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  • Hanamura Saku - MOED

    Name: Hanamura Saku
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'8"

    Character Type: Shinobi

    Country/Village: Kusagakure
    Rank: Chuunin
    Division: [MOED]- Aspirant

    Physical Description: Saku really doesn't look like much.

    Standing at just above 5'8", his average size betrays his considerable strength. His body possesses a wiry strength and general athletic form that seems to have developed just by accident. The bridge of his nose is decorated in light freckles that are frequently denied existence by the eighteen year old boy. Dirty blonde hair falls down unto his face stopping just past his nose, his hair is often left astray and messy but thankfully to genetics is straight enough so that it only takes a few brushes to get it in that perfect presentable style. His eyes are terribly plain, big light brown orbs that are often surrounded by the redness of inebriation or the whitness of rage. Saku has often been accused of wearing a constant grimace, this however is not true and when among friends a large, wild, and often too toothy smile adorns the young Chuunin's face.

    Clothing: In spite of having spent a third of his life as a man in uniform, Saku actually is in possession of a fair amount of style. He prefers a classical sense of dress. He tries his best to look good and professional at all times, when he's not on a mission in the conventional MOED attire he's usually seen either wearing a suit or dress shirt. Stylistically he dances between his roles as an officer and of a gentleman with the utmost effort and frequency. His shoes are always shined, his shirt ironed, his tie windsor'd...the only constant from his evening/day to day attire and his military uniform would be a pair of this rimmed sunglasses.

    He just thinks those look bad ass.

    Personality: Saku is...a unique person.

    And, yes, that's putting it kindly.

    Highly competitive but an extremely sore loser, Saku is a product of his environment than anything else. The third born of six children in a rather poor family, he and his siblings often battled for everything from shinobi equipment to boxer shorts. With a frequently absent father and a completely absent mother, trash talk and vulgarity became the language of choice with very little weight put on proper manners or etiquette. It was this undisciplined environment that caused his first few years as both a soldier and a shinobi to be extremely difficult, but now the boy has long since calmed down. His upbringing still leaks through in his blunt manner of speaking and his rather coarse language but also in terms of being part of something larger than the sum of it's parts. Constantly working with his older brother and sister to provide for his family has caused team work to become a way of life and Saku is in all actuality a very good team mate.

    For the most part...

    Saku often was told to do what he had to do to survive. He would bully kids into giving him pocket change, routinely shop lift, and often con his way into meals. While these street smarts were necessary for survival, they did leave a very strong sense of "screw everyone else, I'm gonna get mine". In social situations Saku has no problems with stealing from others or taking advantage of other peoples generosity, it's all in the name of survival...except when it isn't. Often the young man was goaded into fights because he stole a toy or a couple bucks or a girlfriend and no remorse was to be had. To Saku everything is up for grabs and the whole world is first come first serve...and although he was born with next to nothing, he is not intent on leaving this world with nothing.

    While most would describe Saku as brash, none would describe him as stupid. The boy is exceptionally aware of what goes on around him and is gifted with fairly good problem solving and critical thinking skills, in fact in spite of being a fairly straight forward taijutsu specialist...he mostly prefers the tactical part of combat and the subtle parts of being a shinobi. This intelligence plus his vulgar nature makes him a unique smart ass, one that would fit very well at a sporting event but can do little to articulate to a police officer or authority figure. Saku, while being particularly intelligent tends to lack a lot of social sense and often is confused as to why people are upset with him or offended by what he said, not that he cares, but it does bother him that he can't get certain things just because someone is butt hurt over something he said.

    Beyond all of this though, Saku shares a lot of interests with normal eighteen year old boys and identifies himself very much with the counter culture that has sprung up in Kusa due to this time of political upheaval. He hangs out with dancers and vagrants, he himself would get tattoos if he could afford them, get piercings if he didn't think they were gay, or try shrooms if he wasn't absolutely terrified of what lied in his head. He enjoys drinking, music, the rare occurrence that his attempts to get laid succeed...he's just a completely normal eighteen year old boy.

    Just kind of an asshole.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Everything in this world is for the taking, work hard to protect your's before it becomes some else's.


