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  • Engi no Resolutions 2020!

    Happy New Years Everyone!

    I made a full post over in announcements with all the this and that, but I figured we could have a thread to talk about New Year's Resolutions!

    You know, those lofty goals for the coming 365.25 that no one ever manages to actually keep. Because having goals is important, even if you told yourself in 2019 that you were going to become an astronaut. We won't judge you.

    So Post Here With:
    - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
    - Your real life goals for 2020!
    - Your Engi goals for 2020!

    And you get 1AP from me.

    This post is only going to go until February.

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    So Post Here With:
    - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
    Completing all 13 Chapters (well they short stories) for the novel I started for NaNoWriMo, but 6 out of 13 is pretty good start!

    - Your real life goals for 2020!
    Pushing out more content with my art, and putting the sustainability aspect of it all front and center. That and remaining mindful/clear and healthy (transitioned from Aikido training to Wing Chun so I am very happy at the moment).

    - Your Engi goals for 2020!
    Passing the torch!


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      So Post Here With:
      - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
      As far as writing went, I'd hoped to be blogging consistently and writing every day, but those goals proved a tad optimistic even for me! They were part of my "33 before 33" bucket list, for which I've still only completed 16 items with two days to go. But I was nothing if not ambitious last year. And hey, 16 resolutions wasn't bad, considering they included a bunch of major life milestones.

      - Your real life goals for 2020!
      My main goal is to complete my practical experience and coursework to become an accredited life coach. It's where a lot of time and headspace has gone in recent months, causing other pursuits (my writing, music, dance, acting and martial arts) to suffer. But being gainfully self-employed in a field I adore will mean that, gradually, I'll get better at allocating time and resources on my own terms. I might even meet those writing goals after all.

      - Your Engi goals for 2020!
      Receiving the torch! I've also got plans for Tatsuo, whom I've been developing through other mediums. I think the crux of me staying consistent is not to overextend myself but consolidate my efforts, developing just one or two character stories and directing any remaining energies (enengi's?) into cleaning up my WIP slate. I can't do everything at once. But because I've got no plans to leave Engi anytime soon, everything can get done. It'll just take its own time.

      Oh, and I'll be claiming that 1AP too. That's one goal ticked off
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        Happy 2020, everyone!

        Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
        Last year I wanted to save $5k and unfortunately didn't hit that mark! But I did pick up 5 jobs so maybe I'll hit it this year?

        Your real life goals for 2020!
        Umm, I want to get ripped and become a muscle head. Also practice my coffee skills and get back to therapy!

        Your Engi goals for 2020!
        Write one post. Just one. I can do it... I know I can!

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          - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
          I never found a way to rework the Shichou tai into something I liked. I mean, it's probably for the better, but still counts as a failure!

          - Your real life goals for 2020!
          Really don't have anything right now. Life is treating me alright.

          - Your Engi goals for 2020!
          Get my summons and jutsu reworks through the registry!

          Normally I'd pass along the 1 AP to whoever posts after me, but 1 is such a tiny number, so I'll throw in 2 AP for the next three posters and just keep the 1 to make the math easier. Happy new year!
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            - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
            Not finishing a bunch of things. Just the usual letdown.

            - Your real life goals for 2020!
            I'd like some good career things to happen

            - Your Engi goals for 2020!
            To do something


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              Last year I was supposed to get RIPPED. I lost, uh, like 50 pounds. So I'm still working on it, but I'm nowhere close to looking ripped. Bummer.

              So this year I'm gonna keep on keepin' on until I get ripped. #hotboysummer.

              As for Engi, I'll stick around to do the GM thing until the lights get cut out, which has proven to be easy since we only have one active user anymore :3

              Speaking of said active user, I'll claim that 2AP + the 1 AP from merdle for a total of 3AP. Might as well horde it until the endtimes.
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                - Your real life goals for 2020!
                Re-teach myself how to be social.
                #Hotgirlsummer cos everyone's doing it.

                - Your Engi goals for 2020!
                Stop letting people down. Stop letting paranoia get in the way of submitting finished projects. Be less awful.

                [Edit] Oh yeah, and claiming the things.[/edit]
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                  I wanted to wait until the end of the month and already trying to make changes to declare resolutions because for once in my life I'd really like to keep them.

                  2019 was rough and 2020 has proven rough so far as well. I want to make the best of it and that certainly involves Engi (and all of you fine people).

                  I'm gonna get fit and I'm gonna try to find ways to really apply myself for once.

                  As far as Engi is concerned, my main goal is to make more time for it and get things back in gear. The desire is there, the ideas are there.

                  Claiming that AP too! Might be a good time to put it to use.


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                    - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
                    • Learn to speak Portuguese
                    • Learn to swim
                    • Get ripped
                    • #hotboysummer

                    - Your real life goals for 2020!
                    • Keep at the Portuguese until I get there
                    • Scratch swimming, buy a quad
                    • Keep consistent with Gym/diet, and get ripped
                    • #stayhappy2020

                    - Your Engi goals for 2020!
                    • Finish some threads
                    • Make at least 2 new characters (Spend loads of AP)
                    • Bolster the Nise Clan
                    • #engineverdies

                    Claiming that 1 AP.
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                      So Post Here With:
                      - Your Goals from LAST YEAR that you didn't meet
                      gaining executive director positoin
                      - Your real life goals for 2020!
                      buy second home after moving become an executive director
                      - Your Engi goals for 2020!
                      Sosu get sennin level
                      And you get 1AP from me.

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                      Tako Tao

                      Aburame Cho

                      Sanada Toko

                      Kaihoukan Tento

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