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Senior Sgt. Ichina Etsuko

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  • Senior Sgt. Ichina Etsuko

    "The difference between success and failure is a portrayal of the facts."

    Name: Ichina Etsuko
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’10”

    Character Type: Shinobi
    Clan \\ Bloodline: Hakushouku Clan \\ Mugenkugan Bloodline

    Country \\ Village: Lightning Country \\ Hidden Cloud Village
    Rank: Corporal - Chuunin
    Division: Combat \\ Senior Sergeant

    Physical Description:
    Tattoos are not Emo

    Etsuko is always out to make a statement for one reason or another, and her first action towards that was her hair. Without permission, knowing her parents wouldn’t care too greatly, she had her hair permanently died a turquoise green. This hair ended up matching her normally turquoise eyes perfectly, and overall fitting her style.

    With fairly strong legs, her body is built for beauty. With no real muscle on her slim body, she can fit any piece of clothing without any adjustment except making it smaller. No matter what clothes she wears, she will always let her shoulders show, no matter what. Taking her own understanding of the guidelines to heart, she had the clan’s symbol tattooed on her left shoulder. On her opposite shoulder, she got a tattoo of what she believed to be the righteous opposite of the clan’s symbol. A bright sun shines out the color of Etsuko’s slightly tan complexion.

    Along with these two main tattoos, her whole body has a spread of tattoos with no real importance to her, only that she enjoys what it looks like. On the side of her right calf, she has two orange stripes about four inches in length. On the square of her back, usually hidden by any of her shirts, she has a tattoo of yin and yang, expressing one of her more influential philosophies.

    With Orders, Comes Accessories

    In following her old teacher, Etsuko has since discarded the need to wear her flamboyant colors and distracting patterns. Having listened to Nagai and his requests to "think of dressing in a more practical sense," [A Meeting With The Middle] Etsuko can now always be seen in a light brown flak jacket, except for the few moments at home when she takes it off. Hers, however, is short enough to end just at her hips, and allow a simple black, short-sleeved shirt to show its ends as it blends simply into a pair of black shorts that end just barely below her knee. On the back of this jacket is a circle of red with two black lightning bolts whose tips are just barely poking out of the top and the bottom of the circle. The faction patch, essentially.

    On her left arm, she has her cloud forehead protector tied over her black shirt's sleeve. Sewed into the left breast pocket are the chevrons that signify her rank as a Senior Sergeant. Finally, as something that is rather unnoticed, she has her ID tag tucked into her shirt, hidden, but there for when it is necessary. As is the norm, she keeps two pouches on her at all times, with kunai, electric storm bombs, flash bangs, and her trusty knuckle hand blades within them.

    Balance is Purity, Purity is a Fantasy

    Where Etsuko once was a fervent advocate for trying to balance the world, she has since turned into something slightly more apathetic. Of course, she cannot merely stop her diehard belief in that important balance between Yin and Yang, she cannot, however, be tempted anymore by the desire to truly do anything about it. Instead, she merely uses her beliefs as a way to classify those around her. She had once believed that she could help create a balance by feigning emotions around those of a certain type of personality, she knows now that it is futile. She is who she is, and nothing can be done about it.

    For that reason, as a mistreated child, taught to hate her existence, it is amazing that she has come so far. She can accept herself willingly, and those who bear the faction patch as she does can similarly be accepted. Etsuko is, however, a rather solemn soul. She is not quiet, as she makes sure to speak when spoken to and wherever she must speak, but smiles are no longer as common as they once were around saddened souls.

    No longer does Etsuko regularly perform the ritual of calming herself and trying to find a balance. Instead, she manages to keep her being calm for the whole time. Focused and dedicated to Nagai's cause, she trusts her leader, as her old teacher has yet to fail in acting righteously and intelligently. She tries her best to take after him in as many ways possible, knowing that Nagai is a powerful leader. Her instinct has brought her to trust the man up until now, and she has since failed to be convinced otherwise.

