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Takahashi Yase - MOED Hunter

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  • Takahashi Yase - MOED Hunter

    Takahashi Yase
    (Pronounced: Yah-say)

    Nindo:"They say things go bump in the night. But with these arrows, I'm a bump back."
    Age: 23
    Village: Grass
    Division: [MOED] Hunter-Nin/Ken no Seijin

    Physical Attributes
    Owning a thin, yet muscular build, all while being fairly tall, Yase is rather lanky. Almost like a swimmer's body. Through constant training, and the thousands of times he's drawn on that string, he has broad muscular shoulders and sinewy arms. Adorning both of his arms are various tats, all varying in symbolism; mostly due to the fact that he got most of them in his more "rebellious" age.

    Straight, thick locks sit atop his head, coming down to about chin level. His combination of features are rather striking, because these locks are a fiery orange-red, complimenting his bright, clear, blue eyes well. Round it out with his pale skin and sharp facial features, you have the makings of a lady killer.

    When out on the hunt, or missions period, Yase has a personal suit of red armor he dons, lending to his moniker as the Crimson Sniper. Outfitted with modern stylings and forms of protection, it's very cutting edge.

    When not on mission, he prefers tees, tanks, jeans, shorts, flannel and sneakers. Two things he can never be found without though, is a cap --it's rumored he has a collection above two hundred. The second item(s) that are always on him is his trusty bow and at least one quiver. He also has a penchant for rocking shades too.


    "I am not a Saint, unless you think of a Saint as a sinner who keeps trying."

    The man whose sometimes dubbed as The Archer with a Mouth can be described in an assortment of ways, most easily though, as a wise-cracker or jokester. The gifted sniper is quick wiited and perhaps shows this side of himself too often, cracking jokes or reciting one-liners at inopportune moments.

    Many perceive it as being a little obnoxious, but it's not his meaning. He's just a naturally jovial person. It's hard to find Yase in a bad mood or without a smirk as he is casually silly and youthfully influenced in his personal life along with in circumstances that require no seriousness.

    People often underestimate him because of these ways and really he'd have it no other way. For people to assume his weakness based on his words is their own fault. A fairly self aware person, Yase has purposely chosen to keep this positive, joking manner, because he's seen the other side; the ugly realities of the world and he'd much rather smile and joke as often as he can.

    Yase is a scarred man, both literally and figuratively. From his run ins with the "other side" to his past as a recovering junkie, he has been troubled. If you ask him, that's where his strength comes from; his determination. He seeks to "right the ship", to steer other people from this fate and eradicate all the crawlies of the unseen world. He sees his abilities as a weapon for justice, a way of protecting those who can't protect themselves.

    In spite of all that, he's still a 23 year old man with a bevy of vices; namely, women, alcohol, tobacco and clubbing. Being a social animal, he loves hanging out and clubbing with friends. Speaking of friends, he doesn't have many, but the ones he does have, he cherishes. His jokes are a little corny to those he firsts meets, but he usually wears away at folk until they either like him, or gain a respect for him.

    Archetypes, Stats, & Jutsu

    [Taijutsu x Archery Specialist]
    Special: Once per thread, the user can shoot with perfect accuracy from any distance (the target must be in sight). The projectile will hit with two times the user's base Strength (no Strength bonuses are included in the calculation).
    Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Stamina, +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence, +1 Speed
    Stat Flaw: -3 to Reserves, -1 to Power, -1 Control, -1 Speed

    Physical, Mental, Chakra





    Hidden Sniper Bow and Arrow
    Arrow Jutsu
    Roar of the Beast Taijutsu
    Global Ninjutsu
    Saint Swaps

    Hidden Sniper
    Stage 5 (Speed 21, 19 Stamina, Strength 16, Willpower 16)
    -Hunter's Sight

    Howl of the Beast
    Stage 5 (20 Strength, 20 Stamina, 16 Speed, 16 Willpower)
    Accumulative Bonuses: +13 Strength, +12 Speed, +8 Stamina
    Stance Bonuses: Bear: 12 Wolf: 12 Eagle: 12

