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    "We can't let that happen again, you understand that, right?"

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    Hakushouku Clan of Hidden Cloud

    "I don't know about you, but I think it's about time I saved the world."

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      [Item] A Brother's Charm

      "The difference between success and failure is a portrayal of the facts."

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        The Hunt for Omedamenanetou

        Yaroi is obsessed with this new treasure. He's also in debt with a local banker, and he knows he's about to miss his sixth payment on his sailboat, which he lives on. He doesn't want to lose his boat, and he really doesn't want to keep asking his parents for money. What is Yaroi to do?

        Trick some dumb ass kids into helping him.

        The thread begins with each genin being asked by Yaroi to help him, each in their own shape or form. What does Yaroi ask? Go to a pawnbroker in Omedameshou, ask him about the map he's got of the Shrine of Oyster Reach and the cavern below it. One of the genin is going to get there first, and the second and third are going to be hard pressed to get that map. Results? Three genin meet and struggle for access to the map that they each insist that they need more than the other, until of course, they realize they're playing for the same team.

        Enter Yaroi, insisting in their help and explaining what they can do to give it. Sail with Captain Maebara Ryuji into Oyster Reach Cavern, where a shrine of Ocean Miko await to cause them trouble.

        Crushing Upward Dune
        Stage X Sabaku Kenfu Special
        Blending the art of Ganjou Taiki and Sabaku Kenfu, Isamu creates a new artform; The Art of The Dune. Using the sand in the weights around his arms, Isamu executes a one or two-handed open-palm uppercut or forward thrust. Upon making impact with his palm(s) he propels his sand weight behind his palm, to add a second level of agony to his attack. The added weight of his sand will increase the bludgeoning force, to make otherwise swift hands into a vicious hammer-like smash attack. If his initial palm attack misses, the weights will propel forward to extend the range of his attack up to an armslength away.
        Stage Three: This attack can become the opening move for Bombs Away Regular Tech and Fishing Line Special Technique can keep his sand weights attached.

        Vitric Palm
        Stage X Sabaku Kenfu Special Technique
        Blending his prowess as a glass specialist and his training in Sabaku Kenfu and Ganjou Taiki, Isamu turns his typically martial style of blunt force, and turns it into a lethal attack. Any time Isamu uses his sand weights in a physical attack, he can immediately change the structure of the sand to glass, which causes his sand weights to become sharp and piercing weapons, which shatter upon physical contact. By doing so, regular techs of Sabaku Kenfu go from bludgeoning to piercing, and shattering a sand weight endangers the defender with many shards. The downside; Any sandweight used by Vitric Palm becomes permanent glass and sand weights must be replaced through 1 post use of Personal Desert. The upside? Glass made by Vitric Palm may be used for Isamu's Glass Ninjutsu.

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          THE BUG

          "Can we please cut all this dumb shit out between where you open your mouth and where you close it?"

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            "The resolution to become a hero is often lighter in heart than the unfortunate consequence of becoming one. "

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              [Wilting Jasmine]

              Thinkin' About You Brother, All The Time...

              Name: Kuchinashi Houkai
              - - Common Alias:
              Age: 11
              Sex: Male
              Height: 5'4"

              Character Type: Shinobi

              Country \\ Village: Earth Country \\ Iwagakure
              Rank: Genin
              Division: YAMA \\ Soldier

              Known Affiliations: Kuchinashi Hajimaru | Class C Missing-Nin | Location Currently Unknown

              Scrawny is not quite the word. Sure, Houkai is small when compared with other boys his age. That said, it's clear he's still growing. He shares complaints about growing pains in his knees every couple of months. But his body may be growing up at the same time as his metabolism. A veritable twig of a shinobi, Houkai is all muscle and sinew. His hair is probably the biggest thing about him. Spiky, black and growing in every direction, it's only barely contained and kept from his face with his hitai-ate. Round, dark green eyes scowl underneath his hereditary, large forehead, which seems to already have developed a small crease between his brows. The capacity for expression on his face is limitless, and his face is always the biggest show for how he's feeling. At his most concentrated, he looks like he is stumbling over the last twists of a rubix cube. At his most excited, his cheeks are round, his wide grin showing dimples that hide on most days.

