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  • [Leaf Genin] Ito Shiori

    Don't be so afraid! If you're afraid, you're not gonna make it.

    Name: Ito Shiori
    Age: 12
    Sex: Female
    Height: 4'10

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Fire Country - Konohakagure
    Rank: Genin
    Division: Hada

    Physical Description: Shiori is a medley of genetics. She has her mother's dangly violet hair, but her father's bright blue eyes. Her round nose is shared with two other siblings and her lips are thin like her grandmother's. The only part of her that sticks out are her ears. Literally. They're only a bit too big for her head. She's short and slim which is also an anomaly for the Ito family. They're all either short and chubby or tall and lean. Although frequently called a black sheep, the girl is proud of her differences. They're what make her, well, her.

    A recent Academy graduate, she still lacks muscle. Shiori is scrawny at best. Her legs are thin and lanky and her arms dangle at her sides. A birthmark is also very evident on her knee due to its chocolate tint against her pale skin. Although puberty has graced her with hormones and blemishes, there is an absence of curves. It's evident she is a child. The freckles that decorate the bridge of her nose don't help either. But she is pleasant to look at. Shiori possesses a sweet smile that reveals two dimples on the same cheek. Her teeth aren't beauties, in fact a little crooked, but they are far from horrible. Her juvenile charm only benefits from their imperfection.

    Clothing: There's something about bow ties and overalls that attracts the girl to such fashions. The majority of her closet is filled with the apparel despite the remarks of her siblings. They believe it is ridiculous, she finds it adorable. Who would ever suspect a girl with a bow tie to be so dangerous?! Occasionally, Shiori accessorizes with a silly hat or something of the nature. This tacky style is too cute to hate. A pair of thick framed glasses rest before her eyes, only a pinch too big for her. Compared to the rest of her clothing, they appear completely normal.

    As a girl, she also owns a few dresses, skirts, and blouses. Many of her clothes are hand-me-downs, but she manages to own something new once in a while. If Shiori is unable to buy it, she will attempt to make it. In fact, a dozen bow ties are handmade. Maybe more.

    Personality: Many speculate that Shiori's ability to endure massive amounts of pain stems from her determination. A little ball of courage and motivation, she's the first one into a battle and the last one out. She does not require praise from others... But it is nice to hear of course! The girl is proud of herself even when no one is. However the pride is not overbearing, merely a catalyst for the next challenge. She is not someone who will easily surrender, but is rarely a sore loser. Defeat is accepted with a smile and becomes the drive to try harder next time. Both victory and failure are reasons for the kunoichi to advance her skills. She's not a perfectionist, though, because she knows there is always room for improvement.

    As a stranger, Shiori is respectful and polite. As a friend, enthusiastic and honest. She is open with her thoughts, but picky with who she opens to. A childhood of bullying made the girl more careful with those she trusts. She is withdrawn and secretive, but maintains a thoughtful and friendly behavior. Distrusting someone doesn't imply a negative relationship, simply a more guarded one. However she possesses a big heart and is willing to be a friend to anyone. Even with her siblings, regardless of how many times they ruin her glasses or yank her air, she will unconditionally love them. And such kindness becomes her weakness.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Honor! Courage! Hitting things!

    Combo Archetype: [M]aniac
    Stat Merit: +4 to Stamina, +1 to Willpower, +1 Reserves
    Stat Flaw: -3 to Tactics, -2 to Intelligence, -1 Control


    Physical – Primary

    Strength: 1+5[F] +2[TP] = 8 [+5 Jishin]
    Speed: 1+2[F] = 3 [+4 Ten'imuhou Keishu]
    Stamina: 1+4[M]+3[F] = 8 [+10 Ten'imuhou Keishu]

    Mental – Secondary

    Intelligence: 1-2[M]+2[F]+2[AP] = 3
    Tactics: 1-3[M]+3[F]+1[GMAP] = 2
    Willpower: 1+1[M]+3[F]+1[GMAP] = 6