    Arrow Techniques
    [S1]Noisemaker Arrow (Intelligence 3, Reserves 2)
    [S2]Snake Arrow (Tactics 6, Intelligence 6, Reserves 4)
    [S3]Knockback Arrow (Reserves 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7)
    [S4]Whirlwind Arrow (Tactics 14, Intelligence 13, Willpower 11, Control 10)
    [S5]Arrow Spit (Tactics 18, Intelligence 17, Willpower 17, Control 14)

    Global Ninjutsu
    [S1]Henge (Control 3, Intelligence 2)
    [S1]Catalog (Intelligence 4, Tactics 4)
    [S2]Wall/Water Walking (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)
    [S3]Chakra Hunting (Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6)
    [S4]Smite the Unclean (Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14)
    [S5]Touch of Purity (Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18, Power 16)
    [S5]Chidori (Thousand Birds) (Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14)

    Standard Bow and Arrow
    -3 Points
    Zoom Goggles
    -1 Point
    Body Armor
    -2 Points
    -----2 Points Left

    (Bio Disclaimer: Firstly, there's plenty profanity, so virgin ears n eyes watch out. Secondly, there's three different phases that the bio cycles through. Narration, signified by Quote boxes. Then story dialogue thats written with no quotations. And then there's first person style with quotations and conversation. Thanks for reading and enjoy)

    Originally posted by The Narrator
    It was a normal night in Hokukishi. The streets were crowded with party goers. The air was perfumed with their pungent odor–booze and cigarettes. The odor wasn't helped by the heat and humidity that virtually hovered over the little party town.

    Above the street level though, in a cheap little room, in a cheap little hotel, things were just cooling down. Even though they'd only met that night, Yase had brought a girl back with him from one of the town's many nightclubs to "make it do what it do". After doing it, they laid contently in each other's arms. Our story begins as she traces her hands over an old, albeit ominous scar.

    "Yas-kun....what's this?" Said his one-night lover as she fingered two identical, evenly spaced, circle marks on the right side of his neck. "Looks like some chick bit the shit out of you."The Jounin chuckled at the irony hidden in her statement. "You know what's funny? You're all the way's Miori right? People never really ask about it. But I'm in a talking mood though, wanna hear a story?" She looked up at him with a look of confusion and intrigue, unsure of what he was getting at, so she simply replied "Yea."

    He sat up in the bed and reached the dresser next to him and lit a cigarette. Exhaling after a long pull, he turned to her, "Well, if it's gonna make sense I gotta start at the beginning."


    I come from a family of ninja. 'Talkin from my grams to my bro, everybody was a ninja. So I did the same. It was a normal kid's life I guess, breaking shit, causing a ruckus, and whooping ass at the Academy. When I think about it now, I coulda went easier on my folks. Hahaha, I used to run Pops up a wall tryna catch me (literally).

    But yea, I found my niche in the Academy y'know. Something to focus on. See I always had great aim. I could hit anything, from anywhere. My teachers caught it first hand when I'd hit them with paper planes, spitballs, hell you name it, I was tagging they ass wit it. So they thought it'd be good for me to go into projectiles, or archery. It was easy choice to make. I mean how badass is it when I pull back on that string and rain down sweet justice?

    Anyway, after I graduated and became a Genin, I joined a team. I always ran with a crew when it came to fooling around and getting into shit, but when it came to serious, mission-style work, I was a lone wolf. Shit, still am. So it was a STRUGGLE tryna get along with two tools I couldn't stand and a old codger for a sensei. I didn't listen to my peeps, what made him think he'd be different? But you know what? He forced me to. At first I ain't like it, but after a while, everything the old man was saying started to make sense; in between him kicking my ass of course.

    We rolled like that for like a year before we tried the Chuunin exams. Both those tools passed. Left me in the dust. I was bitter about it, but it was proof, my sensei said, that I needed to take being a ninja more seriously. And I did. I stayed with the old man and we had a Wolf and Cub thing going. With him I was able to get my feet wet on this hunter gig, bringing in marks of varying importance for Grass. As I grew more confident in my abilities, the more I was ready to give promotion another shot. I tried again for the Exams when I was 15.

