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  • Oono Katsumi - MOED

    Name: Oono Katsumi
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'9

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Grass Country - Kusagakure
    Rank: Advanced Chuunin
    Division: MOED - Espionage and Infiltration

    Physical Description: Nobody really knows what to say when they're faced with the question of "Is she pretty?" Yes, Katsumi is by definition pretty. Her beauty is undeniable however it is also certainly strange. She is taller than most of her peers due to her long, spidery legs. They are not delicate or feminine, but thick with muscle. The grace her strides possess makes it almost unnoticeable though. Her arms appear lanky yet retain the proper strength to wield her sword and strike with a few powerful punches. The nails on her thin fingers are manicured and pristine with a different color every week.

    Like her nails, Katsumi enjoys coloring her hair. She was born with dusty brown locks, but now they are comprised of short, jaggedly cut tendrils turned blue and streaked with red shadows. Well-groomed, smooth bangs rest above her eccentrically big eyes. The kunoichi has the most apathetic set of jade eyes, and while others are intrigued by the yellow freckles glistening in the orbs, she can't bear them. A small nose is placed perfectly between her eyes and high cheek bones provide the girl with an intimidating yet indifferent expression.

    Her pale flesh is adorned with stabs, scrapes, and cuts that have healed to become almost invisible scars. She is curvaceous with a chest larger than you'd expect and wide hips. But Katsumi doesn't prioritize her body when unnecessary despite the slim waist and voluptuous backside. In fact, she is very bored with her looks.

    Clothing: Katsumi's wardrobe is rather random. She doesn't have a particular style, but her taste is certainly artistic. Idiosyncratic accessories are one of her specialties. Leather bracelets, knit scarves, and decorative stockings are among her favorites and no outfit is ever boring. If she wears a plain t-shirt with jeans, she's probably also sporting a bizarre headband or feather jewelry, and the t-shirt is cropped or off the shoulder. When she feels like appearing studious, a pair of glasses materializes over her eyes and she carries a book. Fashion is one of her creative outlets and she is never shy to express herself through her appearance. It is the one thing that is never dull. Dresses are often enjoyed by the girl, but they are never too revealing. Rarely does she expose more skin than necessary. Despite all the decorations, her actual clothing is usually simple.

    As a shinobi of utilizing stealth at its highest degree, or at least attempting to, Katsumi doesn't wear clothing that weighs her down or brings too much attention. Every piece of her shinobi attire has the Kusa emblem stitched into the fabric. If she isn't in disguise but still on a mission, the kunoichi wears a loose, translucent black sweater and a gray bandeau beneath. Her pants are ebony with many pockets and tuck into a pair of dark boots.

    Personality: Katsumi isn't as serious as she looks. Although languid expressions are among her favorite, she isn't shy to speak. In fact, she's usually the first one to say something and keep a conversation going. But she isn't someone who shares her life and problems with people. She's better at listening and advising than the reverse. Conversations with the rude or stupid aren't enjoyed by the kunoichi either. Unless she finds some entertainment value in it, Katsumi is annoyed easily and shows it. She's not someone to avoid her feelings. The girl is blunt with honesty.

    Many are intimidated by her beauty, but there are worse things to be scared of. Katsumi has a way of manipulating things to her advantage and it only seems like a reasonable tactic in her mind. That's how she gets all the men she does. The word whore is too harsh; Katsumi is more of a serial monogamist than someone who sleeps around. The girl has had her fair share of men simply because she enjoys sex. A shallow, trivial relationship is formed with them before she wakes up in their beds, yet they bore her and she moves on quickly. And as charming as she is with men, it certainly helps in the shinobi field as well. Not many people know about her acting out, but it’s mainly a coping method for all the responsibility she holds. She goes to parties, drinks, and stays out until morning. It’s the other side that few know about.

    Despite the dominating bitch persona, she is kind and playful. Being helpful is one of her positive traits. She can be supportive, but patience is not one of her virtues. Nor is she someone swayed by an excuse. There is no such thing as impossible for Katsumi, determination is key. An excuse is simply another form of a lie. This intolerance stems from being unable to put up with dishonesty. Katsumi believes that even if the truth is harsh, telling a lie is cowardice. Its hypocrisy at its finest since she rarely tells her sister the truth when it comes to her shinobi life. The world is too cruel, deceptive, and violent for her sister, and Katsumi is there to protect her from it. That’s what she believes anyway.

    She is neither a strategist or impulsive. The kunoichi finds herself in the middle. She enjoys being rough, dangerous, and catching her opponents off guard. That's her strategy most of the time. Taking orders from others isn't an issue unless they have no idea what they're doing. If she doubts their plans, she'll make sure they know. She's upfront with everyone, some more obnoxiously than others, but she respects her teammates and will go out of her way to defend them. She is strongly dedicated to justice and morality. In her world, she is an honorable shinobi bringing order to the world.

