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    I got a bunch of stuff on an old hard drive, and some of it I actually want to keep! I'll be putting things here largely for the amusement of others, since I doubt I'll put forth any more effort in completing them. Expect more poorly done lists in the future!

    Here's a justification for having a 'skeleton' item registered in universal!
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    Don't look here! Or do, it's all a draft so it's not like it matters.

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    (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
    (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
    (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
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      The Maeda Bulletin

      Straight from the desk of the Major comes the most pressing issues for the day that aren't related to being ran over by the Rain military! These are a collection of Maeda-related thread/mission ideas that I'll be writing up which will hopefully all relate (directly or indirectly) to a larger clan arc. As new characters are added to the Maeda roster I'll be updating this with some tailor-made missions so we can do some family bonding stuff. I'll be available to NPC any of these as well, so if you want to do one but can't find another Rain character to do them with, I can help!

      Unless otherwise noted these missions don't have to be done with only Maeda characters. If you have a non-Maeda character you could do them too, though I can't offer anything cool for you at all in that case.

      Underneath each mission description (what your characters will know) I'll provide additional mission info (what you know) for guidance. You are free to ignore the stuff in the spoilers, I'm just providing it to give you some ideas on where to take the thread if you don't have any yourself.

      Fresh New Hotness
      From: Maeda Coroner Jubei
      Subject: Deaths in the Family
      7 Maeda adolescents, ages 11 to 17, have died in the last month. The cause in each was acute ethanol poisoning, from what appeared to be the ingestion of lethal amounts of food-grade alcohol. There is reason to believe either a single or group of Maeda is giving these minors access to this dangerous substance. If you find any information related to these events, please notify the Healthy and Safety Corps as soon as possible.

      From: Major Shuuya
      Subject: Outreach and Extension Meeting Canceled
      Once again it looks like our visit to the local primary schools to promote vaccination have to be postponed since another outbreak of karamushi cropped up. This is the third time this year it's happened. Please, if you have children who are active in the community, remind them to wash their hands often. It hurts everyone when accidents happen. Shinobi, do your part to promote safe health habits when around kids, they look up to you!

      From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
      Subject: Missing Notice: Tsukasa Kuu
      A jounin-level missing nin has been reported on the surface who has possibly been working for the Rain military. Though he is believed to come from Sound, reports suggest he is using very Maeda-like techniques that merit some concern. Neutralization is preferred.

      Ongoing Missions
      These missions are going to be based on stuff that's already been done by other Maeda. You should probably know what happened in the earlier thread if you want to take one of these!

      (Prior thread: Nuptial Flight)
      From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
      Subject: CCC Cleanup
      Though Usagi's been under house arrest for some time, vagrants are still being pulled from the canals with her strain inside them. Based of prior reports it's likely the CCC has either a store of her blood or living hosts to perpetuate the parasite. Though these second-generation infections are much weaker, the fact Maeda family secrets are being bought and sold like crack cocaine is somewhat concerning. Work with local Amegakure clinics to figure out where the source is, and destroy or neutralize it.

      Family Register
      I'll be putting some ideas for missions for specific Maeda characters here. These are rough suggestions based on character biographys, current happenings with said characters, and previous mission histories of those characters. These will provide you opportunities to have linked continuity between threads and the Maeda as a whole, but by no means are they 'canon' unless you want them to be. 'Taking' a mission here will effect the clan as a whole on some level (and hopefully your character as well), but feel free to bring others along if you want. By necessity these will be more guided by me than the above mission ideas, but hopefully my presence won't be too suffocating. If you got specific ideas in mind too let me know and we can work together to figure something out.

      Maeda Ten
      Maeda Ten and Maeda Renko have been seen together quite a bit lately. Is there something more going on there?
      To do: Anything that makes you look less suspicious.
      Spoilers:Harder than it looks!

      Maeda Shin
      Medical Corps Missions Posting
      We've had the drugs needed to treat karamushi infections for decades, but the military has only recently started trying to solve the problem as our shinobi continue to be a thorn in their side. Their progress has been closely watched and it seems as though they're on the cusp of getting a cheap cure to hand out to their troops. Their research facilities are well defended but the warehouses storing their medicine are sitting ducks. We need a medic to go confirm the presence of the drug, then to destroy it (and maybe the rest of the medical supplies stored there as well).
      To do: Drugbusting, in reverse
      Spoilers: There aren't any.

      Maeda Kazuhiko
      (Continuation of Debugging)
      Maeda Jubei's Autopsy Reports
      I might run the morgue but that doesn't mean I like seeing bodies come in. Now something new is cropping up; Amegakure officials have recovered dead from canals in Sector Two with signs of karamushi infection. They didn't die of it thankfully, and my investigation seems to indicate this strain wasn't contagious at all. Still, it makes us all look bad when dead people show up with our clan inside them, and coupled with those other reports...we could really use a good answer for what's going on here.
      To do: File some intense paperwork
      Spoilers: Take a wild guess.

      Mission Logs
      Here's where I'll put some stuff regarding completed missions. Check here for reference material or something, maybe!

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      (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
      (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
      (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
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        I'm going to use this post to save junk that's been moved from the Bulletin. It's all just reference material now.

        Maeda Ten
        Poster outside Building Monitor Maeda Uryu's office
        Vandals struck the west wing of the compound again. Special thanks to Kitami's boys for cleaning it up before the big dinner. We know it's someone inside the family doing this, and we'll catch you eventually so you better just turn yourself in! There's enough trouble in Sector Two without a bunch of kids pretending to be vampires and performing fake blood rituals in our bathrooms. If I see another Shambler rat in the halls, the whole block is going under curfew!
        To do: Smack some sense into those kids
        Spoilers: It's not kids.
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        (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
        (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
        (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
        Shichou Clan GM - Shichou Mission Thread Here!
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          Academy Jutsu: Stage 1
          Third Jutsu: A=3, F=2
          Open Slot: A=4, B=4
          Open Slot: D=4, E=4

          Genin Jutsu: Stage 2
          Third Jutsu: A=6, B=6, D=4
          Open Slot: A=7, B= 7, D=6
          Open Slot: D=7, E=7, B=6

          Advanced Genin Jutsu: Stage 3
          Third Jutsu: A=9, B=9, D=7
          Open Slot: A=10, B=10, F=8
          Open Slot: D=10, E=10, C=8

          Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 4
          Third Jutsu: A=14, B=13, C=11, E=10
          Open Slot: A=15, B=15, C=13, D=14
          Open Slot: D=15, E=15, F=13, A=14

          Advanced Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 5
          Third Jutsu: A=18, B=17, C=17, E=14
          Open Slot: A=19, B=19, C=18, D=16
          Open Slot: D=19, E=19, F=18, A=16

          Jounin Jutsu: Stage 6
          Third Jutsu: A=23, B=23, C=22, E=16, F=15
          Open Slot: A=26, B=25, C=24, D=19, E=17
          Open Slot: D=26, E=25, F=24, A=19, B=17

          Advanced Jounin: Stage 7
          Third Jutsu: A=32, B=30, C=28, D= 24, E=22
          Open Slot: A=35, B=33, C=31, D=26, F=18
          Open Slot: D=35, E=33, F=31, A=26, C=18

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          (Rain Chuunin) Oichi Josuke | (Sand Chuunin) Sawamatsu no Motonubu | (Leaf Chuunin) Hyuuga Kannon
          (Retired Grass Chuunin) Shinshi Gemmei | (Snow Genin) Gonnohyoe | (Mist Genin) Kurusu Ringo
          (Brigade of Light) Chosokabe Muneshige | (Leaf Chuunin) Hong Feiyan
          Shichou Clan GM - Shichou Mission Thread Here!
          Brigade of Light GM - Missions and More!
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            H o s h u
            J i n s e i


            Style Description: This style revolves around the use of a multitude of mechanized projectile launchers, usually called crossbows but extending to anything of similar function. There are two elements to the style: the long-distance shooting, and close quarters combat. Because of the nature of crossbows and crossbow like weaponry, reloading tends to cause issues, so expert users tend to carry multiple weapons to unleash multiple volleys without having to wait. It’s encouraged that users make their own modifications to the crossbows that suit their tastes and battle styles.

            Style History:
            Hoshu no Jinsei evolved out of a necessity in the ever growing arms race of the shinobi and mercenary world. Learning to properly use a bow and arrow takes a lot of time, but if you slap a crossbow in the hands of enough idiots, one of them are bound to land a hit. The style grew out of this simple notion, with the surviving idiots passing down their own techniques learned through decades of trial and error. Thus, this taijutsu is not considered a formal school and has no dojos or masters. Rather those who take it up learn from veterans what works and what doesn't, usually through sharing drunken war-stories or picking fights in bars. Some experts in these techniques might not even know that the fighting skills they learned had a name. A true Hoshu no Jinsei acolyte only cares about two things: getting the job done, and living long enough to spend the paycheck.

            Style Basis: Weapon (Crossbows or other mechanical projectile launchers)

            Training Methods: Those who study the art of Hoshu no Jinsei spend a lot of time maintaining and operating their mechanical launchers in a variety of downright dirty situations. So in addition to your run of the mill speed, strength, and stamina training, this list confers a large body of knowledge on machinery and improvised, jury-rigged fixes.

            Long Range: The ability of the user to launch attacks at ranges exceeding a few feet in radius.

            Close Range: The ability of the user to fight within a few feet radius of their own body.

            A target (living or otherwise) that has been hit with a projectile or touched in a thread is considered Marked. A Marked target loses this status once the user makes a clean hit on them, or once they leave the eyesight of the user. Marks do not stack.

            If no offensive action was taken in the previous post, the user is considered Steady.

