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Newbie Guide for Engi 3.0

So you're new to Engi? Well on behalf of all those that RP here, welcome. You've registered for the RP and now you want to know how to get started, well let's get started then.

First of all you will want to become familiar with the Rules of the Forum which can be found in the various threads by clicking this link. Once you've learned how we operate in general you need to learn what rules we follow in the RP itself. Now comes the fun part.

You want to create a character? First of all you will need to copy the Character Sheet into some location you can work on your character.

Character Type - The first question you might ave when creating your character is what character type to choose from. There are three types Missing-nin (Which I only recommend for those experienced Engiers), Non-Shinobi and then your typical Shinobi.

Country/Village - If you choose the shinobi or missing-nin path then you will need to select a village to which you are either loyal or traitorous. The various locations of the Countries and Hidden Villages of our Naruto World can be found by using the Engi Maps. There are Five Great Villages and Countires, Hidden Leaf in Fire Country, Hidden Stone in Earth Country, Hidden Sand in Wind Country, Hidden Cloud in Lightning Country, and Hidden Mist in Water Country. There are also other Shinobi villages not part of the Great Five. They are Hidden Rain of Rain Country, Hidden Grass of Grass Country, and The Sound Nomads which currently have no country. Read through the Country/Village information sheets and feel free to contact the respective GMs of the different villages about any specific questions you might have, choose the one that best fits you, but keep in mind, you may have more than one character and so choose more than one village.

Rank - There are various shinobi ranks available to those RPing on Engi. They are Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin. You will notice that the various ranks provide you with a different amount of stats in your primary, secondary, and tertiary. As well as a certain amount of jutsu. These stats and jutsu will all be explained later in this guide.

Division - The various divisions can be divided into two parts, the Special Divisions and the Regular Divisions, but which general include Genin Team Sensei and the like. To Find out more, contact your Village GM to receive the division most suitable for you and your character.

Clan/Bloodline - Links to the clans and bloodlines have been provided for you. If you wish to shop through them then go to Clan Information a sub-forum of the RP Information. There are only a limited number of clan RPCs allowed per clan so you will have to apply for a spot. The Clan Owner/GM has the right to approve or disapprove as he/she sees fit. If you wish to attempt to register your own clan please note that there are many requirements to gettting approved and only a limited number of clans allowed in the RP.

Stat System - You will have to assign stats to your character. Your primary and secondary Archetypes will affect the stats of your character. Essentialy the stats will only be used to help in limiting what jutsu you may be able to learn and perform. There are three different categories of stats as well as three types of stats whithin those categories.

Stats Description

Physical- Affects how well you perform taijutsu and other hand-to-hand/weapon based attacks, as well as how well you can take them.

How hard you hit
Speed: How fast you move
Stamina: Your speed endurance and how attacks affect you

Mental - Affects how well you are able to use and resist Genjutsu

Intelligence: N/A
Tactics: N/A
Willpower: N/A

Chakra - Affects how well you are able to use Ninjutsu

Power: N/A
Control: N/A
Reserves: N/A
Jutsus and Techniques - There are many jutsu to choose from, though there are three main categories which are ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. If you don't like a particular jutsu in a list then you may use Swap Jutsu you have created into that list.

Assigning Jutsus To Your Character - First you must choose your various lists. The number of lists you may choose is dependent upon rank. Genin may have 3, Chuunin 5, and Jounin 7 lists. What that means is I may choose, as a Genin any 3 ninjutsu, taijutsu, or genjutsu litst(or trees as they are often called) from any of the village lists, clan lists, global lists, division lists, or unique lists available to me (please note that you may not have jutsu from more than one Village, ie No taking both the Sand Ninjutsu and the Stone Ninjutsu). Once you've chosen your lists, you will only be able to choose jutsu dependent on your stats. If you are a genin and don't have the stats for a stage 5 jutsu, then you simply may not learn it. Genin are allowed 7 jutsu, Chuunin 12, and Jounin 18.

Items/Weapons - You are allowed 20 points to spend on inventory, but what do you spend them on? In the Weapon/Item Information sub-forum you will find a list of a large amount of useful accessories. Though if you don't want to spend time looking through all of them, just go to the Basic Items/Weapons thread. For every weapon or item you wish to use, you will subtract that amount from your total allotment of inventory points. You may find you want to create your own item, so you will have to go to the Weapon/Item Registration forum.

Getting Things Approved - Now that you are posting things in the Registry you should know the rules of it. In order to get your things moved you will need 3 full approvals first. Only mods can give full approvals, and only experienced members can give 1/2 approvals. If you are told to change or edit something by a mod, don't argue, you may discuss, but the staff here knows what they are doing. To actually get your thread moved to the information section, you will need to contact a mod once your thread has the significant amount of approvals.

Starting to RP - The Locations for the various RP threads will be within the sub-forums whether within one of the Five Great Shinobi Villages or in one of the Other Shinobi Villages. You may simply wish to start a thread and invite all to join, though it is recommended that you find a team first. Simply let us know about your character and what type of team you are looking for.

Further Questions? The sources you have available to you are the RPG Handbook, the Ask Away forum where you may ask questions and receive answers from fellow Engiens, your Staff Members that you may contact via PM, and you may also join the "Enginochat" channel on ircHighway, by following these instructions.

Hopefully by now you are able to navigate arround the site with ease and at least have an idea of where to find everything. Enjoy the RP.

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