    It was hard too. I came to a draw with one helluva swordsman from Mist, only advancing because of some tournament standings rule. I lost to a woman from Leaf, a crazy strong Phoenix that kept the pressure on me, I still got the burn marks to prove it. Despite my loss though, I was promoted. For admirable exams performance and good mission record I guess.

    That's when the shit storm started.

    I had achieved what I wanted and in reaching that goal, I lost my way. All the humility Saho-sensei instilled in me went right out the fucking window. I got my own place, started chilling with my old crew again, fucking with drugs; anything stupid, I did it. I did mission work, training and ninja duties, but barely. I was always high, always drunk on the job, and everything passed me by.

    What I mean by that, is my family was in upheaval. My brother was killed in the line of duty and the pure grief of it ripped my family apart. He had left behind a son, which I had never even known about, and my mother became sick shortly after. But instead of mannin' up and be there for them I buried my pain in drugs and drowned my sorrow in liquor.

    It went like that for years. I wallowed in my own pity and failed mission after mission. I really didn't care about much ar that point, not even my life. So before I knew it, I was a 21 year old junkie ninja, who was another failed mission or late report away from getting kicked out of Kusa's ranks. I was diving headfirst down the wrong path, but then my life changed forever. Infact, it was the same night I got this scar.

    Originally posted by The Narrator
    Miori was enthralled. Men rarely ever got this deep into their own back stories with her. Usually it was just her fulfilling herself and moving on. This time though, it was different; he was different, but she couldn't put her finger on why. Still, she wanted the origin of that scar.

    It was a hot and humid night just like this, and if I'm right, the moon was as blood red as it is tonight. Me and two beauties were camping in the forest and things started to get hot.

    We were ripping at each other's clothes, ready to get down. But even after all my clothes was off, they kept ripping; this time at my skin. Before my eyes they began to change, from beauties to beasts; all while ripping me to shreds.

    I was a bloody mess, and that's when they went in for the kill. One bit me on the neck and started to suck. It's a crazy feeling really; the feeling of your life force being violently pulled out of you. I was helpless and as the other moved in for her share, she disentegrated into ash. As I lay there, I wondered how the hell that happened, who had come to help me? As the other went to fight off whoever killed her comrade, I fell out from blood loss.

    When I awoke, I was bandaged up in a temple looking place, with an old woman gazing down at me. She scared the hell outta me too, but she turned out to be my savior. She said that those two hotties were in fact succubus. Yes, vampires. Crazy I know, and she was a hunter, a spiritual cleanser; a Saint.

    Originally posted by The Narrator
    While he was telling the story, Yase had gotten up and was pacing the room, doing his best to describe the events of his life. Miori's eyes followed him intently, pupils wet with eagerness; almost a hunger in her eyes. He turned his back to her, fussing with something on the table, perhaps more cigarettes she thought.

    She took this as her moment to strike, leaping from the bed with inhuman speed, mouth agape, fangs bare, yearning to pierce flesh. Before she knew it though, she was nailed against the hotel wall. She yelled in agony and looked to either side, searching for her pain's source.

    In both hands were steel tipped red arrows. She roared again, this time in fury.

    "Baby, please keep it down, what will the neighbors think?"Again Miori yelled and for her trouble she recieved two more bolts; one in each foot, securely fastening her to the wall. "Since you're just gonna hang for awhile, let me finish my story."


    Granny BaBa was what I came to call her. She was the head Abbottess of the Temple of Light. It was a small place, only five members really. But they were great people, they nursed me to health. It was hard times though, because I was having withdrawl. My body racked and heaved in protest as I tried to get sober. Meditation, herbal drinks and remedies, acupuncture and a whole assortment of methods were used to relieve me of my addictions; even a few ass whoopings.

    After seven months I left a different man, and I was aware. Aware that there was a level below this one. An invisible world that is rarely seen. I was a victim of this other world and was lucky enough to live to tell the tale.

    When I got back to Grass, I got straight to work. I refocused my efforts into getting out into the world, I needed to be more knowledgeable about the way things worked out of this little Grass country bubble. I took all hunting missions, using my skills as a tracker and sniper to rack up a pretty high number of marks.