    However the girl does possess a fear. The people she created emotional attachments with before her father's death were lucky because she is unable to do the same now. Katsumi has learned to detach herself with no difficulty. She doesn't trust others because her greatest fear is loss. Why waste time and effort on creating new relationships when they’ll leave you anyway? While she grieves, the emotion turns into anger and hatred and she already has enough of those feelings. Although Katsumi is aware, she can't do anything to change it. She’s too afraid.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": If you fight without regard for your own life, you will find yourself unable to protect anything.

    Primary Archetype: [A]nlace
    Stat Merit: +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +3 Tactics, +1 Intelligence
    Stat Flaw: -1 Willpower, -1 Reserves, -2 Power, -2 Strength


    Physical [Primary]

    Strength: 1+1[A]-2[A]+10[F]+5[T] = 15 + 12[KnS] = 27
    Speed: 1+1[A]+11[F]+1[T] = 14 + 12[KnS] = 26
    Stamina: 1+9[F]+7[T] = 17 + 12[KnS] = 29

    Mental [Tertiary]

    Intelligence: 1+1[A]+7[F] + 2[TH] = 11
    Tactics: 1+3[A]+9[F] = 13
    Willpower: 1-1[A]+8[F] = 8

    Chakra [Secondary]

    Power: 1-2[A]+10[F]+3[TH] = 12
    Control: 1+11[F]+3[TH] = 15
    Reserves: 1-1[B]+10[F] = 10

    Jutsus and Techniques:

    Kusa no Suusenken
    [F] Stage One: 4 Stamina, 4 Speed
    [F] Teikaiken
    [F] No Iyagarase-Taezu
    [F] Stage Two: 7 Stamina, 7 Speed, 6 Control
    [F] Itten-Senkou Kutsuu
    [F] Stage Three: 10 Stamina, 10 Speed, 8 Control
    [TP] Inu Shibai Haaku
    [TP] Stage Four: 15 Stamina, 14 Speed, 14 Strength, 14 Control
    [TP] Nagai Kusa Yotoginai: 10 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Power

    Grass Genjutsu
    Stage One
    [F] Tensei Aikou no Jutsu: Power 3, Willpower 2
    [F] Kusanone no Jutsu: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
    Stage Two
    [F] Kafunshou no Jutsu: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
    [F] Kasugai no Jutsu: Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5
    Stage Three
    [F] Totte no Jutsu: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
    [F] Kakuu Kagai no Jutsu: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

    Those Lacking Opacity
    Stage One
    [F] Utsusemi no Jutsu: Control 3, Intelligence 2
    [F] Maboroshi no Mai: Power 3, Willpower 2
    [TP] Bougyou: Power 4, Control 4
    Stage Two
    [F] Bukigakure no Jutsu: Intelligence 6, Tactics 6, Control 4
    [F] Doujutsu: Senrigan: Control 6, Reserves 5, Intelligence 5
    Stage Three
    [F] Tookukiki no Jutsu: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
    [TP] Yashi no Eisei: Power 10, Control 10, Reserves 9
    [TP] Kagetegakari no Jutsu: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Power 7

    The Shinobi Kit [0]
    Jian [3]
    Hallucinogenic Poison [2]

    Weapon Points Remaining: 3/8

    Biography: A high pitched scream flooded the house. Katsumi was the first one up, her fingers already cluching a knife and eyes adjusting to the darkness. Her movements were swift and silent, a product of her intensive espionage training, while treading her home. The pale body of a child stood in the doorway of her younger sister's room.

    "Katsu-chan... I had a bad dream," it whimpered.

    Relief swept through her body and she relaxed, sliding the knife between her flesh and the fabric of her pajamas.

    "Again?" Katsumi asked with a gentle smile. Her hand ran through the girl's milky brown locks and they walked back into the room. "Aika, you really need to stop reading scary stories."

    "Well, okay, I-I know... But who wouldn't be scared of an evil old lady eating children?! And I read it with Mama!"

    "Tell Mama you don't want to read the stories anymore." Katsumi patted the bed and watched Aika climb into the sheets. Terror remained in the juvenile's dark blue eyes and the kunoichi's heart shattered. Their mother certainly didn't know how to act like one. Katsumi was lucky that her father was alive for most of her life. Well, not her biological father, but Oono Kazuki will always be a father to her. He taught her how to read, write, walk, and even poop in the bathroom. Weekends were spent with walks in the forest and when she entered the Academy, he never refused to help. He was a Jounin after all. He was never too busy for his daughter. But after Aika's birth, it was evident a disease tortured his body and a few years later he passed. Aika barely remembers him.