              His seriousness translates through to his attire. He wears a compression shirt underneath a flowing Kuchinashi brand t-shirt. The compression shirt is mostly to keep his arms from cramping after hours of puppetry. The only reason he wears matching compression shin guards is to give him added comfort and a sense of cohesion, as aesthetic is important for Houkai, even if his attire lends itself to plain colors - black, grey and white are his favorite colors. He dresses for the weather and the assignment, but even on lightly chilly days, Houkai prefers shorts to pants.

              His puppets hide in a small scroll on most days, tucked into a pouch on his belt. In fact, at first glance, Houkai usually looks like a budding swordsman, as he carries a shortsword slung across his back everywhere he goes. Despite the sword being shorter than any self-respecting katana, the double-edged blade runs the full length of his back and looks appropriate for his size. Other pouches mark his belt, hiding various shinobi tools, per the shinobi standard.

              Houkai's Way Of The Ninja
              - - - " A rock is never broken. It just becomes more rocks. Just like a rock, I will never break! I will just become greater than before!"
              What does a little brother do when he stops being a little brother? What happens when the world can't seem to answer a seemingly simple question? A boy without answers begins to think that he has to make his own answers in the world. Houkai has fought against all notions of normal that Iwagakure had taught him, but fighting against his own Village has taught him that some rules don't break, and other rules are only right when interpreted correctly. The simple virtue of specializing in Puppetry has set Houkai aside from his peers. The fact that he delved into a world of tools and gadgets was not out of an intricate desire to know the inner workings of things. It was born out of a need to have everything he could at his disposal in order to accomplish what he wants.

              "You think you're going to save the world from greed, Aniki. But you don't get that money is power. And power rules the world."
              He wants to find his brother. Declared missing by the state, an enemy of Iwagakure, and a fool by his family, Houkai's brother is an enigma, having left before Houkai could understand why. Left with no clues to make sense of a great rupture in the regularity of his life, Houkai is naturally a little angry at the world. But his anger is deep and untapped, and manifests not in a general rage. That anger is just a simple fire that burns beneath ambition. Houkai wants to prove that he can change the world without running from it. It's a part of why he tries to be as physically strong as he is talented with ninjutsu. It's also why his acts of kindness, while helpful and seemingly genuine, always end with an aim for Houkai to get something back in return.


              Marionette Master
              Puppeteer + Ninjutsu Specialist
              For two posts per thread, the Marionette Master can control one extra puppet than his highest stage of "Kugutsu no Jutsu" allows, though that puppet must be registered/listed in his inventory.
              Primary \\ Chakra
              Secondary \\ Physical
              Tertiary \\ Mental
              +3 Power, +2 Control, +1 Reserves
              -3 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Speed, -1 to Tactics
              There are those who study the mechanics of puppeteering and spend day after day training, and there are those who simply understand the proper techniques and methods of puppets without ever having needed practice. To them, the world does not feel right unless the weight of a puppet is beneath the strings of their fingers, and nothing feels more satisfying than the trickle of Chakra that makes their minions live. They do not settle for simply flinging their puppets around; their spirit moves with their creations, dancing and twirling alongside them as they move.


              Statistics Legend
              1 - Archetype
              1 - Base Stat
              1 - Thread Point
              1 - AP
              1 - GMAP
              1 - Total Stat

              Physical - 8

              Strength: 1 - 3 + 5 + 1 = 4 [+5 Jigi o Eta Senshi]
              Speed: 1 - 1 + 3 + 1 = 4
              Stamina: 1 - 1 + 1 = 1 [+4 Jigi o Eta Senshi]


              Intelligence: 1 + 3 = 4
              Tactics: 1 - 1 + 2 = 2
              Willpower: 1 + 1 = 2


              Power: 1 + 3 + 4 = 8
              Control: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5
              Reserves: 1 + 1 + 4 = 6


              Small Puppet Stats

              Strength: 8 - 5 = 3
              Speed: 5 + 10 [Small] = 15
              Stamina: 6 - 5 =1

              Medium Puppet Stats

              Strength: 8
              Speed: 5
              Stamina: 6

              Large Puppet Stats

              Strength: 8 + 5 [Large] = 13
              Speed: 5 - 10 [Large] = 1
              Stamina: 6 + 5 [Large] = 11