    Primary Archetype: Kobudo Master
    Pro: +2 to Strength, +1 to Stamina
    Con: -2 to Control, -1 to Tactics

    Secondary Archetype: Human Tank
    Pro: +2 to Strength, +1 to Stamina
    Con: -2 to Speed, -1 to Control




    Strength: 1 + 2 [KM] + 2 [HT] + 9 + 14[T] + 2[AP]= 30 [+25 Jishin]
    Speed: 1 - 2 [HT] + 2[AP] + 5[T] + 11 = 17 [+22 Bloody Footsteps]
    Stamina: 1 + 1 [KM] + 1 [HT] + 10 + 2[T] + 1[AP] = 16 [+20 Jishin]


    Intelligence: 1 + 9 = 10
    Tactics: 1 - 1 [KB] + 9 = 9
    Willpower: 1 + 9 + 4 [T] + 2[AP] = 16


    Power: 1 + 7 = 8
    Control: 1 - 2 [KB] - 1 [HT] + 10 + 2 [T] = 10
    Reserves: 1 + 7 = 8


    Jutsus and Techniques:

    [F] Stage One: 5 Strength, 3 Stamina
    [F] Tremor
    [F] Stage Two: 8 Strength, 6 Stamina, 6 Willpower
    [F] Stage Three: 10 Strength, 10 Stamina, 8 Willpower
    [F] Roaring Earth
    [AP] Stage Four: 20 Strength, 13 Stamina, 10 Speed, 14 Willpower
    [TP] Stage Five: 25 Strength, 16 Stamina, 15 Speed, 16 Willpower

    Global Genjutsu
    Stage One
    [F] Bunshin: Control 2, Intelligence 2
    Stage Two
    [F] Vision of Hell: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
    Stage Three
    [F] Kai: Willpower 8, Intelligence 6, Tactics 8
    [F] Fake Chakra Power: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Power 7

    Bloody Foot Steps
    [F] Stage One: 6 Strength, 2 Speed
    [F] Stage Two: 10 Strength, 4 Speed, 6 Willpower
    [F] Stage Three: 14 Strength, 6 Speed, 8 Willpower
    [T] Stage Four: 25 Strength, 10 Speed, 8 Stamina, 14 Willpower
    [T]Stage Five: 30 Strength, 15 Speed, 11 Stamina, 16 Willpower

    Dog Contract
    [T] Kuchiyose no Taro: Strength 3, Reserves 2
    [T] Kuchiyose no Jiro: Strength 6, Speed 6, Power 4
    [AP] Kuchiyose no Momo: Strength 9, Speed 9, Power 7
    [AP] Kuchiyose no Kiku: Strength 14, Speed 13, Stamina 11, Control 10

    The Celestial Gates
    [T] Initial Gate: Stamina 4, Strength 4

    Shinobi Kit-0
    Sack Bat (Extending, Recall Baseball Bat coated in Thorns ((Elemental Weapon))- 8

    Weapon Points Remaining: 0


    Biography: I really kind of hate this shit.

    No, really, I think it's fucking useless.

    I guess I can't just write that on a piece of paper and move on with my life though, right? This is some sort of crazy village psycho-analyzing bullshit and just like a good lil' soldier, I gotta play by the game. It's fine, I understand, really. I guess the best place to start would be my family life? Well, you won't be bored with that story, let me tell you that much. The Hanamura? We might as well be a weed that the village can't pick or smoke because we're literally friggin' everywhere--all seven of us.

    My dad? Takeshi, the drunk. He used to be a pretty decent ninja from what I know, he got to Chuunin at least. He tells me all the time with such pride about how he reached the semi-finals of the Sakibou festival when he was thirteen. Yeah, really, that's the 50 year old man with six kids greatest pride! Getting fourth place in a tournament that happened nearly forty years ago. Only fuckin' drunks, I tell you what. Anyways, Takeshi isn't what I'd call a brilliant father figure. He injured his knee when he was about twenty and his shinobi career ended. He still picks up a check from Kusa every week as part of their nice little severance package for ninja injured on the job, but he mostly spends it at the bar rather than at the family. Seriously, me and my family are so well aquainted with his drunken antics that KISEO doesn't even knock on our door when they catch my dad stumbling around drunk at 4 AM...they just come in and put him asleep on the couch with his head motherfucking side ways. Sucks, I kinda wish he would choke on his own vomit.