    Turns out I came back with good timing, cause the tumultuous regime under Batsu was coming to an end. Can't say I wasn't happy, cause his rule was a bit......eventful and not in a good way. Fukumen's rise to power was more than welcome and I was happy to go to work for him. I saw a boon in production, cause I was busy chasing down all the defectors and escaped prisoners.

    Because of the good work and a good job of redeeming much of my lost reputation, I was close to being promoted, after almost a year. I might've been promoted sooner but they said I was taking too many personal days. Probably thought I was out fucking up again. Little did they know I was visiting Granny BaBa. She was teaching me the ways of an occult hunter. Our tutoring sessions were brief but intense and she crammed me full of info, techniques, ways of recognizing certain disguised creatures and a shit load of other things.

    These tricks of the trade came in handy too. On my most recent mark, the one that got my promotion, I used some of her teachings. I chased one of the last known escspees from the prison, to the edge of Stone country.

    That's where things got weird. He hid in a dark, gloomy cave and as I dove deeper I heard him scream. When he emerged there were two. Him and something else, that was far from human. He had been turned, and as they approached, he was transforming into some zombie.

    I pulled out two bolts, one for each, and they laughed at me. But I focused my chakra, forming the cleansing power I would need to Smite them. I brought back both of the dead bodies, the deadly mark that was my mission and the......whatever the hell the other guy was. Granny BaBa informed me that we weren't alone. That the Temple weren't the only ones fighting the good fight. Right in Kusagakure, she said, were those that would and could help. I knew if they were here in Grass, they'd want to see this body.

    I was in disbelief, cause I never heard of em, but I knew if there were Saints fighting the supernatural in Grass, I wanted parts. She said that Saints could always find each other and that all I had to do was "watch for the Onion Bulb".


    “The rest, they say, is history. Now my precious, what shall I do with you?" In response, the wall shook with power as the vampiric Miori bellowed in protest. "Truv la shi wo sia vlo qi swo cju pij!!!!" Yase walked back to his quiver as the woman-beast cursed and babbled in some ancient, foreign language, spitting with every strange syllable.

    "You wasn't saying that shit earlier." He chuckled to himself as he rummaged around in his quiver, then turned to face his prey after retrieving a specially prepared arrow just for this occasion. He notched the arrow, and aimed it at her forehead. "Rock-a-bye, baby." She gave one last guttural yell in defiance and then burst into ash as he loosed his bolt, destroying her.


    Other Info
    -Theme Song:Seek and Destroy
    -Voice Actor:Ian Sinclair
    -The quote above personality is credited to the late, great Nelson Mandela.
    -He's a bit of a tech freak and loves anything "new and shiny".
    -He's also a lover of music, having dabbled a bit in electric guitar, so most of the time he'll have headphones in, jamming to something. Loves 80's Rock and Old School Hip Hop the most.
    -Has various nicknames. They include: The Crimson Sniper, the Archer with A Mouth, and Terminator X.
    Character Influences Include
    -Roy Harper from DC Comics
    -Deadpool from Marvel Comics
    -Billy Sole from The Predator
    ---- 3 AP used at creation on Jutsu.

    Thread Ratings
    XX/XX/XX - Bulb's Bloom:+2 Speed, +1 Control
    XX/XX/XX - [Saints] Weekend Session:+2 Power, +1 Willpower
    07/01/15 - Caught in the Spider's Web: +1 Stamina, +1 Reserves, Stage Five Roar of the Beast
    07/11/15 - A Walk Through the Woods: +1 Reserves, +1 Intelligence, Touch of Purity
    08/27/15 - [Saints] Crash Course: +1 Stamina, +1 Power, +1 Intelligence
    08/07/17 - Lawnmower: +2 Reserves, +1 Speed, Chidori

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    "Kisshouten Saves."

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      I can't give out approvals, but I did notice that you put the "Catalog" swap in your Archery list. It might be nitpicking, but in this thread, it states:

      Originally posted by Creating Custom Jutsu and Seals
      3. Swap jutsu should match the theme of the base list. Thus, a character with custom shuriken jutsu should not try to swap such techniques into the katon list, because projectiles and fire are two separate themes.
      I imagine it belongs somewhere else, such as global ninjutsu because that can take anything universally, but that's up to a mod.

