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Engi Donation Drive 2019!

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  • Engi Donation Drive 2019!

    Engi no Donation Drive 2019: For the Children!

    Engi has a long running tradition of AP drives. We open up a paypal account to let people donate money to the coffers of the site, keep up operation, and get Account Points (AP) as compensation. It allows everyone to do their part, give back to the site that we have all added to together, and get something in exchange. Plus it is a chance for us to give away crazy stuff that we would never dream about offering otherwise. So without further ado, welcome to the Engi no Donation Drive 2019!

    Last time we gave to support Samaru's family after years of him using his own money to run engi. Even with that as a goal, you folks gave so much that Engi is still in a good place for a little bit longer. It was astounding, and by the end of it all I was absolutely shocked at how much you guys were willing to give. So this year the staff had a great idea, we should give to charity! So that is why this year, 50% of all donations are going to be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They do amazing work trying to end cancer, and helping children. With the many years some of us spent here roleplaying as kids, it seems like a wonderful cause.

    Just like last time, we are going to model this all like a kickstarter. For the next ~90 days or so the Engi paypal will be open so that you can donate. You can put that donation money toward Rewards that can be purchased. NO matter what, you also receive AP for any donation, at a rate of 1 AP for every 5 dollars up to $50 (then 1 AP for every $10 dollars after that). On top of personal rewards that can be purchased, there are also site-wide goals that can be reached, like a Kickstarter stretch goal. Whenever we reach one, it will unlock a change for the whole forum, either immediately or once it can be completed by the staff. My hope is to at least have $500 to give to St. Jude, so that will be our primary goal to start.

    On top of the rewards and goals, there will also be a prize raffle this year! For anyone who donates more than $20 total during the drive, your name will be entered in a raffle. The prizes will be drawn at the end of the drive.

    Below are our boards. The first has the personal rewards that can be purchased when you donate. All prices are in USD. The second is the site-wide goals. Below the two boards will be the URL to the paypal donations. After donating, post below to let us know how much you donated, and what reward you want for your purchase. I will post to confirm donations once they have cleared on Paypal. There will be a full explanation of every Reward and Goal, as well as an FAQ, after the images.

    Have a great time everybody! Happy Engiversary! and remember that this drive will end on June 11th.

    Donation Rewards!
    Originally posted by When you donate, you can purchase these rewards individually

    $5 Donation Special: Two thread points, to be spent immediately. (Can only be purchased once)

    $15 Bulk AP Pack: Three AP (On top of the AP you receive for any donation).

    $15 Engiversary Feat: Choose one of the feats below, offered originally in 2011. (Once per character) (Non-transferable)

    $25 Tai Savant: One character of your choice can take any number of taijutsu lists at one stage per jutsu point. (Non-transferable)

    $25 Character Slot: You receive an additional character slot (Can only be purchased once).

    $30 Clan GM Slot: You can GM an additional clan!

    $35 Additional List: One character of your choice has their maximum number of lists increased by one. (Once per character) (Non-transferable)

    $35 Additional Advanced Character: You can create an additional 'advanced' genin or chuunin. (Non-transferable)

    $35 Forbidden List: You can take a list your village otherwise counts as forbidden (like special forces jutsu, or hidden forgotten list. Requires Admin approval) (Non-transferable).

    $40 Personal Summon Swaps: One character of your choice can register animal swaps for a major summon house they have, though the summons must follow all summon rules. (Non-transferable)

    $45 Archetype Restricted List: One character can take one list that the character lacks the archetype for (Like puppeteer, Medical, or BM) (Non-transferable) (Once per character)

    $45 Thread Booster: Until engiversary 2020, everyone that earns a rating in threads with the chosen character will get an additional thread point. (This does not stack with other characters with a thread booster) (Non-transferable)

    $50 AP Limit Breaker: A single character has no limit to how much AP can be used on it. (Non-transferable)

    $85 Be an Avenger: You can make a clan, and a list, to be the last survivor of. (This clan still requires all proper approvals. Non-transferable)

    *Non-transferable Donation Rewards are lost if that character is trashed or NPCed. If you put a character in trash and want them back later, the staff does not have to respect any special rewards or perks. If you junk the character the reward was related to, you do not get to move it to a new character.

    Note: Any rewards that can only be purchased once are 'once per Donation Drive' unless otherwise noted.
    Donation Drive Goals!

    Each of these goals are a promise to to fulfill what is detailed. We will do our best to achieve them, in the best time that we can.
    A goal with ??? will be detailed when it is approaching.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any other questions, ask me in this thread, or PM me. I will add it to this FAQ!

    Q: Can I just Donate without buying any rewards?

    A: Yes. You can donate any amount you want. You would still get 1AP per 5 dollars donated, if you wanted.
    Q: Aren't some of these rewards just achievements you could get through roleplay?

    A: Yes. AP, clans, forbidden lists, many of them are achievements that could happen without donating. I didn't want to create situations where players could do too much with a donation. It is a way to get a fun perk for your donation.
    Q: What if I cannot use paypal?

    A: Try harder. Push comes to shove, I may be able to find alternate means to take a donation, but Paypal is good because it keeps an accurate record of the transaction for all parties.
    Originally posted by Junge
    Q: Can you buy rewards for other members.

    A: Yes you can. Just state who you are giving the reward to when you say what you are purchasing.
    Originally posted by Junge
    Q: Do 'Avenger' clan characters count against your clan character limit?

    A: No, they will not.
    Q: When can I use my purchases or unlocks?