              Repertoire of Techniques:
              Jigi o Eta Senshi - Well-Timed Warrior
              Stage One [4 Strength, 4 Speed]
              (+5 Strength, +4 Stamina)
              Special Techniques:
              - Stage One: Pack Mule

              Kugutsu no Jutsu - Art of The Puppeteer
              Kugutsu no Jutsu - Ni [5 Power, 4 Control, 4 Reserves]
              The user is able to control a single puppet through the use of chakra strings. These strings are intangible and invisible to anyone without the ability to sense pure chakra. Chakra strings may now be attach to a puppet near instantly, allowing a puppet to animate and act in the same post. Controlling a puppet requires both hands and its movements are jerky, but functional. Further, a puppet can now operate up to fifty feet away from its controller, allowing the puppeteer to stay in relative safety – beyond that point, its chakra strings snap and it falls to the ground, inert.
              Puppet Augmentations
              - Stage One: Junnou no Jutsu I
              - Stage One: Kugutsu Gokan

              Metal Ninjutsu
              Stage One
              - Metal: Dagger [2 Control, 2 Tactics]

              Inventory [4/5]
              Double-Edged Short Sword + Hidden Senbon Launcher [4]

              The Fates

              Dressed in a simple black jumpsuit, made by Houkai's mother and aunts, that bears the Kuchinashi logo - a simple white circle stitched into the center of the chest, all of The Fates tend to look nearly humanoid in their body proportions. Their head is a simple oval shape, only a little wider than it is tall. Two 'eyes' are fashioned, while their nose is two simple snake-like slits beneath it. Their mouths are made especially complicated, with two planes of opening and closing rubber-coated metal pieces. This allows the mouths to contort into all sorts of expressions, from a smile, to a frown, to even occasionally looking like it is mumbling. The eyes, too are made to be able to have pupils that 'dilate' to emulate surprise or suspicion, or a simple ten-mile stare.

              All of The Fates are made from pale beige, prosthetic-coated metal to look smooth like unblemished skin. Their arms are thin and compartmentalized into an upper and a lower arm. Their torso is a long cylindrical chassis, one that could, if empty, might be able to fit a volleyball at best. Their legs are only a touch more robust than their arms, with their 'feet' being built to look like a sock-covered foot wearing a short geta-style sandal. On the best days, The Fates look like little bald boys enjoying a stroll in the park. For Medium-Sized Fates, they look like regular-sized bald monks enjoying a stroll in the park.
              Unless otherwise noted, all items are understood to have the Hidden Modifier. All Fates are understood to have the special Puppet Modifier, Vocalizer [x] installed in their head slot.

              Fate Style: Ka Small Puppet [Two Points Per Slot]
              Head: Flashlight (Glow Modifier) [1] + Light Armor [1]
              Right Arm: Lockpicks [1] Tanto [1] Launcher [0]
              Left Arm: Tear Gas Canister [2] Full effect lasts 1 post after contact
              Chassis: Installed Rotator [1] + Shuriken [1]
              Legs: Caltrops [1] + Razor Wire [1] + Launcher [0]
              Vocalizer Voice: The recordings of Ka Fates are in the voice of a prepubescent boy trying to sound like an alien. Average-pitched and with a weird back-reverberation, it often sounds like a supporting character from a video game, no matter what the message it relays. Common Phrases: "Here comes Ka!" "Just... another... second..." "Yatta! Door Unlocked!" "Yatta! Mission Accomplished!"

              Fate Style: Ki Small Pupper [Two Points Per Slot]
              Head: Rotating [1] Senbon [1] Launcher [0]
              Right Arm: Net [2]
              Left Arm: Short Sword [2]
              Chassis: Trick Lock Modifier [2]
              Legs: Smokebomb [1] Flashbang [1] Launcher [0]
              Vocalizer Voice: The recordings of Ki Fates are shrill and birdlike. When saying real words, it sounds like a parrot repeating another human's tone. But, more often than not, it just makes bird sounds. Common Phrases: "Kaaw! Kakaaw!" "Woop, woop, getting hungry!" "Kraaaw, where do you think you're going?" "Eeeeh?" "Not today. [a long pause] Kraaaw! Not today."

