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Profile Rules (More like requests, actually)

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  • Profile Rules (More like requests, actually)

    A few things to keep bandwidth up as much as possible...

    AVATAR: You get the choice of uploading it from your hard disk, or linking it from another site. If you have the possibility to link through, please do so. Saves us a lot of speed later on.

    SIGNATURE: Check this out:



    That's about the max size of your signature, if you want to keep everything working smoothly.

    Also, take an eye on moving GIFs in your signature. Please don't use more than one or two of those.

    At this moment, at the start of the forum, this isn't really all that important, but in the future, when we have more members, we'll be urging you all to follow these rules a bit more

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    And I know that this has been said before and what not (it's even listed here) but I would advise ALL people that have RPC characters to please link them in your sig. Flashy character buttons aren't a must, but the link to your character is. I've seen quite a few people already that have forgotten this rule or are just too lazy. Either way, it'd be a great help to all the staff here if you would do that, because it saves us time and effort when updating your character sheets.

    Thanks Again
    - Engi Staff

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      A future update includes putting your characters under your forum profile, so you wouldn't need to put it in your sig. Rather than listing the name/link to your character in your sig, you would do it in your profile. 'Tis a future update. We'll let you know when that takes place.

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        Another thing. If you're having problems with your sig, like too much BBCode or something, don't hesitate to ask a mod for help. We have the power to go into your sig and fix stuff for you. And all of us are masters of BBCode. So please, save yourself some trouble and PM a mod if you need help.
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          Here's a guideline for what would be pretty appropriate for a sig. Note: this is just a guideline, not a demand.

          1. A sig/banner.
          2. Character links. Small pictures may be used to link.
          3. Another small picture, like The Genesis Theory banner that's around.
          4. Small amount of text.

          Remember, your sig should be about this large:



          This is not including spoilers. If you open your spoilers and it's larger then that, then your sig is too big. To see a visual representation, my sig (with the spoiler open) is approximately the size of the example, give or take a few pixels.

          Originally posted by Meno's Sig

          Has been on Engi longer then kyz.