    Chakra – Tertiary

    Power: 1+2[F] = 3
    Control: 1-1[M]+3[F] = 3
    Reserves: 1+1[M]+1[F] = 3

    Jutsus and Techniques:

    [F] Stage One: 5 Strength, 3 Stamina
    [F] Tremor

    Ten'imuhou Keishu
    [F] Stage One: Stamina 4, Strength 4
    [F] Stage Two: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6

    Stage One
    [F] Katon: Shoumeidan no Jutsu: Control 3, Intelligence 2
    [F] Katon: Fukumen no Jutsu: Power 3, Willpower 2
    [F] Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    The Shinobi Kit [0]
    Pon-Pon the Hammer [5] ([4] Large Blunt Weapon + [1] Hidden)

    Weapon Points Remaining: [3/8]

    The first time I saw her she was running. She definitely noticed me hiding in the shade, keeping my distance from the pursuit. Even with tears flooding her eyes, I knew she saw me. She never looked away.

    Her voice trembled when the boys finally reached her. Two of them hugged blood stained bats and the other simply twisted his fingers into a fist. Then he let it go and she spat blood. I thought she was going to cry for me, cry for any sort of help. But I knew I couldn’t help her. I was a coward then. I guess she knew too.
    Ito Shiori was born unlucky. She was born with a strange expression in her eyes and a birthmark splattered on her knee the color of dark chocolate. The kids at school relentlessly teased her for the mark, her teeth, her size, absolutely anything. The teachers told her it was a challenge she needed to overcome. Her parents never had the time to give her advice and her other six siblings teased just as much.

    But she had seven siblings and the seventh was not like the others. It was a dedicated, concerned older sister who made it her duty to support Shiori. And that’s why Ito Shizuko and Ito Shiori became best friends.

    I stood there, silent and guilty.

    This wasn’t the first time they cornered the girl. This wasn’t the first time I saw it either. My head was weightless and my body throbbed in fear. I wondered how much it hurt her.

    It is impossible to understand why they chose to be so cruel, especially to someone like her. She doesn’t deserve it. She never will.

    She was already squirming on the ground, crawling away from them. It was quiet now. Then the boys started laughing. I could distinguish the bruises decorating her arms and her shirt dripping red. If this continued, they would produce a corpse
    Shizuko trained Shiori to defend. She taught her how to avoid fear and discover bravery. Shiori learned kindness and integrity, strength and passion, warmth and cooperation. She was cultured in courage and familiar with perseverance.

    The girl started attending the Academy with Shizuko’s recommendation. Due to her physique, she was told to concentrate her studies on chakra. Yet with every taijutsu session, her hands pulsated with desire to hit. The sessions would leave her restless and excited while her chakra lessons only brought failing grades and disappointment.

    It was soon evident that chakra wasn’t her talent; the girl was gifted in endurance. She had an incredible amount of stamina and the teachers intended to use it. Shizuko couldn’t be any prouder of her younger sister. She was honored.

    They turned to me, eyes clouded with craze and lips warped into deviant grins. Then they said my name and beckoned me. My throat was dry and tears engulfed my eyes, but I forced myself to move.

    The girl twitched on the ground, purple strands sticking to her flesh and cheeks swollen and red. She stared at me with a confident expression and offered a bloody smile before a shoe collided with her skull. There was a slight yelp, it caused me to lose my balance for a second.

    “Got more?” she whispered.

    When the war in Yukigakure occurred, Shizuko and other siblings were transported to the tundra. Shiori continued her education in the Academy, but worry constantly shadowed her thoughts. It was the first time she was scared in a very long time. Losing a sibling, especially Shizuko, was horrifying. The fear made her vulnerable, which her classmates noticed and exploited. The teasing began once more.

    Then Shizuko and her siblings returned, triumphant and wounded. It was a victory for Konohagakure and a personal celebration between the sisters. They spent more time training, talking, and laughing. Their friendship thickened, only challenged by occasional arguments over small things.