            Ippatsu: These special techniques are specialized crossbows that can only be fired once per thread. They do not require item points to take or use once purchased.

            Stage One: Punk
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: By standing still, crouching, holding their breath, and lining the sights of their crossbow up with a completely stationary target, the user can hit far away targets most of the time. Doing so in rapid succession is very difficult. Aspiring archers are advised to aim for the chest or lower torso of their targets, as heads tend to be very difficult to hit.

            Short Range: A very basic, hacked together version of multiple hand-to-hand styles is taught here. Users are taught a couple simple maneuvers, such as grappling then firing into the stationary target, and blocking incoming attacks with their weapon. The bread and butter of this early learning is the elbow strike, which allows the user to hit back without having to let go of their weapon.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Spray and Pray
            Description: The first, simplest to learn, most ineffectual move that all aspiring Hoshu no Jensei practitioners pick up, often by accident. The weapon can be readied, aimed, fired, and reloaded in the blink of an eye, multiple times per post. Every single shot fired this way will miss its target. Sometimes called 'suppressive fire' by those too ashamed to admit their lack of skill.

            Name: Dodge This
            Description: If Steady, the user can fire a single shot from their weapon at point blank range that can blow the target away up to 5 feet.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Elebolt
            Description: A quick and dirty technique for those times when the crossbow runs empty at the worst possible moment. The user generates ammunition for their weapon out of whatever scrap or garbage they have on hand- legend has it a truly desperate mercenary once used his own teeth as ordinance.

            Name: Clean Shot
            Description: When a shot misses or is deflected by a Marked target, if that target cannot already see the user, the Marked target will not be able to determine from where the shot came from.

            Ippatsu: The Pinfu
            The Pinfu is a one-handed, finger sized crossbow that fires a single customized needle. Pinfus fold up easy and can be hidden within any piece of clothing or jewelry. A Pinfu shot is completely silent, and can be fired without consuming an action. If the user is Steady, the Pinfu shot can be tracked for two posts. If a Marked target is hit, the Pinfu may be used 1 more time in the thread.

            Stage Two: Hotshot
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: Moving targets can be hit with reasonable successful levels, so long as they are within a couple dozen feet. Hitting exact targets (like heads or specific body parts) is still very difficult, but consistently landing center-of-mass shots can be done with concentration.

            Short Range: A focus on practical, non-flashy attacks is learned here. This includes strikes to the throat, to the groin, using the weapon as a club, and essentially anything that can end a fight without having to waste ammo. A fun technique mastered by this point is how to use shoulder of a hostage as a way to brace your arm and reduce recoil, though its use is heavily discouraged for being in poor taste.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Ratatatata!
            Description: Reloading often limits the ability of the would be gunner to rapid fire their weapon. If a helper is present, though, it speeds things up considerably. If a partner is present both the user and their assistant are Steady, the weapon can be reloaded much faster. This allows the user to fire as many times as they want in a single post, as long as it is always at the same target.

            Name: Whizkid
            Description: Another variation of showing off while accomplishing nothing, this technique requires the use of special bolts or needles loaded into the crossbow ahead of time. These projectiles let out a high-pitched frequency as they whistle through the air, sometimes mistaken for a buzzing. This makes the bolt or needle sound like it’s whooshing right by someone’s ear, when in fact it might be several feet away from the target.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Come and Get Me
            Description: If Steady, the user gains 2 Levels in all Physical stats if they attack someone who caused them a significant injury in the thread.

            Name: Mark and Execute
            Description: One attack may be performed against every Marked target within eyesight.

            Ippatsu: Toitoi
            The Toitoi is a long, narrow crossbow similar in appearance to a blowgun. When fired, the Toitoi lets out a distinctive bang! The Toitoi's shot hits with a powerful concussive blow that rattles the body even if it grazes a target, causing disorientation and blurred vision for 1 post. If the user is Steady, the Toitoi can be used as a club in melee range to stun a hit target for 1 post. If a hit target is Marked, their Speed Levels are decreased by 2 for 1 post.

            Stage Three: Diehard
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: Moving around at walking speed no longer affects long-range accuracy, and with patience it is possible to hit targets at far distances even if they are moving. The user still must make the decision on how to balance their aiming skills, though. One can be accurate, or precise, but not both.

            Short Range: Building on the knowledge of practical strikes comes the first real fighting stance unique to Hoshu no Jinsei. Since the hands are often too busy to be used for direct combat, a rudimentary set of defensive legwork skills are learned here. A common technique in this vein is a kick-and-shoot, where the user repels and advancing attacker with a well placed foot, then pumps them full of bolts after.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Trust Me, I’m a Professional
            Description: Precision is hard. Precision missing is pretty easy. The user may fire as many shots as they wish in a post, as long as none of them hit anything apart from the scenery.

            Name: Modular Combat
            Description: The mechanical skill of the user is sufficient that they can perform on the fly modifications to their weapons…kind of. This allows for the ‘swapping’ of a modifier currently on one crossbow to another, once per thread.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Spin2Win
            Description: Why stand still, when you could twirl? By rotating at all (either in place, or in the air, or rolling on the ground) and firing simultaneously, all projectiles can follow slightly curved trajectories, allowing them to bend past a single corner or obstacle. If Steady, this technique can cause a projectile to do a full 180 and return back towards the user.

            Name: Tunnelshot
            Description: If a Marked target is hit, the projectile will ricochet off them and around the area, shooting towards them one more time in the following post.

            Ippatsu: Sankantsu
            The Sankantsu is a class of crossbows big enough to require two hands to wield properly and looks like a long tube with a handle. The Sankantsu fires a large volley of about 15 bolts all at once in a 45 degree cone that falls off after 30 feet. Sankantsus create a loud crack noise when fired. If Steady, anyone hit by the Sankantsu gets thrown back to limit of its range. If a hit target is Marked, they are deafened for 2 posts.

            Stage Four: Vigilante
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: Medium to far targets can be hit frequently even while moving, so long as center of mass is being targeted. It isn’t even out of the question to hit headshots on occasion, though precision aim to small body parts like hands or eyes is still very much a coin flip.

            Short Range: To accompany the increased kicking prowess and the hopefully larger armory of the user, a new repertoire of melee based skills are learned here. Longer, heavier crossbows can be used much like short staffs, where the smaller crossbows can be used like small fist weapons. While the level of their technique isn’t up to par with those who specialize in melee, these skills are more than enough to keep lower-skilled melee opponents at bay.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Actually Akimbo
            Description: An ill-advised but incredibly popular technique, the Akimbo skill allows for the dual wielding and operating of one-handed crossbows. This means that one shot can be fired from both per post. However because it’s harder to reload when both your hands are full, care must be taken not to blow one’s load too early.

            Name: Delightfully Dervish
            Description: By clogging their crossbows with lots of small particles, the user can fire and cause a large cloud of debris to explode up into the air. This obscures vision for a short period of time. The effect is similar to smoke bomb and will last one post. Materials that work best are dirt and sand, water (which will produce a water vapor cloud), and in a pinch even blood and hair can suffice.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Lock Stock and Barrel
            Description: If Steady, a weapon or item in the user's possession can be instantly repaired. This can be done once per item per thread.

            Name: Hop Step Jump
            Description: Using a combination of skill, strength, or quick thinking, the user may jump up as high as a Marked target, or fall down to their elevation without taking damage.

            Ippatsu: Junchan Taiyo
            The Junchan Taiyo is a long, two-handed crossbow that must be mounted on the shoulder to fire, with a shape reminiscent of crucifix. The Junchan Taiyo emits a soft crick every time it fires. Junchan Taiyos are loaded a large vibrating bolt that tears through unarmored flesh as if it were air. All soft materials within a 5 foot radius of the trajectory of the Junchan Taiyo's projectile gets torn up as though being shredded by razor blades. If Steady, the Junchan Taiyo's durable frame can be used as shield against explosives, rendering the user and their allies in range immune to explosions for that post. Marked targets hit by this weapon cannot breathe for 2 posts.

            Stage Five: Sharpshooter
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: At last, precision shots are made feasible while moving at top speeds, even at medium range. Targets up to the size of an eyeball can be reasonably hit, with smaller targets being possible but requiring either the target or the user being stationary. Long distance precision is possible but difficult, given the larger effects of wind and gravity at that range.

            Short Range: Depending on the weapon used, short range combat can take many forms at this level of skill. Dual wielders might favor fancy footwork, hopping from location to location to keep the chaos moving. Snipers could go with a methodical approach, staying put while switching between picking off foes on the back lines and clubbing anyone who gets close. Even unarmed, the user can put up a hell of a fist fight. The most important thing learned now is to not get overwhelmed or cocky- too many promising young Sharpshooters have perished overestimating their own skill.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Double Tap
            Description: While Hoshu no Jensei tries to focus on ammo conservation, sometimes you just really have to lay into someone. The Double Tap is simply a strong strike with the crossbow, followed by unloading a volley of shots into the target. Effectively, this means the user may both strike a foe, then shoot them, in the same post, as long as the same crossbow is used for both.

            Name: Adjusting Sights
            Description: As distances of targets grows greater, it becomes more and more important to ‘lead’ one’s shots. You should not shoot where the target is, but where they will be. By training the mind, the user can anticipate the movements of targets by applying the concepts of momentum and movement. This doesn’t mean they can read minds. This is more like predicting where a rolling ball will stop, or if a flipped coin landed on heads or tails. Inorganic material can be predicted extremely accurately, but as might be expected living organisms can prove harder to pin down.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Quicksave
            Description: A Marked target's exact location can be known for up to 2 posts, regardless of their Marked status, once per thread.

