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    Voting: Member of the Month - June 2019!

    So how does it work?

    Each month, the forum will get the opportunity to vote for members and moderators that they feel have really made an impact over the last month. Whether through impressive play, helping each-other out when needed, general attitude and forum presence, or any other reason you can think of.

    Votes are collected using the two links provided on this page, and after the voting period ends a winner for each category will be announced, as well as a few notable mentions for members who may not have gotten the most votes, but clearly made an impression on others during that time.

    In addition, the Moderation team will also be picking a member and moderator they feel have really stood out in their eyes as well, bringing the total number of winners to two from each category!

    What happens when you win?

    On top of the admiration of your peers and immortalisation in the Engi Hall of Fame, members who receive the prize for that month will receive a special site bonus for the duration of the following month:

    Prize winners get 1 bonus point for any group threads rated in the month of their reign, as do any players in the rated thread with them; This bonus point is separate to the main rating and may be spent on stats or jutsu regardless of how the other points get used. (If the voting and results happen late; the points will be retroactively added after discussion in PM!)

    So how do we vote?

    Cast your vote with the two links below

    Vote for Member Of The Month

    Vote for the Member, or Elder of Engi that has made the most impact on you this past month
    Vote for Moderator Of The Month
    Vote for the Mod, GM, or Admin that has helped you out the most this past month

    When will the results be announced?

    Voting closes mid-month, with results to be announced shortly after!



    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread, and they'll be added to this list n_x

    I received a stats only rating, can I still use the MotM point on a justu?
    A: Yes! The MotM point is a reward for winning this months prize, and unrelated to the threads rating itself.

    Q: Can I purchase a jutsu even if I have already purchased one with my thread points?
    A: Yes! Though this may be subject to change if during these initial trial months that proves unbalancing.

    Q: If two winners are both in a thread, does the bonus stack?
    A: Not anymore! As it had the potential to get out of hand extremely quickly, it is now a maximum of 1 MotM point per person each thread.

    Q: How should the MotM points be listed in character sheets?
    A: They should be added under thread info, along with the relevant threads reward, simply place a "[MotM]" indicator next to the specific item bought with the point.
    Originally posted by Example
    01/08/17: My awesome thread - 2 Str, 1Spd[MotM]

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    MotM Hall of Fame

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      I've made an "I voted" button that can be added to peoples signatures if they really want. (I just thought it would be fun to have one)

      HTML Code:
      Copy the code in the box for a version that links to this thread!

      Note: If you're responding to a thread I'm in please contact me on discord to let me know you've posted
      {Unfinished}{AP Post}