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  • [Leaf Chuunin] Nokoribi Enshoku

    Name: Nokoribi Enshoku
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'4

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Hi no Kuni, Konohagakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Division: Omoi

    Nindo: "My motives and my goals are my own."

    "They call her the Burning Rose for a reason, y'know?"
    Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most of the denizens of Konoha would at least describe Enshoku's appearance as striking for one reason or another. The amalgamation of features appear either as 'strange and out of place' or 'the perfect combination for a kunoichi'. For the past three years, En seems to have been perpetually stuck in the transformation of child to adult. Many of those who discount her still hold hope that she will one day blossom into her full potential.

    There is no denying that she is a bit short, standing eye to eye with some genin while others of her age tower over her. She has a petite frame with limbs appearing awkwardly long for one of her size. She has an elongated neck that looks to be an inch too long. Her face is equally curious sporting a combination of rounded and sharp, angular features that seem to be in constant opposition. Although her top lip is a bit larger than the bottom, both are full and angelic contrasting starkly with a square jaw shape. Deepset eyes draws attention to the almost too wide bridge for a nose that quickly snubs. Perhaps the only positive thing that could be said about her body is the fact that her muscle tone is well balanced throughout, neither lean or overly defined. That and the fact that, despite everything else, her figure is equally proportionate with just enough weight and curves in the right places to draw some eyes.

    What perhaps draws the most attention though are the colors that genetics seem to bless her with. Those eyes I mentioned earlier? An astounding mix of what is primarily a brick reddish brown with small flecks of sandstone yellow scattered through the iris. Cold and hard at first glance, but when her passion is ignited, the colors come together to shine and glow like a fire. The pitch black color of her long lashes causing that fire to flicker in the light.

    Her tresses are a mixture of much the same. Thick, choppy strands are usually left to flow freely, falling anywhere from her chin to her shoulder blades appearing tangled and unkempt. The shades of sherry seem to clash against her blushed complexion but when she is sparked action... the lighter shades of strawberry blondes and the dark sable undertones can be seen, blending and streaking together to create something enchanting.

    "Might be a little strange lookin', but the girl knows how to accessorize."
    There is very little difference between Enshoku's professional attire and her casual appearance. Black and darker colors are obviously her favorites. Tops and bottoms are close fitting. This isn't for vanity's sake but for the freedom of movement it provides. Bandage style outfits, belts, boots. Her favorite piece seems to be a hooded leather jacket that she always wears, even on warm days. Her hitati-ate is rarely worn since she specializes in infiltration and assassination. Though when she can, she wears the blue banded insignia predominately on her left arm. She has been seen to display in the correct position or tied loosely around her neck.

    While her attire might be bland, her choice of adornments seem to spark a curiosity in others. For example, there are numerous piercings systematically placed along both of her ears. Though each of the silver hoops are their own earring, when all worn together it seems as if it is one piece twisted together ending at the lobe with a dangling silver claw. She wears two golden rings, one on each hand, that seem simple enough.

    There are a few who claim to have seen glimpses of a navel ring or a small tattoo of a black rose along her back. Though these are just rumors and cannot, or will not, be confirmed.

    "Be mindful of the thorns."
    For those who truly get to know her, Enshoku can, for lack of a better phrase, truly be described as a paradoxical mystery of a human. She is every the starry-eyed idealist but also the bitterest of cynics. She firmly believes that with effort, intelligence, and consideration that nothing is impossible. She just also tends to believe that most people are too lazy, short-sighted, and/or self-serving to achieve those fantastic results. Unfortunately, once someone proves her correct in her assumptions about them, lose her respect and she will choose to have little more to do with them, making getting to know her an extremely hard task indeed.

    For most, being around Enshoku is unnerving if not down right intimidating. Those cold eyes watch the world, showing little signs of any emotional response. When they are fixed on others, the wheels in her head seem to be turning as she judges even the smallest action: a glance, a misspoken word, a twitch. She values intelligence, knowledge, and competence, having high standards for herself in these regards which she continuously strives to fulfill. Though fully understanding that everyone has unique qualities, she also seems to hold others to her own expectations but at a lesser extent. For those who meet her lofty criteria, she holds in high and dear regard but she does not always express these affections. She just feels that it should be understood.