    Previous Nindo: “Balance is perfection, and it seems this world has forever been imperfect. Protect and let protect. Live and let live. Believe and let believe. Without these principles, we are nothing.”

    Current Nindo: "I once allowed the world its guilty pleasures, to let them do as they must. No longer can I sit by and let the world work on its own. For Cloud's sake, and for my own, I will return Cloud to a perfect balance."

    Genjutsu Specialist
    Etsuko recieves an extra 1 post added to base duration to one genjutsu technique, once per thread.
    Primary \\ Mental
    Secondary \\ Chakra
    Tertiary \\ Physical
    +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence
    -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina
    Much like the Ninjutsu Specialist in the sense that it is diverse in fighting, the Genjutsu Artist practices the art of illusions, confusing the opponents and going inside their heads. Since they have practiced with illusions so much, their minds are usually very clear, and though not quite immune to genjutsu, they have an abnormal increase in attention span that differs from most people.

    Hakushouku Clan Specialist
    Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 Reserves, +1 Control
    Stat Flaw: -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower, -1 Intelligence

    Statistics Legend
    1 - Archetypes
    1 - Base Stat
    1 - Thread Point
    1 - AP
    1 - GMAP
    1 - Total Stat


    Strength: 1 – 2 + 7 = 6
    Speed: 1 + 10 = 11 (+9 Magnetic Fist) [20]
    Stamina: 1 – 2 + 7 = 6


    Intelligence: 1 + 0 + 10 + 1 = 12
    Tactics: 1 + 11 + 2 = 14
    Willpower: 1 + 1 + 9 + 2 = 13


    Power: 1 + 1 + 9 + 2 = 13
    Control: 1 + 1 + 10 + 2 = 14
    Reserves: 1 + 1 + 8 + 2 = 12

    Repertoire Of Techniques:

    Doujutsu Bloodline: Mugenkugan

    Cloud Genjutsu [5F + 0TP]
    Stage One:
    Raimei Wana Fuu
    - - Tactics 3, Reserves 2
    Stage Two:
    Tendou no Ashi no Jutsu
    - - Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4
    Stage Three:
    Kumo ni Shikkyaku
    - - Control 9, Power 9, Willpower 7
    Stage Four:
    Denkou Hachidori no Jutsu
    - - Tactics 12, Willpower 11, Intelligence 10, Control 12
    Raikou Ame no Jutsu
    - - Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Tactics 12

    Magnetic Fist [5F + 3TP + 1GMAP]
    Stage One
    +3 Speed
    - - 5 Control, 3 Reserves
    Stage Two
    +3 Speed
    - - 7 Control, 7 Reserves, 6 Speed
    Stage Three
    +3 Speed
    - - 10 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Speed

    Special Techniques
    Electrical Spike Strike
    - - Stage One
    Magnetic Retrieval
    - - Stage One
    Magnetic Levitation
    - - Stage Two

    Global Ninjutsu [2F + 4TP]
    Hakushouku Clan Swaps
    Stage One:
    Kawarimi no Jutsu
    - - Power 2, Tactics 2
    Stage Two:
    Kinobori to Kabenobori no Jutsu
    - - Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
    Kaon Danmaku no Jutsu
    - - [Open Slot], Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
    Stage Three:
    Bakuretsu Senbon no Jutsu
    - - [Open Slot], Intelligence 10, Tactics 10, Control 8
    Stage Four:
    Bakuretsu Senbon no Mure no Jutsu
    - - [Saihen no Te], Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
    Shunshin no Jutsu
    - - Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

    Inventory [8/8]
    Emerald Fangs - 6
    Returning [2] Lightning Elemental [x2] Hand Weapon [2]
    Full Limb Armor - 2
    Covers Arms and Legs


    Ignoring The Balance

    Throughout my whole life, I knew at least one word to be true. Ignored. Maybe not among my fellow younglings at the time, but my family didn’t know I existed for the most part. I was the fifth child of the Ichina branch, the third female child my mother bore. To say the least, they were expecting a boy. They wanted a boy. They didn’t get a boy. They got me. An eternal failure in their eyes. To them, it wasn’t their fault that I came out a girl, it was mine.

