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    Items/Swaps/To Do List

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    Pawns of the Blade
    Archetypes: Emissary Warrior - Blade Dancer
    Special: For every two stages in a sword taijutsu, Yuudai gains 1 WP to be used on a sword. The number of additional WPs created this way cannot exceed 8. This does not overlap with BTR and if Aficionado is taken would nullify this archetype.
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    Rain GM

    Items/Swaps/To Do List


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      Cursed Seal

      Reserved for later
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      Rain GM

      Items/Swaps/To Do List


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        GM To Do List:

        More Raids
        Super Special Super Secret group - Done?
        Summon Paths
        Rain SF
        Kamodo Dragon tai rework
        Personal Swaps
        Rain Promotion Requirements
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        Items/Swaps/To Do List


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          More Rain NPCs.

          Shinobi NPCs

          Military NPCs
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          Items/Swaps/To Do List


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            Bijuu Techs

            Devour - 20 Drive

            Requires: Gourmand archetype

            Kaitoro's ability to consume bijuu has expanded to being able to ingest all chakra and can now eat a ninjutsu technique aimed at them with a stage one less than the user's highest taijutsu stage. This technique can only consume a single instance of damage so ninjutsu with multiple instances of damage can still harm the user.

            Fortitude 0 - Eating a ninjutsu gains 20 Drive.
            Fortitude 1 - Eating a ninjutsu gains 15 Drive.
            Fortitude 2 - The user can now consume an entire jutsu.
            Fortitude 3 - Can eat a ninjutsu equal to the user's highest taijutsu stage. (Capping at nullifying a stage 6)

            Fight or Flight - 10 Drive

            Kui's taste for chakra has enabled him to be able to sense the chakra within an individual and able to report back to his host differences in combat levels. The bijuu is able to figure out if the foes ninjutsu stages are higher than the hosts taijutsu stages or if an opposing bijuu has more Force than he does.

            Finesse 0 - The report is vague and simply larger or smaller. Gains 5 Drive
            Finesse 1 - The report is a bit more refined and can become much larger or smaller for a greater than 2 stage difference.
            Finesse 2 - Fight or Flight's drive cost is nullified against successive scans of the same target.
            Finesse 3 - Kui can 'taste' the element of the target's highest ninjutsu list.
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            Items/Swaps/To Do List


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              Immortal Legion


              -Code Numbers
              -Unsung Heroes

              -Guerrilla tactics
              -Color Names
              -More recognition


              Tsuushin (Conversation) - Those within the Legion can communicate with any Legion member through their communication piece. With this technique those not in the legion will only hear static. Both parties need to use a jutsu for the conversation to take place but once the conversation starts, the users can communicate freely for the rest of the thread.


              Trigger: User's voice
              The user expands their chakra to blanket a 20 meter area before throwing their voice. Upon hearing it, the target may feel a sense of disorientation, not sure which direction the voice is coming from. Under the influence of this technique, any sound the user makes is reverberated around the area hiding their exact location which allows them to flee or move in closer.


              Chi no kaori (Blood Scent) - Once the Undying draw blood, their target has a hard time escaping. Attuning their chakra to the blood of their target, the Legionnaire is able to track up to 50 meters. Natural or man made obstructions won't work and only chakra based distractions will break the trail. Once activated the tracking lasts for two posts before the attunement is needed once more.
              +1 The trail lasts for 3 posts
              +2 The trail is 100 meters
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              Rain GM

              Items/Swaps/To Do List


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                Kikai Manipulation List

                Kikai Contract

                The kikai of the Aburame are a unique asset to all clan members who choose to wield them. They are a medium of preservation, attack, and defense while also the greatest of companions to any they call their host. However, it takes specialized training in order to manipulate and coordinate actions with the insects, and the kikai require a short period of maintenance within the hive mound at least once per month in order to retain optimum performance levels. Should they not receive this maintenance, the kikai slowly become feral, and are difficult to control, if not impossible.

                Every shinobi to come from the Aburame clan is bonded with the kikai.

