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Son Wukong - Puppet Monkey King

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  • Son Wukong - Puppet Monkey King

    Son Wukong - Puppet Monkey King

    Puppet Name: Puppet Monkey King - Son Wukong
    Puppet Type & Size: Humanoid Ape | Medium
    Puppeteer: Arechihana Rika

    Son Wukong is a something of a lumbering beast, standing at striking six-foot three inches with a weight matching his hefty framework and design. Though his chassis hunches and tends to stand on bent knee-joints, his physical stature does not go easily unnoticed. He constructed into something of a hybrid between an ape and a large man, with a rather human-like expression looking out from behind large bushy brows, overextending ears, and elongated hands and feet.

    But what is most noticeable and unique about this monkey-man puppet is the tattered brilliant golden hair that covers just about his entire head, arms, torso, legs, and feet, made entirely of gold sand. Wherever synthetic hair might have been plugged onto its frame, brassily, sharp, and almost luminescent gold sand tendrils spike out, creating the image of a golden ape. Though from a distance this isn't always immediately clear. This gold monkey hair, however, is the key to this puppet's style of movement.

    The puppet’s body is a muscled one or at least made to look muscled, riddled with cuts, scrapes, and battle scars to prove he’s been through some wear and tear. He has a rather wide arm-span, more than outstretching his height and dropping down so that his knuckles could touch the ground if he hung them. His shoulder deltoids seem almost exaggerated, leading to a well-formed set of metallic pecs and abs, carved out from the rest of his furry body in a tan casing of stomach flesh. Though wide and jacked in his upper body, his torso and waist seem rather slender for something so bulked. They do, however, lead to equally powerful legs. His feet, almost identical to his hands, are ambidextrous and nimble, his digits able to grab and hold onto anything his hands can.

    His tail is a long, trimmed snake of golden sand, rounding out at about five feet long.


    Unlike most puppets, Son Wukong does not bare himself naked for all the world to see. Instead, the doll king is clothed in something akin to battled-dulled war armor. A tattered headband is always tied around his forehead to the side, graffitied and well-worn, with Sand logo on it, marking him a patriot through and through. He is nearly always seen with a fake smoking joint on the tip of his lips, usually used to light his flamethrower.

    Physical Stats:

    Puppet's Strength = User's Power
    Puppet's Speed = User's Control
    Puppet's Stamina = User's Reserves

    Puppet Sheet

    Size: Medium
    Slots: 3
    Items: Flamethrower (3)

    Size: Large
    Slots: 3
    Items: Bola Net (2) [Restraint], Launcher (0), Rotator (1) Light Armor (1)

    Right Arm
    Size: Medium
    Slots: 3
    Items: Limb Armor (1), Senbon (1) [Large Projectile], Launcher (0)

    Left Arm
    Size: Medium
    Slots: 3
    Items: Limb Armor (1) Senbon(1), Launcher (0)

    Size: Medium
    Slots: 3
    Items: Smoke Bombs (1), Tear Gas (2) [Gas Weapon]

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    I'm under the impression that puppets without special gimmicks need any special Approval, but you can have mine just in case. I'm pretty sure this can just be edited in during your next thread rating.
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