    It wasn’t long before I knew that I wasn’t to be acknowledged. That I wasn’t loved, and thus, I would not be protected by them. Every day I went off to the academy, I had to wake myself up, make myself a lunch, walk myself to school. My older sister, Toyumi, occasionally walked with me if she was supposed to teach that day. Even though I received the company, it would have been the same without her. No one ever sincerely spoke to me about how I felt until I graduated the academy. Instead of being assigned to a team, I received a Templar mentor. The only reason he was there, as I knew, was to bring out the Hakushouku Bloodline. The mugenkugan. Quite possibly the most useful ability in my arsenal today.

    Nonetheless, my teacher was the oldest among my clan’s youngest generation. Hanagami Yasuo was his name, but I preferred to call him onii-sama. I was glad to finally have someone who could treat me like a friend, like I meant something, like family. But he wasn’t there to be my family, he was there to teach me about the Mugenkugan. Teach me he did. Before long, I had memorized it’s appearance, knew it’s abilities, and along with it, it’s faults. I would never, in my whole life, have expected to see a Hakushouku butt heads with another one of the clan.

    I never came to learn of Onimaru for a rather long time. He was only three years older than me, but he seemed to turn out far more advanced then me. I didn’t get to learn much about him, I had to focus on my training. It only took about two years for me to learn all I could about the mugenkugan, and train with Yasuo for a sufficient amount of time. Yasuo-senpai, however, soon realized that the training, no matter how intense he tried to make it, wasn’t enough to unlock my dormant mugenkugan abilities. My training soon left Yasuo’s hands and was finally shifted to a genin team, something I had never experienced before.

    Testing The Balance

    The experience was certainly something to be acknowledged. Our sensei seemed to believe that the Hakushouku clan was something to be envied, and I soon became the one to be accounted for on all missions. From the basics my sensei had gathered from the academy, I was the best genjutsu user of my yea, and at the time, I was the greatest support unit of the group. Capturing the enemy in a genjutsu left them open to my team’s attacks. Unfortunately, this great experience came with a slight weight on the other end of the scale. My own sensei was rather inadequate with expanding my genjutsu skills, so I was forced to continue being trained by the Templars of Hakushouku.

    Three years of training and missions passed, and our team was entered into the chuunin exams for the second time after a hurried attempt that had taken place before we had been together for a year. I was 14 at the time, and we actually believed in ourselves. We most definitely had the chance to pass. My genjutsu had raised to the equivalent of my sensei, my teammates were a formidable swordsman and a fierce Gouken-Lightning Jutsu-user. The very first test was incredibly easy to pass for us. A search and recovery test to find a hidden idol. Even with my mugenkugan laying inactive, our team used the tactic our sensei was an expert at to gain the upper hand. We had become slight masters of stealthy movements. Albeit, my clan wasn’t exactly known for being quiet, with their explosive jutsu, but my training had yet to expand to that level. In other words, we trailed another seemingly experienced team to the location of one of the talismans. As soon as they had found one, we advanced upon them and disabled them quickly, taking the idol and passing the test.

    After that, we took up a test that involved the exact tactic we had used in the previous exam. Half a day had passed, and the day was turning to night. Our next task had to be completed before the next sunrise or else the teams that were not completed would be disqualified. The test’s instructions were rather unique in itself. We were given a scroll that would hold the directions for the test that we could only open in the test’s given location. From what we gathered rather quickly, the directions changed for each team. Upon entering the area, we were immediately compromised by a team without getting sufficient time to complete the long assignment we had. After having fought a close battle, my team subdued the opposing team before a half an hour had passed. Darkness was approaching, and the other team may recover soon, so we grabbed the team’s scroll and ran.