    Despite her age, she is extremely perceptive and insightful, displaying an uncanny sense of intuition. She is skeptical, critical of all those around her and even of her circumstances. En has lived most of her life observing the world, making associations about it and generating ideas. She does not believe in mere happenstance or coincidence; everything happens for a reason but not one as silly as fate. She can seem bent on deconstructing and rebuilding every idea and system that she comes in contact with, leading to a sense of perfectionism and even a morality to her work. Rules, limitations, traditions, and even politics that get in her way are considered an anathema. This requires her to be extremely innovative, even unconventional, at times.

    Though most of the time she is extremely reserved, she does show a short temper at times. She has difficulty trying to explain her actions to others and quickly grows frustrated. Her thought process is non-linear. Rather than looking at a purported cause and seeing the effect, she looks towards the effect first and seeks all of the causes, not just the one first associated. She'll weave together all of the events and come up with the more direct reason. Her thought process is non-linear but rather internal images, abstractions, and a tangled web of threads.

    Enshoku is a natural leader, although she prefers to remain in the background until she sees a real need to take over the lead. She objectively sees the reality of the situation and is adaptable enough to change things that are not working out well. She is a supreme strategist - always scanning available ideas and concepts, weighing them against a current plan of action to conceive for every contingency. To En, life is a constant game of chess and she will take the king at the end.


    Archetype: Assassin
    Combo Special: Once per thread, the user can use their Speed (as long as it is superior to their opponent's) to sneak up behind "completely unnoticed". (Read: The opponent can still counter their attacks if he is skilled enough)
    (M)yrmidon: +2 Stamina, +1 Reserves | -1 Tactics, -1 Intelligence, -1 Control
    (Q)uicksilver: +2 to Speed, +1 to Stamina | -1 to Control, -1 to Power, -1 to Strength

    Additional Bonuses
    AP: 3 Jutsu
    Perks: Forbidden List

    [Primary] Physical

    Strength: 10 (+ 12 Santsuki no Mai = 25)
    1 - 1 (Q) + 10
    Speed: 13 ( + 15 Onken = 28)
    1 + 2 (Q) + 10
    Stamina: 14 ( + 9 Onken = 23)
    1 + 2 (M) + 1 (Q) + 10

    [Secondary] Chakra

    Power: 10
    1 - 1 (Q) + 10
    Control: 10
    1 - 1 (M) - 1 (Q) + 11
    Reserves: 8
    1 + 1 (M) + 6

    [Tertiary] Mental
    Intelligence: 8
    1 - 1 (M) + 8
    Tactics: 8
    1 - 1 (M) + 8
    Willpower: 9
    1 + 8

    Jutsu and Techniques

    *Roots Swaps

    Santsuki no Mai
    Stage Three
    Requirements: Speed 12, Strength 8, Intelligence 8
    Accumulated Stage Bonuses: + 15 Speed, + 12 Strength

    Special Techniques:

    Stage Three
    Requirements: Speed 12, Stamina 8, Tactics 8
    Accumulated Stage Bonuses: + 15 Speed, + 9 Stamina, + 3 Strength

    Special Techniques:
    {S1} Sleight of Hand

    Global Ninjutsu
    Stage One
    Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage Two
    Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
    Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

    Stage Three
    *Joukyuu Kyoukan (Advanced Empathy)
    Replacing: [Open Slot]
    Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

    Katon Ninjutsu
    Stage One
    Katon: Ichi (Fire Element: One)
    Requirements: Power 4, Control 4

    Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu (Fire Element: Cinder Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

    Stage Two
    Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame-Resistance Technique)
    Requirements: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5

    Futoumeisei Gai Nai No
    Stage One
    Utsusemi no Jutsu (Cast-Off)
    Requirements: Control 3, Willpower 2

    Stage Two
    Doujutsu: Senrigan (Eye Technique: All-Seeing Eye)
    Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

    Essential: Standard Shinobi Kit (0)
    Weapons: Rapier (3), Wrist Blade (2), Foot Spike (2)

    Item Points Remaining: 1
    Additional Item Points Gained: 0


    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

    I am a prodigy... or so I have been told. I was born to be.

    My story is not an easy one to tell; I am not used to talking about myself. It is not like your usual story, and yet it is exactly like that. I am not cliche, but I am no different from anyone else. A person is born into their circumstance and develop in it; they adapt to it and it shapes them, but it does not have to define them.

    I was born in Himoto to a family of prominence. A long line of politicians, shoguns, descendants of wealth and royalty. The echelon and pinnacle of society who regularly intermingle with the most revered and respected of shinobi from Konoha whenever need, or political maneuvering, calls for it. It is a family that continues through arranged marriages that are set as early as birth. In some, feelings do develop.