    I guess we have to look at my older siblings then. My older sister is Fuki and she's kind of the rock that holds the family together. She's twenty-two, insanely pretty. Pretty enough that I think she could probably bang some noble man, squat out a kid that looks like him and leave the rest of us back here in Kusa wondering what the fuck just happened. But, she doesn't and that's probably why she's the rock. She works a couple jobs, three, four, I don't know some insane amount. Waitressing, cashiering, baby sitting, whatever and then to add upon that takes care of three little kids, bandages up me and my older brother's wounds and keeps up with my dad's bills. Fuki is a fucking legend. I guess that's why she can't play cum dumpster to some daimyo or whatever, she's way out of their fucking league.

    My older brother? That's Takeda. You know about Takeda, I mean, of course you know about Takeda. Who the fuck doesn't know about Takeda? Kid is a bona-fide genius. He also works pretty hard, but, y'know...he's a sensei, can't really make much money doing that shit. It helps though, I mean, I kind of think that if it was just me, Fuki, and Takeda we would be fine. Takeda makes sure we're always okay though, he's better with words than I am and always has a goddamn plan. I guess that's why he's a fucking Jounin at nineteen, right? Friggin' insanity man, but fuck, it couldn't happen to a better dude than my older brother! Not like I'll develop a complex living in his shadow or anything.

    How's that for psychobabble bullshit?

    I don't know if my parents discovered pulling out or anything after I was born, but I got a big gap between me and my younger siblings. My younger sister, Ami, is thirteen and she just got promoted to Genin. She's a pretty sweet girl, wants to be a doctor, hates smoking and for some reason looooooooves my dad. The ignorance of youth, I guess. My younger brother, Seiji, is kind of a monster. Kid is eleven and in his final year of the academy, real good at taijutsu just like me, but real dumb with words! Kid gives my sister a friggin' migraine everyday with the calls she gets from the academy! That's the Hanamura you gotta watch out for because one day that kid is gonna be a straight up killer, mark my fuckin' words. My youngest brother is Shinji, he's like six and I guess he's just like every six year old...boring, he doesn't talk much. That'll change though, I mean, us Hanamura's are known for two things: the sheer amount of us that there are and our mouth's.

    I know what you're thinking now, honestly, it's what everybody has asked me since I was twelve years old. Where the hell is my mother?

    I don't fucking know.

    I'm not gonna pretend my life was easy or anything because we were always poor and my parents were always fighting, but at least back then my life was kind of stable, you get me? My dad and mom would yell at each other and then go up stairs and fuck away all their anger. This went on normally, I remember the big fights being whether or not me and my brother should become ninja. Fuckin' hilarious, my mom didn't want it because it was dangerous and then she forced all of my younger siblings to become ninja by bailing on us. We didn't get a letter, we didn't get a memo, we didn't get anything...and after she left my cripple father started drinking more. Hell, my dad left the house for three weeks after my mom ran out on us, left a bunch of teenagers alone with a five month old baby and a group of toddlers...yeah, fantastic role models.

    I was a Genin just when my mom left, so I was going through some pretty horrible stuff. My teammates happened to be some kids I used to pick on in the academy and they ended up getting revenge on me since I was pretty much either crying or punching trees at that point. One day I got tired of all of that shit and came to practice with a baseball bat wrapped in some razor wire I found at the dump, slammed it right into my teammates knee. I had to run so many goddamn laps around the city that day, but fuck it, it was well worth it.

    I suppose it's the Genin years that teach kids a lot about team work and junk, but to me it just taught me about following orders. I would constantly be getting in trouble with both my sensei and my superiors for bad mouthing them. Every couple of months would go the same way, I'd snap, they'd come talk to me, we'd have a heart to heart about my family issues and then I'd promise never to snap was a pretty useless ritual in retrospect but fuck it, when you're a thirteen year old kid you need that sort of structure.

    What sticks in my mind clearer when I think about those days is the struggle me and my family went through. Fuki was just entering adulthood and me and Takeda were both Genin so money was fairly tight. I don't know how we made it to be quite honest, I guess it's just because Fuki was born to be a mom...but she took care of us, with me and my brother helping out whenever we can. This went on for about a year until Takeshi got promoted to Chuunin and Fuki began working multiple jobs, we got into a routine I guess and it worked well enough for us...we always had food on the table at least.

