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  • [Cloud Private] - Ryugyu Kazu

    Surname, First Initial: Ryugyu, K.
    Alias: Kazu
    Serial: 197321802191
    Military Rank: Private
    Company/Squad: N/A
    Technical Occupation: Undecided
    Specialization: Non-Lethal Storm
    Birthplace: White Sand
    Medals Earned: None
    Chevrons: None
    Associations: Eva
    Dependents: None
    Marital Status: Single
    Declared Next of Kin: Ryugyu Haruko - Mother

    Name: Ryugyu Kazune
    Age: 13
    Sex: M
    Height: 5'3"

    Physical Description:
    Man...when did I get so pale?

    Standing about normal height for boys his age, Kazu's physique fits that of an average adolescent male. He is built rather lean; his muscles toned from the four years of rigorous training at the academy. A far cry from his youth that was spent on beaches, Kazu now sports fair, even pale skin; though he is trying in earnest to get back to his standard bronze complexion.

    Graduation from the academy was perhaps the greatest moment of Kazu's young life, not for the pride or satisfaction, but for the liberation and ability to revert back to his inner child he left on the beaches. His hair, now fully grown out, rests unkempt upon his head; his green locks often obscuring his auburn eyes. He has shed the rigid uniform standards of the academy, and reverted instead back to a light, collared short sleeve shirt adorned with the emblem of the lightning government on the back and often, matched with a pair of board shorts, representative of his lax attitude towards life. His headband and chevron are displayed prominently on his left sleeve, signaling his status as a member of the Army. Much like Kazu himself, his garb is a strange amalgamation of very different personas; it almost displays just as much of a readiness to go on vacation as it does to go to combat.


    The energy of a puppy. The laziness of a sloth.

    The attitude of a fool. But as intelligent as a bookworm.

    Spending his formative years growing up in the city of White Sand has truly made an interesting character out of Kazu. The lax, vacation attitude that permeates the city is clearly evident in this young man. At times he can best be described as lazy, clearly preferring to do nothing except lounge around and waste time. However, challenge Kazu to any sort of contest, and watch his eyes light up. The once slothful child has now become a bundle of competitive energy, eager to take on any challenge, even if they endanger his very well being. His lax attitude belies his true nature as a serious competitor with skills to match, and often leads opponents to underestimate the youth.

    He is also very extroverted, loud even, due in large part to being raised on the resort grounds. While his parents worked to ensure their customers had a great vacation, Kazu was often entertaining the younger visitors to his town; playing games and sports with them while their parents enjoyed a much needed period of quiet and relaxation. As enthusiastic and extroverted as he is, Kazu has never had difficulty making new friends out of strangers. He's usually the first to pull the shy ones into the crowd, and though they may detest him at first, his infectious personality makes it hard for those to stay mad for too long.

    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Can't we all just take a second and relax...? No? Alright then, bring it on."

    Combo Archetype: Beast King
    Archetypes: Beast Master / Daredevil
    Combo Special: Once per thread, by imitating the call of their beast, the user's pet companion's Physical stats are quintupled for two posts. For two posts after that, the pet is stunned and immobile.

    Stat Merits: +2 Stamina, +2 Willpower, +2 Speed
    Stat Flaws: -1 Control, -3 Tactics, -2 Intelligence


    Beast King - [BK]
    Non-Lethal Storm - [NL]

    Physical: Primary
    Strength: 1 +1[TP]=2
    Speed: 1 +2[BK] +7 =10 +8[NL]
    Stamina: 1 +2[BK] +3 =6 +10[NL]

    Mental: Secondary
    Intelligence: 1 -2[BK] + 7 =6
    Tactics: 1 -3[BK] +2[GMAP] + 1 =1
    Willpower: 1 +2[BK] +1[TP] =4

    Chakra: Tertiary
    Power:1 +2 =3
    Control: 1 -1[BK] +3 =3
    Reserves: 1 +1 =2


    Jutsu and Techniques:

    Global Genjutsu
    Stage 1
    Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Technique)
    Requirements: Control 2, Intelligence 2

    Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique)
    Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2

    Bouzenjishitsu no Jutsu (Stupification Technique)
    Requirements: Willpower 4, Intelligence 4

    Beastmaster List
    Novice Trainer - Genin

    Key Trait Slot:

    Basic Trait Slot: Flying Beast

    Basic Trait Slot:

    Non-Lethal Storm
    Stages 1-2
    Requirements: Speed 9, Stamina 5, Intelligence 6
    Cumulative Bonuses: +10 Stamina, +8 Speed

    Special Techniques:
    I Meant To Do That


    Shinobi Kit - 0
    Electric Storm Bombs - 1
    Medium Blunt Weapon: Shinai - 3
    - Repair: 1
    - Extending: 2

    Item Points Remaining: 1



    "The sun looks so peaceful from down here."