            Name: Quickload
            Description: If Steady, the user gains 3 Levels to all Physical stats, but only if they perform actions solely from this list for that post.

            Ippatsu: Chinitsu
            Unlike most crossbows, the Chinitsu is a six chambered, single-handed, door-handle like weapon designed for rapid firing. The Chinitsu emits a clicking pew pew when fired. Chinitsu bolts can ricochet off each other to hit at impossible angles and across truly bizarre distances, letting the user aim and hit a single location they have seen in the thread, no matter where their current location is. If Steady, Chinitsu shots can bounce around for up to 2 posts, hitting one target each post. A Marked target hit by this technique remains Marked for the rest of the thread, regardless of whether they are in eyesight or not.

            Stage Six: Legend
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: Precision is now literally as good as threading a needle, as the user may consistently hit targets in medium range that are as small as a piece of thread. Long distance precision of equal magnitude is now possible on stationary targets, as it is possible to hit eyeball-sized moving targets with good concentration and weather conditions.

            Short Range: Up to this point, a Hoshu no Jensei practitioner might have sufficed to only use three, two, or even just one crossbow. Here is where close-combat requires a multitude of crossbow weapons to truly be effective. By quickly putting away and retrieving multiple crossbows mid-fight the user minimizes downtime and can slaughter a truly horrifying amount of enemies in a very short period, at a variety of ranges. To grab, shoot, throw aside, draw a new weapon, and repeat can be done as quickly as the thought occurs.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Equilibrium
            Description: To fire multiple projectiles at once requires good balance, such that the recoil doesn’t throw you to the ground. What was once impossible for a novice is now child’s play for the master- two handed (medium ballistic) crossbows may be wielded in a single hand. However, to maintain the balance, another two handed weapon must be wielded in the opposite hand as well.

            Name: Feeling Lucky?
            Description: This is a traditional passive sakki technique common to many styles, with a unique twist. The specifics of this technique varies based on the individual, but usually involves some level of arrogance mixed with swagger. Anyone without a taijutsu of Stage Six or higher will always believe the user's crossbows to always be loaded.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: Aeon Flux
            Description: Standing still is suicide. Constant movement is a necessity to avoid an early death on the battlefield. Every post the user uses nothing but crossbow techniques and remains in motion, they gain 2 Levels of Speed and Stamina, up to a maximum of 4. As soon as any other form of attack is made or the user stops moving, the focus is lost and all Physical stats are reduced to Level 1 for one post. If the user was Steady before using this technique, their Physical stats are only reduced by the bonus instead.

            Name: Danmaku
            Description: Having lived through enough warfare, the user gains an instinctual knowledge of how projectile trajectories work. Using this technique lets the user dodge all physical attacks for 2 posts which originate from somewhere farther than 10 feet away. Ninjutsu projectiles can be dodged this way, but it requires and consumes 2 kawarimi usages to do so. If the attack comes from a Marked target while using this technique, the user may counter attack in their following post without consuming an action.

            Ippatsu: Chuuren Poutou
            The Chuuren Poutou is a massive crossbow, frequently as big as or bigger than the user and often being mistaken for a ship's cannon. Its size makes it impossible to fire while moving though it can still be used for melee attacks. A Marked target hit in melee with this weapon is literally brought to their knees, and cannot walk on their legs for 2 posts. It can only be fired properly when the user is Steady. A single barrel of ammo for the weapon is enough to lay down an enormous barrage of fire, lasting for up to 2 posts. The bolts fire out in a 30 degree cone from the weapon and can travel as far as the user can see. Chuuren Poutou ammo is modified to peel the armor right off enemies and lay waste to common structures, to say nothing of what it does to exposed targets. The Chuuren Poutou is famous for its rattling, roaring gashunk gashunk noises when going full blast.

            Stage Seven: Baba Yaga
            Stat Requirements:
            Stage Bonuses:

            Long Range: At long last, the final threshold of projectile accuracy is reached. A single needle from the crossbow of the Hoshu no Jinsei master could split a hair at maximum range. Accuracy does not drop off even in poor visibility or bad weather.

            Short Range: Brawling at this level is almost comical in how the user can manhandle enemies. An entire crowd could be wrestled and put down, with ammo to spare. Despite the utter brutality of the fighting skills used here it is said that watching a master of Hoshu no Jinsei work entertaining enough to enthrall any number of spectators. Don’t let all that power get to your head.

            Regular Techniques:

            Name: Boomshot!
            Description: The user’s crossbows are mechanical in nature, meaning that their striking force is unrelated to the actual strength of the one pulling the trigger. At this level, however, the Hoshu no Jinsei master knows their weapons so well they can modify the firing mechanism to fit their strength like a glove. All projectiles can now carry and strike with the same Strength and Speed levels as the user.

            Name: What A Shame
            Description: On an instinctual level, the user always knows when their shots 'ring true'. This passively lets the user know whenever they've injured a Marked target or not in the thread.

            Special Techniques:

            Name: I Love to Reload During Battle
            Description: Some folks try to get around the ammo limitations of crossbows, but true enthusiasts know that reloading is its own pleasure. If user did nothing but reload their weapon in the previous post, they experiences a burst of euphoria and adrenaline that enables them to remove all negative stat penalties, break free of any bindings, and cancel out all genjutsu or poisons that might be affecting them. In addition, for 3 posts they are always considered Steady. The user must attack a Marked target every post for the rest of the thread after using this technique, or all Physical Levels are reduced to for the rest of the thread.

            Name: Mad: Max
            Description: Driving themselves into a rage, this technique remains active for 3 posts. For this duration all targets are considered Marked. Every kill made while under this technique increases the user's Physical Levels by 3 for the duration.

            Ippatsu: Tenhou
            The Tenhou is a legendary weapon, of which only one is rumored to actually exist. There is no owner- the golden crossbow only appears when the user needs it most and is at the verge of death themselves. If the user is Steady, the Tenhou shoots a ray of golden light that burns a 1 foot diameter hole through all materials, for up to a mile. Otherwise, if the twisted crystal bolt of the Tenhou draws blood from a Marked target, that target instantly dies. The Tenhou disappears into the air after it is fired with an ethereal woooooo sound.
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              The Brigade of Light's
              Grand Grimoire

              Style Description:
              A single Grimoire is a large, single, unique book or scroll that has been transcribed by a member of the Brigade of Light. The chapters and passages within are taken from the original, ‘true’ Grimoire, also known as the Grand Grimoire, which resides in a vault within the Brigade of Light’s university. All Grimoire copies must be made from this single source to have access to the sealed spirits within. By reciting passages from the Grimoire the reader can then perform a controlled release of these strange and unorthodox powers.

              Brigade of Light membership and a functional understanding of Scripture, the Brigade of Light’s language.

              The Brigade of Light (BoL) has spent the better part of a century learning, experimenting, and sealing what they view as ‘corrupted’ forms of the Kami. Commoners often refer to these corruptions as ‘demons’ or ‘ghosts’ or ‘yokai’ or any number of outlandish superstitious things. The academics in the BoL prefer to use more precise, scientific language, instead calling these mysterious beings ‘anomalies’.

              Using a ritualized technique that has its origins in old Miko practices, these corrupting influences can have their powers sealed into books and scrolls, rendering the spirit mostly harmless. The books act something like a ‘contract’ between the BoL and the aberrant Kami creatures, where the BoL confiscates the corrupted Kami of the monster or beast in place of execution. These powers, once captured, are transported back to the BoL campus and kept locked away in a deep underground vault. After evaluation these anomalies are later transferred to the pages of the master Grand Grimoire where they reside peacefully for further study, or until called on. If the anomaly is found to be too evil, too dangerous, or too difficult to contain, a permanent seal is created and those pages are torn from the Grand Grimoire, sealed in a silver urn, and sunk into Long Lake.

              Only in the last decade was it discovered that copies of the master texts also copy a fragment of the anomaly sealed inside. By reading, chanting, singing, or otherwise vocalizing the words on the page a person could temporarily call upon the original spirit of these exotic powers. Some have called this playing with the devil’s toys, but the BoL firmly believes that the penitent should be allowed opportunities for redemption. The spirits summoned from the Grimoire are not evil per se, though many deal with the dead or can cause bodily harm. ‘Dangerous’ isn’t the same as ‘Evil’, as many a Brigade member can tell you.

              Regardless, any given Grimoire represents a very carefully curated selection of captured Kami spirits, whose purpose and intent has been judged to be useful or benign enough to merit their continued existence rather than destruction or permanent exile. Often the spirits themselves are peaceful even if they are compelled to perform acts the living might see as gruesome or disturbing. Brigade members are encouraged to build a rapport with spirits they intend to call frequently or even go out and capture one of their own, though this is by no means necessary.

              All texts within a Grimoire range from short to encyclopedic in length but always detail some kind of story or narrative, as opposed to the BoL’s drier, more academic writings. The power within the book is released by reciting some of the lines from the page, and the creature associated with that power is summoned to the location of the Grimoire. All Grimoires are written in the BoL’s own academic language of Scripture, but no specific language is required to be spoken to call upon these anomalies. It is possible to add or subtract some of the words to the text, to rearrange the sentences, or even to put the old text in a new form, such as in song or in poems. It is only necessary that the user’s ‘heart’ be fully invested into calling out the force of the Kami within. In that respect the user can speak, sing, scream, or even drunkenly mumble the necessary incantation and still activate these powers. Summoning requires making any vocalization while touching the Grimoire.

              (Players, you can also just make up your own text for each book, as long as its thematic it’ll be fine.)

              Spirits summoned by the Grimoire exist for 1 post before disappearing unless otherwise stated. Spirits cannot be seen except by those with Grimoires, or those who have experience with the Kami (have at least 1 Miko technique or archetype). Spirits may linger and say a few sentences or engage in a short dialog before leaving, but most are content to silently perform their task then vanish.