    A: Rewards purchased can be used once they are confirmed and purchased. Understand that some rewards take a lot longer to accomplish than others, and your purchase doesn't come with expedited shipping. Goals that change the site-rules must enter Information first, either in the handbook or in an information sub-forum. Rewards like AP can be used right away.
    Originally posted by Chi
    Q: Does the confirmed amount of AP include Site-Wide AP unlocks?

    A: No. The amount I confirm is what you purchased.
    Q:A: Yes, but still get Clan GM approval for that.
    Q: If you buy a once per drive item for someone else, you can still get one for yourself?

    A: You can purchase a 'Can only be purchased once' item for someone else, but then they cannot purchase it themselves.
    Q: Do gifted dollars count toward the giver's $50 AP cap?

    A: Yes, because dollars themselves aren't gifted. You can gift what you purchase, but you are not gifting the dollars themselves.
    Originally posted by Jami
    Q: If you take Restricted list, can you get a Personal Summon?

    A: Yes, because you are just 'creating' the Beast Master aspect of your character, you can create a Personal Summon as your first pet.

  • #2
    Donated 200; will edit what I want later

    Merdle Edit: Cayuga has told me what he wants.

    I want to claim two AP limit breakers=100. 3 bulk AP packs = 45. Donation special = 5.

    VD Edit: Cayuga asked me to trade him 10 AP for one of his Limit Breaks, so I'm just logging that officially here.
    Last edited by Virtual Dream; 03-12-2019, 04:59 PM.

    Sengo-Bloody Bones

    Tako Tao

    Aburame Cho

    Sanada Toko

    Kaihoukan Tento

    Len Sosu-Kaze

    Jukoto "Stone Fist" Tomo

    Yen, Sero




    • #3
      What an explosive start! Confirming 200$ from Cayuga (your donation also gets you 25 AP from the donation itself. I'm not always going to keep track of these because my math isn't the best), so that already unlocks Sage Mode for the Universal Contracts, please look forward to that when we can get it done.

      It also means that everyone gets 2 AP! You can go ahead and claim it in the usual place. Amazing Cayuga, thank you.

      I'll also be adding a few questions to the FAQ.
      Last edited by merdle; 03-11-2019, 01:01 PM.


      • #4
        Gonna smack the pinata for $250 and see what falls out. Will decide what I'm looking at once it goes through (Paypal seemed concerned)

        For the children.

        Edit -- taking:

        1 Donation Special @ 5
        13 x AP Bulk Packs @ 15
        1 AP Limit Breaker [Eiko] @ 50

        39 AP + (30 AP) + 2 TP if my math is right?
        Last edited by Seikon; 03-11-2019, 06:38 PM.


        AP: 21


        • #5
          Confirming that one Seikon has donated $250 dollars (producing 30 Ap from donations), what an explosive start!

          That also means that... EVERYONE has an additional character slot. Meaning the baseline is now nine characters of any type. This has been updated in the handbook. Thanks you guys!


          • #6
            Keep sharing the AP love

            another 200 for the folks at home.

            I will grab a thread booster-45
            additional list-35
            Bulk AP -15x8=120

            Gives me

            20AP(donation for every $10) + 24AP(AP Bulk)=44AP+2 for all=46

            Sengo-Bloody Bones

            Tako Tao

            Aburame Cho

            Sanada Toko

            Kaihoukan Tento

            Len Sosu-Kaze

            Jukoto "Stone Fist" Tomo

            Yen, Sero




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              • #8
                That puts us up to a... *does math*

                $920 dollars! Hoorah!

                That is going to unlock the creation of the Mercenary Summons, with another 2AP for everyone! On top of that, the Miko Expansion lists are now on the docket. Amazing job everyone!

                Cayuga is right, he got another 20AP out of the donation itself.
                Calibur is also right, his produced 32AP!

                Give me a bit to get the board updated, but the next goal is going to be outlined in text. But the next goalpost is 1,200$
                Last edited by merdle; 03-13-2019, 07:20 PM.


                • #9
                  25 bucks for the character slot.

                  All the AP can go to whoever donates next.
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                  • #10
                    100 buckeroos for

                    AP limit breaker
                    Restricted List
                    Donation special


                    • #11
                      That puts us at $1045 Thanks you two! Great Work.

                      Junge gets 5 AP for his donation which he passes on to...

                      Kap, who is confirmed for 15 AP from his own donation, combined with the gift from Junge that makes 20 AP.


                      • #12
                        Donation: $150

                        $5 = Donation Special
                        $50 = AP Limit Breaker [Hayate]
                        $45 = Archetype Restricted List
                        $35 = Additional Advanced Character
                        $15 = Engiversary Feat - Uncanny Smell
                        "When I meditate I see the world as it should be, all that does not fit, i remove"


                        • #13
                          Additional Donation: $40

                          $25 = Tai Savant
                          $15 = Engiversary Feat - Eerie Ears
                          "When I meditate I see the world as it should be, all that does not fit, i remove"


                          • #14
                            Adding $100 for an additional 10+3AP.

                            $15 = AP Bulk Pack [3AP]
                            $85 = Avenger (some assembly required)
                            Last edited by Calibur; 03-15-2019, 04:50 PM.


                            • #15
                              Sent over 50 Dollars for that AP Limit Breaker.

                              Woof, guess there's more math involved.

                              Claiming the 2 AP unlocked for everyone, and the second set of 2 AP unlocked for everyone. And with my donation of 50, that's 10 AP for donating.

                              So 14 all together. Phew.
                              Last edited by Hitoko; 03-15-2019, 11:12 AM.