    However the bullying at the Academy intensified despite Shizuko's arrival. They took their angers out on Shiori and eventually it turned physical. Although the girl was proficient in defense, there was no possible way to protect herself from a group of ruthless tyrants. Shizuko learnt of the bullying, but Shiori begged her to take no action. She claimed it was her battle to conquer.

    I couldn’t believe she asked for more. She was possibly as insane as them. They told me to strike, to bring my foot into her torso. One of them supplied me with a bat, the wood streaked with fresh blood. I glimpsed down and spotted a smirk on her face. But they were watching and I was already hesitating. With my eyes pressed shut and anxiety drowning my lungs, I swung the bat at her.

    Then it stopped and I looked down. The wood was in her hand and she was using it to raise herself.

    She stood on both legs, determination written on her face. A chuckle escaped her pink lips and she leaned against me, one arm resting over my shoulders. The bat was heavy between my fingers, but I still held it. The other boys glared at her, preparing for another fight. But I knew this time they would lose.
    The ANBU disappeared and something was brewing within Konohagakure. With the village protectors absent, they were susceptible to more enemies. Shiori was about to graduate, but the ceremony was held off and her siblings were gone for days on miscellaneous missions. The girl didn’t understand much of what was going on. Even Shizuko refused to discuss the topic.

    But when the invasion occurred, Shizuko regretted the decision. Keeping her sister in the dark was more harmful than helpful.

    The sirens were loud, piercing every villager’s ears. Shiori was told to evacuate by an unknown shinobi and when she asked about her sister, she was ignored. Amidst the chaos, the girl was separated from her family and walking among strangers. But she wasn’t scared. She wasn’t scared even when a group of prisoners appeared and seized random hostages. There was no fear when she was one of them.

    He picked her up and fought off shinobi with one hand. If he wasn’t a criminal, Shiori would have loved to train with him.

    She kept her eyes closed most of the time, the prisoner held her in a firm headlock. Her breathes were becoming shorter and faster as she clung to the last of them. The child's hands flew up, struggling to pull the monster's arm off but he was too strong. A quiet cry left her mouth and then Shizuko arrived, blood trickling down her flesh and arms wearing bruises. On that night, Shizuko acquainted her sister with sorrow and pain.

    The next few days were slow, the following weeks were painful, but Shiori managed to smile when it was necessary. Shizuko passed only a couple days before her graduation. It hurt more to realize her sister wouldn't be there to celebrate. In fact, she wouldn't be there at all. Ever.

    After receiving her hitai-ate, Shiori spent the rest of the day lying on her sister's bed and imaging she was still alive. It was the happiest she had been since Shizuko's death.

    An enormous hammer materialized between her hands and she swung quickly. The boys were on the ground, moaning in pain. One of them took in a deep breath and charged, but she struck him with the weapon again. He fell on the floor and I couldn't tell if he was crying or laughing. My knees buckled and I collided with the ground, quivering with horror and dreading the pain to come. But it never arrived. Instead, she gave a playful wink.

    “You’re their watchdog, you should’ve told ‘em someone was coming,” she stated with a grin.

    “S-Someone?” I choked out.

    “Yeah. Me.”

    She spun around, sweat drenched hair brushing against my face. Her body was still for a moment, I thought she was about to say something but it was quiet. I raised up my hand, wanting to put it on her shoulder however I was too slow, she began running. The others called for me to stop her, but I remained and watched her form grow smaller until it disappeared.

    I wonder if she’s still running.
    Other Info:
    - Although Shiori owns a hitai-ate, she wears her sister's
    - She actually inherited most of Shizuko's belongings
    - Theme: My Body // Young The Giant

    Thread Log:
    Creation: 2 GMAP – Tactics, Willpower; 2 AP – Intelligence
    05/02/14: Talent's Nature; +2 Strength, Inventory Update

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