    "Mama said when I go to the Academy we'll read good, fun stuff. You did, right?!"

    "Oh no, honey, you're not going to the Academy. Mama probably means regular school." Katsumi's soft, plump lips rested on the girl's forehead for a moment.

    "No! That's no fair!" Aika was beginning to whine and Katsumi was certain she wouldn't be able to handle squealing. The sun was going to rise in three hours and she had a mission that morning.

    "Aika, please don't argue with me." A finger gently poked the girl's small nose. "You are not going to the Shinobi Academy. I don't care what Mama says." Her sister's fragility could easily be crushed whilst chasing a world of corruption, deception, and murder. She was never going to become a shinobi, Katsumi promised herself. It didn't matter how much their family needed the money. If they needed the money so much, why didn't they ever ask from Katsumi's real father? But her mother either gave some bullshit excuse or looked away. His name was Sadao and he was an alcoholic, but wealthy business man. She realized he was her father when he unexpectedly arrived at Kazuki's funeral. The audacity of the douchebag consumed her with anger. The exact details of the affair were unknown to the kunoichi, but she also held a lot of resentment toward her mother. She couldn't forgive her for allowing her to be born with the same eyes as that asshole.

    "But... I... Ugh, okay. Fine... But... Um, Katsu-chan, could you please just make sure there's nothing in my closet or under the bed. A-And that the window is closed! Apparently the old lady could fly on a broomstick and I had some chocolate before going to bed and what if she smells my sweet blood?!"

    The teenager began to audibly sniff the air, quickly moving her head back and forth before digging her nose into her sister's chest. It sent the little girl into melodious giggles. "Oh my, you are sweet! Ahh... Munch, munch, munch!" Katsumi began to nibble on Aika's hand, her soft bites tickling the girl. The pair spent a few more seconds playing until they were both heaving.

    "P-Please just take a look in the closet," croaked Aika.

    Darkness dominated behind the doors, but the shadows brought a particular memory to mind. Maseika Hitoshi was her first friend in the Academy and not that good at hide-and-seek. It was the first place Katsumi looked when she finished counting and the last place he did. She always won their games, at least until she found out he was letting her win.

    "Nope, nothing in here but flies! You really need to clean your toys, though, okay?"

    "Okay, okay! Now under the bed! Make sure there's no monsters, okay?"

    Stuffed animals and old books lived under the bed, but she knew her sister's fear. It was strong and prodded the girl's mind often. A few incoherent whispers and mumbles later, Katsumi took a seat on the girl's bed.

    "Nope, no monsters! But there was a fairy down there and I told her that if she sees anything to use her magic to make it go away. She'll be here to protect you too. Now then, since we're all finished here, time to tuck you in!"

    "Could you also tell me some stories?" blinked Aika. Her eyes were pleading, sparkling with a child's hope and excitement. Katsumi's stories were famous for their truth, gallantry, and ability to soothe the girl into a quiet slumber.

    "About what?"

    "Being in the Academy! Oh, I know, um, Hitoshi. When's the next time he's going to visit?! Oh and then tell me about how you became a Chuunin. I love that one so much!"

    "I'll ask him to come for dinner this week."

    "Okay, but tell me again, how did you meet him?! Hehehe, it's so funny."

    "You mean when I stood up to those jerks that were messing around with him? Or that I thought he was a girl and asked to paint his nails?"

    Aika's laughter filled the room and for a moment Katsumi's memories flooded with the days she and Hitoshi cackled on the ground over nothing. A deep, nostalgic grin pulled at her lips. "Well, the first time I saw him I knew he was prettier than me. But we became friends and then he told me was a Maseika. I honestly thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Sometimes we'd train together and even..." Even her father would help. "Even though it's ten years later, we're still best friends."

    "Wow... I want a friend like that."

    "You've got me, silly!" Katsumi ruffled the girl's hair, a familiar ache settling in her chest. Her father used to joke that he was jealous that Hitoshi was better friends with her than him. He also said they would end up marrying each other, but the kunoichi could never imagine that. The Maseika was a brother to her... And very awkward with girls. Katsumi's boyfriends were all charming in one way or another, but she was easily bored with them and left them after a few weeks. Marriage with any of them was unthinkable. Marriage with Hitoshi made her cringe.

    "But you're not always around, Katsu-chan. It gets lonely for me!" Yes, Katsumi was guilty of often leaving for days. But she always kept her sister in her thoughts. She thought of her sister when she drove her jian into an enemy's chest, blood splashing from the wound, sprinkling her face. Her sister's face materialized when she entered a casino, disguised as a stripper, with an objective of assassinating the owner. But her sister's voice was loudest when Katsumi's body was stabbed with foreign weapons and bruised until she couldn't move.