    I'd like to think that in my nuclear family that was the case. It was what many would call picture perfect. If a bit trite, it was in reality it was quite literal. Each year we would get together and have a painting commissioned. The paintings lined the hallways, going back from the day of my parent's wedding day. They were a couple who were married young as to have numerous children during their best breedable years which is exactly what they did.

    My father was the strong, silent type who oversaw the house with a tight but fair fist. He believed that one should never raise a hand to a lady, even if she was only a miniature version. My mother existed as his ever loving, gentle opposite who let him know when he was being too harsh on us. It was her who really ruled; with just one look, she could shut him down. I have four siblings. The eldest to me by seven years is a brother, followed by my sister of four years. My younger siblings, a sister and brother respectively are my junior by three years and eight years. There in the middle of the portrait was me, standing in opposition to it all.

    I don't really have a first memory that sticks out really. As I mentioned previously, I come from a very traditional household. Most of my early childhood was a droll of the same. It was a week long routine that only varied by the activities for the day and the people who made appearances. There was some time to play with others of our own age during play dates that were carefully arranged and overseen. We had our family time too; it was a rule of the house that all of us be present for our meals and each day.

    From a young age, us children we were taught by private tutors. Reading, writing, mathematics, science. The typical things. People who were knowledgeable in certain areas were also brought in to teach us each individually. Since we generally took our lessons separately, I'm not entirely sure what all my brothers learned but we girls were brought up on lessons about the finer points of what it meant to be a lady. Though, I do specifically recall being critiqued on a finger painting and feeling a bit of a jab. I also remember getting in trouble quite a bit for speaking out of turn, being obstinate, things of that sort of nature. My punishments were nothing too harsh. I was mostly sent to my room which was just fine for me since I took the time to read or draw without having to have anyone's feedback. I would occasionally lose privileges, like playing with people who were not all that interesting. Again, not really a punishment.

    I'm not sure who it was exactly but I recall it being someone outside of the home but in the extended family, who suggested my studies be increased and that thought should be given on sending me to the academy so I could learn structure and proper discipline. So when I was five, my family procured a house in the residential district closest to the Hokage Tower and I was enrolled in the academy on top of my regular regimen. Additional shinobi tutors were brought in to further my studies that supplemented my early training. Both my parents quite regularly spoke of the inadequacies of the academy's system. I believe the true reason for this was because they had no real knowledge about the subject so they wouldn't be able to tell if I was excelling or I was doing pitifully. It makes note to mention here, even outside of this realm, there was... is... no in between when it comes to how my family views people. You are either wonderful at what you do or a miserable failure at it. Mediocrity was not accepted.

    At the academy, I kept to myself as much as possible and worked hard; my parents praised this action, thinking it was out of some deep seeded snobbery that was beginning to show itself among the people they thought of as ruffians. Perhaps there was some truth to that sentiment. There were some I could tell that, even at such an impressionable age, would grow to become contemptible people. Fighting outside the structured environment just to show who was stronger than who. Children who were belittling others to bolster their own sense of self-worth. Those who felt they had some sort of superior position because of their lineage. But it was primarily because, much like at home, I preferred time to myself. The other children seemed to avoid me as I didn't really possess many traits that would attract people to me and I didn't exactly go seeking out playmates either. We still regularly made the short trip back to Himoto after all where I had the children of my parents' friends to play with. Still, I guess I will say that this is one thing I regret from that time. I admired the camaraderie between many of the others I watched. And don't get me wrong, I still had peers inside Konoha's walls, but it was never a very close relationship as they were often put off quickly by either myself or my family that itself was beginning to dwindle.

    My younger sister was picking up some 'bad habits', so my parent's began to travel without us and stayed for weeks at a time. Then my mother became pregnant with my younger brother which took them back permanently. They were also displeased because, despite my upbringing and contingent of tutors, I was on schedule to graduate with the rest of the students of my class in the average amount of time. I hadn't picked an area of expertise or shown any preference; I had good marks in all of them, but they all appealed to me for one reason or another so I wanted to explore them further. I was a jack of all trades, master of none so to speak. Pity people seem to rush into decisions without fully understanding what is to become their art and the weaknesses that come with it. If I was going to do something, I wanted to be the best at it. Still, my portfolio was shining with grades and recommendations so I graduated to genin at the age of eleven.

    At least there was something else more productive from their stay though. My sister found her own potential husband thanks to some interfering from my paternal grandparents who were seeking a stronger foothold in Konoha. They originally wanted her with a Hyuuga but the clan is not exactly in need of any political or financial bolstering so they had to settle for someone else. Something that my parents are not accustomed to doing. So when I graduated the academy, I was left in my sister's care alongside a Jounin guardian while she continued her long courtship ritual.