    It's hard to pinpoint exactly the moment where everything changed. Of course, it's pretty easy to say that the Civil War had a pretty crazy impact throughout our country, even in my little remote hometown. We tended to mind our own business out there. After all, it didn't matter how beautiful our beaches were; an ongoing war doesn't exactly do wonders for the resort business. But, as a kid you're kind of ignorant to the situation, I guess. One minute, I'm a little boy playing on the beaches. Then you hear these crazy stories of war breaking out and giant lightning dragons and the next thing you know I'm getting my head shaved and referring to everyone as Sir. Yes Sir that's me! Ryugyu Kazu reporting for duty! Ugh, disgusting. I miss the beach. There it's warm skies and seagulls, and here it's just...blah. No beaches, no fun. Just a lot of stuffy shirts and fancy bandannas as far as you can see. I guess I'm lucky that none of that crazy stuff wound up happening in my city, at least that I know of.

    "Hey, get up."

    I guess it really was about four or five years ago. All that crazy stuff happened up in Sakoshi with the two Raikage's and the "You're a traitor, no You're a traitor!" and suddenly I was being hustled from the resort to this hellhole because if I didn't I was just a "Citizen". Isn't a citizen supposed to be a good thing? When did that change? My parents didn't want that for me I guess, becoming second-class or anything, though I can't see how being a "citizen" on the beach can be any worse than some of the rabble here. I wonder how they're doing right now. I bet Mom's still tending the bar, serving up those fancy drinks with fruit on the sides while Dad grills up a fresh plate of his delicious bird...


    Oh, right. Eva probably wouldn't like me saying that at all. She's a little touchy on that subject, though I can't say I blame her. I probably wouldn't respond too well if I heard that her parents cooked human. She's truly been a lifesaver in this place though, I don't know how I would've made it through with my mind in one piece without her. It's like the beach gave me a guardian to keep me sane while I was away. And to think, the whole reason she's here is only because she was hungry one day. And then the next day. And the day after that. I guess we both just got attached to each other, though she'd definitely never admit that! Ahhh, those moments where I can just lay out in the sun and shut my eyes while she squawks, I'm sorry, sings in the feels just like home...

    ...where was I again?

    Oh right. After they shipped me out, I was placed in the Aka school, just on account that I was loud in the common areas they said. Apparently I wouldn't fit in with the quieter Aoi children. We-- I mean, They call them nerds, book worms, and freaks. But honestly; the quiet ones may usually not be as much fun but...sometimes I wonder if I'd like it better on the other side. After all, some of the people in Aka...

    They made fun of me too, at first. Call me crazy, but I never really latched onto the idea of throwing daggers at my classmates' throats. Aren't we all supposed to be one team, one unit, one country? I mean, that's why they shaved our heads and made us look the same right? At any rate, yeah. Didn't really feel like killing my friends, so I figured I'd just get pretty good with a shinai. You laugh, but have you ever been whacked by one of these before, especially when I'm the one behind it? Ha! I've gotten pretty good. But the Aka kids, they called me weak for not using a real blade, kept breaking my weapon over and over, splintering it to pieces. Man, that was a drag, having to rebuild it all the time. I got lucky though, one of our teachers saw me repairing one once, and built me a custom; painted it white like the beaches from my hometown. Now, it doesn't matter what some of these meat heads do to it, it'll bounce right back, good as new. Seriously, some of these guys have some major issues.

    "Hey, I said get up."

    I mean, all this talk of "patriotism" and "serving something greater than yourself"; some of these jocks really don't understand the simple things I guess. What happened to just taking a quick moment to relax? Instead it's always "Intensity!!!" Yeah that's definitely the worst part of this whole thing. I mean don't get me wrong; I've got the best friends I could ask for here. But the ones who take this whole thing too seriously are such a drag. Shouldn't kids like us be making fun of each other over who can't kick the soccer ball or who has a stupid crush on who? Instead I get stuck with a bunch of macho teenagers who'd "die for their country", and will "kick anyone's ass!". I doubt they even listen to themselves, otherwise they'd have to hear how stupid they--

    "Hey loser, are you ever going to get up or did I hit you too hard?!"

    Oh, right. That's what I was doing.

    "Guess you really are just talk. I knew there was no way an idiot like you was second in our class. Can you imagine if you went up against the Aoi champ? You'd lose so fast to those nerds!"

    Sigh...what'd I tell you. Another kid too hyped for his own good. I mean, I love competition probably more than the next guy but...c'mon. How does he not want to punch his own face in when he talks? All these roided freaks want to do is just fight, fight, fight. Seriously, these idiots have got to chill out.

    "You should probably just stay down, loser. There isn't a chance in hell you can beat...oh?"

    He picked himself up off the dirt, his head still ringing from his opponent's last blow. As he rubbed his jaw, his eyes gleamed with a passionate fire they had been lacking until now. His body was brimming with electricity as he drew his weapon.

    On the other hand though...I guess champ does kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

    Yes, Sir. Yes it does.