    "Well, when I became a Genin, Hitoshi and I weren't on the same team. And our schedules were very different. But we still managed to find time for each other. That's what friends do." Having a friend in the same class made the Academy bearable. Having an attentive and helpful father shortened the waiting period. Katsumi was a Genin before she realized.

    "But he became a Chuunin before you!" teased Aika, waving a stubby finger at her sister.

    "Yes, because he got lucky. And it was only two months, jeez... You're making me feel bad, Aika!" Katsumi stuck her bottom lip out and laid beside her sister, fake cries escaping her lips. She felt a pair of hands massaging her shoulders and a juvenile voice attempting to console her. "It's not my fault my Genin team was terrible!"

    "Oh sis, I-I'm sorry!"

    Katsumi's Genin team was actually terrible. Despite training in the art of stealth, they were heavy breathers and loud walkers. On a mission to assassinate an entire team of mercenaries, one of them died and the other lost an arm. Katsumi and her teacher finished the assailants on their own. But at that point, the girl's father was dead and her apathy was fully developed. It was their fault they couldn't be good enough, thought Katsumi.

    After that, her teacher began individual training sessions. He saw a spark in her and wasn't going to let her lose it. What that spark was, he couldn't identify, but he knew it made her a strong killer. It was because of him Katsumi became a Chuunin at fifteen. It was because of him she could murder an entire organization of monsters. Men who raped women and stole money from the poor. They were called gangsters, but to Katsumi they were cowards. They were like her real father and she enjoyed watching their eyes grow lifeless. Her sister never knew those stories, at least not by those details.

    "It's okay," she said, wiping the imaginary tears from her eyes. "But all this crying has made me so tired. I don't think I have the energy to tell you more stories."

    "Oh... Well... That's okay. I just have one more question. You're going on a mission tomorrow, right? How long are you going to be gone?"

    Katsumi stood by the window, staring into their empty backyard. "I don't know. Grass needs me right now. And I know you need me too, but I'm making the world a safer place for you. You remember how bad it was this year?"

    Her sister nodded, "Oh yes... Very scary... Mama was scared too."

    "Mama's always scared," she muttered. Two kage assassinations and the exile of the special forces was enough already. The government was questionable, but the moment that her little sister's safety and freedom was threatened, Katsumi jumped to protect it. And for now, amidst the chaos, Kusa provided safety to her sister and Katsumi didn't disagree. "Anyway, sleep tight, chipmunk. I'll be gone when you wake up, but breakfast will be in the fridge."

    One last kiss on the cheek and Katsumi returned to her room. She was unable to fall asleep, though.

    Other Info:
    Personal Goal: Overcome her family issues and learn to create emotional bonds with new people.
    End Goal: Become a Jounin.

    Thread Log:
    [4/1/12] Advanced Chuunin Points: +3 Control, +1 Reserves, Utsusemi no Jutsu, Kageran no Jutsu, Bukigakure no Jutsu, Hikarigatari no Jutsu, Shiawase na Kage
    [5/21/12] Mad House: +2 Stamina
    [5/22/12] Take the Bull by the Bat: +2 Control
    [5/23/12] Discussion in Subtly: +1 Speed, Kiseisaku
    [8/10/12] The Madman of Sumi: +1 Power, Enran no Jutsu
    [3/3/13] Lions in Cages +3 Stamina
    [7/18/13] Cotton Mouth: +2 Strength
    [4/20/14] Paid In Full: +2 Strength
    [9/16/14] Dead Waltz: Stage 4 SSK, +1 Control, Kagetegakari no Jutsu
    [9/28/14] Rendezvous: Inu Shibai Haaku, +2 Power
    [3/14/15] Flesh and Blood: Nagai Kusa Yotoginai, +2 Intelligence
    [3/28/15] Hemorrhage: +2 Stamina, +1 Strength

    [Katsumi] - [Maho] - [Tomoko] - [Tsukio] - [Ritsuke] - [Shiori] - [Miyuki]

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    [9:07:30 PM] M.Cain: She's been super important her whole life,
    and super important to Grass for like a few years.


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      You should add your stat bonuses into your tai. 7 Speed and Stamina, 3 Strength
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        Oops, totally slipped my mind. Fixed.

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        [9:07:30 PM] M.Cain: She's been super important her whole life,
        and super important to Grass for like a few years.



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            Half for Hito's BFF


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                She was never going to be become a shinobi
                but he knew it made her strong killer
                Tactics: 1+3[A]+9[F] = 12
                Fix that, I think it should be 13. Good work, you get a GM approval after that.


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                  Fixed now! C:
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                  [Katsumi] - [Maho] - [Tomoko] - [Tsukio] - [Ritsuke] - [Shiori] - [Miyuki]

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                  [9:07:30 PM] M.Cain: She's been super important her whole life,
                  and super important to Grass for like a few years.