    Anyways, I was placed on a traditional three-man squad genin team. My own stories probably wouldn't differ from too many others. The first year was spent doing little of any real importance. What was interesting though, was what I began to catch sight of. Little things at first but then glaring errors in how things were run for what it was claiming to be driven by and rising towards. Konoha was not as strong as it seemed to think it was. Errors in judgement were glaring obvious to me. As always, I heavily voiced my concerns to both my sensei and my guardian, questioning them on their blind loyalty and some of the more questionable choices that were being made and as always, I was silenced. I wasn't born in Konoha, therefore, I couldn't see how great it truly was. I was a spoiled princess whose family only resorted to forcing me to become a shinobi because of problems at home. They were not entirely wrong, but they were not right either.

    In the time that I had lived here, I came to view Konoha as my home. After all, I had moved here when I was only six years old. That move had shaken up things and gave me something to strive for outside of what I would be trapped in if I had stayed. It had given me what I never would have had otherwise... an opportunity to make my own path. So make it I would. The system was pushing out good soldiers but not great shinobi. For Konoha to live up to the ideal that it was shoving down people's throats, it needed to change. It needed to be made stronger from the inside. I found a renewed sense of focus in that sentiment.

    My body was strong but lacked in brute strength so I studied different styles and decided to go towards taijustsu centered around speed and misdirection. I trained in ninjutsu styles that would give me range. Genjutsu would come to me later. I needed to be well rounded, well protected. I spent hours in the libraries and assay offices, studying old battle plans and mission briefings. I needed to become someone who could work independently and in a team. I needed to become the soldier they wanted first, to climb to a higher rank and position so I could become the example of change that Konoha needed. My newfound sense of direction was pleasing to both my parents and my sensei but others took note of it as well.

    Despite having been shut down as a lone voice, I was correct in my assumption. There was more than meets the eye when it comes to the inner workings of Konoha. There was Roots. I was brought by my guardian to an old, nearly abandoned warehouse where I was interrogated and eventually inducted. Apparently, some in my family had long standing ties with the organization whether they knew it or not. I was not told who or what had been contributed. Secrecy was a matter of utmost importance to the Elders, who spoke together in my head but I never saw. They filled my head with pretty lies and half truths. The Guardians were the ones who assessed my mental state and my dedication. My additional training was put in the hands of the Delegates, one of whom was my guardian. I was only thirteen and all too willing to believe that they were the answer. Similar minds, similar goals...

    By this point, my sister had become engaged and things were in preparation for their wedding and moved out of our residence. I seemed to live a normal life outside of those walls. I trained with my team; I went on missions. I stilled worked with the tutors my parents provided but they came less and less as more of my life was put in the hands of my guardian. I was never told if my parents knew what was going on, but I don't think that they did. As I learned, it was easy enough for anyone to live a double life that was full of secrets, but I don't think that either of them had the state of mind or the willpower to pull it off. I began to wonder if my whole placement in Konoha was just the pulling of strings. It would certainly come to seem that way in a few months.

    The Kyuudaime disappeared. Several rumors circled as to the reasons though the predominate theory was that he went off to fight the perceived evils facing Konoha. More rumors filtered in due to his absence, like Yuki encroaching on Hi no Kuni's borders even though this was tactically and strategically unsound. My team began to receive questionable missions; I, myself, was given dubious orders through Roots to destroy homes, placing evidence to further incriminate Snow and under the guise of bolstering solidarity. It only took a few weeks for the Council to assume total control of the village. I began to question things, but never outwardly, especially after I learned about the assassination of the Hokage. I knew what the Council and Roots were capable of.

    With all respect, Moshou Kintaro was a great man but one not suited for the position he held. There was no doubt that he was a capable shinobi, but he was not a great one. This goes back to what I said earlier about pushing out soldiers. Kintaro was little more than a puppet in the end, not capable of seeing what was more than in front of his nose. The real threat wasn't outside of the village but within it and it was growing out of control once it got greedy. There was another incident involving another operative. ANBU was framed for her murder and her failing. The Council was also blamed for this and a new Council formed.

    I failed to mention my promotion to Chuunin during all of this. It was garnered from my month in Yukigakure. Endless battles and bloodshed but I knew how their minds would work. I was two always two steps ahead of those panicked people who fought without knowing their enemy or were trying to flee. The whole thing only lasted a month but I guess that was enough, along with my previous years of service as a genin, my year with my nose to the grinder and quick improvement to earn the title. I imagine that it also had to do with my service to Roots being that it was the new Council who bestowed my promotion.