      Another little nitpicky thing, but if you're anything like me, spelling mistakes that you make drive you crazy.

      Originally posted by Quote Within A Quote - Woah
      While he was telling the story, Yase had gotten up and was pacing the room, doing his best to describe the events of his life. Miori's eyes followed him intently, pupils wet with eagerness; hunger almost. He turned his back to her, fussing with something on the table, perhaps more cigarettes she thought.

      She took this as her moment to strike, leaping from the bed with inhuman speed, mouth agape, fangs bare, yearning to pierce flesh. Before she knew it though, she was nailed against the hotel wall. She yelled in agony and looked to either side, searching for her pain's source.

      In both hands were steel tipped red arrows. She roared again, this time in fury.
      Your stats check out, I triple checked them. You might want to add in your archetype bonuses - I combined them on notepad to check them, so I'll put it up for you in case you want to use that one.

      Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Stamina, +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
      Stat Flaw: -3 to Reserves, -1 to Power, -1 Control
      You might also want to elaborate a bit on his Chuunin exam and Jounin promotions, they seemed to have just fell into his lap, and that really doesn't seem to be the case with Jounin.

      All of that said, I really like the character premise. If Merd gives the good old approval stamp, I'd really like for him to get into a thread with my Shinshi - I feel like their personalities would clash beautifully.

      Also, I giggled at Granny BaBa, if only because in Japanese, "Baba" means "old woman".

      EDIT: I just noticed that you didn't factor in your Roar of the Beast Tai. Yay for stances~
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        I hate it when people combine their archetype specials because then I have to go check the handbook rather than just assuming they faithfully copied and pasted. My time is too valuable to spend an extra fifteen seconds on Engi!

        I don't know how I feel about 'trucker' hats, given the nebulous existence of 'trucks' in the ninja-universe. Then again I've seen baseball caps used before. Has anyone seen a single game of baseball played on Engi?

        The gifted sniper is quick wiited
        I noticed a lot of 'quotes' in your 'descriptions'. There's nothing 'wrong' with 'that' but I thought I'd 'point' it out in case you weren't 'aware'.

        The Mamatou Company rise to power, special forces betrayal, murdered Kusakage; all that shit went by me unnoticed
        Be prepared to change this. Typically jounin are held to a higher standard and the 'my character ignored all the history they lived through' bio responses sometimes don't get through. It'll be up to the GM whether this passes or not.

        Somehow the vampire parts don't bother me so much as the trucker hat.

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          Streamlined some of the choppy sentences, deepened his backstory promotion wise and cleaned up some of the grammar and inconsistencies. Got 1/3 approvals so far.

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            Tossing a half approval on this here character.

            That nindo is horrible, lol.


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              A Mist Secondary GM

              Feel free to bug me.


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                Before I read through this, it must hold to my happy draconian formatting rules. That is, do not add or delete categories of the character sheet (that means stuff like a theme song, should go where it belongs, in other info). Do not right-align things, I don't like it when Kaen does it, and I sure won't like it when you do it. I don't need two people on my formatting hit list.

                Author's note, misc info, and influences, can also be put under an other info header that comes at the end of a sheet.


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                  All draconian formatting rules followed. I think.

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                    Aliases either go inside the name "Takahashi 'Whatever' Yase" or also go in other info.

                    His timeline still doesn't work out. If we place Engi's current day at around year 1.0 on the super timeline, Fukumen's rise to power was less than a year ago, and most of the events he remembers were just a year ago, not 3 years.

                    So he will either have to age down, you can adjust what he remembers ignoring, or shift some thoughts around. Either way, at this point he sounds like a time traveler.


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                      Made some changes to background to better reflect the timeline in Grass. Put a little more personal turmoil in there that I want to help him overcome in RP. Also placed everything extra into Other Info.

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                        A character like this is a gamble. The org is so far made up of characters who are just touching this information, they have started out and don't know what they are getting into. Yase has the possibility of hurting that mystique, but I think he is just oblivious enough to the full details that it will be fine.

                        GM Approval. I'll move this to info.