                The relationship between the Aburame and their kikai is symbiotic. Just as a bonded Aburame would die without the kikai literally serving as their immune system, not to mention holding their hole-riddled body together, the kikai rely on their hosts for their strength. As the user becomes more skilled with their manipulation of the kikai, the bugs become more resilient: kikai can withstand ninjutsu and strength-level attacks up to one stage below the user's stage in this list. For example, Shiotso has Stage Four Kikai Manipulation. His kikai can take hits up to strength level three, or ninjutsu scaled to stage three.

                As their natural state is as the horde, the clones the kikai form are easily dispelled. They collapse into their component forms after one solid hit.

                The Aburame have always thrived by working together with insects, and as such, have extended their reach to several different "legendary" creatures. The (insert names of the four stage six summons) have been with the clan since before its founder discovered the kikai, but recently (very recently), several other insects have accepted contracts with the Aburame clan. These summons are known to wander the clan compound since their signing, but most prefer to stay in their far-away and difficult to reach homes. As the contracts become increasingly complex, those Aburame who chose to ally with these insects must take the summons in order. As the four ancient summons are quite territorial, only one may be allied with, and this bond is permanent.

                Special: Due to their whole-hearted (and whole-bodied) dedication to the the contract between their clan and the kikai, those who take t
                Primary: Any choice
                Secondary: Any choice
                Tertiary: Any choice
                Stats merits: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower
                Stats flaws: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

                Stage One: Bug Catcher
                The beginning of the path towards being the master of all things creepy and crawly is, predictably, quite humble. The user struggles with even the simplest of tasks, but the foundation is being laid. Learning to control a mass of creatures is hard, and anything beyond the most basic tasks takes a herculean effort. Still, all great stories have to start somewhere.

                Kikai: The swarm is still in its infancy, and has yet to evolve and grow beyond their most basic forms. They’re capable of basic tasks, but have little combat capability.
                Communication: Within ten meters of the host, the kikai at this stage are only able to understand and carry out simple statements. The kikai are also only coordinated enough to form one group for the Aburame to control.
                Formation: At the beginning of being able to control their kikai, the Aburame is able to use the only group they are able to order into one weapon point.
                Clone: The Aburame’s kikai are able to form a single clone that share full chakra and mental stats with the user but only have a third of the physical stats.

                Kikai Call: Plants Kikai on teammates, call when in danger alerts other kikai. Works outside the normal range; much like a "marco, polo" game, finding said teammate is an imprecise science. Unlike other techniques that the Aburame utilize, the Call only needs a single kikai to be planted on the teammate.
                Flash: Kikai release concentrated chakra to form a blast of light, blinding any who look for two posts. Flash utilizes the chakra from an entire group of kikai, after which they must return to the body and charge for a post.

                Stage Two: Bug Enthusiast
                Kikai: Soldiers introduced. Can bite the target; about same damage as a senbon. Cannot burrow into (unwilling, though who the fuck would be willing) target.
                Communication: Now the kikai are able to understand complete sentences as long as the message is still simple. At this stage the host is able to form two control groups and can maintain that control to a range of twenty meters.
                Formation: Now with two groups available for control, the user is able to use both of them to create two item points worth of weapons. Weapons made from the kikai can begin to actually take the form of the weapon being imitated, particularly blades and swords form sharp edges. This sharpening feature can only be held for two posts at a time on a weapon before the carapace of the bugs return to normal for two posts afterwards. On top of forming weapons, the two groups of kikai are able to form a pair of arms, one on each side of the Aburame. These arms aren’t able to channel chakra to perform jutsu and have a quarter of the strength of their host.
                Clone: The Aburame is now able to form two clones from his kikai.

                Kikai kawarimi: Utilizes a single group of kikai to swap places with to escape danger. Uses kawarimi usages
                Camouflage: The kikai are able to conceal their presence for a short period of time as long as they stay still which means that the beating of their wings become silent and their carapace blend into the background. This effect can happen for two posts before fading and are forced to wait a single post to recharge their chakra before cloaking again.
                -----Stage Three: When moving at speed, the air looks like it's being affected by extreme heat (aka heatwaves). Their wings are able to flap silently while moving as well.