              By default all characters who take this list are familiar with the Brigade of Light’s internal academic language, referred to as Scripture.
              All Grimoires are written in Scripture and cannot be read (and thus used) by anyone who does not have an understanding of the language.

              Each ‘summon’ can only be used once per thread, but recharge in between threads.

              A Intelligence
              B Willpower
              C Tactics
              D Stamina
              E Speed
              F Strength

              Stage One

              Gwoulai un Galvane (Gwoulai the Risen)
              ….struck out at it out of instinct and felt rather embarrassed after...
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 2, SPEED 2
              Effect: Summons the lively umbrella spirit Kasa-obake, who enjoys surprising people. Requires eye contact with an inanimate object the speaker could normally pick up. After the recitation, the object will leap up into the air no more than six feet and stay there for a post. Can be hold as much weight as the speaker is capable of.

              Res Prepe Homin (To Serve Man)
              …sweet and tender like pork belly …
              Requirements: WILLPOWER 3, STAMINA 2
              Effect: Summons the disgusting, filth devouring Akaname. Substances consumed by the listeners after the recitation are spoiled, ruined, and soured to smell and taste, removing any nutritional or medicinal properties they might have had. A foul taste like rancid meat covers the tongue of all who hear the recital regardless. Lasts for 3 posts.

              Exe no Solfaus (On Lumens)
              …though I do enjoy cursing the darkness…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 3, STRENGTH 2
              Effect: Summons the ghostly, aimless fire of Akurujin-no-hi. During the recitation, several items or locations must be also listed by name. The named objects or areas will then begin to glow with a diffuse, golden illumination, for 3 posts. Limited in scope to objects or areas the speaker can see. People may also be targeted, but in this case their full and accurate name must be said to do so.

              Un Meptha Toxcavis (The Last Gravedigger)
              …only of the recently deceased, making a mess of the whole estate…
              Requirements: STAMINA 3, TACTICS 3
              Effect: Summons Datsue-ba, an old woman spirit who is responsible for preparing the dead for the afterlife. The post immediately after the recitation occurs, all visible dead bodies shed their clothing and items and will sink into the earth (or water) before coming to rest six feet under the surface. Bodies atop structures too hard to sink into will grotesquely flop around at random and cast anything they are wearing or holding all around, but otherwise be unaffected.

              Oss ol Oss (Eye for an Eye)
              …student to student. An early recess was called to sort it out…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 4, WILLPOWER 4
              Effect: Summons the reformed demon Dodomeki, who sports hundreds of eyes on each of her long arms and enjoys spreading her enthusiasm for eyeballs with others. During the recitation a specific and accurate name of an individual is also said. The speaker and the stated individual can then both share vision between themselves, each losing one eye’s sight to see from the eye of the other. Can only be done on individuals within eyesight. Lasts 2 posts.

              Un Zycohn de Eoe (The Half Approval)
              …driven mad by nothing more than a stamp…
              Requirements: STAMINA 4, SPEED 4
              Effect: Summons a ghostly swarm of rats known as Tesso, who was once priest shamed by his superiors. After the recitation those hostile to the speaker are filled with a compulsion to commit acts of minor, insignificant self-harm. The degree of harm tends to be proportional to the guilt of the listener, though it will never exceed more than a single scratch. Common manifestations of this are biting one’s tongue or lip, pinching the skin, slapping the face, or cutting small lacerations on the body.

              Stage Two

              Singu Sum ol Vasaca (Room for One More)
              …he said, yellowed lips curled into a grin…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 5, WILLPOWER 4, TACTICS 4
              Effect: Summons the protective little boy spirit Zashiko-Warashi. As this story is recited, space is warped. Large rooms will suddenly have their walls move inwards, and small areas will quickly expand. In both cases the boundaries of the room this is spoken in will shift as needed to eventually make a room about 20 feet by 20 feet by 10 feet high. If spoken outdoors, the earth and vegetation will shift to make a similarly proportioned room. Lasts until someone enters or exits the room, at which point all dimensions snap back to normal.

              Quo Vvess un Sustice Krone (All the Time I Need)
              … not the time I want…
              Requirements: STAMINA 5, SPEED 4, STRENGTH 4
              Effect: Summons the living clock Zorigami who hates seeing people fritter their lives away. While reciting, all listeners and objects within earshot are subject to time dilation. This can effectively slow the progression of time down by a factor up to 10. Thinking speed is unaffected, however any movement (including of the eyes), sound, and all other physical phenomena are subject to the slow down. This effect ends for all parties if any hostile action is taken by someone outside the time dilation. Lasts only for the post of recitation.

              Kaiji un Epette Glottis (Kaiji the Sword Swallower)
              …then he sneezed…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 6, WILLPOWER 6, STAMINA 4
              Effect: Summons the spirit Teke Teke, a floating upper torso of what was once a schoolgirl who accidentally killed herself by mishandling a weapon. After recitation the speaker’s Necronomicon becomes impervious to bladed weaponry, instead reflecting back any blows it sustains onto the attacker. This reflection is physical in nature and looks like a ghostly copy of the weapon bursting from the pages to strike the attacker, and thus can still be dodged or parried. The reflection possesses the same physical stats as the attack it sustained. Lasts 3 posts.

              Xa Burer cyn Xa Muul (It Hides in Walls)
              ...saw only his flailing legs before they too were dragged in…
              Requirements: STAMINA 6, SPEED 5, WILLPOWER 5
              Effect: Summons the Mukurokumen, a large family of dozens of eyeballs that like to live in doors. In the next post all solid material the user looked at during the recitation turns soft and mud-like to those mentioned, making it so they can sink up to a foot in it. By the next post the material returns to its normal state, trapping anyone still stuck inside it.

              Oh! (Oh!)
              …[expletive deleted]...
              Requirements:: INTELLIGENCE 7, WILLPOWER 7, STAMINA 6
              Effect: Summons Bakezori, the spirit of abandoned footwear. During the recitation the speaker may perform jumps up to four times their normal height or distance. At the end of the recitation their shoes (if they are wearing any) will disintegrate, so it is advised to remove them beforehand.

              Pyth Hatoco Cylphuh (Three Thousand Words)
              …and what of it?
              Requirements: STAMINA 7, SPEED 7, WILLPOWER 6
              Effect: Summons Mu-Onna, the nothing woman. For 3 posts after this recitation, nobody who heard the user will remember anything that they hear the post after they hear it. They will not even be aware that they forgot in the first place. This doesn’t affect any other type of memory.

              Stage Three

              Emi un Ixbuian Glottis (Emi the Flame Eater)
              … declined our gift, saying ‘I can’t handle spicy food’…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 8, WILLPOWER 8, TACTICS 6
              Effect: Summons the infant, imp-like spirit Abura-Akgao, known for its appetite for lamp oil. If mundane, non-jutsu fire is present during the recital, it will at once be sucked into the Grimoire and extinguished. If no fire is present during the recital, a dozen small, match-sized flames will suddenly spring to life on the most flammable substances in eyesight. If the speaker reads the last line of the text,[i]’hope still remains‘[i], their Grimoire will explode like a firework and cast flaming paper out in all directions, rendering it useless for the rest of the thread.

              Res Qwera u Prepis u Gami no Auxkami (How to Sate a Gate Demon)
              …necessitated replacing every doorknob in the house to the chagrin of the headmaster…
              Requirements: STAMINA 8, SPEED 6, STRENGTH 8
              Effect: Summons the black-cloud demon Akashita, known for its mischievous opening of flood gates during rainstorms. During the recital, all locks (mechanical, magical, or otherwise) in sight become safely unlocked, and doors open by themselves. This can be used while moving so long as the recitation is not interrupted. In addition this works on items with trick locks and disarms simple traps.

              Un Losis (The Ferryman)
              ”…the toll,” the feline purred, “I will collect later…”
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 9, WILLPOWER 9, STAMINA 7
              Effect: Summons the corpse-collecting cat Kasha, who isn’t picky about how she gets her bodies. After the recitation, a derelict transport of some sort will suddenly become available. If at the water’s edge, a boat with just enough room for all present might appear. If on the road, a horse-drawn but driverless carriage might come clopping on down. If stranded in a tree, a series of branches might suddenly provide and easy path down to the ground. This technique guarantees a mode of travel will appear which is capable of moving the speaker between any two given points, though it doesn’t guarantee the safety of the travelers.

              U Filaign-Calimos (A Toy Story)
              Requirements: STAMINA 9, SPEED 9, WILLPOWER 7
              …howled in agony as he stepped on the infernal piece of plastic hidden in the carpet …
              Effect: Summons a [i]Tsukomogami[i], the 100-year old spirits of old objects. Up to 5 different objects no bigger than a chair and within eyesight can be brought to life and given simple orders. These objects will never have more than Level 1 in physical stats but can last the duration of the thread. All commands must be given vocally.

              Galviskapse Luuvine (Raised by Birds)
              …finally caught her attention with a handful of rice…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 10, WILLPOWER 10, STRENGTH 8
              Effect: Summons Kokokachu , a crow-like spirit known for stealing infants from cribs to place them in trees. A single object in sight may be called out during the recitation and it will fly back into the speaker’s hands as if it possessed the Return modifier. Objects up the speaker’s own weight can be flung this way, travelling with physical levels of up to 3.

