. Kugo's Carry-All (see Items).

    The Emperor's Groove:
    Kugo's Way Of The Ninja
    - - - "Everyone wants to win. I want to choose my competition."

    If ever there was a guy you could count on to have your back, you may want to ask for him to get assigned to your mission if Kugo's on your team. The young man has all the pomp of a member of a talented shinobi family, but little of the drive and dedication attached to that. It isn't that he isn't a good shinobi. Err, well... Maybe it is. Kugo's smart. Dangerously so, sometimes. But he's damn lazy, and there's no doubt about it.

    He is a young man often caught in reverie, infinitely more pensive than he is active. He sees the world, in some ways, as a chess match, and he plays as the king, hoping to convince his pawns to make the necessary sacrifices for him. In other ways, he fashions himself as the knight, moving in abstract directions towards checkmate. But most of the time, he just wonders how he got stuck with the hand he's been dealt.

    Being related to one of Leaf's revered leaders of the past is a complicated matter. His family name carries weight across the whole world. Those he meets often create a dramatic and expectant first impression which leaves Kugo feeling incapable of ever meeting. His growing theory, more an excuse than a reason, is that his lineage has caused him to act in revolt of expectation and that this is why he is so prepossessed with nonchalance and laise-faire.

    But a name is just a name, just as a books cover is just a cover. As Hiobi-o-jii-san once said;
    "Titles will never tell the story."

    \\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

    Heir To The King
    Projectile Specialist + Blade Dancer
    Once per thread, the Heir To The King may take an action that supports a comrade. That action, if noticed, increases that comrade's Physical Stats by 1 level each for one post. Cannot be used to support themself, or to help a clone.

    Primary \\ Chakra
    Secondary \\ Physical
    Tertiary \\ Mental

    Benefits \\ +1 to Speed, +1 Control
    Consequences \\ -1 to Power, -1 Stamina

    The Heir To The King, whether they like it or not, is the cardinal child of someone who of great fame. Made to live forever in the shadow of another, The Heir To The King may either relish in their fame or disdain the responsibility of being so close to power. No doubt, the impact of being around a person with a great sense of self has imbued The Heir To The King with a similar sense of self worth. Many expect great things of The Heir To The King, and so they find that they can place a certain sense of trust in them. As a result, those close to The Heir To The King may find their own spirits bolstered, having closed the gap between themselves and a real hero by yet another step.

    Statistical Legend
    1 - Archetype Benefit/Consequence
    1 - Pool Point
    1 - Thread Point
    1 - AP
    1 - GMAP
    1 - Total Stat
    1 - Physical Stat After Bonuses

    Physical - The Body As A Vessel
    - - Strength: 1 + 4 + 2 = 7 [+8 Akazano Namakemono] 15
    - - Speed: 1 + 1 = 2 [+4 Akazano Namakemono] 6
    - - Stamina: 1 - 1 + 4 + 3 = 7 [+6 Akazano Namakemono] 13

    Mental - The Art of Foresight
    - - Intelligence: 1 + 2 + 1 = 4
    - - Tactics: 1 + 5 = 6
    - - Willpower: 1 + 1 = 2

    Chakra - The Tenketsu Capacity
    - - Power: 1 - 1 + 5 + 1 = 6
    - - Control: 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 6
    - - Reserves: 1 + 3 = 4

    \\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

    Secret Techniques:

    Akazano Namakemono - How To Avoid Losing
    Stage One
    +4 Strength, +3 Stamina, +2 Speed
    - - 4 Strength, 4 Stamina
    Stage Two
    +4 Strength, +3 Stamina, +2 Speed
    - - 7 Strength, 7 Stamina, 6 Tactics

    Futuoumeisei Gai Nai No - The Art Of The Social Chameleon
    Stage One
    Kagebuki no Jutsu
    - - 2 Control, 2 Tactics
    - - 4 Control, 4 Power
    Stage Two
    Kanryousou Gisei
    - - 5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves

    Katon - The Craft Of Careless Conflagration
    Stage One
    Katon: Shuriken no Jutsu
    - - 2 Power, 2 Tactics
    Stage Two
    Katon: Yojin Bunshin no Jutsu
    - - 5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves

    Items - [8/8]
    Tracer Senbon - 2
    Found in Kugo's normal wares, these senbon can be traced by Kugo for up to two miles, no matter where they are imbedded.

    Ojii-san's Mystical Monocle - 3
    Once belonging to the Hachidaime, this single lens has two abilities when played against one's eye. At first it offers a zoom at twenty times magnification. Second, through the application of chakra, the lens may sense any natural element that has been manipulated by chakra. This applies to flames made by Katon, buckets of water made with Suiton, or a tree made by Mokuton.

    Gyousou Gold Knuckles - 3
    This pair of Elemental Hand Weapons are a family heirloom. Once in the hands of a Gyousou, these gold knuckles (they do appear to be made of gold) can grow a layer of hardy wood. When used in physical combat, this wood leaves disastrous splinters in it's victims along with it's extra bludgeoning potential. The layer of wood constantly repairs itself, making these weapons as irritating as an unretrievable splinter.