    We found a safe area, in which I set a trap that would warn me of any approachment. There we read our scroll. It seemed that our assignment was to successfully steal another team’s scroll before the other team completed their task. At the end of the note it told the reader to hold their own scroll and the other scroll in their lap, and form the Boar seal to seal the completion of the task in the scrolls. In the other team’s scroll, I read to my team that their objection had been to remove three genin from conciousness, and form the Serpent seal and then touch the three genin and the scroll to assure the completion of that seal. I proceeded to lay both scrolls upon my lap and form the proper seal. At this, a paper was formed out of my chakra and stuck to each scroll. They both read the final instruction. I can still recall the exact words that instilled me with such confidence.

    “Congratulations, you are the first to complete this exam. Follow the arrow on the seal to your goal location. There you will encounter the last exam, and if you successfully pass this exam, you will likely advance to chuunin level.” The designated arrow pointed South, and as we moved South, the arrow started moving depending on our location. There we were congratulated by two chuunin gaurds as we handed over the scroll. Entering a large building, we were met by an expecting audience, unexpected in all essences. There was a group of Cloud Shinobi allowed to come and cheer on our genin. I couldn’t help but notice that Yasuo was watching me. I knew in all circumstances why he was. This very situation was what had unlocked his Mugenkugan, and seeing that my own was still unactivated, we were both hoping that the Mugenkugan would appear to me.

    Amazingly enough, such a thing happened. I was paired up against a Mist genin momentarily, who wielded one katana, and was likely a Suiton user. It didn’t take long from the fight’s start for the woman to charge me. All I had was my genjutsu and my two knuckle hand blades. She was incredibly fast and I only had a split second to clash blades with her katana. That choice would end up preventing me from using genjutsu. For the next fifteen minutes, I received endless barrages from her katana. I had received countless cuts, all reduced to grazes from my attempts to dodge. My attempts ended up making her quite unpleased, and at that she called upon an incredible weapon. The gripped a scroll and summoned forth from it a cleaver sword the size of the girl herself. I defended myself for the only option I though possible. As it neared, I made one slash at the cleaver sword’s tip. It created the necessary movement through the blade to bring it off course. Though my action was unexpected and an interesting tactic, I hadn’t taken into account that it could have been a distraction. At that instant, I looked down, and saw her katana piercing through the space between two of my ribs.

    The strangest thing was that I didn’t register the unbearable pain in my mind. Instead, I was seeing in new colors. The Gurous of all the different people and objects rushed into my eyesight, If I had the time to look at Yasuo-senpai, I would have seen the man smiling in the direction of my black eyes. The Mugenkugan had finally shown itself, and I could tell immediately. In the same instance, I knew the very thing I had to do to form the complete defense against the skillfull girl. Her magnetic forces were magnified, and all of the other forces seemed miniscule. The girl was surprised when she saw my new eyes, as I could tell from her face, and she took an incredible jump back, fortunaately removing the sword without dangering me any more. The girl quickly wore out following this. I saw through her distractions and decoys and my wounds no longer increased. Before long, I had cleared up plenty of room to deposit my blades to their handles.

    The woman took it as a sure sign that I was headed to surrender, for I surely looked tired. There was one last thing I had to complete, however. I placed her under my strongest genjutsu as she was regaining her breath, and instantly, she collapsed to the floor, gripping her stomach as the electric birds flew into her. Not realizing the genjutsu, she pleaded to give up, and in that instance, as I myself was thoroughly wornout, I was assured my place as a chuunin.