              Nosolbuss naq Yunge (Claimed and Rated)
              …typos galore, and sometimes even omitting entire words…
              Requirements: STAMINA 10, SPEED 10, TACTICS 8
              Effect:Summons the Amanojaku, an oni spirit known for being maliciously contrarian. During the recital, the speaker berates and insults a specific individual. If the name of the individual isn’t known, they must be described in (usually lurid) detail during the recitation. That individual’s physical stats are decreased by 1 level while the user speaks. This can be maintained for at most 2 posts, consuming the speaker’s actions for both. Then, when the speaker finishes, the feeling of indignation that fills the offended person grants them an additional 1 physical level in all stats for 3 posts.

              Stage Four

              Redentin Galvat Auxhomin (Habits of Highly Effective Corpses)
              …breaking big goals down into smaller, more achievable ones, like eating the fingers first…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 12, WILLPOWER 11, TACTICS 10, STAMINA 12
              Effect: Summons the Ikiryo, who are the spirits of those still living. After the recitation, anyone within earshot who has sustained a serious but nonfatal wound will suddenly be overcome with a tremendous desire to pass out. If this sleep is maintained for 2 posts, their wounds will heal slightly over the duration. This healing will not restore a person to perfect shape, but will provide just enough to keep them from dying from their current injuries. In addition all individuals sleeping under this effect will be placed in a shared dream, usually reminiscent of how the speaker believes the afterlife to appear.

              Qed Xa Zlipi (Then it Blew Up)
              … at her and scowled. “I know what I’m doing”…
              Requirements: STAMINA 12, SPEED 11, STRENGTH 10, INTELLIGENCE 12
              Effect: Summons the steam spirit Enenra who detests being bottled up but always gets summoned inside something small. Any closed vessels in sight slowly build up pressure over the course the speaker’s speech. Then, when the speaker finishes (usually by saying ‘boom!’), all these objects explode and shatter at once, spraying shrapnel in all directions. Any tightly closed bottle, flask, gourd, crate, barrel, or general container can be used for this, though nothing exceeding the size of an adult human can be pressurized enough to explode.

              Akino un Al-kami (Akino the Genie)
              … failed to specify exactly who was the beneficiary of the infinite wishes…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 14, WILLPOWER 13, TACTICS 11, SPEED 10
              Effect: Summons the wish-granting prayer beads Ishiren-Bozu, who tend to be frustratingly literal. When the recital is finished, the speaker’s Grimoire poofs into smoke and is replaced by a single item not exceeding 4 weapon points in value. This item is often something desired at that moment by the speaker, but occasionally it is a strange or incomprehensible object that they will later discover was exactly what they actually needed instead. The item may copy an existing item, but does not replace it (IE wishing for your opponent’s sword does not remove the sword from their possession). As the Grimoire is exchanged for the item, no other Grimoire techniques can be used for the remainder of the thread. Trying to wish for additional Grimoires often produces more trouble than its worth.

              Ach Lithomin Ach (Run Baby Run)
              …only have to be faster than your slowest ally…
              Requirements: STAMINA 14, SPEED 13, STRENGTH 11, WILLPOWER 10
              Effect: Summons a ghostly pair of severed feet known as Betobeto, who enjoy the sounds of human footsteps. Usually this is recited while fleeing, though it can be used while stationary to instead bestow its effects to another. Either the speaker or a group of persons (not including the speaker) are granted either +4 or double their current Speed levels, whichever would be higher. This only applies for the purposes of escaping combat or the thread.

              Quo Proonpp Singu Glotflxs Pzor-loadm (I Had One Drink Too Many)
              …no regrets though…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 15, WILLPOWER 15, TACTICS 13, STAMINA 14
              Effect: Summons Kyokutsu, the skeletal spirit of wells and springs. While typically more known for pushing people into wells, Kyokutsu now prefers to do the opposite. During the recital the speaker and anyone they mention by name will have perfect, unfaltering balance, such that they cannot be knocked off their own two feet for the duration. Doesn’t help if the feet don’t stay on the ground though. Lasts one post after the recitation finishes.

              Mephona Gounen (Endless Biography)
              …then, on her fifth birthday, she received: a doll, a toy horse, several of her favorite candies including…
              Requirements: STAMINA 15, SPEED 15, STRENGTH 13, INTELLIGENCE 14
              Effect: Summons the two-mouthed woman Futakuchi-Onna who rewards those who talk too much. After repeating a short passage from the original text, the speaker then begins to say, in detail, every movement, attack, and technique they intend to execute (and the targets of those actions) in the next moment. Unlike most recitations this one must be spoken loudly and clearly so as to be heard by anyone who might be affected by the speaker’s actions. In the next following post, a sudden burst of speed permits the speaker to perform every act they previously proclaimed. Only one action may be taken against a single target, but multiple targets may be acted against in this single post.

              Stage Five

              Pili Pili (Drip Drip)
              ”…can’t last that much longer, can it?...”
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 17, WILLPOWER 16, TACTICS 16, STAMINA 15
              Summons the Ameonna, the female spirit who loves rain. A light, pleasant rainfall is brought forth during the recital in a 100 foot radius of the speaker, which persists for 3 posts. During this rainfall, anyone who tries to stay dry during the effect will find a tiny raincloud following them that pours a much heavier rain for 3 more posts, or until that person gets wet.

              Un Gordian Bau (The Gordian Knot)
              …again and again. So we switched to a more lethal approach…
              Requirements: STAMINA 17, SPEED 16, STRENGTH 16, INTELLIGENCE 15
              Summons the lobster-like Amikiri, who takes great pleasure in escaping and destroying fish nets. Reciting this unties, unbinds, or untangles all mundane and binding-type jutsu Stage Four or lower within 100 feet of the speaker. In addition in bestows a similar protection from being bound to all listeners for 2 posts after the post in which it is recited.

              Hakutaku un Ademian (Hakutaku the Student)
              …”Woefully incomplete.” He clucked his tongue. “Let me see what I can do…”
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 18, WILLPOWER 17, TACTICS 17, SPEED 14
              Summons the Hakutaku, a cow-like creature obsessed with collecting and sharing knowledge. Unlike most spirits Hakutaku sticks around for 4 posts, providing encyclopedic commentary on what he observes. Hakutaku is an expert in all things widely known, and can identify and describe any taijutsu or jutsu list that is considered to be ‘universal’. He also likes to collect bad emotions and memories, and will devour such things from those who wish it. He will stick around 1 more post each time he witnesses something ‘unique’ like a swap, clan ability, or bijuu.

              Zlitte Galvexe Zlitte (Tatters Upon Tatters)
              …I really liked that shirt, too…
              Requirements: STAMINA 18, SPEED 17, STRENGTH 17, WILLPOWER 14
              Summons Ittan-Momen, a very affectionate towel with an unfortunate tendency to smother people. While reciting, all clothing worn by those who listen will become restrictive and uncomfortably tight. This drops Speed and Strength levels by 2 to a minimum of 1, so long as the clothing is normally worn. This effect lasts for 2 posts, or until the clothing is damaged in some way or removed.

              Lythlulu (Shriekers)
              …you would remember their song forever, if you heard it just once …
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 19, WILLPOWER 19, TACTICS 18, STAMINA 16
              Summons the dog-like Yamabiko, a spirit who causes echoes. During the recitation the volume of the user grows louder and louder with reverberations. The recitation continues an entire round of posting, reaching a point where anyone within 50 feet must protect their ears from the painful loudness. Covering the ears with the hands will prevent hearing damage but won’t prevent the headache inducing pain. When the recitation is finished those within the area of effect who did not exit it will have a ringing fill their ears for the next 2 posts.

              Yuopu Yucaga (Twenty Posts)
              …ended abruptly, despite having only travelled halfway…
              Requirements: STAMINA 19, SPEED 19, STRENGTH 18, INTELLIGENCE 16
              Summons Okiku, the spirit of servant whose task in life was to keep track of her employer’s dishes. Any set of similar items numbering exactly 20, no more, no less, can be lifted from the ground in a 20 yard radius and flung towards a location exactly 20 yards from the speaker. The objects strike with 20 in all physical stats (not levels). The recitation itself must use exactly 20 words. The spirit will fail to materialize at all if even one of these conditions is not met.

              Stage Six

              Un Prepis Foilg (The Taking Tree)
              …stopped being a vegetarian after the encounter…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 21, WILLPOWER 20, TACTICS 19, STAMINA 17, SPEED 15
              Summons Jubokku, tree which grows from blood rather than water. Any tree within sight may serve as a proper vessel for the spirit, alive or dead. During the recital the branches of the tree come to life and coil together in the shape of claws. These claws can then rake out at any living being they can normally reach, attacking with Level 8 Strength and Speed. This lasts for 3 posts or until 1 person is killed, which sates the tree spirit’s appetite and causes it to disappear.

              Un Brigadier’s Grimoire Exe Bau plu Plamt (A Brigadier’s Guide to Tackles and Lures)
              …don’t reel in too fast, or you’ll spook the ghosts…
              Requirements: STAMINA 21, SPEED 20, STRENGTH 19, INTELLIGENCE 17, WILLPOWER 15
              Summons Bake-Kurija, the skeletal remains of a whale. After the recital a ghostly but giant mouth will rise from below and close around the speaker and up to 3 others. This mouth lasts for 2 posts and can sustain taijutsu attacks level 8 and below, but does nothing against ninjutsu. If the mouth is undamaged after 2 posts, it may also spit those inside out up to 100 feet away.

              Nonkami Fielis Khronzli (Bad Hair Day)
              [i]…wasn’t as funny in hindsight, with all the bodies we had to clean up…[i]
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 23, WILLPOWER 23, TACTICS 22, SPEED 16, STRENGTH 15
              Summons Harionago, the woman with poisonous, living hair. A possession target must be identified by the speaker during the recitation; in this case either the hair attached to their own body, or hair that’s been severed in some way from anybody can serve as a catalyst. Each strand wiggles to life and attacks the nearest warm body. The hairs only level 1 Speed and Strength, but transmit a crippling poison should they come into skin contact with another individual. This poison causes extremely vivid hallucinations and increases sensitivity to pain tenfold. The speaker is immune to their own technique, but allies are not.