    Kugo's Carry-All - 0
    Kugo can always be found with his brick-red backpack. He keeps everything important within. Along with his unique items, he also carries shuriken, a few kunai. An average looking scroll is in his pack, used for writing messages and summoning weaponry he has stored at the Gyousou Estate. He has a classic set of thieves' tools, which seem to be masterwork heirlooms. Along with a map of Hi no Kuni, two books (one on political history and the other a comic about a boy with unfortunate superpowers), and some bandages, Kugo keeps a steady supply of rations and snacks, along with a full gourd of water and a change of clothes. He's nearly always ready for a long adventure, and seems to have a little pouch of oft-ignored necessities, from nail-clippers to toothpicks to matches.

    \\\\\\\\\\\ ~ ~ ~ ~ --- ~ ~ ~ ~ ///////////

    His Story

    Originally posted by Ojii-san
    "You are a protector of friends, Kugo. There is no greater title."

    A breeze carried a few leaves through the humble grounds of the Gyousou family. Kugo loved watching the way the wind blew, but he didn't often spend time to love the advice of his grandfather.

    "Huh? What was that, Ojii-san?"
    There is nothing easier than being the grandson of a past Hokage. It only gets easier when your grandfather was the Hachidaime, the patient, prudent and powerful Gyousou Hiobi. He was, after all, the man who was rumored to rekindle the Will of Fire.

    Sure, to be Hiobi's son may have been difficult. To be the very kin of one of Leaf's greatest leaders put a lot of pressure upon that generation of Gyousou children. Kugo's father, uncle, and aunt are all now renowned members of Konohagakure, either known for their bureaucratic prowess on the latest diplomatic Council, or a trusted jounin of Hada, or the father of one Gyousou Kugo, the boy with no clue how to care for the family legacy.

    It was true, ever since he was young, he was the strangest of his father's children. The third of four children, and the middle son, Kugo knew a strange upbringing. While his brother rose quickly to the rank of chuunin, where he now continues to rise on the field, Kugo barely took up the mantle of academy student. For a boy like Kugo, his time during his education was meant for playing games, flirting with girls, and wrestling with his fellows in an attempt to prove who was the best.

    Neither the pressure from his older brother to be the best, nor the love he held for his younger brother caused Kugo to push forward and act as a proper role model. While he was fond of everyone in his family, he never grasped the idea that he was a member of a respected shinobi family. Like most other children in Leaf, being a shinobi was the most obvious choice, so obvious in fact, that it was no longer special.

    The young boy had a natural talent for the shinobi arts. He was sneaky, he liked the life of survival games, and got along remarkably well with his comrades. That being said, his friendships did not reward themselves with skills or techniques in any particular art. While he did his best to pay attention, teachers would constantly find themselves remarking that 'His taijutsu had no focus or technique' or that he had only barely managed to sharpen a leaf with his Konohaton. Coupled with these observations was often the ever pervasive question; "Don't you know who your grandfather is?"

    To which Kugo's answer was only ever, "Yea, he's Hiobi-o-jii-san."

    Hiobi's successor was not met as fondly as the Hachidaime had been. Kugo had always known that. From the mouth of his own grandfather, the very Hachidaime Hokage himself, Kugo would hear mention of how Moshou Kintaro had managed to overturn the supposed legendary rule of Hiobi. Things were undone, but none of this was quite as real as the war with Yuki.

    Kugo was young at the time of the war, and in fact was busy failing his first academy portfolio as soldiers died in the snow. His lackluster ability to produce a chokehold and a couple of clones at the age of 11 forced his teacher's hand. Gyousou or no, Kugo was not the grandson Hiobi would stake his inheritance on. Out of all of his siblings, he was clearly the only one lacking a serious drive. To the boy, it seemed that being a ninja was simply the best career choice on offer, though he would have just preferred time off than work hard for a job.

    Imagine what a Hokage would do, were his grandson to fail out of the Shinobi Academy?

    Like any proper ruler, who had been waiting patiently to see Kugo fail splendidly, Gyousou Hiobi, and Kugo's father, with the occasional help of the rest of the Gyousou family, began a training regimen outside of the boy's classes, one that speicalized in some of the oldest practices of a shinobi. Basic stealth, heightened senses, the theory of action and reaction, and the simple game of tactics.

    Much of Kugo's time during these two years, where he steadily improved his portfolio to the par of his younger classmates, was spent playing board games with his siblings, training his body, and sparring with his older brother, with all his ambition and his unrelenting brotherly love.

    The Gyousou clan found breathing easy when Kugo passed through the academy before his two years of review ran up. It was as if all had gone well, the family name could remain intact, and no one could blemish it by being an academy drop out. Still, after the invasion by who knows what, Kugo still isn't quite sure that all is as it is cut out to be.

    Being a ninja is just a duty. Being left to his own devices is his true dream. Sifting through the sea of legendary Leaf Shinobi unnoticed would be the most he could wish for.

    All he wants is to be another leaf, floating in the breeze.

    Other Info:
    - Got permission from WoF to make Hiobi's grandson about three years ago ;P

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    [06/27/2017] Vindictive Hamza; +2 Control

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    Looks fine. Approved
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      This connection with the past Hokage may be a problem, but that's a thought for the GM, not me, and you said you got permission to have a go at it. So. Approved.
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        Ha! I admit that I'd forgotten about this. It's good to see that you didn't!

        Hey, this is a genin and I wanted moar genin. Take 2 GMAP and use them on him as you see fit.

        Once that's done, you'll have my Leaf GM approval.

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          Woot!!! Taking my gmap in intelligence. Thanks WoF!
          I'll move this when I get home.

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