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    For Daisuke

    Taijutsu Special Techniques/Swaps for Isshiki Ikioi Hanpatsu (Reflect All Force)

    Gunbaijutsu - War Fan Technique: Proficiency
    Stage: 1

    The odd design of Hashimoto's signature weapon enables him to use it in a variety of ways -- while no more a sword than it is a shield, the massive Gunbai he wields lends itself well to being used likely. This passive special technique represents expertise with such a weapon as a defensive tool and allows it to be considered as both a round and square shield for the purposes of combat, use of this list and its regular/special techniques.

    Gunbaijutsu - War Fan Technique: Hidden Shadow Choke Chain
    Stage: 2

    Through a burst of chakra the user conjures a tether in the form of a thin, shadowy chain up to fifty feet in length which erupts from user's sleeve and attaches itself to the hilt of the user's weapon (either in hand or mid-flight should the weapon be thrown). The chain can be destroyed by any direct attack, but otherwise functions as a typical chain might. Examples of use include: to change the trajectory of the weapon in flight unexpectedly and/or reel the weapon in, to create a make-shift "meteor-hammer" type weapon to gain immense leverage and momentum with a massive swing, to temporarily subdue or capture an opponent by managing to wrap it around them with a clever throw, or as a sort of grappling-hook in a pinch. The chain persists for a maximum of three posts before vanishing.

    Gunbaijutsu - War Fan Technique: Hidden Shadow Oppressive Omnistrike
    Stage: 4

    A free-form 'kata' that is as much a stance or a dance as it is a single technique, the user funnels an impressive mass of chakra into their Gunbai and enters a state during which they may temporarily create an inordinate number of 'shadowy' copies of them. The replicant Gunbai appear suspended precisely within their grasp over the course of three posts and be used as if they were the genuine article. This provides them what amounts to an 'unlimited' supply of ammunition and a rapid, unpredictable avenue of attacking and defending with their weapons, lending itself well to the user's skill at fighting multiple opponents at once or applying heavy pressure against a single opponent.

    Copies of the user's Gunbai-type weapons may be made so long as the original weapon is on their person (e.g. worn on the back) and with the following caveats: while active, the user is limited to creating as many clones of their weapon as their hands are free. While the copies are otherwise identical in terms of form and function (including inventory modifications), they are destroyed in a brief puff of smoke after defending against a single hit or when they deliver a single strike. This 'kata' may only be used once per thread. Using this technique to offensively 'combo' RPCs naturally requires their owner's permission, of course.

    Gunbaijutsu - War Fan Technique: Hidden Reflecting Shield Surface
    Stage: 6

    Charging their weapon with a defensive layer of chakra to intercept an attack, this technique absorbs the force of any ninjutsu below the user's highest stage, taijutsu strikes of a strength level equal to or below the user's stamina level (with bonuses) or several explosive tags in the user's proximity, and -- if the user so desires and at the cost of expending an additional jutsu usage of the same stage as the intercepted attack -- immediately reflects it back at any nearby attackers in a new form: a burst of wind in a ten foot cone in front of the user with blunt force equivalent to the force of the attack. This technique may be used up to twice per thread with a two post cooldown between uses.
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    Gunbaijutsu – War Fan Technique: Proficiency: Does this need to be a technique? I guess it's Stage One, but I'd probably never have a problem with a person using a large flat blunt weapon as a shield.

    Gunbaijutsu – War Fan Technique: Hidden Shadow Choke Chain: Why not just, like, BUY a chain for the shield? Daisuke can take 8 more weapon points! Since all this does is make a chain (which isn't animated if I'm reading the technique right) I'd say Stage Two. Fifty feet is kind of a ridiculous range to be whipping around though so maybe someone else will have different ideas about it.

    Gunbaijutsu – War Fan Technique: Hidden Shadow Oppressive Omnistrike: Permission needed for what? All this does is make shadow weapons. I'd lean harder towards Stage Four here, though if someone wanted to we could go as high as Stage Six (because I guess you could throw the shadow clones, which makes this like the shadow shuriken technique?). In my head while it's goofy to imagine someone throwing a bunch of giant fans, I think this is limited because they're formed in-hand, rather than in-flight. Functionally I'm imagining this to be more like a 'make elemental fuuma shuriken' technique (which is Stage Three), plus an extra Stage because you could throw modifiers on your weapon or something. I'd be interested what other people think though.

    Gunbaijutsu – War Fan Technique: Hidden Reflecting Shield Surface: I'm tentatively saying Stage Six here, with the note I'm really skeptical about the scaling. I'd like to see what other people think about it.
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      Made some adjustments based on discord talk and applied suggested stage ratings.


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        It could just be me, but I'm having a lot of trouble parsing Omnistrike. It starts off sounding like you can create a lot of copies, but then says you can only do it if your hands are free.
        So, presuming you have to be holding the real weapon to focus chakra into it... you'll only ever have one hand free, and then even if you throw it away to free up the hand each time (or it gets poofed while defending yourself) then over three posts you can only make three. Am I understanding that correctly?

        Also, building on from Junge's point, I'd appreciate some clarification on whether "use them as if they were the genuine article" does include any extra properties the original weapon had


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          Initially it carried the 'requires opponent permission to combo' type clause because the intent is that the user can make as many copies as they want. They don't need to hold the weapon to make copies of it and at any point the most they can have is (2) during those posts it is active. With opponent permission user could throw two, attach chains to them, and have two more in hand while those are flying + the real one worn on the back but given that permission is always required for 'combos' like that anyway I wasn't so sure the clause was necessary. Against NPCs I suppose it doesn't matter nearly as much. I can certainly try and re-clarify the mechanics, or if it's in a weird unfavorable place I suppose I wouldn't mind scrapping it altogether!

          And yeah the intent is that they carry the same modifications the original has, I will clarify that as well.

          I added a dash of fluff to boost it up and I tried to specify exactly how it works! I don't know if it'll rate any higher or lower for it so I removed the rating.
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            Thanks for the clarification, it reads much clearer now and I'm happy with Junge's rating for it.

            Regarding the shield technique... The scaling is certainly an interesting point. Not without precedent, for example the Transfer jutsu within precision Fist increases as mastery of the list does. A part of me kind of just wants us to go into Reflect all Force and change the extant Shield technique to scale with the list like Transfer does, and then have this technique solely apply the blow-back effect when something is successfully blocked, making it far easier to rate.


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              a bump for this


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                I don't like defensive jutsu both blocking (and reflecting!) jutsu of the same stage as it is without caveats - - ie, a fire resistance technique in Katon matching it's own stage for scaling, etc.
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