              Doppo un Sopejkun-Vorslame (Doppo the Rubbernecker)
              …no understanding of the concept ‘personal space’…
              Requirements: STAMINA 23, SPEED 23, STRENGTH 22, WILLPOWER 16, TACTICS 15
              Summons Nurariyon, a gourd-headed spirit who likes to squeeze into crowded areas. After a short recitation, whenever the user stands within 5 feet of 3 people or more, they cannot be seen by those outside the group. This invisibility persists even if offensive actions are taken. Lasts until the conditions are no longer met.

              Quo Cestos Exe un Auxmoouter (My Trip to the Wasteland)
              …went about as you might expect…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 26, WILLPOWER 25, TACTICS 24, STAMINA 19, SPEED 17
              Summons Hiderigami, a placid female spirit associated with droughts. As the recital begins those listening experience a sudden dryness in their mouth. As the recitation continues the air becomes hot and arid, and standing in the light (natural or unnatural) slowly becomes more painful. By the time the recitation finishes anyone standing within 100 feet of the speaker will experiencing painful skin burning and blistering if they remain in the light. Standing in the dark or in shadow, or dousing oneself in water can prevent this. This lasts for 3 posts for all affected, apart for the speaker themselves.

              Auxnute (Junked)
              …thousands of ideas, none of them any good…
              Requirements: STAMINA 26, SPEED 25, STRENGTH 24, INTELLIGENCE 19, WILLPOWER 17
              Summons Bakeneko, the shapeshifting cat with an identity crisis. Unlike most Kami spirits, Bakeneko can be seen by those without Kami sensitivity, and appears as a slightly luminescent white cat. Bakeneko takes the form of whoever is the most ‘interesting’ person she sees, mimicking their speech, personality, behaviors, and physical stats for a short duration. What qualifies as ‘interesting’ tends to vary depending on circumstance, but it’s usually whoever is experiencing the strongest emotional state at the time. In battle this typically means whoever is angriest or most bloodthirsty, but in casual settings this could mean anyone. Bakeneko lasts for 3 posts where she’ll do whatever she wants, or until any physical attack hits her and she chickens out.

              Stage Seven

              Un Chyitu Iieas Auxpredhokn Brixxis (The Bet You Shouldn’t Make)
              …”For the right price, anything.”…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 30, WILLPOWER 27, TACTICS 26, STAMINA 22, SPEED 20
              Summons the money-hoarding Kanedama, who requires an unconscious or sleeping person to possess to be summoned. In keeping with the Brigade of Light’s non-profit philosophy, Kanedama offers assistance only to those performing jobs with no expectation of payment after. After a short discussion with whoever summoned him, Kanedama will give his summoner a small totem or token of some kind. For the duration of the thread anyone who sees this item (apart from those present when it was first given) will be filled an intense desire to obtain the item, no matter how worthless it might actually be. The individual makes up the reason for this desire, but usually it is either because they believe it to be valuable, or because they believe it to have power. The item loses this allure as soon as it travels more than a mile away from the person it was given to.

              Quo Prepnoa Brixxn un Auxhomin (I Made Friends with the Undead)
              …”You’ll find me quite the side-splitter!”…
              Requirements: STAMINA 30, SPEED 27, STRENGTH 26, INTELLIGENCE 22, WILLPOWER 20
              Summons the wise-cracking, giant skeleton Gashadokuro. During the recital the speaker points at various targets or locations, and when the recitation is finished Gashadokuro noiselessly reaches his long neck out and takes a mighty bite out of those areas. Those who do not move are crushed with Level 14 Strength, though the skeleton himself only moves at a Speed level of 5. Gashadokuro cannot be seen by the Kami-insensitive but can be seen by those he’s been ordered to chomp on. He disappears the post after his work is finished, regardless of whether or not his bites wounded anyone. While he is known for being quite stealthy and indestructible, the old bag of bones will only get to work after making his summoner listen to a wise-crack or bad pun first.

              Res Qolyt Iiea, Syuro un Syuis? (Where are you, Father?)
              …”Being spineless isn’t so bad. At least it means you can’t be broken!”…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 32, WILLPOWER 30, TACTICS 28, STAMINA 24, SPEED 22
              Summons the formless, sagging, body-odor reeking fat blob Nuppeppu. Despite the genderless Nuppeppu’s grotesque smell and appearance, its really quite harmless and docile. The flesh of Nuppeppu, when eaten, heals all wounds, even normally fatal ones, and will permanently grant Kami-sensitivity to those who consume it. Nuppeppu flesh is also said to extend the lifespan by 20 years, though this is unproven. Its flesh is also offensive to the tongue and stomach as might be expected. Nuppeppu freely gives its flesh to anyone who would sit and listen to it tell a story for a post. Only one chunk of Nuppeppu flesh may be eaten a thread. Nuppeppu will linger around for two posts regardless since it likes to hang out. Nuppeppu won’t come out in a battle since violence upsets it.

              Auxpoku (Unworthy)
              …”No words exist that can express my disdain for plebeians such as yourself.”…
              Requirements: STAMINA 32, SPEED 30, STRENGTH 28, INTELLIGENCE 24, WILLPOWER 22
              Summons Aonyobo, a female guardian spirit of royalty. Aonyobo wears many kimonos and has black teeth, in the ancient royal style. Those who are not in the speaker’s ‘household’, which is to say anyone the speaker chooses, will experience a strong push away from the speaker during the recitation equal to level 2 Strength. Each post the speaker continues their recitation, this force doubles. This can be maintained indefinitely and anyone who can still hear the speaker will continue to be pushed back with ever increasing force until they can no longer hear the recitation. Aonyobo refuses to touch those with royal blood, or those from famous shinobi clans, as she believes herself below those individuals.

              Tamamo un Auxveedi (Tamamo the Liar)
              …”How did I do? Was I cool?”…
              Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 35, WILLPOWER 33, TACTICS 31, STAMINA 26, STRENGTH 18
              Summons an imposter Tamamo-no-Mae, the manipulative fox demon. She pretends to have nine tails like the legendary fiend she imitates, but in fact is nothing more than an unrelatedly powerful fox spirit. When called out Tamomo-no-Mae takes the form of any bijuu desired by the speaker and will appear in a colorful swirl of glowing, evil power. This can appear to destroy the landscape around the speaker, knocking buildings over and causing all manner of disasters as they recite from their Grimoire. So potent is the illusion even those with enhanced vision will think it real. This collective hallucination lasts until the speaker stops talking, at which point everything poofs back to normal as if nothing happened. The fake Tamamo won’t appear unless she is promised an opportunity to show off in front of more than 1 person. Can last at most 2 posts.

              Zinh Mu, Zihn (Always Perfect, Always )
              …”Who are you to tell me what beauty is?”…
              Requirements: STAMINA 35, SPEED 33, STRENGTH 31, INTELLIGENCE 26, TACTICS 18
              Summons Nure-Onna, the solitude seeking snake monster. Nure-Onna scorns most humans as she finds them vain and petty and won’t appear unless summoned with selfless, noble intent. She appears to the Kami-insensitive as whatever it is they might find desirable in a partner, friend, or lover, of either gender or orientation. To everyone else she’s just a giant, human-headed snake. Nure-Onna can identify from sight alone those who have killed in cold blood, for material gain, or out of lust, and can also detect killing or harmful intent from those she speaks with. Nure-Onna will linger for 4 posts after being summoned and communicates with a one-way telepathic link to her summoner. She doesn’t follow orders typically, preferring to actively go out searching for evil men and women to extract revenge on. Nure-Onna is not strong or fast, but a single bite from her is fatal within 1 post.[/spoiler]
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                S H I C H O U


                Age: 36
                Sex: Female
                Height: 5' 3”

                Character Type: Shinobi

                Country/Village: Amegakure
                Rank: Jounin
                Division: NA

                Physical Description:Depending on the angle, the lighting, the make-up, the atmosphere...any number of interpretations of Liru could be seen. She's modeled both men and women's clothing on account of this duplicity in her appearance. Her jawline can be seen as strong or sharp. Her eyes are piercing, or perceptive. Long blonde hair can color her as a paragon of femininity, or can be tussled and tossed around in a wild look that only a man could wear. What unites her is that steely resolve in her expressions and unhesitating way she gestures and speaks. It doesn't matter what she looks like, because Liru has the confidence to pull off any look she wants.

                Clothing: For a Shichou, one might be surprised about how rigid her own dress code is. She prefers uniforms, the decorative types rather than the functional ones. In particular she enjoys wearing medals stolen from Militia captains, though she hasn't been involved in any major shinobi operations in several years so her collection is a bit outdated. Though her ability to predict the tastes of consumers is top notch Liru doesn't make any effort to be 'fashionable' or 'trendy' when compared to some Shichou. She wears what she likes, because that's what the boss gets to do.

                Personality: Are you being useful? If not, then get out of the way. Liru got to the top by ruthlessly and tirelessly pursuing success. Failure is, of course, sometimes unavoidable. Nobody is perfect. But if you accept failure, if you settle for substandard results, then you are trash. Liru surrounds herself with the ambitious and power hungry because they tend to be the easiest to manipulate. Some would call it playing with fire, but she sees it as the best way to build an effective workforce. For two decades Liru has ruled the Shichou not as the most fashionable, nor as the strongest, and not as the fiercest. Liru controls the Shichou because she is the most competent. When the chips are down you don't want a prima donna or gym bro running your business; you want someone who takes names, cuts the crap, and makes the sale. You want Liru.

                Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Only success matters.

                Clan/Bloodline: Shichou

                Primary Archetype: Fashionista
                Special: At the beginning of a thread the Fashionista and any partners may 'purchase' a single Shichou garment from the Shichou ninjutsu list. The garments costs item points equal to its stage and cannot be any higher in stage than the highest the Shichou knows in the list. The garment can only be activated a single time in the thread, afterwards becoming just another piece of clothing.
                Description: From tip to toe, the Fashionista breathes and lives the Shichou philosophy of ‘purpose’. They live their lives with ambition tempered with resolve, seeking to use their finite mortal existence to improve what they see as an infinitely ugly and abhorrent world. What, exactly, that means or takes the form of can vary as wildly as Shichou fashions themselves. For over 150 years, Fashionistas have been the clan’s spiritual soul- the individuals who drive the family towards success, or bury it in ruin.
                Primary: Any
                Tertiary: Any
                Archetype Merit: +1 Control, +1 Power, +1 Stamina
                Archetype Flaw: -2 Strength, -1 Reserves




                Power: 1 +18 +1 = 20
                Control: 1 +19 +1 = 21
                Reserves: 1 +23 -1 = 23

                Intelligence: 1 +17 = 18
                Tactics: 1 +17 = 18
                Willpower: 1 +16 = 17


                Strength: 1 +17 -2 = 16 (+9 Fencing)
                Speed: 1 +12 = 13 (+12 Fencing)
                Stamina: 1 +11 +1 = 13 (+6 Fencing)


                Jutsu and Techniques:

                Joukyuu Nuime
                [1] Band of Tears [Control 2 Tactics 2]
                [2] Lifejacket [Intelligence 6 Tactics 6 Power 5]
                [2] Dressed for Success [Intelligence 7 Tactics 7 Power 6]
                [3] Spectacles of the Seer [Intelligence 8 Tactics 6 Willpower 8]
                [4] FIERCE FABRIC [Control 15 Power 15 Reserves 13 Intelligence 14]
                [5] Ubermensch Overcoat [Intelligence 18 Tactics 17 Willpower 17 Power 14]
                [6] Battle Fatigues [Control 21 Power 20 Reserves 19 Intelligence 17 Tactics 15]

                Global Ninjutsu
                [1] Henge no Jutsu [Power 2, Tactics 2]
                [2] Kinobori no Jutsu [Power 5 Control 4 Reserves 4]
                [3] Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu [Power 8 Control 8 Reserves 6]
                [4] Shunshin no Jutsu [Power 12 Control 11 Reserves 10 Intelligence 12]

                Fencing Sword Style
                Stage Three
                Speed: 10, Strength: 10, Intelligence: 8
                +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +2 Stamina

                The Prince's Sabre (5)
                Won off a supposed member of a royal family up on the surface, the Prince's Sabre is a short wakazashi[2] sized blade with an unusual hemispherical hand guard. The tip is so thin that when Liru swings the blade it seems to disappear completely (Obscured[2]). Somehow it is always on her person (Hidden[1]) and can't be seen until she draws it.

                Tapestry Gauntlet (3)
                Should Liru ever deign to find herself in battle, some part of her clothing (Hidden[1]) will quickly shift and churn into two protective arm guards [1]. The decorative fabric looks thin and sheer but in fact is quite sturdy, and even repairs (1) itself if torn.

                Item Points Remaining: 0



                At sixteen years of age, only a few months after her chuunin promotion, Liru amassed enough funds in her war chest to buy out the remaining shares she needed to assume control over the Shichou Looms. Out of smoke filled backrooms and midnight dealings came the young teenager, seemingly out of nowhere, to assume the mantle of Shichou Matriarch. Since then her influence peddling and scheming has kept her in the Berzachi Hall Penthouse for 20 years. At the age of 22 she received a nominal promotion to jounin, and effectively at the age of 24 she retired from professional soldier work to focus her efforts entirely on maintaining the clan. How did Shichou Liru, a woman of otherwise common birth and upbringing, achieve such success? It all began with a thread- but let's skip that boring nonsense, and get to the juicy parts first. That's the way Liru prefers her story be told.

                Shichou Liru was not a good shinobi, nor a particularly good seamstress. Up until her 13th birthday her genin career had been struggling to take off. Both her mother and father and four siblings were similarly mediocre. Though they all did well enough, the family were naught but cogs in the Shichou Looms, turning meager profits as salesmen and mechanics. Liru resented her inadequacy, especially given the Shichou's predilection to flaunting success. For hours she used to sit in Zachi Hall and look into the tapestries for guidance. Finding the inert pieces of cloth unhelpful she resolved that if she should ever take charge, the first thing she would do is burn those useless pieces of toilet paper to the ground.

                A revelation occurred to her while performing a rudimentary bribery mission on her genin team. While she watcher her sensei negotiate prices for info from a Militia turncoat the began to connect the dots. Money was a great motivator! Sure, some couldn't be bought, but you could always buy enough of the other people to make a difference. Everything had a price. Even people!

                Liru sold her siblings first. They probably didn't see it that way, at first. Their younger sister needed some work done, so why not accept a contract exchanging labor for goods? Soon those careless contracts ended up in different hands, leaving Liru with the profit. The Shichou might be a cutthroat family but the hungriest dogs were the ones that first turned over the trash. Exploiting the raw ambition of her clan Liru's name found itself on the most stunning and fashionable dresses, sold to her by family members undervaluing their own talent. By harvesting the unrestrained greed of her 'superiors' through predatory lending Liru became the clan's foremost landlord and creditor. Rumors even flew that she was working out deals with the Rain Militia, even while pilfering their bases for supplies. Liru didn't make many allies during these years. But she did make a mint.

                To detail each and every cunning twist and turn in her ascendancy would take too long and, since time is money, waste precious startup capital. There are no tapestries of Shichou Liru. She has no amazing garments to her name, save the few ninjutsu innovations she came up with to turn quick profits. Her feats are subdued and minuscule compared to the legacy of her larger than life compatriots. But when it comes to the grind, Liru can't be beat. Consistent, repeatable successes add up over time. Now the woman is at her peak, with her coffers full and standing at the precipice of a reborn Amegakure. Let the naysayers wail and gnash their teeth. Let the idealists worry about business ethics or conflicts of interest. In the end Liru will still be there when they finished, ready to sell them dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
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                  Stage One
                  Harden: So I kind of made a similar technique in my Shichou list, which I'll quote below for reference:
                  Stage Two
                  Disposable Sandal
                  Intelligence 5 Tactics 4 Willpower 4
                  Even trash has its uses. -Shichou Karan
                  Takes the form of open toe footwear. When active, the sandal is indestructible for one post, allowing for walking on sharp, hot, or otherwise dangerous substances without fear of breaking. The following post it disintegrates. While the sandal itself will survive nearly any impact, the foot on the other side is still very much vulnerable. 2 sandals are created, and they may be activated independently.
                  Stage Four: The sandal does not disintegrate in the next post, but is not longer indestructible. Can reactivate after a 1 post cooldown.
                  I think it will be necessary to state that while this technique can block attacks, it isn't a defense against the attack. IE, if struck by a Level 10 Strength punch, the nunchuck doesn't just completely nullify any damage the user would sustain from blocking it, it just keeps the nunchuck in one piece. You could also consider adding a nominal 1 or 2 post cooldown, or a set number of uses per thread, as ways of balancing it so it isn't just an instant at-will defense and has to be used intelligently by the player.

                  Stage Two
                  Preserve: Same general comment as above. It'd make more sense to me if the two were the same technique since they are so similar.

                  Stage Three
                  Gust: The whole hitting-the-funny-bone angle is fine, my feeling is that the armor restriction isn't necessary and you can just say that as long as they hit, the shockwave goes through. I'll throw this suggestion out for you to consider as well: I think physical stat manipulation tends to be pretty boring as an effect, but if you were going to go for it, I think a stiffer penalty in a more localized area would be a cooler way to go. IE, scale something like this:

                  (In the base description mention that Speed levels can't be dropped below 1)
                  Base Stage: Affected limb loses 2 levels of Speed for 2 posts
                  +1: Affected limb loses 3 levels of Speed for 2 posts
                  +2: Affected limb loses 4 levels of Speed for 2 posts

                  By restricting it to a single limb you can justify increasing the penalty (-1 is basically nothing anyway) and make using the technique more tactical, since the character has to decide what body part to target. That also means the technique will have built-in stacking- you can hit the opponent, then hit them again on a different limb, etc. That kind of fits in with the regular techniques having different areas they tend to target.

                  Stage Four
                  Mirage: Functionally I don't have any issue with this since it's just that thing that Eclipse does, right? It's strictly weaker than a Stage One bunshin, so I feel like you could move this down a Stage and move something else up if you want to beef some of the lower techs up more. Otherwise it's fairly straightforward.

                  Stage Five
                  Augment: As a technique, this is fairly vanilla so if you're fine with that you can probably leave it as is, though maybe you'll need to add a cooldown. I'm not a fan of flat defenses in general though. I think there's a good hook here with a 'strong defense that can backfire' themed special technique since that slots in to the whole double-edge sword thing that nunchucks have going on. I'm thinking maybe something like, this technique can cut through chakra/ninjutsu of any Stage below 7, but doing so severely stresses the weapon/limb used and renders them useless for 1 or 2 posts. Or maybe it locks the chakra away and if the nunchuck is struck or leaves the user's hand it explodes. Basically just trying to lean into that dual-wielding part of the style here.