    Finding The Balance

    Since the age of fourteen, I have been a chuunin. The role is not an easy one. Having finally unlocked the fabled bloodline, I had received the ultimate trump card. On top of this, the exam had enlisted the assistance of Yasuo-senpai once again, to train me in the jutsu that the Mugenkugan permits and to train in Taijutsu to handle myself in the necessary situations. The one despicable element of the Hakushouku were the spears. I myself love the spear, but such a weapon is not my style. The Hakushouku, of course, then required me to train with the spear, or some other godforsaken long range weapon. Genjutsu was, and is, my long range weapon. If that is not useful, no wooden poker would ever do any help. I was fortunate that Yasuo had long since learned this. He had attempted to train me with a spear, and all I did was fiddle with it for less than a week, and by that time, I had slashed it with my knuckle blades and redused it to twigs.

    Nonetheless, my past training is not the point. Yasuo proceeded to introduce me to his scythe. His weapon did not do much to impress me. He himself was a magnificent user of the weapon, but when it came to my idea of using one, I disagreed for the main reason that I had already spent much of my time with my knuckle blades and now they only felt like extensions of my hands. Yasuo understood my reasoning and respected it just the same. At this he pointed me in the direction of the only Master known to use knuckle hand blades. Like myself, as I soon learned, he was a very unique Hakushouku. His own beliefs were that each hand blade represented a balance. One was Yin and one was Yang. For the next three years, I became heavily immersed in the culture and beliefs of my new sensei. Along with my beliefs, my own training advanced. I learned an intense style of Cloud called Magnetic Fist. I quickly learned the balance of things as I used my Mugenkugan to understand the flows of Earth’s magnetic forces, and ended up learning how to utilize the style to my own abilities.

    Upon completing my training with my new sensei, I was awarded new knuckle blades, a pair customized for only those who knew of Cloud jutsu and how lightning chakra worked. Properly named Togatta no Emurarudo, they were made of pure emerald and were just as sharp. Since then, I have been training with my new blades and taking on missions as I am called for.

    Let this Mugenkugan guide me towards the perfect way to balance this world of scattered conflicts.

    Faltering Weights Added to a Faltering Scale

    Nagai has always been a dedicated man. He was a great teacher while I was in the academy. He was more accepting of me than my family has ever been. He knew that I had a talent that I could develop. I merely needed to do just that, develop it. I became powerful from him. As a child, I had known nothing, but as a student of Nagai's, I learned absolutely everything.

    Naturally, one would have been surprised that, after more than half a decade of not seeing him, Nagai would turn up so determinedly at my doorstep. It had been time, as he told me then, for me to claim my position as a leader. Even as a chuunin, where I was stuck in the middle, he placed me in a position where I could teach children as allowed, and still learn from those above me. I have tried to develop them, and I still hope to do so. Those genin, no matter how close in age they are to me, are my students, and I will teach them still. They may not develop quickly, but I cannot expect of them what Yasuo once expected of me. I am one of the Hakushouku. Blessed with a bloodline, it is only natural that I have proven myself superior to them. I do not hold it against them.

    However, the most important of moments came from a time that I couldn't have expected. That night even burned Hima's waters. That was where I met Orijaki. He is quite a man Orijaki. Some may label him a beast, but having served beneath him, I can respect the power he commands. Together, with our team, we saved many people that night. It was remarkable that it was accomplished, but so few died in comparison to the amount that one would have expected. However, I left that village with more than just the experience.

    I must have left something about me there. Some part of me that hadn't cared enough to use my talents as necessary disappeared and allowed me full privileges. Full control over how I served Cloud. I would, and will, serve Cloud well. The Government, though they may have won their power in the form of a city, is already feeling the hardships of a lack of organization. I have always known that, as it is something instilled into every shinobi's mind, the government will never win so long as we can push ourselves to win.

    That is my job. To push Cloud towards a future to be proud of.

    Waiting To March, Answering The Call

    I was worried for Nagai. My old teacher, traitor or not, had too large of an impact upon what would come about. I knew he was no traitor. I had heard, from Nagai's own mouth, that Raikage gave us pieces of a puzzle that wouldn't make a picture. It was true, in the end. I should have trusted his words more. I wouldn't have missed so much if I had been by his side the whole time. He was captured, given up to the Government itself. I had bid him a final good bye, at one point. I thought he would never come back.