                Stage 3 : Bug Fanatic
                Kikai: Workers can now aid natural healing and clotting; can stop superficial bleeding (internal, like bruises, or external, like a light stab) within one post; larger wounds take two; fatal wounds are beyond their control. Mild numbing agent. The kikai can now burrow, albeit slowly, through flesh during combat .
                Communication: Can transmit simple orders telepathically, or images (like to tell a group of kikai who to look for) and have more complex verbal conversations. The host is now able to form three control groups of kikai and control them from a range of thirty meters.
                Note: The worker class never leaves the Aburame's body. They do not count as a group, and they cannot attack. Their main purpose is to take care of the eggs and larvae inside of the Aburame.
                Formation: The host can now utilize the three control groups of kikai to form three item points worth of weapons.
                Clone: At this stage, the user can create three clones with the same restrictions as above.

                Com Link: If there is a teammate batshit crazy enough to allow a single kikai to make its way to their brain stem, they can now transmit thoughts to anyone similarly "bugged" within the Aburame's range of control. It is a specifically evolved insect, and cannot be used to communicate with the kikai at large.
                Drain: After two posts of contact with the target, the kikai began to feast on their chakra. Each group utilized will eat one stage of chakra, this chakra feasting is additive for each group being used.

                Stage Four: Bug Warrior
                Kikai: Soldier/worker hybrid that can slow metabolic processes for poison halting or to slow enemies. Poisons can be contained within one post, then held "on pause" indefinitely. Some, but not full, effects. Clotting: superficial wounds stop bleeding immediately, more severe wounds require a full post; fatal wounds (that would be fatal from blood loss) can be "paused" for three rounds.
                Communication: The Aburame is now able to transmit complex orders through thought to his kikai and is able to mobilize four groups of them. The usable control range for the kikai has also extended to forty meters.
                Formation: With a bit more mastery in kikai formation, each kikai group can now form two weapon points but that mastery comes at a cost. Only four points worth of items and weapons can be created from kikai groups. Another limb breakthrough happens and they can form two pairs of arms.
                Clone: The three clones that were created before now have enough communication that once hit will split in half with half of the bunshin forming a smaller host and the other half forming another. Whatever stats the clones had before are now cut in half after the split.

                False Death: Slows Aburame’s body to the point where normal person would think they are dead. Medical practitioners can tell. This technique requires complete communication and coordination and as such uses each group of kikai in unison.
                Loyalty OR Ferocity. Loyalty gives Kikai immunity to outside influence, including other Aburame members and whatever evil swaps they come up with, and the ability to form one additional group at each stage. Pledging Ferocity [allows the user to command one additional group of kikai that only serves to create two additional weapon points] gives the kikai +2 weapon point ability, +10 m range (permanently, aka 60 at stage 5, 70 at 6, 80 at 7)

                Stage Five: Bug Master
                Kikai: Worker Class - 2 posts to identify a poison, 1 to neutralize - all bleeding except from fatal wounds can be stopped nearly instantaneously; fatal wounds are put "on hold" for four posts.
                Communication: At this point the Aburame is able to establish a direct link through one of his kikai and share the bugs senses. They are also able to utilize five groups of kikai and communicate with them at a range of fifty meters. The Aburame at this point is also able to communicating simple thoughts to any other insect.
                Formation: Still working of being able to form two item points with a single group, the Aburame can now utilize that into six points worth of weapons and items. The two pairs of arms formed by the kikai now have half of the strength of the host and can perform handseals.
                Clone: The kikai bunshin are now able to split twice, each time losing half of the stats as the previous time.