                  Stage Six
                  Crimson Bolero: Katon! So this is like a few specials that already exist so once again, not functionally offensive and probably actually underpowered for its Stage. I think you could add in an interesting hard-scaling part to this technique, maybe something like increasing the size/range/strength of the fire boomerang thing for each post the technique is 'charged'. I'm imagining a nunchuck user spinning and charging this technique with one hand, while defending/attacking with the other nunchuck in the meantime.
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                    Name: Hong Feiyan
                    Age: 18
                    Sex: Female
                    Height: 5' 11”

                    Character Type: Shinobi

                    Country/Village: Fire Country/Konohagakure
                    Rank: Chuunin
                    Division: ANBU – KUMA

                    Physical Description:
                    Whether swaying, swinging, or surprising, Hong Feiyan puts on the performance only an overconfident beanpole can. Her thin fingers chop and snap and point. Her jagged face smirks and contorts and clenches. Both her brown eyes flit around with wild abandon to whatever domain Hong Feiyan sees fit to claim. Constant movement and frequent guttural exclamations often cause her wild head of rusty hair to bob around in a comical fashion. Every word ripped from her lungs sounds as though they came out of a chainsaw rather than a young girl. There's a glint of awareness behind her fanged grins and wide-mouthed threats that can put off the perceptive. Hong Feiyan's bluster is well practiced, and it shows.

                    A stark line is driven between Hong Feiyan's work and casual outfits. As an ANBU agent she follows the dress code to the letter, with nothing but a standard shinobi flak jacket over the rest of the all black ensemble. The one exception are the layers of bandages that peek out under the rest of the uniform, including wrapping around her fingers, neck, and head. Off duty! Off duty is where it all breaks loose. Hong Feiyan has leather jackets covered in patches, some that she has completely forgotten the purpose behind. Somehow all her clothing is sleeveless, as is the in-style with delinquents these days. Long skirts aren't very practical but they are part of the aesthetic, okay? For those special occasions Hong Feiyan even has several self-sewn medical masks, copping a bit from another rival gang whose outfits she was envious of. It's about sending a message! It isn't clear what that message is, but it is definitely being sent, regardless!

                    Grovel, peasant! Hong Feiyan also accepts various other forms of tribute, such as monetary or culinary compensation. The world is, or will soon be, under her complete control- and that's not the half of it! Hong Feiyan fancies herself a mighty villain in the making. Any willing or unwilling listener will hear, at length, how all of the world/village/this seat in the theater falls under her command and continued resistance will NOT be tolerated. Often, though, it has to be tolerated, and Hong Feiyan's pretty good on that front as well. It is only through her tremendous reserves of mercy and honor that allows those who cross her path to continue their existence. After all, all people are her future vassals and it isn't good to damage your assets. Just remember, next time you might not be so lucky!

                    Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
                    I'm gonna be the final boss!


                    Primary Archetype:
                    Polymath Tactician

                    Stat Merit: +2 to Tactics, +1 to Intelligence
                    Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Power
                    Stat Merit: +2 to Intelligence, +1 to Tactics
                    Stat Flaw: -1 to Strength, -1 to Stamina, -1 Power




                    Intelligence: 1 +1 +2 +10 = 14
                    Tactics: 1 +2 +1 +10 = 14
                    Willpower: 1 +10 = 11


                    Power: 1 -1 -1 +11 = 10
                    Control: 1 +9 = 10
                    Reserves: 1 +7 = 8


                    Strength: 1 -2 -1 +8 = 6[+4 Flawless Guard]
                    Speed: 1 +6 = 8[+4 Flawless Guard]
                    Stamina: 1 -1 + 8 = 8[+10 Flawless Guard]


                    Jutsu and Techniques:

                    Global Ninjutsu and ANBU Swaps
                    Stage One
                    Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) [Control 3, Intelligence 2]
                    Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique) [Intelligence 3, Reserves 3]
                    Stage Two
                    Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]
                    Stage Three
                    Fukuwajutsu (Ventriloquism) [Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7]
                    Stage Four
                    (Replacing Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique) Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Freeze Technique) [Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10 ]

                    Global Genjutsu and ANBU Swaps
                    Stage One
                    Ikamono Chishio (Fake blood) [Control 3, Tactics 2]
                    Stage Two
                    Magen: Kokuni Arazu No Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique) [Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4]
                    Stage Three
                    Hitoku no Jutsu (Concealment Technique) [Open Slot, Control 10, Power 10, Tactics 8]

                    Flawless Guard
                    Stage Two
                    Requirements: Stamina 8, Strength 6, Willpower 6
                    Accumulative Bonus Points: +10 Stamina, +4 Strength, +4 Speed

                    4 – Modified ANBU Bear Facade
                    A protective, head-encasing mask(Helmet 1) with built in night-vision(1), zoom(1), and breathing apparatus(1). The face visor can slide up and down for those moments where Feiyan needs to give a firm eye-to-eye stare down, or for when the communication unit inside it malfunctions and she needs to scream out her orders to be heard.
                    8 – Kuma Klaw
                    Normally, this looks just like a pair of bandages wrapped around each arm. However! Special seals allow the bandages to unravel and fold like origami into their true form, the Kuma Klaw. The Klaw is a standard set of bladed brass knuckles(Hand Weapon 2), armored up to the shoulder(Limb Armor 1). The knuckles can fire out and have retracting wire attached to them for good measure (Small Ballistics 1 + Razor Wire 1 + Returning 2). The whole thing can switch between the inert bandage form and deadly Klaw form at will (Morph 1).

                    Additional Item Points Gained: 4
                    Item Points Remaining:0

                    Not one! Not any good ones, at least! It was an upset, a national disgrace- Hong Feiyan didn't learn to read at the age of three just to be insulted by such paltry individuals. Having devoured every piece of literature about her favorite subject that she could, Hong Feiyan closed the history book and pouted. Months of research at the Atsumi University library all amounted for naught. The small child came to a singular, revolting conclusion.

                    There were simply no good female villains! Oh, sure, there were some bit parts in the historical timeline here and there. Scheming empresses, lurid assassins, the occasional underhanded advisor...trivial actors when all was said and done. The bright Hong Feiyan couldn't tolerate history be so devoid of good, bad role models. She swore herself an oath that day at that reading desk. 'I, Hong Feiyan, will one day be in these textbooks!' Not just as a person, but as an antagonist worthy of the same recognition as the men who centuries ago drove the world to the brink of ruin! The exact details on what that meant, well, she would figure that out as she went.

                    In this pursuit Hong Feiyan sought only the most evil of organizations for tutelage: The Village Hidden in the Leaves. Oh how her parents protested: why not an conniving doctor, or a scoundrel lawyer, or any other high paying, relatively safe position where the girl could put her considerable talents to malign use? Hong Feiyan wouldn't hear of it. Through her own wiles she managed to snag an entry to Konohagakure's Academy right under her parents' noses, and was two weeks into the semester before they realized their daughter hadn't been staying with her aunt for 'lady lessons'. After the exchanging of many furiously worded postcards, Hong Feiyan's ambition would win out and her parents reluctantly accepted their daughter's drive. “It's just a phase”, they foolishly thought!

                    In most areas of shinobi study Hong Feiyan excelled. She dipped her toes in every art that crossed her path, but her focus on the fundamentals kept her options open and flexible. It wasn't hard for a girl with her confidence to find friends, either. In the same way, for the same reasons, it wasn't hard for her to lose friends just as quickly. Of all the names Hong Feiyan was called, she relished 'prima donna' the most. Life was a whirlwind of the best kind and each challenge and obstacle the young girl faced only tempered her strength and resolve.

                    Such raw skill and dedication did not go unnoticed. Although the governing powers that be at first questioned her aptitudes, extensive interviewing and profiling of her character eventually came to a positive conclusion. Immediately upon promotion to genin at the age of 10 Hong Feiyan was inducted into the secretive training regimen of the ANBU. Each brutal lesson and life-and-death test Hong Feiyan relished as being part of the 'quintessential villain experience'. Teammates forced to listen to her practiced monologues often complained of Hong Feiyan not 'taking the work seriously'. Yet each victory snatched from the jaws of death by her skill added to the girl's reputation. 'Annoying and noisy, but gets the job done' became such a common refrain that her comrades started calling her the Jackhammer.

                    The final unveiling of the future world nemesis Hong Feiyan came with the emergence of the Snow conflict. In part to hold the young shinobi back, and in part to just get in her head, most of her deployments during those short months centered around non-combat duties. The work was no less grueling but she was denied a true chance to delight in the crushing of her foes. Instead the bulk of her work was managerial, as fitting to her eventual KUMA designation. There were supply lines to protect, infrastructure to oversee, day to day logistics to juggle...despite their boring nature, Hong Feiyan did them all the same! Of all the virtues for a future despot to have, she prized methodical patience above the rest.

                    By the summation of the war the young woman earned a total and complete promotion to ANBU chuunin. Though there were a few big deeds to her name, the vast majority of her record was built on solid, well executed day-to-day work with little collateral damage and limited casualties. Hong Feiyan performed her duties as if every life lost and expense incurred was her own. 'Because they are,' she would often proudly boast!

                    Hong Feiyan continues her ascent to this day. Each job is a stepping stone to her eventual kingdom. How long the path stretches before her she cannot say, but each new day brings with it the promise of a bigger, better tomorrow. Hong Feiyan doesn't doubt that at the end, it'll feature her glossy image plastered in a textbook with a caption below reading:
                    Lord Hong Feiyan
                    Number 1 Villain

                    Other Info:

                    Thread Ratings:
                    Creation: 2 Tertiary Pool Points sacrificed for 4 WP.
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                      Am I banned? All signs point to no!
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