    It was only when he had that I knew what I had to do. The Raikage had tricked us. There was no doubt in my mind about it. I would desert Nagai no longer. As the fights broke out, and the rallies found their horrid place in Cloud's history, I would no longer sit back as a messenger. Delivering messages was important, but what good would it be if there were no addresses?

    Then came the march. Nagai led it, and I helped as I could. I carried provisions, pulled my weight, even carried the young children who exhausted themselves. It was my duty to care for them, to care for Cloud. During the march, I turned eighteen. Not that it mattered enough. In one day, I aged a year. It has never made sense to me. I could have cared less. I cared more about pushing Cloud towards a future that only we could ensure. I have thought much on our success, but little can really be gathered.

    I no longer know if there can be a balance between three halves of a nation.

    Other Info:
    -Etsuko enjoys a weekly game of Shogi with anyone who would bother to play. More often than not, this was restricted to her fellow Templars and Yasuo-senpai.

    Originally posted by ID Tag
    Surname, First Initial: Ichina, E
    Alias: None
    Serial: 052193912864
    Military Rank: Senior Sergeant
    Company/Squad: Dog Alpha
    Technical Occupation: Combat
    Specialization: Bloodline Limit: Mugenkugan, Jishaku Genkotsu
    Birthplace: Hidden Cloud Village, Lightning Country
    Medals Earned: None
    Associations: Hakushouku Yasuo
    Children: None
    Marital Status: Single
    Declared Next of Kin: None
    Mission Log
    [08/08/08] A Meeting With the Middle - +1 Reserves, Jishaku Datto [Electric Strike 2, After Mag Fist Changes]
    [08/26/08] Hima Fire-Fighting Event - +2 Power, +1 Control, +1 Intelligence, Bakuretsu Senbon no Jutsu, And Bakuretsu Senbon no Mure no Jutsu
    [11/26/08] Overflowing Confidence - +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower, and Shunshin no Jutsu
    [01/10/09] Time Skip/Mag Fist Changes
    [04/12/10] Cloud's Return! - +1 Reserves and Basic Chevron
    [3/25/14] Dissident Thunder - Archetype Update, +1 Willpower to Balance, Kinobori to Kabenobori no Jutsu
    [04/21/14] Magnetic Fist Rework - Electrical Spike Strike & Magnetic Retrieval replacing Old Special Techs
    [05/10/14] Naga Remnants and Lightning Sparks - Magnetic Fist Stage Three, +1 Control, GMAP on Magnetic Levitation
    [05/18/17] Finally Aging Etsuko Appropriately +4 Years

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    And, at last, we arrive at Etsuko. Kiba, you did a fantastic job with the character. While it was minus point to include so much of Yasuo, you made up for it. Just the entirety of this character won me over, from the extreme individualism of the physical appearance to the fact that you meticulously lined up the timelines of the pre-existing characters that were used in the biography.

    There is a minor error that needs correcting, but it is nothing to concern yourself over. The Mugenkugan sees the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a confusing term for "every wavelength of light." However, they would also, because of this, see the effects of magnetic forces on people and things around them. But you can fix this, it's no big deal.

    At any rate, I have no regrets nor apprehensions about giving Ichina Etsuko my Hakushouku GM Approval and Cloud GM Approval. Congratulations and welcome to the family .
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      Finally a Hakushouku that isn't an information specialist.

      Cloud GM Approved.
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        For some reason, when I read this earlier, I thought it was fully approved. ._. I really, really like this character.

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          Hmmm that is only 2.5 approvals on such a well done character!? BLASPHEMY!

          And dang straight tattoos aren't emo

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            I'm not sure if Kaika counts as a full approval, but if I have full approvals, I'd like it known that she cannot be moved until her weapon, Togatta no Emurarudo, is moved.

            Edit: Scratch that, it can be moved XD.

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