    I was sixteen when I went into the Chuunin Exams. As a team we failed pretty miserably. Out in the second round which involved some sort of lame scavenger hunt that turned into a Genin team argue-a-thon. I was pretty embarassed. My eldest brother had been a Chuunin for two years now and was ragging on me on the daily. I persevered though. I got promoted a year later for outstanding service and the leadership role I took on when my Genin team took out a group of smugglers. Finally, a fuckin' Chuunin! Equal to my drunk father and genius brother!

    If you can't tell, I'm literally smiling from ear to ear now--give me a fuckin' break.

    I'd like to tell you that shit magically got easier for me when I was a Chuunin, but there were some pretty serious issues going on in the village. Three different kage's in a little over a year isn't something that happens by accident. I paid attention of course, guess I was just a little busy with helping out my family and trying to get laid to really do anything about it? Not like I could or anything but outside dinner conversations with Takeda...I just had bigger things on my mind.

    I guess I shouldn't've written that in a psychological evaluation...

    But, fuck it, these things are pretty goddamn useless anyway.

    Thread Log:
    6-14-11 - The Value of Experience - +2 Willpower
    5-07-12 - Mad House - +2 Strength
    5-21-12 - Inflicting Ink - +2 Willpower
    5-21-12 - Take the Bull by the Bat - +2 Strength, 3 AP[+2 Strength, Stage Four Jishin]
    5-23-12 - The Fall - +2 Strength
    5-23-12 - Enter Galatic - +2 Strength
    7-11-12 - The Samurai and the Sack - +1 Strength, 1 AP [Stage Four Bloody Footsteps]
    7-18-13 - Cotton Mouth - +2 Stamina
    3-27-14 - 5 AP, +2 Willpower, +1 Stamina, +2 Speed. 2GMAP for Bank Heist, +2 Speed
    5-02-14 - Paid In Full - +1 Speed, Stage Five Jishin
    7-21-14 - Heat - +2 Control
    8-6-14 - The Dead Waltz - +1 Strength, Kuchiyose no Taro
    9-16-14 - More Dead Waltz - Kuchiyose no Jiro, Momo, Kiku
    9-28-14 - Rendezvous - +2 Strength, Celestial Gates; Initial Gate
    3-14-15 - Bleeding Hearts - +2 Strength
    3-14-15 - Flesh and Blood - Stage Five Bloody Footsteps, +2 Speed

    Don of the Sanada Family
    Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

    Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
    Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
    What, you mad �cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
    Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
    Hehehe, and more baggies � why you all aggie?
    Homie, respect the game, that should be it
    What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?

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    I guess I shouldn't've written than in a psychological evaluation...
    Not sure what word you wanted to use there.. but I don't think that's it. Other than that, standard Buko design though I think there should perhaps be a bit more about the academy other than 'he was in the academy'. But honestly I'll leave that up to Merdle.

    Half-proval pending you fix that grammar mistake I pointed out.
    Rain GM

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      I enjoyed reading that, and the picture is awesome. No big-glaring issues from what I can see so Half Approval.


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        The numbers are all right. Approval for 2.

        AP: 47


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          I guess it's only customary for a weekly bump.

          Don of the Sanada Family
          Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

          Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
          Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
          What, you mad �cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
          Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
          Hehehe, and more baggies � why you all aggie?
          Homie, respect the game, that should be it
          What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?


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            I'm bumping to get the attention of a black dude who controls the grass...

            I might have a teensy, tiny little problem.

            Don of the Sanada Family
            Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

            Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
            Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
            What, you mad �cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
            Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
            Hehehe, and more baggies � why you all aggie?
            Homie, respect the game, that should be it
            What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?


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              I'm guessing you plan on using this chuunin in conjunction with Sinnocent or something?

              Give me some stages between your genjutsu, and this is all good. Good work.


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                Yes and no, I mostly plan on RPing as much as possible.

                Added in the stages for the Gen though.

                Don of the Sanada Family
                Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

                Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
                Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
                What, you mad �cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
                Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
                Hehehe, and more baggies � why you all aggie?
                Homie, respect the game, that should be it
                What you eat don't make me shit; where's the love?