    The reason I failed to mention it was because there were only a few weeks or months between the end of the war, the Chuunin exams, the formal induction of the Juudaime Hokage, and the Assembly. Konoha was kept in a whirlwind of major events as a distraction from the truth. Blinded and deafened by the parades and celebrations. Who could blame them? When the truth is ugly, most people will take any excuse to look away from it. The Assemby was a sham anyways. Think about the questions. Just who is Konoha? Who will be protected over who if it came to a fight between two of its own? What is the greatest good and just who defines that good? It had just shown that it was willing to exploit the human body with the war. Being a shinobi is an exploitation, it is just an accepted one. Just what betterment was Konoha moving towards anyways and why did it feel the need to? All philosophical arguments with loopholes. Of course, like a good little solider, I answered yes to everything.

    Things were good for a few months. As a Chuunin, I was given slightly more important missions. I served mainly as a spy within Roots. Again, much the same as any other shinobi in those position. There were reports coming in from sources of strange creatures with possible ties to the Sanada that began to take precedence. It seemed that this was an actual threat, one that I oddly welcomed. It was nice being able to know who was my enemy and who was my ally, without having to worry about underlying motivations. There was some speculation of the current clan members level of involvement but I didn't feel it was necessary to dwell on it too much. If they were, they would be dealt with by someone sooner rather than later. At first, we dealt with the creatures where they were sighted.

    I still haven't figured out why they thought it would be a good idea to invade Konoha. I guess they assumed that with the village being shaken to the core and then rebuilt on an unstable foundation, that it would crumble easily. The targets they attacked were key for causing mass chaos. Credit where it is due, it was a good plan. What they didn't plan for, and I must admit that I didn't see coming myself, was the return of the Centurions and exiled ANBU operatives. This... also brought unforeseen complications to myself as well. Even though the monsters were defeated quickly, the Council of Elders was also overthrown. Many of my fellow Roots operatives had either died or fled, my former guardian being one of them. Some of the higher ranking operatives with much more involvement than I had been captured. I heard a few, like myself, were laying low. I'm not naive enough to think that I am not being watched. However, I was not like them and I hope that is the reason why I have been allowed to continue.

    Konoha is my home now. It is weakened but the dream of what it can be remains. There is no simple fix to the problems, but I can be a cog in the wheel that keeps momentum toward that ideal. As always, there is a new threat on the horizon that must be dealt with...

    There are no roses without thorns
    Here in this desert where I was born
    Between pain and duty all men are torn
    There are no roses without thorns

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    If my math is correct, you are shorting yourself one Mental point. I'd also prefer if you put your AP expenditures in your thread ratings section so it's more noticeable and not in a size 1 font.

    Other than that, numbers check out and what not.
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      My apologies... my math stuff was off from when I was min-maxing. The bold number was right but the math at the bottom was off by one. So, fixed that. Took off the size 1 on the AP and colored it to make it easier to spot.


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        I believe that the technical aspects are fine so... Half-Approved


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          Would shinobi even have a concept of 'nuclear' (as in, nuclear family)? I guess they'd know about atoms and stuff but still, sounds kind of weirdly technical. (though I guess nuclear doesn't necessarily mean that kind of nuclear. Oh well, not a big deal anyway!)

          Kind of an average bio for a 'prodigy', eh? Nothing wrong with that, I just went in kind of expecting some manner of big theatrics and it was actually fairly vanilla. Almost felt like the physical descriptions was longer than the bio with how fast I went through it. Half approved since the math checks out and there doesn't seem to be anything offensive about the biography.
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            I'll half this as well. I've read it a couple times, and there's nothing glaring at me, though you know as well as I that the Roots Swaps are up to WoF.
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              Just some clarification on the bio because I was thinking it and Junge actually addressed it.

              Enshoku was told she was a prodigy by her parents, it doesn't make her one. In fact, she is very bland as a person and maybe even as a shinobi at this stage. She feels slightly unfulfilled because she isn't living up to her potential, or the destiny that she was told she has. It will give her something to strive for in threads and be a motivational factor. It will also give me something I can work on in solo threads if activity slows down.


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                Bump for Leaf GM Approval and another half <3


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                  I think I can work with this. Mwahahahaha. Leaf GM approval.

                  Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.


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                    Half'd. On your way!

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                      I think this has enough now. Approved. Moved.
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