                Chakra Track: The kikai are able to pull a chakra signature from the air and track it. If the trail is left stagnant for two posts, then the kikai are unable to track the scent any further.
                Great Wall of Kikai: Three groups of kikai mobilize to protect the Aburame and nearby teammates. The bugs manage to form a ten foot wall that can curve to fit the needs of the team. When hit by a ninjutsu, the wall bends back to absorb the blow before firing it back at the originator. The wall is able to withstand ninjutsu up to two stages blow the Aburame’s lowest stage in kikai manipulation before the kikai separate to the individual parts.

                Stage Six: Lord of the Bugs
                Kikai: Debilitating Poison toxin after 2 posts of (blood) contact
                Worker Class: Fatal wounds can be
                Communication: The Host is now able to transmit and receive live thoughts from their kikai at a range of sixty meters. They are also able to control up to six groups. The kikai at this point are also able to act on their own initiative through intelligence that they have gleaned from the host. Other insescts are able to understand simple sentences from the Aburame and are compelled to obey.
                Formation: Taking another step forward, the Aburame is allowed to turn his kikai into eight weapon points with the same efficiency of two points for a kikai group.
                Clone: At this point, the clones have full stats of the Aburame. There are three clones all of which have the entire jutsu list to pull from as the Host.

                Transfer: This technique involves full groups of kikai. The stage being drained and transferred to the Aburame is directly involved with the number of groups being utilized. (Six groups of kikai will transfer a stage 6 usage from the target to the aburame.) Contact has to be maintained on the target for an entire post before the draining can begin.
                Kikai detonation: Kikai explode from excess chakra with the force of two explosive tags. Can only be used twice per thread. Each use of detonation utilizes one group of kikai and it takes the user two posts to recover the lost group.

                Stage Seven: Avatar of the Bug God
                Kikai: Soldiers: Hallucinating/Debilitating poison after 2 posts of bloodstream contact.
                Worker: Manipulate cell growth.
                Communication: At the pinnacle at bug and kikai manipulation, the host is able to have perfect communication with their kikai and they know everything that the Aburame knows. The clan member can now at this point have seven groups and control them at a range of seventy meters. Other insects are able to have full conversation with the Aburame, based on natural intelligence of the species.
                Formation: Finally a master at kikai formation, the user has managed to be able to utilize three groups of kikai into three weapon points each for a total of nine points. Conversely the user can use the three groups of kikai to form six arms, three on each side of the body.
                Clone: At the apex of kikai control, the Aburame is able to create four clones of himself with his kikai. Each clone has the full stats of the host and has complete access to the user’s jutsu list.

                Cleansing: Half of the user’s kikai surround and engulf the target’s body. If after one post the groups have not been interrupted, they open a cavity for the other half to enter. Two posts later the kikai will have cleaned the bones and in the inside of the target and upon returning to the Aburame, they regain one jutsu usage of each stage.
                Swarm: Each group of kikai form a cloud covering 70m radius. Obscuring vision, body covering bites. Uses all kikai (no other techs). All exposed skin is eaten away; armor is torn through; clothes are shredded. The victims are left raw and exposed. Lasts 2 posts.
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                  RSW Swaps

                  King Explosion Murder:
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                    Squall Tai style

                    Spear/Rapier/Thrust weapon style

                    Speed/Chakra or Chakra/Speed

                    Special Techniques:

                    The user thrust their weapon towards the target and instead of a single thrust the squall that follows their weapon thrusts as well, causing the rain to sharpen and fly towards the target creating a blanked effect.

                    The user thrusts their weapon whether a downward or horizontally towards their target as a feint, but within (2) meters, the real attack hits, as the rain around their weapon sharpens and thrusts in that same direction which is the real attack.

                    Coating the blade(tip) of their weapon in chakra, the user is able to mask the exact location of their attack. The visual eye will see a faint outline of the weapon while obscured by a heavy rain while chakra induced vision would be able to discern the exact location.

                    Unlike other techniques there the user utilizes the rain to follow up, this technique calls on a cross, the user either thrusts horizontally or vertically with their weapon and the squall following their weapon takes the opposite, creating a cross pattern and limiting the path for avoidance.
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