    Other Info:
    Graduated as the Red Champion of his class.
    +2 GMAP from Cloud Announcements


    Name: Eva
    Species: Great Black-Backed Seagull
    Age: 6
    Sex: F
    Length/Wingspan: 25" Long, 5' Wingspan
    Rank: Genin Pet

    Physical Description:
    Describe Eva? Sure, I mean she's a pretty typical gull.


    Calm down, I was only kidding! Eva actually is pretty amazing. She's a Great Black-Backed Gull right, so she's the largest of her species. Here, Eva show off your wings! See, isn't that impressive? Not only is her wingspan huge, but they're pretty muscular too, Eva's a beast! You wouldn't expect a standard gull to be this big, but then again Eva sure does eat a lot...


    Alright, alright! I'll cut the jokes! Like I said, she's a great black-backed gull, so her back is covered in these jet black feathers, which kind of fade from grey to white as you move around to her belly. She's got this totally wicked mark on her beak, show 'em Eva! Yeah it's this sweet red and black design, I'd almost say it looks like lipstick. After all Eva's a pretty classy gull, aren't ya?


    Haha, yeah that's what I thought you'd say...

    Oh you want to know more about Eva? She's a doll, man, totally chill. She totally helps me relax around all these roided up jocks, ain't that right Eva?


    Hahaha yeah....ok she's gone right?

    Seriously though? Sometimes I really don't know if I should be more scared of these Aka roid ragers, or my own bird. Like, Eva is strong. Really strong. Stronger than me strong, and she doesn't even have any arms! She's totally intense too. I guess that's good though, she definitely keeps me honest. I've tried to skip class a few times in the academy, and Eva wasn't going to have it. She'd squawk while I tried to hide, would peck me while I was running away. Seriously, she's crazy. She'll try to convince you she's just as chill as me. Do yourself a favor, don't believe her for a second!

    But you're right, I guess someone like me does need someone to bug 'em so that they actually get stuff done. I guess that's just the beach boy in me, haha! Eva's pretty much my perfect foil, and we always have each other's back. What's that? She's coming back?

    Oh! Hey Eva, you're back! Did ya have a nice flight?


    Yeah! But anyways like I was saying, I couldn't live without her man. Eva's the best.

    Seido Kobushi - SK
    Kazu's BM List - BM

    Physical - Secondary
    Strength: 1 +5 =6 +3[SK]
    Speed: 1 =1 +3[BM]
    Stamina: 1 =1

    Mental - Tertiary
    Intelligence: 1 +1 =2
    Tactics: 1 +1 =2
    Willpower: 1 +1=2

    Chakra - Primary
    Power: 1 +3 =4
    Control: 1 +4 +2[TP] =7
    Reserves: 1 =1


    Seido Kobushi
    Stage 1
    Requirements: 5 Control, 3 Power
    Bonuses: +3 Strength

    Futoumeisei Gai Nai No (Those Lacking Opacity)
    Maboroshi no Mai (Dance of Illusion)
    Requirements: Power 3, Intelligence 2

    Shinobi Kit - 0

    Other Info:

    Thread Ratings:
    1/20/16 Learn the Ropes, Private! +1 Willpower, +Bouzenjishitsu no Jutsu (Stupification Technique), Eva (+1 Control)
    6/24/17 Songs of the Sea: Part 1 +1 Strength, Eva (+1 Control)

    Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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    Boy I'm sorry, I didn't even realize there was a new character in the reg. Terribly sorry about taking so long to get to it.

    All the numbers check out. The bio is fairly bare bones (which is fine), but not being a Cloud buff myself I'm not sure if your claim that he's the champion of his class is going to fly since there might already be one. You'd need Kaen's approval for that anyway.

    I'll Half Approve since none of the numbers are wrong. The bio feels kind of empty for me, given how big a deal civil war is and all, but it's ultimately up to Kaen whether or not it's up to snuff.
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      I kind of agree, I tried to almost make the bio lax to fit in with the character, but I can understand how it would be viewed as bare bones. If Kaen wants more I'll certainly elaborate.

      Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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        AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items


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          Half-Approved. Welcome back!


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            ½ Approved.

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              EDIT: On second glance, guess I got done quicker than I thought lol. Guess this beach boy's ready for the halfprovals again.

              It's been reworked and rewritten a bit, let me know if anything doesn't add up.
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                Bump for this kid.

                Thank you Relu for the buttons!


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                  I'd try to find another word for 'squawk' when your RPing. All the stats and other numbery details work out and and I don't think the bio has any glaring defects so I'll half approve again.
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                    Looks simple. Approved
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                      Your serial number is 197321802191. Consider this Cloud GM Approved. Send me a PM when you've edited that in and I will move it, in the meantime, assume you are good to roleplay.
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                        Appreciate it Kaen, but unless I'm miscounting I think I only have 2.5 approvals? Unless yours counts as 2?

                        Thank you Relu for the buttons!

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                          Take another half. Good to go, either way.
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