              Fate Style: Ku Medium Puppet [Three Points Per Slot]
              Head: Javelin [3] Launcher [0]
              Right Arm: Sickle [2] + Kunai [1] Launcher [0]
              Left Arm: Shield [3]
              Chassis: Installed Rotator [1] + Whips [2]
              Legs: Flamethrower [3]
              Vocalizer Voice: The recordings of Ku Fates are professional sounding and of the highest quality recordings when compared to Ka and Ki fates. It sounds like a professional male voice actor from a shonen manga. The range of emotions expressed are impressive. Common Phrases: "Ganbarei!" "Let's show them how to fight!" "I'll watch your back!" "Here I come!" "You think that will stop me?!" "How dare you!"

              Unique Puppet Part; Vocalizer
              With technology inspired by the miniscule communication devices of shinobi, puppets with a Vocalizer can have pre-recorded messages that a Puppeteer can trigger easily. They may also tune the Vocalizer into a radio channel, either to air sports games from the mouth of the puppet, or to communicate via their puppet on their communication frequency. Volume control is mundane, and cannot cause pain, but can provide a distraction where used intelligently.


              "Yeah." The older chuunin stood up after looking hard at the ground around a bush in Rain Country. "He's definitely been through here."

              Thunder boomed far off in the countryside. Somewhere, always, there was a storm brewing in Rain Country.

              "How can you tell?" The younger woman was looking at the patch of forest where they had stopped and could find no signs of The Bug.

              The older chuunin finished rubbing his fingers together and wiped his wet digits on the side of his already moist cargo pants.

              "Chewing tobacco. Something tells me he's headed to Nagare."

              "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. That's totally not my vibe." The young boy spat to the side as he squinted at his friend. His eyes were already small, even at his most neutral he looked like he was pondering something. His friend wondered if it was genetic that he both looked and acted like a cynic.

              "Dude, we need somebody on shortstop. And you're not doing anything this weekend. Just come through. Stand there. Act like you'll catch a line drive." The kid with the ball cap, wild brown hair pointing out in every direction above his ears, was practically whining. The leather glove was still in his hand from practice. Josuke was one of his best friends, but he had never wanted to play ball even if he spent all his free time at the yard.

              The young man grumbled something high pitched.

              "I got a test at the academy Monday.... Projectile direction and velocity exam." Josuke spat again, thinking that it made him look cool, now that he had mastered not having it dribble out of his mouth. The older kids at the skate park had laughed at him last week, so he had been practicing. "You know I ain't good at math."

              "Yea, whatever that bullshit. I also know you hate studying. So just come on already. Plus you can practice your velocity whatever the heck when you try to catch the fuckin' ball." Josuke's friend cursed his luck for caring about the kid with the cropped black hair and the pouty lips. Knowing each other since preschool had become more of a curse than a blessing ever since they felt puberty hit. "I'll bring you some of my mom's onigiri."

              "You promise?"

              "I promise"

              "Chewing tobacco?" Eriko was becoming more and more skeptical about this chuunin they were supposed to be following. She hadn't heard much about Josuke. But she trusted her lieutenant anywhere. And an order was an order.

              "He picked it up in baseball. It's what all the kids in Sector Two are doing lately. Helps avoid them getting into trouble when they spit at people. If they say it was the chewing tobacco, they can get away with all sorts of disrespect." The man could still smell the tobacco he had found, even through the rain.

              "Ugh. Sector Two kids." Eriko was a proper young kunoichi. The sort that was raised by the superior-minded traditionalists of Sector Five. And unlike some of her other shinobi fellows, she didn't mind her privilege one bit. "A pain in the ass of Amegakure, if you ask me."

              The older man turned around and met Eriko's eyes. The two had never worked together before.

              "I guess I didn't ask you." He was, after all, one of the many families who had had to settle in Sector Two. Shinobi money wasn't the sort that filled pockets when you were just a field agent. But never mind that. "Let's keep going. If we can cross the river, there's a trail I know about."

              They weren't so far behind the trail of The Bug. Then again, he had a distinct feeling that they weren't even on a chase. Judging from what he remembered of what The Bug's grandfather always said, the vagrant boy was just taking the long route back home to Amegakure.

              Other Info:

              The Story Thus Far:
              ~ The Beginning ~ X/XX/17
              - - 3 AP Spent; +1 Strength, +1 Speed, +1 Stamina - -
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